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Iran Successfully Destroys Mock Naval Targets With Its Indigenous Anti-Ship Cruise-Missile (Video)

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Iran Successfully Destroys Mock Naval Targets With Its Indigenous Anti-Ship Cruise-Missile (Video)

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Iranian Naval units have successfully launched domestically-manufactured anti-ship cruise missiles.

They hit a number of naval targets during “massive military exercises” in an area stretching from the eastern sector of the strategic Strait of Hormuz to the northern tip of the Indian Ocean.

“The exercise of the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran on an area of more than one million square kilometres (386,000 square miles) east of the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman and north of the Indian Ocean has begun,” state television said.

“This exercise is a serious warning to our enemies and those who have ill intentions towards Iran,” the spokesman for the drills, Admiral Mahmoud Moussavi, was quoted as saying by Irib News Agency.

Rear Admiral Mousavi said on Iranian naval forces fired domestically-manufactured Qader (Able), Nasr (Victory) and Qadir missiles on the second day of the war game to practice hitting hostile watercraft of the mock enemy.

Mousavi went on to say that a Nasr anti-ship cruise missile was fired from a guided-missile cruiser of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy to successfully hit surface targets.

The senior Iranian military official added that a long-range Qadir missile, also shot from a guided-missile cruiser, struck its surface target from a distance of 300 kilometers away.

Tareq Kilo-class attack submarine launched a domestically-manufactured Valfajr torpedo to hit a predetermined target successfully. The submarine also planted DM-1 naval mines during the exercise.

In another operation, the Iranian Navy’s offshore units flew homegrown and radar-evading Omid drones to jam the radars of the mock enemy stationed on the coast.

According to Iran itself, the unmanned aerial vehicle is fairly effective in electronic warfare.

Mousavi said Iranian naval forces are able to destroy faraway targets, using indigenous surface-to-sea missile systems as well as surface and underwater units that are equipped with a variety of indigenous missiles.

The elite Revolutionary Guard Corps announced on November 3rd it had thwarted an attempt by the US Navy to seize a vessel carrying its oil in the Sea of Oman the previous week.

But US defense officials offered a contrasting version of events, saying the Iranians had seized the tanker, while US forces “monitored” the incident without engaging.

The latest tanker incident took place amid protracted efforts to revive a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers that the US unilaterally pulled out of in 2018 under then-President Donald Trump. The deal would offer Iran vital relief from debilitating sanctions in return for severe limits in its nuclear activities.

In 2019, a series of attacks on tankers in the Gulf threatened to further drive US-Iran tensions.


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Lone Ranger

Sink the effin pirate mofos.


diego garcia got surrounded as i wanted it to be again iran should come over diego garcia going forward and not make it feel 1 hour of security its the one place america will run to after it got defeated

Last edited 25 days ago by farbat

iran nearly took the entirety of the persian gulf makran sea and indian ocean out of business for 1 day in the minds of americans saudis and co

Chris Gr

Iran wants to normalize with Saudis though.



Chris Gr




Chris Gr

What is this?

Florian Geyer

I hope you are well my friend.

The Evil Empire is dying the death of all past empires as greed and stupidity grips Amer. ika. :)


what is normal about saudi assaults against all their neighbors and how can iran have normal relations with such unnormal filthy invaders and terrorists such as the saudis are

Chris Gr

Yes you are right. Jordanians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Omanis and even the UAE have problems with the Saudis. We Greeks are allies of them but Muhammad the prophet said that the horn of the dajjal will be in Najd!


the horn of dajjal is in your butt… and you are not Greek.


of course iran will normalize many things but not the way you hope for

Christian J. Chuba

So Iran targeted floating barges this time instead of a fake U.S. carrier. Good move, let the U.S. freak out over China’s desert aircraft carrier group that they destroyed as an ‘act of aggression’ against the U.S. The U.S. MSM is so stupid. They act as if the U.S. military has never, ever practiced bombing Iranian or Chinese targets. I just love how the tone of their voice goes up half an octave when they talk about foreign militaries doing drills like this. ‘How dare they!’


You have to remember that the target audience of the big propaganda/opinion/entertainment monstrosities are people who are uninformed, misinformed, gullible, easily brainwashed and downright ignorant. They are even too lazy to do any research on their own and then form an educated opinion. They have to be told what they should know and what to think. These dumb bells are worse than sheep or mindless lemmings.


only the zionists and their so called “watchmen” christian channels still talk about iran so i would be suprised if mainstream talked about iranian military drills or the recent event with the tanker because they are supposed to be silent


the whole idea is not to talk about iran anymore so i would be suprised if they even talked about iran because china is the new deal now because iran they already lost against in reality so going back to hostility with iran again will only end up in very bad defeats for america


Just make believe video. Israel will wipe Iran easy. These miss iles only work for fake video. Israel has best missiles.

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