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Iran Threatens To Designate U.S. Army As Terrorist Organization, If Washington Makes Such Decision Against IRGC

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Iran Threatens To Designate U.S. Army As Terrorist Organization, If Washington Makes Such Decision Against IRGC

IRGC members

A senior Iranian Lawmaker has threatened that Tehran will place the U.S. Army on its terror list, if Washington designates the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group.

“If the Revolutionary Guards are placed on America’s list of terrorist groups, we will put that country’s military on the terror blacklist next to Daesh [ISIS],” Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, head of parliament’s national security committee, said on Twitter on April 6.

Falahatpisheh was commenting on a recent report of the Wall Street Journal. U.S. officials told the New York-based journal that the U.S. is planning to designate the IRGC as a terrorist group as early as April 8.

This will be first time Washington to formally designate another country’s military a “terrorist group.” Some U.S. officials warned that this decision could endanger U.S. troops deployed near IRGC forces in the Middle East.

The U.S. had sanctioned the IRGC as a part of a campaign to pressure Iran into giving up its missile program. However, the sanctions only pushed Tehran to strengthen its ties with its allies and increase its military spending.

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  1. Fayez Chergui says:

    as a mater of fact, US army is a terrorist organization.

    1. Hasbara Hunter says:

      I had exactly the same idea…

    2. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

      The United States military has been the enemy and bad guy in every single foreign war they have ever fought.

    3. Sinbad2 says:

      Armies follow the orders of politicians.
      It’s the politicians and their masters the banks that are the real criminals.

  2. Ivanus59 says:

    That would be a proper response.

  3. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Besides being child killing cowards, I would designate the Americunt lardass TERRORISTS.


  4. World_Eye says:

    Go ahead Iran no fear from nothing, designate them as Terrorists because that what they are, the truth should hurt no one. And then just hunt and kill all of them, shoot all those ships of theirs. Remember the US military in general it’s like a barking dog, it can just always bark but never bites, especially alone. Nato must be involved.

  5. Barba_Papa says:

    A symbolic gesture, but we all know that whatever Iran choses to designate means Jack Shit. Unfortunately, as the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement has shown the US alone can bring significant sanctions to bear. Iran in contrast has no comparable political clout.

    Best thing for Iran to do is to play really really nice with Russia and China. Hoping that China well help to keep Iran economically afloat and that Russia will sell Iran some of its latest military toys. Or even better, allow Russia to open some military bases in Iran. That is, if Iran’s squabbling elites can agree on a common course of action in time.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      Iran’s constitution forbids foreign military bases in Iran.

      Garga can you confirm?

      1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

        it be a very big mistake for iran to allow any one, to have bases in its country.

    2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      China is heavily invested in Iran as well have helped a lot the Iranians in their war industry and it was the ones who supported iran when russia was refusing to deliver the S300 that already been paid for.. As for playing nice with russia……. russia need iran more than iran need russia. Beside iran been the back door to russia. So I dont think Iran need to play nice to any one and learn not to underestimate the ones who stand against the globalists and alliances in order to be good must be equal in both ways.

    3. Nassim7 says:

      The Iranians survived sanctions even when Russia supported its “partner”. They don’t need anyone. Countries will buy their oil regardless. The big shame is that the current lot in power have had 40 years to modernise Iran and to break up the oligopolies – and they have done nothing of the sort. They could have a modern economy if they left alone their private sector. Why do they have income taxes at all? The government gets all the oil money. The bureauracracy is suffocating their most capable people.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        “They could have a modern economy if they left alone their private sector”

        You mean like our modern western system that is owned and controlled by the banks?

    4. Mase says:

      You deluded to think china and russia only hope for Iran, they need Iran as much as Iran needs them .. Iran been standing and weathering these sanctions for 40years non stop and recently UN sanction came on because of Russia and China so Iran don’t need anyone except themselves as the country is rich with everything .all they need is fight corruption and better managements. We don’ts need any foreign millitary junk as we making what needed ourselves.

  6. goingbrokes says:

    Legally this is the correct response, and there is plenty of evidence to support the declaring of US Army a terrorist organisation. Even a part of the Army being engaged in terrorist activities, material support for terrorism, aiding and abetting terrorists, helping terrrorist causes will taint the whole organisation. Leadership involvement need to be proven.
    Acting in this way Iran is actually helping US true patriots and undermining the zionist agenda.

  7. Sinbad2 says:

    That’s just silly picking out the American army. The whole American Government is a terrorist organization, and has been for a long time. Iran would get more publicity, that’s about the best they can hope to achieve at the present time by naming specific American politicians.

    How about Iran charging Hillary Clinton with the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, or maybe Seth Rich?
    Issue subpoena’s arrest warrants etc, maybe even a trial in absentia?

  8. Ulla Camp says:

    How stupid, they are trying doing tit for tat……..
    I’m sure that the US Army will be shaking in their boots over that threat………………SMH

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