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JULY 2022

Iran Successfully Employed At Least Seven Combat UAVs To Pound ISIS Positions In Syria Following Ballistic Missile Strike

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Iran Successfully Employed At Least Seven Combat UAVs To Pound ISIS Positions In Syria Following Ballistic Missile Strike

Thunderbolt UCAV

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) employed at least seven unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) to pound ISIS positions in Syria following a ballistic missile strike carried out by the IRGC earlier on October 1. According to the IRGC, UCAVs attacked HQs and gatherings of the “mercenaries of global arrogance”.

The empployed aircraft are most likely Thunderbolt UCAVs produced by Shahed Aviation Industries. The Thunderbolt is based on a US-made RQ-170 UAV, which was reverse-engineered by Iranian specialists.

The Iranian strikes on ISIS targets on Syria were described by the IRGC as a response to the terrorist attack carried out by ISIS in the Iranian city of Ahvaz on September 22.

UCAV strikes:

Ballistic missile strike:

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Need of the time to minimize those sub humans. They have safe nests east of Euphrates enjoying the safety provided by The Global Arrogance.

Len Zegelink

nice job iran .kill all od that scum .


From all post strike battlefield damage assessment, it appears that the Iranian missiles were accurate and packed a heavy payload. According to NATO reports, Iran is said to have fired 6 missiles of Zulfikar and Qiam classes, which have ranges of 468 to 500 miles. The missiles were fired by bases near Kermanshah (the region’s largest helicopter base as well) near the Iraqi border and overflew 600 kms and then precisely hit their targets. Within an hour Iran followed up the missile strike with a drone attack. The missiles have an error radius of 5-10 meters.

Zolfaghar ballistic missile, a member of the Fateh family, has a reported range of 700 km.The newest member of a group of solid-fueled short-range ballistic missiles, Western intelligence reports suggest that the Zolfaghar is equipped with a submunition warhead of 700-800 kg.

On June 18, 2017, Iran reportedly had also previously launched six Zolfaghar missiles into Syria towards the Deir ez-Zor region. Reports citing the IRGC suggest that the missiles were fired from bases in the western provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan and flew over 600 km before reportedly hitting their targets. The missiles targeted the so-called Islamic State terrorists in response to an attack in Tehran on June 7. The strike was the longest-range missile launched by Iran in combat since its war with Iraq in the 1980s. IRGC officials said the strike not only sent a message to the Islamic State, but also that, “The Saudis and Americans are especially receivers of this message.” Some reports also point to a mix of missiles being used in the strike, including the Qiam, a Shahab-2 variant. Yesterday’s lethal strike followed the same pattern but was immediately followed by drone assault on the scattering terrorists.

The Qiam-1 is a single-stage, liquid fueled SRBM. The missile measures 11.5 m in length, 0.88 m in body diameter, 0.66 m in warhead diameter, and weighs 6,155 kg at launch. It can deliver a 750 kg payload to ranges between 700 and 800 km. Known to carry conventional high explosive or submunition warheads, the missile may also be capable of carrying a nuclear payload as well.

The guidance technology the Qiam-1 employs is GPS based.


Personally we will need to wait and see if any sort of 3rd part information will be released about this recent strike. I’m truly skeptical about it but also glad that at least Iran responded.

Jens Holm

Kind of funny version, if Iranians in Iran did that 24 person killing – isnt it :)


The Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan was a short-lived country that was formed in 1958 from the union of Iraq and Jordan. Although the name implies a federal structure, it was de facto a confederation…. We need to see this become reallity again. At the same time Syria should unite with Libanon and Palaistine should become part of Egypt. Also the nation of Kurdistan should have its own state with lands from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Turkey needs to end its occupation of the Greek island of Cyprus and stop breaking the Greek FIR over the Aegean Sea. Erdogan is worse than Sadam and Kadafi put together ! He has stolen SYrian and Iraqy oil, he has supported isis and alqaeda and has put to jail and tortured thousands of Turks and Kurds … He is a war criminal and a responsible for massacres against the Kurds and genocide ! Russia and China need to take responsibility and realise they are the new great powers of this world, do not repeat the mistakes of the capitalist US/UK p1gs , no more wars for oil.

Promitheas Apollonious

when ever the turks go the only way to get them out is with war. No magic recipes in this case.


give your daughter to the kurds instead of other nations lands..

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think he will hurt you in this way and take your sisters and mothers job.


no your mom will be unemployed = D

Promitheas Apollonious

single cell turk I see. Part Kurd part everything else turkey?


Say, how many blowjobs did you do to get 2799 up votes for 267 comments ?


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So basically your medicine for middle east is the same as the Zionists? Destroying Palestine by erasing the question and giving the burden of Israeli crimes to Egypt, disintegration of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey to create a Kurdish country, no Lebanon, etc?

The only parts I can sort of agree with is the part regarding Turkish-Greek dispute. I’m not a fan of Erdogan, he did many things wrong and still is doing all sorts of twisted and wrong things, but it’s not fare to compare him with Saddam (very few people are able to be worse than him) and I’m not going to speak about Gaddafi.

Patriot Kurds already have their own countries: Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. But if you like separatist Kurds so much, please take them. We shall see how your countrymen feel about that.


The same way Jews disliked as neighbor.


It would be wise to know the meaning of the words you use before you use them.

When you say ‘separatist’ …

You seperate something that is one, that is united. The Kurds arent united with anyone. They are a nation without a country.

They are people that lived on those lands they live today before the Turks came to the west from somewhere near the borders of Mongolia and China.


They are depressed (and slaughtered) by Turkey’s Erdogan just as the Kurds in Iraq were depressed (and slaughtered) by Saddam.

According to the United Nations :

Article 15. (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

The Kurds have proven them selfs in battle, they fought isis more and better than anyone else. They have earned the right to be independent. And they shall be.

I did not say anything about destroying Palestine, how did you come up with that rubbish ?

The Palestinians are Arabs and so are the Egyptians who have good relations with Israel and therefore there is a paved road already for a peaceful solution. Egypt will provide protection and policing in their streets, they can still have autonomy…thats details.

Lebanon has 2-3 milion Syrian refugees maybe more. Together with Syria they would be a much stronger more stable united Arab republic, and the same goes for Iraq and Jordan who as it is known they had been united back in 1958.

Its not rocket science. If it weren’t for the economic interests of the US / UK / ISRAEL / SAUDI ARABIA things would be much more simple.


You don’t know much about what you talk about, do you? Your Greek hatred of Turks threw dirt in your eyes: “Turks are my enemy, I hate ’em. Turks are PKK’s enemy, they hate ’em, therefore PKK and I are on the same boat, I like ’em”. That’s a very slippery slope “dude”.

If you really want to know about Kurds, I suggest a little research: Why for every Kurdish tribe’s name, there’s a town, village or area with the same name in Pakistan?


”The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a very old concept pal, I didnt created it. If you dont like it take it up with the diplomats and the generals round the world that follow this exact moto for thousands of years now.

I know what I need to know about the Kurds. Thank you very much. And i know what I need to know about the Turks and their genocides against the Greeks, the Armenians, the Assyrians, The Kurds and I know what they did to the Bulgarians to at the Battak Massacre …

Do you ?

Concrete Mike

Armchair generals maybe.

And the notion that kurds fought isis the most and did the best at it is a blatant lie.

In fact its an insult to the syrian forces that held in der ez zor for years.

You sir are lying.

Give the SAA credit where its due, they fought isis the most. By far, in fact its not even close, your out to lunch buddy.


No, Sir, You are the one who is lying !

Everybody knows and admits it was the Kurds who fought against ISIS from day 1 . Yes the Syrian army fought isis too, but without the Kurds they d still be trying to take back Alepo !

So yeah, you worry about my lunch and let the big boys talk about war issues. Reading more and commenting less would benefit you the most !

Concrete Mike

Oh wow what nice projection you did there, everyone knows that the kurds faught isis from day 1.

Who is this everyone? And when was this day 1??

Was it maybe sometimes in daraa in 2011 or 2012??? Hey guess what no kurds there and no isis either.

Isis is a cheap label for salafist jihadi groups. Al nusra=isis.

Where were the kurds for deir ez zor?

You can pick and choose your lame facts all you want, ima shoot you down everytime.

Kurds are a trojan horse, a plan to lets the americanazi in the back door.

You can project all you want, SAA beat isis not kurds. Kurds and isis is two sides of the same coin.

What??? Theres 2 sides to a coin wow!!!

Your grasping at straws mac.

I read more than you think, and i think before i post things, i dont regurgitate us state dept propaganda and call it facts either.


Baloney… Your comment inspired me to have a baloney sandwitch …cause you are interested bout my lunch…thought i d let you know.

Concrete Mike

Thanks for sharing, i also love baloney its great.

And if your only rebuke is baloney, that is quite weak.

Im debating that you say kurds are the force that fought most against isis.

I say its SAA, please rebuke me with facts, dates locations. Saying everyone knows kurds is not good enough, thats projecting. That would not stand in court now would it???

Its just like everyone know russia hacked us election…not that the DNC is corrupt to the bone and that hillary was preordained to win the nomimation.

Or how for sure russia used novichok on skripals?? Speaking of, where are the skripals anyways. Who knew novichok as an added bonus made one invisble to the naked eye.

No Im giving you another chance to rebuke me.


Yeah you do…you love baloney…

Now, some of us have better things to do than explaining how the earth is round to Fiddlesticks like your self.

The Truth Is Out There as someone I know used to say … But the truth is the opposite of what you are looking for and what you are spreading around…

Do you work for some agency ? Are you just that dumb ?

We ll let others decide that.

But if you feel like talking some more out of your bottom then here :


Hope that helps.

Concrete Mike

Ok i tried to be nice and not call you names, i was hoping you were going to reciprocate.

Instead you choose to remain a pompous ass.

Once your done playing in fairy land come talk to us, claiming that kurds defeatwd.isis mostly by itself… makes one wonder where you get your info….donald trumps twitter perhaps???

The kurds really did a great job liberating raqqa though…top notch job there.

And today everyone knows raqqah is in.much better shape than aleppo, although if the kurds didnt help saa, it would still be in al nusra hands, right everyone knows that…

I dont need you to tell me the earth is round, ive used a theodolite before thanks.

It seems your the one towing the party line here not me.

I calls em like i see em, kurds are in bed with the saudis who are in bed with isis.

So project what you want, you wouldnt know the truth if it slapped you in the head. Thats a symptom of being a pompous ass, dont bother convincing me my mind is already made up. Thats how you are thinking.

I gave you 2 chances to rebuke me and all you did was insult my intelligence.

If you were so smart, it would have been easy to rebuke me, you did not choose that path. Why?? Beats me.

So? You pompous prick, dont forget, when your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air.


The only prick here is up your anus pal.

I have keyboard warriors like your self for breakfast.

So keep searching about the earth and that, I m surprised you are not a flatearther to be honest, and dont forget to keep :


Concrete Mike

Yep keep ignoring my valid points, keep calling me names.

All ill say is look at raqqa. Ifnthats the best the kurds could do, call in marine artillery to flatten the place, you call that the best fighters against isis, your a fucking morron.

So go fuck yourself you pompous ass, ill quote john whitehot again” when you wait for a train, stand on the tracks”

Peace out fucking hipster douchebag, go have tea with your kurd buddies, just dont look at the local arabs there subhumans apparently.



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Concrete Mike

So i got owned because you copy pastes south park lyrics???

Wow what kind of fucked up reality are you in?

Once again all you did was proclamations.

I mentionned 2 cases, raqqa and deir ez zor…all you did was call me a flat earther…

You cant say owned when you did not even debate.

You are getting owned not me.


Whoa ! You keep coming back for more !

You really liked my salty chocolate balls didnt you ?

You dirty little wiseal….

Listen, I m sorry but once i v owned someone I really lose interest.

And on top of that there is a dirty rotten fish aroma around you…so…

Lets see…this might clear you off…



Yes, I know about the horrible things Ottomans did, let’s also not forget the mass murder of Shi’as in Anatolia. We use the term Ottomans because Turk is too broad a term to use only for them. Erdogan is not a saint or even sane, but he didn’t do those things. He did support ISIS, AQ and he filled his pockets by buying stolen oil from Kurds and ISIS and selling it to Israel, he did steal Syria’s industry and factories and gave them to his cronies. Kurdish genocide? Hardly. Just ask the Kurds living in villages in eastern Turkey to find out about the tactics PKK employs. If they kill conscripts, shepherds, small town civil servants and shopkeepers (Kurds and Turks) they will not be treated kindly. Apparently you do NOT know about them enough, but whatever makes you happy.

I’m fine with the concept of “the enemy of my enemy”. It also apples to “the friend of my enemy”. You want to support Kurds because you hate Turks? Not my business. It’ll become my business the instance your support becomes a headache for me in Iran.

You as a Greek have a long history, unique identity and rich culture but some of the Greeks I encountered re-defined their identity just in hating Turks and FYROM. That’s a sad sight. Take care.


Just like ”some of those Greeks” that you say you v encountered there are also some of those Turks and some of those Iranians… I am most definatly NOT one of those ”some of those”… And those hating arent even that many. Turkey’s actions today in the Aegean, breaking Greek FIR, coming into Greek Sea terrritory, sending illegal immigrants to distabilise the Greek economy and the Greek society…kidnaping Greek soldiers on the Greco-Turkish border illegaly (soldiers get lost in snow or mud, there is a river on the border, every day) and holding them prisoners for months … Those are real things and those are things that Would justify hatred by the way…Not to mention ”accidents” with jet fighter pilots over the last 40 or so years …

I hope you are not more sad than you were before, now after reading this comment of mine…

You take care too.


Why would I be sad? We are exchanging view-points. There are things one knows and things one doesn’t know. Those you mentioned (sending immigrants by plan, disappearance of border patrols-conscripts probably-, etc) are plain provocations and I didn’t know there was and are too many , frankly because I have no interest in Greek-Turkey relations. I should have a look into that whenever life permits. It’s not such a bad idea if you could do the same regarding the Kurds.

Then you have a real problem with a NATO fellow, one with more fire-power and more aggressive. based on the continuation of these “incidents” I’m guessing the other allies won’t lift a finger to solve or prevent them? Some partners…

PS. Regarding the “dude” part, my mistake. I mistook you for somebody else I knew, one of “those” Greeks! ;)


I couldn’t understand about Kurdish named Pakistani places here in Pakistan. Plz explain !


Sure. Do you know about the gypsies and their origin? Being from Pakistan, I assume you have.

There are undeniable similarities between Kurds and gypsies: Facial features, language, traditions and cloths. In the absence of any credible evidence that Kurds used to live in the Zagros mountains since thousands of years ago (seriously, there’s nothing), it is worth looking where these evidences point at.

In many local dialects of Persian, Kurd means nomad, a migrating shepherd or Gypsy.

Traditional Kurdish garb is very, very similar to gypsy clothing. Please note that what male Kurds wear today in Turkey/Iraq/Syria/Iran (henceforth, TISI for short) is NOT their traditional garb. They started to wear it since the second world war. Look at the traditional female cloths.

Gypsies live in tribes too. I write the names of some gypsy tribes, then some of Kurdish tribes with the names of some places in Pakistan and/or India. The Kurdish tribes I’m going to mention currently do NOT live in Pakistan/India but in TISI.

Gypsy tribes:

Kalilayi, Gorouni, Suran, Kharar, Sur, Djat, Ardal, Kavoli, Karachi, Ghaderiya, Khani, Boukan (most of them names of places, regions, towns or villages in India or Pakistan)

Kurdish tribes: Kiliayi, Gourani, Surani, Kharat, Zur, Djaff, Ardalan, Kaviyani, Kormanji, Ghaderi, Khani, Boukan

Iranian Arabs (in Khuzestan) use the word “Kut” for Gypsies but Azeris use the same word for Kurds. Now what is Kut? Well, there are a lot of places either named “Kut” or use it as suffix (Kut or Kot) in India/Pakistan, like south of Kashmir (Himachal Pradesh), or Sialkot in Pakistan. Azeris call Gypsies as “Qarachi”, sound familiar? Ardal (Ardalan) is a village in Maharashtra, India with a Gypsy tribe with the same name.

These are but a few names on top of my head. A couple of hours of internet search can get more thorough results. In the last 2 decades Kurdish identity became very politicized. The ones pushing for carving TISI to create a Kurdistan must create a history in order to create a right to the land, which sadly for them, does not exist. They want to repeat the experience of Israel, like they invented the right to the Palestinian lands for European Jews, Ashkenazim which have no roots in ME whatsoever.

Kurds live in parts of TISI for a few centuries (Safavid kings migrated a lot of them from the east side of then Persia to the west side of it). No problem, they live here like we do, they should have the same rights as we do. But some of them seek special treatment like autonomy (why should they have it while I or any other region in the country don’t?) Or try weaken their own countries, separate some parts and create a puppet state. Well, that’s definition of treason which we (other people living in the same country) won’t allow. We prefer co-existing and living together, too bad if they don’t.


Agreed. Very well explained. Thanks. The suffix Kot is too much common throughout my country in all provinces despite different provincial languages, which is a proof what u said. But still one point missing, what about the Kurdish language spoken in southern Turkey, Eastern Syria, northern Iraq and western Iran? I agree to you about west’s desperate desire to create another Israel in between the middle of so influential Islamic population among Muslim world.It would be an ideal condition for them being able to cause another cancer in the heart of so superior part of Muslim world. I think this particular region would be even more worthy than that of occupied Palestine for their satanic plans.In whole Islamic world the region which have large amount of that population which contains biggest number of elements endangering and challenging the devil’s dominance, is Turkey Iran Iraq and Syria. So obviously it would be their top priority to try on Kurds.


Kurdish dialects was affected by the language of the countries which they reside in. Originally, the language is among the family of Iranic dialects, Indo-European family of languages. There are lots and lots of Sanskrit words in Kurdish. Heck, even Jaff tribe in Iran identify themselves as Gypsies. Kurds in Syria did not have a historical presence, but the effect is clearly visible in Iran, Turkey and Iraq. History makers for Kurds do everything in their power to invent roots for them in the Zagros and deflect attention from their roots around Punjab. The exact same thing with Israel which despite more than 70 years of excavations failed to provide a shred of evidence for the presence of Jews before Romans in Palestine. Funny, they now claim that Sumerians were Kurds!

We can see the same effect in the dialects of Turkish spoken by Azeris and Turkmens of Iran (affected heavily by Persian), Republic of Azerbaijan (by Russian) and Turkey (affected by both Persian and Eastern European languages) while comparing them to the Turkic people of central Asia.


Oh nice, the Kurds are somehow my fellow countrymen. Interesting really. Here in Punjab most of the castes of superior considered ‘Jatis’ claim to belong to Arabic origin. For example Khokhars, Aawans, Jalibs, etc and many others. It is so amazing that big population far away in middle East have Punjabi origin.

Promitheas Apollonious

You know the first wave of the turks invading Cyprus was all kurds, or dont you know that?

Since when kurds is your friends?


Since Today circumstances and our common interest Make them my friends.

Since Today their enemy is my enemy and my enemy is their enemy.

Since I can understand that feelings about some random unfortunate event that happened once upon a time many decades ago is something only feeble-minded people would consider it a deterrent for a potential cooperation Today . . .

The key word here is Today !

Promitheas Apollonious

If they are your friends with common interest kid, you are a very shallow thinker, but also my enemy and wish our roads never meet, you will not survive the encounter.


So you dont agree with someone’e argument cause you realise what you said is stupid and moronic and then you threaten them online, like a professional keyboard warrior, calling me a kid (born in 1976, when were you born mr senior citizen?) and I am the kid ?

Hahahahahha Sure… I ll try to avoid meeting you then you seem like one of the mightest keyboard warriors I v ever encountered !

hahahahahahaha malakako

Promitheas Apollonious

argument? there is no argument. Kid was referring to the quality of your brain and thinking patent not how many years you wasting been on earth kid. As to who I am, I think you know very well. You been on the greek sites where we posted few times, with other members of my group.

μαλακας ειναι αυτος που σε εσπειρε μαλακοκαβλι.


What group you on about ?

The fascist-nazi group in pronews ?

With all the trolls that make new accounts everyday and troll you and the likes of you you hitler loving fascist scum of the earth ? Is that who you mean ? Το μουνι της πουτανας της μανας σου που το γαμανε λαθρο πουτανας γιε !

Concrete Mike

A scorpion will never be your friend, they are a scorpion.

Same as kurds, they have no friends only interests.

Same as nation states, no friends only interests.

Canada is a friend of usa, that slap 25% on steel and alumimium, with friends like that why do you need ennemies?

Your still stuck in the box, thats what promitheas is trying to tell you, think outside the box, its refreshing.

Concrete Mike

Kurd are as treacherous as erdogan, are you blind??





These guys desperately need to get their stories straight before they start pointing fingers.


What story? ISIS and many militants in the ME that are Sunni are funded by various Arab Gulf States like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia UAE and recently Israel. US turns a blind eye to what its allies are doing, knowing full well that they’re funding actual hardcore jihadis.

Irans spite is well deserved and its finger is pointed in the right direction. But it is hypocritical for Iran to say such things in all truthfulness, Iran does fund militants of its own so it becomes sort of an argument of whose side you’re on.


Your replying to a Zionist shill who pumps out hasbara disinfo every day.


Idk about his intentions but I will refute any sort of misinformation I find. Ignoring him won’t make the possible damage Smaug creates any less hurtful.

al quaida

“Ignoring him won’t make the possible damage Smaug creates any less hurtful.” That’s debatable. Your reply was informative, but I’ve seen many a thread get hijacked by a troll who triggers a shitstorm of reactions, and any chance of enlightened discussion is lost, which I think is their objective.


I guess I’m consumed by my own arrogance a little bit, lol.

At a glance when guys like Smaug come in saying weird and out of place one liners that just feel out of context and are disingenuous, I can’t help but get riled up. At least thoroughly explain your position before spouting out what amounts to petty opinions about a given subject.

Until other officials or well respected news outlets come out wholly refuting Irans claims about striking East Syrian with missiles and drones, or sources refuting Irans claims that this was the group responsible for the terrorists attack in Ahvaz killing. I believe it is my duty to confront them wherever they are.

Concrete Mike

Yes we all have to do our part

Concrete Mike

Thats right, this smaug guy, hes special.

Last week someone postes a long and detailed analysis.

Smaug reply, tldr…then went spewing israeli propaganda.

Ive called him out a couple of times, the pussy must have blocked me. Ill debate anyone, but id rather disvuss with a doorknob than that guy.

Its too bad because he writes well, waste of fucken talent if you ask me.


Why if Netanyahu and Trump can rave like lunatics at the UN, why can’t the Iranians?

John Whitehot

The Iranians probably made a better system than the original, it retains all the bells and whistles of the US one, without the possibility for hackers to make it land over their own airbases lmao.


ok here is the true news on missile strick…. 8 ballistic missiles fired off just 4 made it to syria 2 went down in iran…region kermanshah village Sarab-e Yavari.. no injured 2 went down in iraq and only 1 struck a ISIS military controlled area

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

and where u got this from?


Off the hasbara twitter feed.

Wolfgang Wolf

look at his name… smoking too much pot….. bullshit propaganda

Promitheas Apollonious

pot make you think, not turn you into a misinformation agent.

Feudalism Victory

Lol try it sometime. Its good ;)

Promitheas Apollonious

I try it few times in my younger days. In my line of business any type of drug good or bad dont go hand in hand.

Feudalism Victory



i´ll try to upload here ok wiseass


Just post the link, are you tarded?


twitter name is : Babak Taghvaee

Concrete Mike

Damn right it makes you think, i spent 3 hours designing a compressor thats not powered electricity last night ;)))

Promitheas Apollonious

you want to share?

Concrete Mike

When testing is complete sure.


Perhaps you should patent it?

Concrete Mike

Hehe you dont have to patent the power source ill be using.


10-4! :-)

Promitheas Apollonious

we have a R&D team here if you had a good idea and run into practical problems my email is same as my avatar + gmail.com. just dont separate the names.

Good luck hope it works.


why du folks r so fucking annoying..like small kids.. its from twitter from folks living there..will probably be here tomorrow


twitter name is … Babak taghvaee


from twitter from prople living there..with videos and fotos


twitter..name is : Babak Taghvaee

check out yourself ps. I was and always will be on irans side against the satanic jew slaves


also rudaw.net news…..


No, 6 missiles in total were fired, a mixture of Qiam-1 and Zolfaghar missiles. One of the missiles crashes short after launch and the rest are stated to have made it to their targets. We need 3rd party accounts to either confirm or deny Irans claims, other than that no one can make an accurate claim stating other wise without evidence.


its from twitter from folks living there…it will probably be here at southfront tomorrow


You speak farsi?


twitter name :Babak Taghvaee


OK just checked it out, every post is anti regime, so it’s not like he is impartial.

And now I will display my stunning intelligence:) by posting a link.

Can you copy and paste potty?



also rudaw.net news


What’s fair is fair.

I also looked at those same tweets from babak, but it should be noted that within military enthusiasts circles and forums babak is regarded as highly unreliable so use caution when citing his information.

Rudaw on the other hand is a Kurdish news network that doesn’t have good relations and or opinions about Iran zo their reporting on the incident will be skewed in favor of undermining Iranian efficacy when it comes to its military operations. But I wont say Rudaw is lying, same goes Babak.

It is weird how the US hasn’t said anything other than Iran was reckless and they struck near our troops. This entire event has been weird to say the least.

Promitheas Apollonious

No shit Sherlock, lay of the booze and tell us all about it tomorrow when you be sobered up.


i thought u were one one of the normal ones here.. so fuck off to asshole. my information is from twitter from folks living there with videos and pictires


rudaw.net news


Straight from the US of IS social media Nutwork.


no u idiot from twitter with videos of folks living there


Oh well if it’s twatter, it must be true.

Concrete Mike

I can tweet that i found a chicken with teeth…would you beleive me??

Thats your logic.


Well of course… If its from twitter… or potcracker.


When Russia fired missiles, the US said most of them failed. When the US fired 95 missiles, they said the intended that all 95 would hit the same building. Now they are saying the Iranian missiles failed, Babak probably lives in Virginia and posts his genuine Iranian posts from Langley.


its also on rudaw.net news


And quoting BABAK. The British in particular set up people to act as supposedly independent sources, when in reality they work for British security.


OK both your sources, which are really the same source, Agent Babak say that six missiles were fired and 2 went down shortly after launch. So where did you get 8 missiles and 4 failures?

Also where did you get that it was ISIS that was the target?


Just taking your numbers, for what they’re worth, 1 ISIS military controlled area struck is still better than what the FUKUS gangsters managed with their strike on Syria in April, which was …. zero military targets hit.


Looks Good

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

excellent work iran, i hope the missiles and UAVs killed LOTS of daeshbags :))))


Oh, yes please. At least one that I know of anyway.

Zionism = EVIL

Even US losers are acknowledging that Iran did some serious damage to the terrorists and the missiles were accurate up to 10 meters bullseye. Iran has stated that this is just a prelude to a major assault on US sponsored headchoppers in eastern Euphrates valley and the message has not been missed by anyone. Let’s see if the Zionist scum bomb Syria again?


When Russia refused to sell S300’s to Iran, China stepped in and sold them guidance modules. Now all Iranian missiles can have the kind of accuracy the US would like to have.

Val Shadowhawk


Don Machiavelli

Love Iran, stay strong :)


shitty, islamic state

Don Machiavelli

says shitty zionist ball licker :D

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes


Pirate Riot

Last night they said they launched a fierce ICBM strike near USA forces, killing all the bad people on the moon or something equally incredible. This morning they said there was an earthquake that made all the missiles land in Iran. Except for 2 and nobody has seen them.

Now they claim to have drones launching missiles. Live stream explosions and death because I’m not falling for this bullshit Iranian prank crap again.


You gotta quit the crank…either that or your matzo balls have gone off.


Pretty poor post Mr Hasbara, to think you get paid for such drivel.

Concrete Mike

Man im incoherent in my thoughts, but i got nothing on you.

You must be a spam bot. 00100111001010101110011

Thats binary for fuck off

Feudalism Victory

Always nice to see a credible military strike. Dont think a few missles would do much in the long run. Now if they could say theyre striking israeli military build up that would be funny. (Or strike air fields where israel flies from when they say theyre hitting iranian targets in syria)


I would think that Iran has the capability to Launch a swarms of a hundred missiles or more at a time against US and Israeli targets .

The US patriots would runaway in ever decreasing circles and the Israeli Davids Sling would be as powerful as the slingshots used by the Palestinians .

Feudalism Victory

Why would you think that? Have you seen them do it?


They have the launchers and the missiles, so its very possible surely ?


It is possible.

Pirate Riot

That would have at least been funny. Iran’s missile strike feels more like a ruined handjob.

Feudalism Victory

Too serious to have fun with it. Fortune favors the bold. A strike against foreign militaries in syria would be bold.


This is a show of strength, a message to Iran’s hostile neighbours. The old MENA order based on oppression and propped up by the exceptionalist hegemon is falling, and Iran is ready to help it on it’s way.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Short rage ballistic missiles used, combination of Qiam and Zulfiqar, launched from Kemansheh province 400-450km away. Qiam has range of 700-800km, 750kg warhead, excellent guidance system , low radar signature, and nuke capable, Zulfiqar has a range of 700-750km, multiple warheads, excellent guidance system, very accurate, btw, there’s only 1,000km between Israel and Iran. Qiam is an excellent SRBM with proven capabilities, accurate and reliable, as Isis found out in Dier ez-Zor, and the rest of the world too. They’re not the rubbish the US/Israeli propaganda machine would have you believe they are, and the Zulfiqar is supposed to be even better, though there is no corroborating evidence to prove it, just the Iranians claims and I believe them. The missile strikes against Isis were just 5km away from the US and SDF forces that are besieging them, probably closer, and to do that, they have to be pretty accurate over a range of 400km+, not rubbish at all. The Iranians must have been very confident that their missile would hit their intended targets, and not mistakenly hit the coalition forces all around them, I’d call that a real life demonstration of just how good they really are, totally dismissing any US and Israeli claims to the contrary. Iran also launched 7 Drones as well as the 6 missiles against Isis, that’s quite a big show for the intended purpose, that’s if their only objective was to punish Isis for the attacks in Iran, that’s what I’d call overkill. But it would be an effective demonstration to the US and anybody else, as to just what the Iranians could do if they had to. If that’s what the real intended objective was, I think they’ve done an excellent job, I’m no longer in any doubt as to their real capabilities. It also seems obvious that Iran asked for both Syrian and Iraqi permission before launching this attack, which would potentially put US and SDF personnel’s lives at risk, and was given permission regardless of the risk or consequences. That tells me something even more important than the fact Iranian missiles are much better than we’re led to believe, it tells me the Syrians Iraqis and Iranians are all cooperating together, which we already knew, but now we also know they’re cooperating so well, that even Israeli and US intelligence has no idea what they’re really doing, they would have known about these strikes beforehand otherwise. That eye in the sky must have been blinking when the Iranians moved their launchers into position and fired. And the new radar and anti air missile defense system the US recently installed in Al-Hasakah only 200km away, must have been switched off too. How else could you explain the invincible systems that the US supposedly has in place, failing to identify and respond to 6 missiles and 7 drones approaching an area of combat, that your people are stationed in. I can’t imagine them letting the Iranians fire missiles from 400 away at targets only 5km away from your own troops, even knowing they themselves aren’t the intended targets, and despite the fact they tell everyone else that the Iranian missiles are highly inaccurate and nothing but rubbish. I think if the US could have, they would have blown every missile and drone out of the sky approaching their soldiers, even if they did know they weren’t the intended targets. They wouldn’t have risked Iranian missile strikes within 5km of their own people, if they actually seen them coming and could do anything about it, but they didn’t and couldn’t. The Iranians can now build stealthy and accurate SRBM’s that have a range of 800km, another 400km range means they could potentially hit any target they like in Israel accurately, and like the US just found out, the Israelis might not even see them coming, or be able to do anything to stop them either. I don’t see this as a retaliatory strike against Isis at all, it was a demonstration from the Iranians of just how devastatingly effective their missile really are, Isis was just the excuse they needed, and killing them a bonus. The real motives were to demonstrate their abilities to the whole world, and to also warn the US and Israel they’re not afraid to use those abilities if they have to. Neither the MSM or alternative media have picked up on the real objectives behind this Iranian attack on Isis, just a few km’s away from US troops, they’re just parroting the official Iranian statements, but my pea brain tells me I’m right about the real motives the Iranians have in launching this extremely successful attack. Hopefully some of the morons in the media pick up on the most relevant facts about this strike and look into it a little more deeply, something more intelligent than “Iran blows up Isis in revenge”, that’s just for morons, there’s a much bigger story to tell.

Concrete Mike

Yeah i dont see any presstitutes looking into this.

All the press is looking for is cheap and simple click bait.

In this world of facebooks and txt and buzzfeed trash, critical thinking is on life support.

Its almost on purpose.

Hisham Saber

The Israeli;s and U.S, Britain and France, all know full well what Iran just did. Their bases and troops are under effective siege and have no hope but to garrison themselves and surrender if the shit hits the fan. They are a liability and my belief is that thousands of foreign troops will be taken prisoner in both Iraq and Syria, that will set off a regional conflict. At the end, the U.S., Britain, France will have been kicked out of the Middle East, with China filling the void, with its noble ‘ win-win ‘ policy. And Israel will be no more. Back to being Palestine governed by Palestinians.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I wish you were right but I fear it’s become a lot more complicated recently, the last thing the Iranians would want is a war against anyone, let alone a coalition of the worlds most powerful nations, they’re just biding their time now until they can do the same thing the north Koreans did, become nuclear capable, that’s when they’ll truly be safe from US/Israeli bullying. As to China’s involvement don’t expect too much, historically China has never attacked or gone to war against any other country ever, it may have been attacked, invaded and declared war on many times, but never ever started the trouble. Economically and politically they will go to war for them though, and in all wars through all historic times, that’s been just as important as the boots you put on the ground. China’s been there all along helping out, they just do it discreetly and no one notices. As to Palestine, I’d prefer ‘the Israelis and the Palestinians to be governed by the Palestinians, don’t kick them out, give them a taste of their own medicine I say, but sadly with everything Trumps said and done recently, that’s going to have to go on the backburner for now. Cheers.

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