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Iran Tested New Air-Defense Systems During Guardians of Velayat Sky 1400 Exercise (Photos, Videos)

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Iran Tested New Air-Defense Systems During Guardians of Velayat Sky 1400 Exercise (Photos, Videos)

File image.

Iran test-fired a number of domestically-made air-defense systems during the Modafean Aseman Velayat 1400 [Guardians of Velayat Sky 1400] exercise that began on October 12.

On October 13, Brig. Gen. Qader Rahimzadeh, commander of the Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, announced that the new Majid and Dezful air-defense systems had successfully destroyed their targets in the exercise.

One of the main objectives of the exercise, which is attended by air-defense divisions of the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, is to build a strong and multi-layer defense against cruise missiles, according to Brig. Gen. Rahimzadeh.

The Majid short-range air-defense system, which was unveiled for the first time on October 11, has a range of 8 kilometers. The light, completely passive system can be armed with up to eight missiles equipped with infrared homing seekers. The missile design is similar to that of the Chinese-made FB-10A.

The Dezful low to medium altitude, short-range air-defense system appears to be derivative of the Soviet-made Tor-M1E, which is known to be service with the Iranian military.

The Iranian system is based on a truck, similar to the Tor-M2KM self-contained variant that can be installed in the back of a truck. Some military observers speculated that Dezful may be just an Iranian upgrade to the Tor-M1E.

Iran also successfully test-fired the Joshan and Khatam air-defense systems during the exercise. Brig. Gen. Rahimzadeh said that Joshan is an upgraded version of Khordad-15 that uses a passive radar. The commander didn’t provide any information on the other system.

During the exercise, Iran also tested a medium-range air-defense system equipped with vertically-launched missiles. The name and details of the systems are yet to be revealed.

Iran has been working nonstop to develop its military industry in response to US sanctions and Israel’s repeated threats.

The country paid special attention to its air-defense capabilities in the last few years, and managed to make several achievements.


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Dumb Iranians. When the time comes to destroy their nuke program it will be preceded by a massive EMP attack that will fry their entire air defense network.


Everything you say will happen first in Israel, which is a much smaller country.


this idiot really shows how miserable their own defenses are because yes their own defenses are down if iran detonates emp´s close to them and i talk here about america which still didnt fix this a supposed superpower who lacks behind iran in technologies and use of em

Last edited 9 days ago by farbat
Christian J. Chuba

‘Passive infrared homing system’

I hope they field test a few of these in Yemen.


No doubt, Assad and Nasrallah will be enjoying these new toys too.


“dumb Iranians”? No , Dumb Israelis. First they get the NeoCons to destroy Saddam’s Iraq who was a natural barrier between Israel and Iran. This allowed Iran to Occupy and control Iraq and put Iranian troops and Missiles on ISRAEL’s border – Israel shot itself in the foot LMFAO, with 40 years planning. The Iranians under Soleimani armed and trained the Hezb so well, that Iran no longer needs to launch a single missile from its territory – all that can be accomplished by Hezbollah – who will destroy israel in the the next war. Israel is a pissy state with nukes but even that wont prevent its extinction – it has NO strategic depth. a few short to medium range Fuel-Air missiles from the Hezb will wipe out Haifa. Stupid Kikes can only hope for US help – which will not happen – ask Ashraf Ghani if you doubt me

Michel LeBlanc

What nuke program exactly?

Attacking Iran will be your death.
Pathetic zionist better learn to swim!


Most zionist inbreds are busy with transgender surgery or stocking up on adult diapers.


doesnt work on iran and the passive defense organisation already dealt with this issue more than a decade ago you laughable delusional joker the only thing that might happen is zionist nukes being detonated inside the zionist usurper entity this will happen indeed we will hit and detonate those zionist nukes one day in future

Last edited 9 days ago by farbat

And who will be emitting that EMP attack, jets from far, anything that can come close up 350km close to Iranian territory from the air can be detected by Iranian defense, so how are you imagine that EMP attack will occur If I may ask you?!

Last edited 9 days ago by World_Eye

Muahaha haha haha ^^


Iran like Russia, China & the DPRK only move forward. There progress in national defense is unwavering. No mention of the Bavar-373.


It is an unfortunate fact that a sovereign nation must not rely on others to provide their security.
This is the key to telling who is sovereign and who is not.

jens holm

Thats highly incorrect.

Peace and wars almost always has been between allianced making trust, security – or the opposite.

But of course You have to contribute.


You just made my point.

jens holm

I heard birds are zig zagging there and the new generations still alive try to make stealht for their children.

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