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Iran to Develop Nuclear Powerplant for Maritime Usage as Response to US ‘Violation’ of Deal

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The Iranian President has ordered to develop a nuclear powerplant, which could be used for marine transportation, in response to US ‘violation’ of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Iran to Develop Nuclear Powerplant for Maritime Usage as Response to US ‘Violation’ of Deal

Iranian military personnel stand on a submarine during a naval parade on the last day of the Velayat-90 war game in the Sea of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz (Photo: Reuters / Stringer Iran)

On Tuesday, the Iranian national nuclear agency has received a presidential order to start developing of a nuclear powerplant, which could be used for marine transportation. According to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, the move became a response to US ‘violation’ of the nuclear deal with Iran.

The order was sent to head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, who should control the process of developing of reactors for maritime usage and fuel production for this purpose, both of which should be ready in three months.

As Rouhani noted, the order is the response of Tehran to the prolongation of anti-Iranian sanctions, the so-called Iran Sanctions Act, which was passed by US legislators.

The Iran nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015, was negotiated by Iran and six leading world powers. According to the deal, Iran agreed to restrict its nuclear industry in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions, imposed by the US, the EU and the UN Security Council. Tehran has held its part of the deal, however, according to the Iranian government, the anti-Iranian policy of the US is continued, as well as new sanctions were imposed against the country under different pretexts.

In December, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned that prolongation of the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996 (ILSA), which now targets only Tehran, puts the nuclear deal in jeopardy.

In addition, there are concerns that US President-elect Donald Trump will target the deal, after he takes office on January 20. So, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has at least five ideas in mind for Trump to undermine the nuclear deal with Iran.

A nuclear powerplant uses a nuclear power reactor in order to generate electricity on a vessel. Usually, such systems are used on strategic nuclear submarines, which are capable to stay submerged for weeks avoiding detection, as well as on some big surface ships, such as icebreakers and aircraft carriers. Currently, only Russia has nuclear-powered civilian vessels, mostly in its fleet of icebreakers. In the past, Germany and the US also had nuclear-propelled merchant ships, while the Japanese Mutsu ship was finished, but never carried commercial cargo.

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chris chuba

I do not believe that this violates the JCPOA because it consumes nuclear fuel, it is not a centrifuge that enriches uranium.

So as long as the power plant meets the following requirements it should be fine … 1. It is not a weapon imported from another country that bypasses the U.N. Security Council approval, a domestically produced power plant is fine. 2. It does not require heavy water putting Iran above its limitation (don’t know if nuclear power plants are heavy or light water reactors). 3. It is not a nuclear weapon (a power plant is not a nuclear bomb unless someone like Tom Cotton gets very creative).

Pave Way IV

It really doesn’t matter at this point, Chris. The U.N./Israeli scheme all along has been to ‘find’ Iranian violations of the JCPOA or accuse Iran of hiding something from them. If violations can’t be found, then they will be created. If they can’t be created, then they will be suspected. The Israeli anti-Iran schemes never ended with JCPOA – they just changed tack.

The U.N. colludes with Israel and the U.S. – they played the same ‘violations’ game with Libya and Iraq. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they find an excuse for increased sanctions and eventually a war with Iran. Israel has made it clear that they will accept nothing besides the complete destruction and partition of Iran – it will not be allowed to exist because it poses a threat to Israel. We won’t have to wait for JCPOA violations – Israel will stage a false flag provoking Iran to attack the Saudis or vice versa. This will automatically pull the U.S. into the war and leave Israel otherwise uninvolved.

The bigger question is “Will anybody be stupid enough to attack the Russian reactor that will soon be under construction in Iran?”. While Russia wouldn’t normally get involved with Iranian wars, they wouldn’t take too kindly to a bunch of Russian engineers dying at the hands of Israel.

Brad Isherwood

Josh Rogin was on John Batchelor show recently… This guy is absolute BS shill for the deep state branch that wears Star of David underwear. He pushed on Batchelor that Trump’s new appointments can separate Russia from Iran and isolate Assad…that Trump and Putin can work with some Free Syrian groups not aligned with AL Qeada…but are political opposition. Then BS about Iran and terror and Trump’s admin going after Iran’s regional influences. I deleted the interview from my Galaxy phone… Rogin is $#@#$&….and there’s lots of media bots just like him in the cue for the Jaded Deep State. Add to this…McCain and Lindsey Graham pre empt any move of Trump to Detente With Putin. Trump’s got snakes on the move everywhere.

Brad Isherwood

Iran….you can’t never…no Way ever….say,..use word ….Nuclear** Say …..New Submarine …with triple rubber wind up……good for 90 days operations.

Meanwhile. …..Mullahs pick out color cloth patterns for new Boeing Jets .

Can you drink booze on Iran air?……..order a double Ramadan on ice?


Seems like a stupid action to me. It is expensive, it angers the Americans and it burdens them with radio active waste.

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