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Iran To Build New Heavy Attack Submarine Soon

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Iran To Build New Heavy Attack Submarine Soon

A staraboard quarter view of the Iranian Navy’s second Russian-built Kilo class diesel-powered attack submarine en route to Iran.

On November 27, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, announced that the construction of a new heavy attack submarine of the Besat-class will began soon.

Speaking at a press conference, Rear Admiral Irani said the Iranian Navy is currently in the process of designing the submarine.

“We will produce all kinds of maritime equipment and construction operation of Besat heavy submarine will start soon,” the commander said.

Iran is reportedly planning to build two Besat-class submarines. The construction of the first one was supposed to begin in 2020. However, it was delayed. Submarines of this class will supposedly be equipped with an air-independent propulsion system.

While some Iranian sources claim that a standard Besat-class submarine will have a displacement of 3,200 tons, others put the displacement at a more reasonable 1,200 tons.

The Iranian Navy will reportedly arm Besat-class attack submarines with heavy torpedoes as well as anti-ship cruise missiles.

Currently, the Iranian Navy operates three Russian-made Kilo-class diesel-electric attack submarines, a locally-made Fateh-class semi-heavy diesel-electric attack submarine and more than a dozen locally-made Ghadir-class midget submarines.

Iran have been developing its naval capabilities in response to the never ending threat by the US and its Middle Eastern allies, mainly Israel.


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Iran also said they should have 110 new attack speed boats by March 2022


Promises, promises…


Everytime Israel wants to make a move on Hezbollah they beg America for money and weapons to do so. Everytime they want to do a move on Iran they cry for billions. How much do you think Israel will cry for during a war with Iran if it takes billions just so they can feel confident in threatening them?


You are wrong my Lebanese neighbour, we are just itching for a war with Hezbollah but it’s Nasrallah that is smart enough not to go all the way and he knows why. For every Hezbollah rocket falling into Israel, there would be a Shia village removed from the map and I am not saying it to scare you, that is actually what will happen as part of the upcoming firepower, something you didn’t feel in 2006. There are more than 200 villages marked as targets in SL, all of them will be wiped out.

About Iran, we all know they go for the bomb so that’s why those talks will fail and even Garga and Gryzor know it. So where does it leave us? a direct war between Israel and Iran.

So, the tiny Israeli state against the giant Iranian, who would win? frankly, both of us would lose, but while Israel might rebuild itself and lick our wounds, I can promise you it won’t be the case for Iran and the Iranian people and again I say it as an IDF officer who has a clue of our doctrine and not as a civilian.

Now, it’s not really up to any of us to decide we are just part of this grand show. But if there is one thing Israelis excel is fighting for our country when it needs us, for us there is no other country so we will win or we will die like it has been for over 70 years.

I am alos sick of explaining myself all the time, so just let the guns talks. When diplomacy ends, the might of Israel will fall on your hands and you won’t forget it for a very long time.

But what do I know? I’m just a 10 years old fat kid as most of the people here cliam. So don’t take my words.


The speed boats are great due to the numbers and that each has at least one torpedo or missile that can sink an air craft carrier. Their speed and maneuverability make them hard to hit with a missile. If 50 are sunk but they get 1 carrier it’s a bargain. They are good for submarine hunting as well for all the same reasons. No sub or ship can be in the Persian Gulf if Iran does not allow it


No IZ, you know you can’t and won’t do that… not by yourselves without help from uncle Sam anyway. As it stands, any Israeli vessel showing overt hostile intent while foolishly venturing in the Persian Gulf waters will get the whole of Iran’s anti-shipping capabilities in its face… it will sink before all the ordnance has even reached its target…


Although it’s a hard task, it can be done Gryzor. But we are not there..yet.


It would not surprise me if Iran were to sink and Israeli sub that dared to enter the Persian Gulf which I bet Israeli cowards are too chicken hawk to do.

Why doesn’t Israel strike if Israel is so tough? Stop talking start striking.

Because they are cowards and only fight to their last slave Goyim


Peru will bomb you soon

Dennis Kovac

Zio, please explain this below, published by americans ” “veteranstoday.com”. You attacked USS Liberty 1967 to blame Arabs.


Always Remember Israel for the Bombing of the USS Liberty 1967

Veterans Today Home World

World Always Remember Israel for the Bombing of the USS Liberty Clearly, Israel intends that no one survives.

By Jonas E. Alexis -November 27, 20212623

JEA: James M. Ennes was one of members of the USS Liberty and the author of Assault On the Liberty: The True Story Of The Israeli Attack On An American Intelligence Ship. I did correspond with him decades ago, and his assessment was that Israel bombed the USS Liberty deliberately. The US should start putting Israel on a financial diet, but political whores aren’t willing to do that.

Chuck Baldwin The USS Liberty is lumbering in international waters. It is flying a brand new 8’x5’ flag, which unmistakably identifies it as a U.S. vessel. The ship’s markings are ten feet high on both sides. It is not a warship. It is an intelligence-gathering ship. For all intents and purposes, it is defenseless against any warship or attack aircraft, having but four .50-calibre Browning machine guns without shrapnel shields as its only offensive weapons. On board are 294 souls.

Suddenly, and without provocation, Israel attacks the ship with unmarked warplanes (using French Mirage jets) and torpedo boats. For over an hour, the helpless ship is riddled with machine-gun fire, rockets and torpedoes.

Much of the ordinance Israel used in the attack on The Liberty was provided by the United States.

Within moments, the ship is completely disabled. As it seems certain that the ship will sink, lifeboats are lowered, but Israel’s attacking torpedo boats immediately riddle the lifeboats with gunfire. Helicopters from Israel carrying Special Forces troops hover over the ship, which is now listing at nine degrees.

Clearly, Israel intends that no one survives.

The ship has no engines, no rudder and no power. As the Special Forces soldiers from the attacking country are being positioned to launch their final assault, The Liberty’s Captain barks, “Standby to repel boarders.” One sailor yells, “They’ve come to finish us off.”

The 67-minute attack would prove to be the bloodiest assault on a U.S. ship since World War II.

When the attack first began, American fighter jets were dispatched to assist the American ship and its crew, but those jets were turned around—BY THE WHITE HOUSE, specifically President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara.

Thirty-four of the ship’s officers and crew are killed, and a majority of the rest of the crew are wounded. Only a divine miracle and superhuman, Herculean effort from the sailors in the bowels of that steel graveyard keep the ship afloat.

When the attack first began, one Israeli general protested to his commanding officer saying, “This is pure murder.” One Israeli pilot refused to attack the ship because it was American. He was imprisoned by the Israeli government. But many of the Israeli pilots shouted with glee when they saw The Liberty burning.

“Great! Wonderful! She’s burning! She’s burning!” transcripts show one of the Israeli pilots shouting during the attack. Transcripts also proved that Israeli attackers had positively identified the ship as being American a full 26 minutes before launching the torpedo attack.

Now get this: Instead of sending The Liberty to the nearest safe port, which was Crete, only one day’s sail away, Navy commanders ordered that the ship go to Malta, a seven-day journey across the deepest parts of the Mediterranean Sea—with the ship now listing at fifteen degrees. Obviously, the White House was certain that The Liberty would sink before making it to Malta.

But the ship didn’t sink.

When the White House knew there would be survivors who could tell the truth about what happened, it immediately employed a massive cover-up to conceal the facts of the attack. It began with a psyops public declaration that the attack had been an “accident.” But the attack was never really investigated.

There was no need to investigate; everyone in the upper echelons of the U.S. government knew what had happened. In fact, those at the very top were co-conspirators in the attack.

“The Navy was ordered to hush this up, say nothing, allow the sailors to say nothing,” said Rear Admiral Thomas Brooks, a former Director of Naval Intelligence. “The Navy rolled over and played dead.”

Israeli diplomats tapped influential American Jews, many of whom were close friends with President Johnson, to help with the cover-up.

Documents show that Eugene Rostow, who was third in command of the State Department, repeatedly shared privileged information about U.S. strategy with Israeli diplomats. Others who assisted Israel included Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg, who was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Many of these and others who helped the embassy are referred to by code names in Israeli documents. For example, Democratic fund-raiser Abe Feinberg is identified in Israeli records by the codename “Hamlet.”

Israeli diplomats likewise hammered the media to kill critical stories and slant others in favor of Israel. Diplomats hustled, for example, to derail a potential news story about pressure on New York Representative Otis Pike to launch a congressional investigation into the attack. “We have made sure that the journalistic source will refrain from writing about this for now,” cabled embassy spokesman Dan Patir.

Johnson, whose focus largely was on Vietnam, looked for a compromise that would guarantee that American families were compensated but would not risk a clash with Israel’s domestic supporters. He ordered Nicholas Katzenbach, second-in-command at the State Department, to negotiate the deal: If Israel publicly apologized for the attack and paid reparations, the United States would let it go, no more questions asked.

In evaluating the Liberty court of inquiry, it is worth comparing it to the court that examined North Korea’s capture of the Pueblo. The Liberty court lasted just eight days, interviewed only 14 crewmen, and produced a final transcript that was 158 pages. In contrast, the Pueblo court lasted almost four months, interviewed more than 100 witnesses, and produced a final transcript that was nearly 3,400 pages.

Captain Ward Boston, the lawyer for the Liberty court, broke his silence in 2002, stating that investigators were barred from traveling to Israel to interview the attackers, collect Israeli war logs, or review communications. Furthermore, he said Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara had ordered the court to endorse Israel’s claim that the attack was an accident, which Boston personally did not believe was the case. “I am certain that the Israeli pilots that undertook the attack, as well as their superiors who had ordered the attack, were well aware that the ship was American.” (Source)

To this day, the Israeli-controlled mainstream media refuses to say a word about the attack on The USS Liberty. And not one single U.S. president (including Republicans) has given the surviving crew of The Liberty due public recognition—not Nixon, not Bush I, not Reagan, not Bush II and not Donald Trump: All of them gave The Liberty survivors the royal snub.

And when is the last time you heard any Republican House or Senate member say anything about The USS Liberty? No one in Congress will talk, because the vast majority of them—Republicans and Democrats—are bought off by the Israeli lobby. And the ones that aren’t know that their future careers—and maybe even safety—depend on their silence.

The only two members of Congress that I can personally remember who were willing to blow the whistle on the Israeli attack on The USS Liberty were both Democrats: Cynthia McKinney from Georgia and James Traficant from Ohio. And we all know what happened to each of them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dennis Kovac
Arch Bungle

The Jew always lies.

Whatever he says , believe the opposite.


LOL!!! what are you waiting for?

Christian J. Chuba

I wonder if Iran is doing R&D on maritime nuclear reactors to power ships.


For Iran’s requirements – shallow water deployments near its coast in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf – nuclear powered combat ships are not necessary, and nuclear powered submarines would be a positive handicap. Diesel electric subs are always much more silent and difficult to detect than nuclear submarines, which have to constantly run water pumps to cool their reactors. Ghadir and Kilo class subs are ideal for Iran’s requirements, the former being very small, hard to detect, and still being able to launch cruise missiles, and the latter famously undetectable (“Black holes” as NATO called them).

Peppe il Sicario

Iran continuously embarasses all those who dare to provoke it in the Persian Gulf. To be that bold means you must be pretty self-confident in what you have in your arsenal and battle tactics.

Arch Bungle

The Iranians must have made a profit this year from oil trading to China.

ma sha allah!


I hope so.


I wonder what the new sub’s specifications would be like. In fact, whether it will be a really new design or a Kilo variant, just like the “Iranian” Ghadir is an Iranified version of the North Korean Yono.

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