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Iran To Enrich Uranium To 60% In Response To Nuclear Deal Signatory “Evilness”

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Iran To Enrich Uranium To 60% In Response To Nuclear Deal Signatory "Evilness"

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On April 13th, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has called Tehran’s decision to enrich uranium up to 60% after saboteurs attacked a nuclear site a necessary response.

He called it “an answer to your evilness,” linking the incident to ongoing talks in Vienna over the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Israel is suspected of carrying out this weekend’s assault at the Natanz nuclear facility.

The escalation in enrichment could see further retaliation as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed never to allow Tehran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Israel has twice preemptively bombed Mideast nations to stop their atomic programs.

Speaking to his Cabinet President Hassan Rouhani said the damaged first-generation IR-1 centrifuges at Natanz would be replaced by advanced IR-6 centrifuges that enrich uranium much faster.

“You wanted to make our hands empty during the talks but our hands are full,” Rouhani said.

He added: “60 per cent enrichment is an answer to your evilness. … We cut off both of your hands; one with IR-6 centrifuges and another one with 60 per cent.”

This plan also includes adding another 1,000 “more-advanced” centrifuges at Natanz.

There were suggestions it would begin as early as April 14th, but a tweet from Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Kazem Gharibadadi, suggested it might come later.

He wrote the enrichment would be handled by only two cascades of IR-4 and IR-6 centrifuges at Natanz. A cascade is a group of centrifuges working together to enrich uranium more quickly.

The talks in Vienna are aimed at reviving America’s role in that agreement, which former President Donald Trump abandoned, and lifting the sanctions he imposed. Rouhani in his comments Wednesday insisted Iran still seeks a negotiated settlement in Vienna over its program.

“The U.S. should return to the same conditions of 2015 when we signed the nuclear deal,” Rouhani said.

Separately, there have been reports suggesting that an Iranian response against Israel had taken place.

Pro-Iranian media reported that there had been an attack by “unknown forces” against a Mossad facility and there were Israelis killed in northern Iraq.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) denied the reports.

“We can confirm that news reports about an attack on an Israeli intelligence facility in the region are false,” the KRG statement said.

The KRG added that no Mossad base exists in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The reports emerged amid spiraling tensions with Iran, including at sea. In the third attack of its kind in months, the Israeli ship MV Hyperion Ray, which sails under the Bahamas flag, reportedly came under missile fire on April 13th near the emirate of Fujairah on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.

The New York Times cited an Israeli security official saying no retaliatory attack was planned on an Iranian vessel since the Jewish state wants to deescalate the situation in the Persian Gulf.

Hebrew media said the missile strike caused no injuries and very minor damage. The ship was en route to the UAE from Kuwait, according to Channel 12 news.

A spokesperson for the Hyperion Ray said there was no damage and the ship continued on its route.


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I think its a fair comment to say that what’s transpired over the last few days was a massive false flag by Iran…….lol……they used a false flag (entrapment) type of a known mossad agent/ mole in the system, set him up for failure…..lol….and now using that ruse to significantly challenge/ over turn the IAEA conundrum. I bet nothing happened at Natanz….lol. Only a fool would believe otherwise.


Exactly my thought….the Iranian are on top of the game.


Nothing else makes sense!…….You get a 100 miles from Natanz/ Fordow/ Parchin and you get subjected to serious TSA style security. I ain’t buying anything on what we are being told. I call bullshit!

Free man

Sure……you believe Reza Khaasteh? shit I don’t. Try getting like a 100 miles from Natanz…..see how Vevak comes out of no where and check inside your koon in 2 seconds. Go ahead try it.

Emad Irani

his koon is already exhausted between Saudi Sheikhs, US neocons and Israhelli Zionists.

Just like Reza Pahlavi the condom seller in his house when boyfriends of Noor and Iman arrive


aray….lol…..en bache hamshehri yahudian.

Emad Irani

ye goh khor zede Iran va Irani


baba inha bache hamshehri from LA…….what more can we say?…..lol. Anything Iran kheli bad…..anything hillbilly has gotto be great!…..lol


Denial … it’s a psychological condition

Seek help today cuz when Iran’s bombed you’ll be suicidal

Free man

Reza Khaasteh and Fereshteh Sadeghi are real people living in Tehran.
Who are you ? Where do you live?

Great Khan

Hahaha mamtu


Rezaei being a Prez candidate talks a lot. If you listened to Larijani’s speech however, he said it best that Iran allows these incidents to happen because of politics. The IAEA themselves are spies and Iran knows this too well. However, I don’t for a second believe that these incidents are show stoppers. They are just entertainment for lower middle class people like you.

Great Khan

Mishkin khanees,,,,,,, very angry ,,,,mamtu hahaha

Great Khan


Free man

sounds logical.
Apparently the nuclear scientists committed suicide, the IRGC intelligence ship blew itself up, the Iranians bombed themselves in Syria / Iraq and the Iranians gave Israel their nuclear archive to confuse the Israelis… So it’s an Islamist cunning not impotence.


yeah but its all insignificant no? killing 60 year old retirees? nobody dies in Syria either, only poor Syrian soldiers. same same with dem WWF style ship attacks using $100 walmart drones dropping firecrackers?….lol… You can’t stop Iran…you’re too small….come on no?

P.S. Israel’s like that small guy at the middle class party, who upon being insulted by a big dude for looking all heenb brew, gets all worked up and bleats out….’somebody hold me back or I’ll hit him’…..lol

Free man

The reality is clear and simple. The Mossad can do almost anything in Iran.


dude…..please…..lol…..come on man. If you could, you would have yonks ago no? when Iran was weak no? back in the 90’s? fomented a velvet hand coup? but no…..you’re fukkin worthless. Now Iran’s put millions of its proxies right on your border. You deal with them first. Good luck…..lol


Millions of proxies?

Cream cheese … cannon fodder is what they are … hello?

They owe NOTHING to their Iranian masters … loyalty? lol

They’ll desert when the 💰 or the bodies start piling up …



The little guy at the ‘middle class party’ in the USA being intimidated?

Brings a handgun … hello?


you bring a handgun to a party, you’ve already lost foo……you turnin ghetto now?

cechas vodobenikov

freak transgender man learning fuzzy logic


the anti iranian hatemongerer cant learn fuzzy logic its an iranian invention so how could he learn something made by the country he hates

Emad Irani

it is a good opportunity to replace the low 50s and 60s IR1 centrifuges with newer and more reliable IR4, IR6 and even IR9. Beside that possibility of two nuclear programs at the same time


They probably got a few more facilities hidden deep under the thousands of mountains that nobody but only a handful know about. I bet you.

Emad Irani

yes, IRGC programs are different than government controlled programs (nuclear or space or …).

a site like Abadeh was removed in 2019 after works finished there. Military programs are different than civilian programs run by government


Do it then, it would just bring the war closer.


Why not just go home? Who is attacking Jews in Poland,
Hungary, Ukraine?


as i always say iran has to eradicate the mossad and shin bet first and after it if the jews are still causing problems iran should first wipe out the levi if they still annoy humanity wipe out cohen if they continue end the rubens and they will be pretty much eradicated in their capabilities


now let the jews blabber on how powerful they are and how they are going to defeat iran the talking in iran right now is if in a hard war eradication of the zionist usurper entity would be the end of it and most people have to agree that levi cohen and ruben have to get dealt with aswell either in a extinction manner or they have to be pretty much destroyed and ruined so that its extinction of all their capabilities and possibilities

Fog of War

” I think its a fair comment to say that what’s transpired over the last few days was a massive false flag by Iran. ”

And Israhell played along ? It might be more ” false ” then you suspect .


No kidding Fog……no kidding. The truth here is every man and his dog got fooled no?……lol


No … the Iranian minister fell in the home and was hurt … hello?

johnny rotten

If Iran wanted to have nuclear devices, he wouldn’t do it so ‘striking, and as a possibility it could very well borrow a few atomic heads from the northern Korea, which would be well willing to give it to it, I think that all this theater is only needed to Earn time, and to help the West in her unstoppable degradation, as the wise said Iran invented chess, Russia plays chess at high levels, China plays at the GO, Americans play only in Monopoly.


It’s obvious Johnny on what Iran is after here no?…….be in the same ‘plausible deniability’ scenario on nukes as the Japanese or the Israeli narrative…(weaponize in a matter of days)….If need be, have a number of these devices ready in components form, mountable atop ICBM’s within a few days or so notice……and keep denying till the king-dumb cometh. I bet all this Natanz thing was a ruse, deliberately ‘carried out’…to beat the system…one would have to be blind to not see it…lol….No shit bibi is always panicking, cuz he’s fukkin impotent. The only real issue now is that the stupid camel jockey/ mongol will seek the same deterrent/ parity. To me there ain’t nothing else pertinent in this blatantly obvious false flag drama. One more false flag, and they enrich to weapons grade. Iran got what it was after by bluffing.


Sheesh … that’s just great

• Keep it in component form
• Borrow a few from NK

Attack was a false flag … Iran doing it to themselves in order to blame Israel and bluff their way over the enrichment goal
line? Wow … genius move

When can the script be ready … I’m pitching it to Hollywood as we speak … eh?


you know its true no?…..lol…..this is fake news week man……all bullshit coming out this week. Good luck making sense out of it.

Just Me

Iran is a nuclear power, but, but, butt…mighty Jew mouse will scratch lol

Great Khan

IRAN BROTHER STRONK! Jew rat kismish hahaha


America plays at destroying countries … Iran is next on the list

Just Me

DREAM ON kikester shyster. Ameriswine are like you cowards , never attack anyone that can hit back.


Hit back? lol

Iranians are CONTINUALLY slapped around by the Jews / Zionists / Israelis … where’s the ‘hit back’?

Ya wanna see damage?

Attempt to hit back and the answer will be swift …

chris chuba

Iran has about 20k of 20% uranium, they will likely keep the same amount but increase it to 60% as a gesture of defiance. Look for Neocon MSM in the U.S. to portray them as ‘racing to develop nuclear weapons’. Iran could have had weapons 15 yrs ago, they never got beyond the feasibility stage.

Steve Standley

Bibi has been claiming that an Iranian nuclear weapon is imminent since the mid 90s. It’s always been a lie. It’s always been a pretext for potential war.


The nuclear archive ‘stolen’ from a warehouse in Tehran says DIFFERENT …


Coulda had weapons … but failed to get over the hump

This is something they couldn’t ‘reverse engineer’ … eh?


The Muslims in UAE and Kuwait are such lumps of zio terrorist jew scumm pigs hit… that they can’t refuse to handle any zio owned vessels and actually use them in the first place… They are followers of the king zio shit… the zio arabians

cechas vodobenikov

eskimo atheist: freak trans man again at SF picking up a few shekels from CIA

Assad must stay

haahahhahaha nice, no reason at all that iran cant have nukes, US doesnt wanna honor its commitments, why should iran?


They have said it a few months ago too, but did nothing.
In case they decide to do it this time, then expect a heavy escalation.
I don’t care which deals are signed between Iran and Europe or China, Iran shall never have nuclear weapons even at the cost of an all out war between us.
We are celebrating the 73rd ndependence day today, Iran can co-exist with us or go to a war in which I can assure the Iranians here that they will be gone before us. Let’s see if the mullahs do enrich it to 60%.

Emad Irani

hahahah Iran will never coexist with people who celebrate their fantasy history in which they claim to have killed 70.000 Iranians. We can destroy the tomb of Esther and Mordechai to show you there is no one buried there


Jews have been living here even before Persians were even converted to Islam, so not really a fantasy more like a reality which you deny. Another fact is, Israel and Iran during the 60’s and 70’s were not enemies, and both countries can co-exist if the leadership of Iran accepts the State of Israel as the true home of the Jewish people.

The problem is, there are alot of brainwashed people here and there, and as a result of 42 years of hostilities we have forgotten we can still be friends. Hardliners like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are the true face of your regime, calling the destruction of my country for some fake excuse like you care about the Palestinians, you only want a ME free of Zionism which we can not accept. So either swallow the pill and accept the fact that Israel is here to stay, or continue with your nuclear program which we see as an existential threat and would force us to act accordingly. It has always been your decision and the ball is at your court, since Israel has never claimed it wants the destruction of Iran.

What’s next? time will tell. Even if the talks in Vienna bare fruits and you do manage to reach some kind of a deal, who said Israel and the Arab states accept it? ignoring our demands that you disarm your program can only lead to one option.

Happy 73rd independence day Emad, many more to follow :)


Do you see how the Middle East was left completely blank
but only Europe was highlighted to trace the origin of the
Ashkenazi? Keep looking at it.

Emad Irani

Iran has a 7000 years civilization older than all of your fantasy stories.

Many Iranian historian doubt the official story of Jews, some of them believe that even the tomb of Esther and Mordechai is empty means another fake fantasy story. We will know it when we destroy it.

In the 60s and 70s Israel betrayed Iran in the “Project Flower” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Flower
After that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi went to support Lebanese groups fighting against ISrahell. This is why he sent Mostafa Chamran and Seyyed Musa Sadr to Lebanon to fight against Israhelli aggression. Another fake story of you.

Deal or no deal. We don’t trust the Jewish-Western-Arab Peninsula triangle because these low “alliance” was always against Iran. Iran will never stop fighting against these group because of your 300 years experience :) We don’t care what some Israhelli and Arab accept it, Saudi Satania cannot even handle Yemen, Israhell cannot fight on 4 different fronts alone.

Jewish people were always moving from one point to another. Middle East is only temporary. Next stop should be somewhere in South America (Argentine) or New Zealand.

Jews can live in Middle East in peace but not with a regime change agenda thorugh the years :) you are too little to decide for other countries. You can live there as long as you don’t accept some cheap plans like “Greater ISrahell” or Yinon. Otherwise you are dominated by threats


Sadly for you Emad, we are not going anywhere so the ME is the last stop for us, and the mullahs know it very well.
If they need a reminder why it’s a bad idea, it’s over here:

See you when the war starts.

Emad Irani

hahah source: times of israel.
better source: Colin Powell, someone who also lied about Iraqs WMD :)

Better you shut up before I expose you more than that.

ME is not the last stop, it is somewhere in the timeline. You can look for your next stop, maybe in South America or New Zealand or back to Germany, US, Russia, …

There will be no open war, ask your master US why not. They know it


As our 2nd in command Gantz has said, if we need to act on our own then we would do it. So ofcourse we will inform the U.S, but we don’t ask their premission if we should attack Iran or not, it’s only up to us. I can tell you, that back in 2012 when Obama took into office, it was the closest point to a war.

Disarm your nuclear program or enrich it to 3.67%, otherwise troubles will come at your way. You are mistaken if you think we Israelis are scared of a war against you, we just don’t want millions of people to die. So don’t push us to the corner, it would be a shame for everyone invloved.

Emad Irani

“it was the closest point to a war”,but it didn’t happen and US know why… (for your information, some Nuke devices were disappeared from Ukraine in the 90s after Soviet Union was dissolved…)
From 1999 to 2003 we had our own program, after that the nuclear program went two different ways…

“Disarm your nuclear program or enrich it to 3.67%” hahah you think we are your dogs? We will decide our own way and strategy. We will not obey some child killers. You can say that to your Saudi Satania allies (dogs). We can reach 90% in just one day when supreme leader tell us to do so. We Iranians don’t fear and don’t care about death unlike the Zionists. Indeed you are scared against a country with allies that have a strong ideology and are not depended on anything. Our generals are walking in the streets of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen while your “generals” (hahhaa) are hiding somewhere with 100s bodyguards. This is the different, and this will lead to the end of the idea ISrahell in ME.

Another thing for your information: Colin Powell was the reason for 4 million dead Iraqis after 2003 and all of that with a lie. They killed 4 million of your real compratiots and you are licking their dicks :) they will throw you away like an used kleenex dude


I know American troops did alot of horrible things in Iraq, I don’t deny it. But today it’s the PMU and other Iranian-led proxies that threaten my country and Iraq’s stability, not Saddam. I love Iraq, I wish it only the best. So leave it alone, stop trying to take over other countries. Sunnis oppressing Shias (and Jews) during Saddam doesnt mean you can do the same to them.

And you just prove my point Emad, enriching it to 60% or 90% has only one purpose, so why go there? do you really want a devastating war for the region? seems like we are more sain than you in the end. Anyway I don’t get to decide anything, I only follow orders (ones which protect my country, have never hurt unarmed civilians). Do your own calculations, I hope it won’t end the way we are headed now. May God help us all.

Emad Irani

we don’t care about Shia Sunni, there are Sunni and Christian groups inside Hashd al Shaabi. We only care who is on our side and who is our enemy.

We don’t do the same, we only prevent history to be repeated. We will not allow another US puppet to take power near our country.

Enriching 60% for nuclear submarines and many other things, enriching 90% for making nice nuclear warheads :) and you can’t do anything because Iran’s nuclear program is going two different ways, you only sabotaged some government controlled nuclear sites which were full of IAEA inspectors and cameras.

At least we have to defend ourselves, we don’t claim to have killed 70.000 Jews, but you say you killed 70.000 Iranians and you are proud of it (although it is just fake history) :) see we need nuclear for self defense. Greetings


Despite the infusion of billions of US$ and the most advanced weapons,
the alien entity in the Arab region has been sliding down in military power
every year and today is in 5th place in the Middle Eastern region behind
Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia.


I really don’t understand the US, remove the sanctions sign a deal, and you will have all eyes and ears at Natanz and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will do visits on weekly or monthly basis, will seal all higher enriched uranium they will take it or whatever, and you have Iran by the balls with nuclear materials.That seems very easy to do, the US doesn’t lose nothing, doesn’t give money or something, just have to relieve the sanctions and that is it, and as far uranium enrichment comes you will have no worries about Iran.BUT hmmmm: why would they don’t want to do this, what is the agenda? I don’t get it.
I think it might be because the Zionist regime or something even higher thing.
Well US and Israhell fuck you if you don’t want to control the Iranians about that mater, and stop fucking be aggressive against Iran and FUCK OFF. What more you people want, nasty evil yankee bastards.
Fuck them, keep doing it Iran, I wish you to produce Plutonium for Nuclear Weapons if you people can even tomorrow. Just don’t get the whole thing, who benefits and WHY??????

Lazy Gamer

Sunset clauses on the JCPOA. However, by this new move, Iran made the very reason for the US to leave the JCPOA, a reality without the JCPOA.
Which leads me to speculate that 2026-2031 was a deadline of sorts for an attack on Iran under Obama administration. Trump admin on the other hand said it is better to keep sanctions on as we have an earlier time table.


zionists with a brain all start to begging iran to not retaliate they might call it “advise” but they can forget to begging us to not wreck them

While Iran regards the Zionist regime responsible for the recent incident in Natanz, Olmert said in an interview with WABC that, “I am not sure that Israel did that, and I advise the Iranians to remain calm.”

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