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Iran Showcases Almost Exact Copy Of US-Made AGM-41 Hellfire Missile

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Iran Showcases Almost Exact Copy Of US-Made AGM-41 Hellfire Missile

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Iran has apparently managed to somehow, almost entirely, copy the infamous US-made anti-tank guided missile – the AGM-41 Hellfire.

The ATGM is the standard armament of the AH-64 Apache, AH-1Z Viper, OH-58 Kiowa helicopters, as well as the MQ-1 Predator, MQ-9 Reaper attack drones.

The created clone, designated Ghaem-114, is currently on display at an exhibition of achievements and promising developments for the naval forces in Tehran.

As noted by military expert Yuri Lyamin, the existence of such weapons became known in February 2020, when missiles were noticed in the photographs of one of the modernized Bell-214A helicopters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. But then they were shown from afar, and now they can already be seen in close-up.

Given that the US has been actively using the Hellfire for years in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan, it probably didn’t take much for the Iranians to get hold of them.

Judging by the photo, the four missiles shown have different guidance heads: thermal imaging, television, semi-active laser and, as it is assumed, active radar.

If Iran has indeed managed to recreate the fourth option, which is capable of acting on the “fire-and-forget” principle, then this can be considered a great achievement of the Islamic Republic’s military industry.

On December 4th, additional reports surfaced that Iran had, in fact, got under its possession a US-made AGM-41 Hellfire.

Where and how such trophies were obtained is not specified. Nevertheless, it is noted that as a result of the study of American ammunition and their copying, an Iranian missile appeared, now being produced under the designation Ghaem-114.

The copied American missile has practically the same shape and size, but according to available data, Tehran was able to successfully modify the functionality of the shells to suit its needs.

It remains only to speculate how Iran was able to obtain the Hellfire missile. It is possible that the American drone was shot down in the skies over Syria, although there is information that the missile was transferred from the territory of Yemen, where the Houthi rebels with the help of Iranian weapons were able to shoot down several UAVs of the American Air Force. These missiles were attached to some of the devices.

This is not the first time that American technology has been reverse engineered. The Iranians are known to have successfully copied the M47 Dragon and BGM-71 TOW. The latter are produced in various modifications, including those with tandem cumulative warheads. These ATGMs have been used in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.


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johnny rotten

Very well done, kill them with their own weapons and fuck the copyright.


Looks that iran has better tecnology than russia


Russia is just poor. Nothing else.

Lone Ranger

You spelled the U.S. wrong Trollstoy. Russia is wealthy nowdays.

cechas vodobenikov

the CIA employees at SF frequently change identiries–jake, wohl’s nose, etc

cechas vodobenikov

the CIA employees at SF frequently change identiries–jake, wohl’s nose, etc

Lone Ranger

Russia has better missiles than the Hellfire.

Alekai Mordechai

Seriously which Gulag are you living in??

I would like to send tzatz and Iron Zion there too

Lone Ranger

Thats a lot of salty tears… Are you on your Period? Need a Tampax…?

Alekai Mordechai

You seem familiar with this phase. Damn

cechas vodobenikov

time for a another eye doctor


Will the Ninja model have small Persian swords that pop out from the sides? :)

Lone Ranger

Good job Iran. Bibi and Pimpeo will cry and rage ?


excellent news and they sure as a klucking bell will have targets to aim them at.

Rhodium 10

Cuba also had an intact Hellfire missile( I dont remember how did they get such weapon ) but you can find in Internet something about that !…

Potato Man

Now they need to find a fat pig like Pompeo and send him to hell with it.

Albert Pike

Please! – not even more confusion:

‘NY Times/Post: False reports posted on social media claim that CIA Director Gina Haspel has died — or else was injured and arrested during a raid on an agency building overseas.’ https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/12/05/embarrassed-trump-lied-haspel-not-dead-whole-stop-the-steal-and-reset-a-childish-scam/

Potato Man

NYT write a lot of shit, sometimes true but most of the time BS. Just read what they said “or else was injured and arrested” they don’t know.


Social media users have been sharing content online that claims Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Gina Haspel was arrested, injured or found dead. These claims, likely stemming from QAnon conspiracy theorists, are false.

https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-cia-director-gina-haspel-ar/fact-checkcia-director-gina-haspel-was-not-arrested-injured-or-found-dead-idUSKBN28E215 Have a read.

BTW veterans today – is hit and miss buddy they also claim Iran killed one of “Mossad Chief in Downtown Tel Aviv” is it true? Who knows man. Best thing is to wait and rush and believe what people say.

Assad must stay

Truly great work such a nice looking missile

He who laughs last laughs best

USA: spends billions to develop powerful weapons.

Iran: just copies them…..

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