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Iran To Repair Syria’s Power Grid In Aleppo City, Provinces Of Latakia And Deir Ezzor

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Iran To Repair Syria’s Power Grid In Aleppo City, Provinces Of Latakia And Deir Ezzor

Aleppo’s thermal power plant

Iran will restore Syria’s power grid in Aleppo city as well as in the provinces of Latakia and Deir Ezzor.

Syrian Electricity Minister Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli and Iranian Minister of Energy Sattar Mahmoudi signed deals worth “several hundred million euros” to repair the Syrian power grid and to build two new power stations during the visit of the Syrian delegation to Tehran.

The deals include building of a power plant in the province of Latakia with a capacity of 540 megawatts, a 90-megawatt power station in Deir Ezzor province and  restoring the main control center for the Syrian electricity grid in Damascus. 

Iran will also establish 5 gas units with a capacity of 125 MW in Banias in addition to evaluating the damage caused to Aleppo’s thermal power plant and rehabilitating the 1st and 5th gas units in Aleppo.

“The message of Iran’s Ministry of Energy is to restore light to the houses of the Syrian people, while the terrorists and their supporters have had no message other than darkness and terror for the Syrian people in the past few years,” Mahmoudi said.

As the Syrian war is steadily heading to its end, various powers will be come more and more interested in major deals on restoring the Syrian infrastructure. Most likely, a major part of the deals will be granted to Iran and Russia as the two main backers of the Damascus government in the war.

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serious recontruction is in order now…..Iran and Russia will have their hands full for years


Syria is doing well to start with electricity in the power grid as far as reconstruction is concerned.

The energy will greatly enhance the quality of life for many Syrians and will also be urgently needed for rebuilding and restarting industry. It is just a small start though as I read the damage could be running to over a 100 billion dollars.

MD Ranix

God bless the true allies of syria

chris chuba

You mean the missile and chemical weapons factory, at least this is what Netanyahu is going to say.

Graeme Rymill

Banias is on the coast. Where will the gas come from to produce 125 MW of electricity?

andy l

Send the bill the to the criminal US for destroying the country’s infrastructure

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