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Iran To Execute Alleged CIA Spy For Passing Nuclear Secrets

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Iran announced Tuesday its judiciary is set to execute a man for “spying for the CIA” and attempting to pass information to the US related to Iran’s nuclear program, according to a Fars news agency report cited in Reuters.

Authorities did not give a date for the execution of the convicted prisoner, identified as Amir Rahimpour, but only said it would happen “very soon” after the nation’s top Islamic court upheld his death sentence.

Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili alleged that Rahimpour received a “big payment” from the US intelligence service for his operation to leak sensitive nuclear information. “Amir Rahimpour who was a CIA spy and got big pay and tried to present part of Iran’s nuclear information to the American service had been tried and sentenced to death and recently the supreme court upheld his sentence and he will see the consequences of his action soon,” the spokesman said.

Iran To Execute Alleged CIA Spy For Passing Nuclear Secrets

File image: DPA/DW.com

No evidence or further details related to the conviction were given — a similar scenario to prior alleged “spy rings” broken up by Iranian authorities. Last summer Iran claimed to have uncovered a major spy ring involving 17 people. The Rahimpour case appears to be related to the busted alleged spy network.

After that prior July claim by Tehran, which also included announcements that death sentences had been handed out, President Trump tweeted that “The Report of Iran capturing CIA spies is totally false. Zero truth. Just more lies and propaganda.” Iran had gone so far as to publish photos and personal information of alleged CIA operatives attempting to recruit Iranians.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had told Fox & Friends at the time: “It’s part of their nature to lie to the world,” as well as, “I would take with a significant grain of salt any Iranian assertion about actions they’ve taken.”

However, it was recently confirmed that an Iranian who had worked with US intelligence was executed in 2016. Deutsche Welle reports:

The last alleged US spy to be executed in Iran was Shahram Amiri, who was hung in 2016. Amiri had defected to the US at the height of Washington’s efforts to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. When he returned to Iran in 2010, he received a warm welcome from politicians and was a popular guest on talk shows. He suddenly disappeared before it was confirmed that he was tried and killed for epsionage.

Iran on Tuesday cited another case involving two people falsely working ‘under cover’ of a charity who were also alleged spies.

They were each given a total of 15 years on spying and related breach of national security charges. Little further information was given, or whether or not they could be dual nationals.

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Of course its not truth.. If it was the truth, than Pompeo would totally admitted its the truth right? :)

Zionism = EVIL

Iranian counter-intelligence is very good and getting better with more security agreements with many neighbors and friendly powers. The CIA is full of shitheads anyway.

Zionism = EVIL

The CIA fuckwits are totally lost in the region as their ability to sow mayhem has been severely curtailed as Russia, China, Iran and many nations exchange intel. Iran even monitors foreign passports for Jews and other scum and has created the best data bases with AI and visual recognition systems. The Jew scum have a hard time using western passports now as facial recognition can pick up their ugly noses and rat Khazar faces.


Time for your meds again, Adolf.

Zionism = EVIL

Time for you to collect taxpayers welfare you Jew parasite.

klove and light

fuck off satanic jew scum


the problem with them jews is that there is masses of them living say in Iran speaking farsi and so on pretending to be just that – iranian, while continuously spying for the squatters – those are the ones they need to locate and string up.

Zionism = EVIL

I know, the Zionist fucks are also using them to fan anti-Iran propaganda and tap in on the communications of Iranians and allies in Syria.

cechas vodobenikov

CIA like most Americans is incompetent—thousands receive huge bribes from these functionally illiterate fools in exchange for fake “secrets”
these spies should have been sentenced to a labor camp so they could compensate their fellow citizens for their treachery


Fucking savages

Zionism = EVIL

Jew savages?


The US also has the death penalty.

I would say that political and military spying would not result in a death sentence in the US ,BUT that’s because circa 96% of Congress are dual Israeli citizens and dual israeli, US citizens have known to sell secrets to Israel for many decades :)


Yes, fucking savages always do; the Iranians should know better. US crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and war crimes are sui generis. Insinuations of zionist antisemite infiltration are foolhardy, the US boss class uses them as a proxy..


If I was facing life in jail, I would most likely favour a quick death. Although it’s easy to say when I am free.

St. Augustine

Capital punishment for the worst crimes isn’t savagery at all. Some people push the envelope so far that they relinquish their right to life. However, it would be unjust if they weren’t afforded an opportunity to confess and repent before death.


sure thing donny- but they sure as a klucking bell know how to hang american spies high.


traitor should be hang whatever countries


Not if the courts are dominated by a Jewdiciary.


xD good one

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