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JUNE 2023

Iran Showcased Dual Launcher For Advanced Tactical Ballistic Missile (Photos)

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On September 25, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) revealed a new dual launcher for Ra’ad-500, the countries most advanced tactical ballistic missile.

The launcher was showcased, along with other missile systems, in the Baharestan Square in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on the “Sacred Defence Week,” an annual commemoration of the Iran-Iraq war.

Ra’ad-500, which was revealed last February, has a range of 500 km. The missile is equipped with an advanced engine, dubbed “Zohair.” It’s body and the engine’s shield are both made from composite materials.

The new dual Ra’ad-500 launcher, that is based on a 8×8 truck, will help increase the fire power of the IRGC’s Aerospace Force.

Launching two missiles at the same target within a short period of time can increase the chances of penetrating anti-missiles systems deployed in Israel, Iraq and the Persian Gulf’s Arab states.

Last January, the IRGC demonstrated its capabilities in Operation Martyr Soleimani, a large missile strike that targeted U.S. based in Iraq in response to the assassination of Iranian commander Qassim Soleimani.

The guards are constantly working to further develop their missile capabilities, in terms of range, precision as well as fire power.


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US soldiers shall not be constipated in Iraq


shooting down drones with these missiles? come on…

heavy drones need from than 10 minutes to get in the air…little ones must be shoot down with other means, otherwise you are wasting money


These missiles are very fast. Drones have speeds in the hundreds of km/h. Also, most drones have a couple of missiles they can use to shoot down enemy missiles.

They are made for assassinations and surveillance not for A2A fights.


I don’t know how much these missiles cost each, but they aren’t cheap. And they are built specifically to sink ships.

Wasting them on drones would be very bad. You can destroy drones on the ground just by shelling them with something like this https://youtu.be/CxRVeX0dyCA?t=24


A true work of art!


Do you think such missiles are left without antiair protection? The iranians use the same concept as the russians of multilayered defense.

Where there are missiles on trucks, there are antiair batteries like the pantsir.


same goes for everything in the universe

nothing in indestructible…this is why quantity matters in war

russian spanked nazis’ asses, although nazis very much more advanced on the tech side


no, I am stating facts

you can have S500, but if you have one battery of S500 and 50 drones/jets, you cannot expect the S500 battery to survive the attack


One drone couldn’t, because such systems are always protected by AA batteries. 10+ drones could, but not 1!


yes yes and yes

how do you think the russians did shoot down all those jihadis drones? they were flying under the radar too!!


sorry, it is you that is overestimating drones

these things are stupid and slow by modern standards…they are subsonic, extremely vulnerable to electronic spoofing and GPS jamming, they need someone to pilot them from afar

small drones are practically toys…often DJI drones are used for terrorist ( and even State ) attacks

these things can be shot down with a 9mm pistol


It is the saudis that are mongrels. In fact, when the Houthis attacked the oil infrastructure, everyone was shocked because the Patriot batteries didn’t stop the attack. And indeed it is incredibly strange.

Maybe they were off. Or maybe the saudis are so stupid that they cannot operate them. After even their air force is made from african mercenaries.


Given those man portable drones will probably have a cruise speed of less than 200 kph, you’d have to have your drone-team deployed closer than 30 km from the launch site to reach it in time. Since the missile’s range is supposed to be up to 500 km, I highly doubt they’d be deployed only tens of kilometres from the front line.

Also the short deployment time makes the system highly mobile and it will be hard to know where exactly to send the drone to.

Iran has managed to snatch a US stealth drone, so I don’t expect much real-time surveillance over Iranian territory or around their borders. To catch a missile truck during deployment on a satellite feed is not very likely.

Peter Jennings

Sounds logical.


Way to go Iran!

With quantity of different models and solutions comes the quality as well. And let us not forget that quantity in itself brings new level of quality in high saturation overwhelming attacks to overpower the strongest air defenses.

Jens Holm

Iran is flashing again. Maybee the chief is named Dick.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Israel has the most gays in the world. Just looking at the pride march in Israel. A true Arab Jew has probably not participated in that march. Probably only the Zionists from abroad who have embraced the Jewish religion bring new ideas.


I am an Arab Jew, and I have nothing against Gays as long as they don’t touch me or harass me. They can live their lives however they want, we don’t hang them like in Iran. As long as everyone keeps the laws, we can have a strong society that respects each other as we have between Jews and Muslims in mixed cities. The problem is, our PM is breaking the law and dividing us but he is still in power, that will change when he goes to jail. The Israeli society will heal after he’s gone.


Israeli society will heal? Like the US one?

You should see a parallel between the two countries. Kennedy Rabin!! Do you see the pattern?

Both assassinations changed everything in the respective countries and the same debauched scumbags raised to power in both!

You can call them Illuminati, necon, zionists or whatever. The hard fact is that they are warmongering criminals, psychopaths of the worst kind.


I kinda agree, atleast here the politicians don’t care what the people want.


then go back to Irak . Palestinian don’t want a zionist like you in their land.


I don’t ask you where to live.


then go back to Irak is that simple. Or let see if the ahskenaz will welcome you open arm if you go to Moldavia or Poland.

Assad must stay


Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

If you want to win a war, you must have power over the politicians in the countries you win. Of course, those politicians are chosen by a winner of the war. As in Libya, Iraq and (hehe hohoo) Afghanistan.


All their missiles won’t help them against our Jerichos, better hope not to test us.


the war criminals in palestine are gearing up and so is the Iranians. the difference is that the Iranians are 85 million and the thieving jews in palestine, soon to be evicted and made homeless, are what 8 million and while the iranians can close the hormuz strait the jews can do nothing, except threaten with their nukes – no real hard bargaining power for the soon to be homeless jews in palestine, although they seem to believe the useless tyrants on the arab peninsula will add strength to the jews hand, and they, the jews, are sorely wrong since the dandy playboy tyrants of uae and bahrain are as useful for the jews as an empty paperbag, which the playboy dictators couldn’t wriggle out of if their lives depended on it since they survive with the help of the yankee-twats and suppressing any kind of free life in the sheik-domes with guns and torture and extralegal disappearances of any one expressing a view different than the one held by useless dictator mbz and/or his bahraini counterpart.

and kuwait won’t join the kushner jew-boys attempt to encircle Iran. but basically the useless arabs on the arab peninsula are just that, useless and wont change the dynamics in the region one iota (think Yemen).

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