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Iran & Russia Agree on Joint Production of Nuclear Fuel

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Moscow and Teheran have agreed on joint production of nuclear fuel.

Iran & Russia Agree on Joint Production of Nuclear Fuel

Photo: RIA Novosti / A. Solomonov

The Iranian and Russian authorities have agreed on joint production of nuclear fuel, the ISNA news agency reported, citing Vice President of the republic and head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Ali Akbar Salehi.

According to Salehi, the issue of co-production of fuel was “one of the most useful clauses,” which were discussed during the negotiations. “We talked about the fact that [we] need Russia’s help in this field,” the Vice President said.

He also noted Teheran managed to agree on consultations with the Russian side. “Thus, after the long and intensive negotiations, which have been lasting more than two years, our understanding resulted in a roadmap,” the head of the AEOI said, keeping in mind the visit of his deputy Behrouz Kamalvandi to Moscow in late January.

“During the last trip to Russia, Mr. Kamalvandi made up this roadmap. It should be said that the roadmap was confirmed by the authorities of the two countries,” Salehi noted.

At the same time, the Iranian Vice President announced that the country is going to purchase 950 tons of uranium concentrate from Kazakhstan during three years.

In early February, he said that on February 7, 149 tons of the ‘yellowcake’ uranium concentrate would be supplied to the country. However, at that time, Salehi did not name the supplying country.

“The agreement is planned to be implemented in three years. Thus, 650 tons will be delivered to the country in two batches within two years. The remaining 300 tons will be delivered to Iran in the third year, and, after turning into the UF6 gas, will be sent back to Kazakhstan, for it Iran will get money,” Salehi told ISNA.

He also noted that Iran would sell uranium hexafluoride for the first time in its history.

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