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JULY 2022

Iran Reduces Commitment To Voluntary Nuclear Deal Provisions Amid Growing Tensions With United States

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Iran Reduces Commitment To Voluntary Nuclear Deal Provisions Amid Growing Tensions With United States

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On May 8th, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Iran would not withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, the Iranian Nuclear Deal), but will lessen commitment to the deal.

He further told representatives of E3+2 (the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) that the deal needed “surgery.”

According to him, Iran was trying to save the deal, not “kill” it.

“We have never been the first to violate the commitments or to wage wars, but at the same time we have never surrendered to bullying and will not do so, and we will certainly give appropriate response to any kind aggression,” Rouhani said.

“Today we announced to the friendly countries and the five remaining signatories to the nuclear deal that we are ready for negotiations within the very framework of the JCPOA, neither a word more nor less.”

Rouhani said that Tehran has discussed the Articles 26, and 36 with the remaining signatories to the deal four times, implying that Iran has used the mechanism stipulated in the context of the JCPOA along with the required legal remedies.

The Iranian President gave the signatories a 60-day moratorium to remedy the deal.

“Based on a decision made by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, I sent messages to the remaining five countries in the nuclear deal, announcing that we gave them one year as they requested us,” Rouhani said.

“It was a strategic patience on our part,’ he said clarifying that Iran ‘is not leaving the nuclear deal today.”

“It is not the end of JCPOA, rather it is a new phase of the deal in the context and in line with the wording of the JCPOA.”

“Articles of 26 and 36 entitled Iran to raise complaint about breach of the international deal in the joint commission,’ he noted.

The Article 36, under the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, says, “If Iran believed that any or all of the E3/EU+3 were not meeting their commitments under this JCPOA, Iran could refer the issue to the Joint Commission for resolution.”

The Article 26 stipulates, “The EU will refrain from re-introducing or re-imposing the sanctions that it has terminated implementing under this JCPOA, without prejudice to the dispute resolution process provided for under this JCPOA.”

In the message, we announced the remaining signatories that Iran has changed its mind on the two measures it has taken based on the deal, Rouhani said in reference to the selling the enriched uranium and heavy water after 60 days moratorium.

Meaning that MSM reports practically amount to “fear-mongering,” since Iran is neither leaving the JCPOA, nor is deciding to default on some core provisions of it. Iran is rather deciding to cut some voluntary undertakings.

Iranian state news outlet IRNA, published a report claiming that the White House was targeting the JCPOA’s terms.

“As a previous member of the JCPOA, the US government has now begun seeking to refrain from extending some terms of this nuclear deal, which was approved by the Democratic government after two years of negotiations.”

The report, reminded of “Trump’s new sanctions targeting Iran that includes peaceful nuclear activities of Iran. The United States has renewed Iran’s nuclear-related exemptions for the European Union, China and Russia, but has avoided extending the heavy water transfer to Oman and the exchange of enriched uranium with yellow cake; an illegal move that follows the maximum pressure on Iran.”

Both Russia and the EU condemned the decision and claimed they would not abide by it.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif defended Iran’s decision that came exactly on the 1-year-anniversary of the US withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

MSM further published reports, citing anonymous US officials, claiming that Iran was moving short-range ballistic missiles aboard its warship in the Persian Gulf. According to the claims, that is the actual reason why the US decided to move the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group and B-52 bombers in the region.

According to the anonymous officials, the US may also send anti-missile defense systems to the Middle East.

The shift in assets to CENTCOM was in response to “recent and clear” indications that the Iranian military or its proxy forces were making preparations to possibly attack American troops in the region, according to Navy Capt. Bill Urban, a CENTCOM spokesman.

“U.S. Central Command requested the additional forces to protect U.S. forces and interests in the region and to deter any aggression,” Urban said. “A number of factors define credibility but they are all related to the sources and methods through which information is obtained, which is not something we are going to be able to talk about.”

The US appears to be dead set on its “maximum pressure” policy on Iran and MSM is reinforcing the narrative in attempts to provide justification.

Also on May 7th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a surprise visit to Iraq, after cancelling a meeting in Germany.

“We talked to them about the importance of Iraq ensuring that it’s able to adequately protect Americans in their country,” the US secretary of state told reporters after the meetings. “They both provided assurances that they understood that was their responsibility,” he said.

Pompeo said he made the trip because Iranian forces are “escalating their activity” and said the threat of attacks were “very specific”.

“These were attacks that were imminent,” Pompeo said.

In a brief statement, Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said the talks focused on “bilateral ties, the latest security developments in the region and anti-terrorism efforts”.


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Iran should be in self preservation mode as it faces a real existential threat, and the most rational and strategic cpurse is to test a nuclear weapon and put the US and its Zionist masters on notice. Rouhani and Zarif are coming to the party quite late as Iran needs a new Ahmadinejad. The only way to deal with US and Zionist thugs and bullies is via strength.


Thing is though, most Iranians don’t care about fighting Israel or the US, they just want to have jobs and some prosperity. That’s why Rouhani got elected over Ahmadinejad. It’s the economy, stupid! And Iran is not like North Korea, where the Word of The Kim is like the Word of God, his control on the country absolute to the point that he can make them eat grass if it means getting nukes. A policy of we’ll get nukes, damn the economy, will not go down well with ordinary Iranians.


I visit Iran quite often, as its Armenia’s major trading and cultural partner dating back to the Persian Empire. The Iranian domestic economy is not that bad as usual Zionist media propaganda portrays. Sure, the theocratic regime has corruption, but Iranian stores are full, there is food, universal healthcare and good universities and universal education, Iran should not be underestimated.


Cool. I might visit Iran later this year. A good chance to see what its really like.


If you can go, then I recommend visits to Shiraz (Persepolis and Pasargarde), Isfahan and Tehran. The people are naturally very welcoming and friendly.


Not surprising that they treat their citizens better than the US treats theirs. If I were a younger man knowing what I know now I would have left this country. I wish Iran well.


Unfortunately it is getting worse, and ordinary foodstuffs are getting a lot more expensive. I wish our media would describe the US actions correctly – ECONOMIC WARFARE on a country which has not attacked the West, or for that matter any country for hundreds of years.

Brother Ma

Iran would be lauded to the skies if it was not “anti american”. It has a better social system than America itself.

Brother Ma


Joe Kerr

Nuke up Iran asap, if you haven’t already. Israelis have them, so you can have them as well.


Iran is playing too softly with US and Zionist thugs who only understand the logic of force. Iran needs to test a nuke and convey to the US that any attack on Iran will be met with a tactical nuclear strike on its Zionist masters, whose territory is so small that even a 10kt nuke in less populated southern Occupied Palestine in Negev would cripple the Zionists for good and save civilian casualties. Iran is one of the largest mountainous land masses in the world and can easily withstand any nuclear war, which would go global anyway, since Russia, China and Pakistan, all nuclear powers are next door and will hardly remain sitting on their posteriors. Always pays to bluff a bluffing thug.

Joe Kerr

All of Iran’s best centrifuges and missiles are located deep under a basalt mountain, nuke proof, and the main reason Israel hasn’t walked its talk.


Iran is no pushover, Persians historically have a very well developed sense of nationalism, like Russians and tend to rally around the flag. Iran despite sanctions and embargoes has not been sitting idly by and can inflict serious damage to any suicidal aggressor. Taking on a nation 0f 83 million with an illustrious national and military history is not a stroll in central park.

Brother Ma

What about this Tora Bora American Bunker Buster bomb? Ie used on Bin Laden.


Yes, bunker buster bombs exist and Cheney, according to Giraldi, wanted to use them in Iran but you must be trolling when you write “Ie used in Bin Laden”.

Brother Ma

Not at all. Why am I trolling? All I meant is that they used them on the Tora Bora to kill him. I am not saying he died there. Some say he actually was killed there because his funeral at sea footage was apparently fake!


I thought you implied, and believed, that the US killed OBL using bunker buster bombs. Hence my trolling reference.

OBL’s theatrical assassination in the hands of Navy Seals (most of whom were killed afterwards under dubious circumstances) was just that; a theater to appease the American populace. According to different circles related to intelligence, OBL died in 2001 with MI6 present at his funeral.

Brother Ma

Can you give me more info re the suspicious deaths and m16 at obl death?


In August 2011, a US military Chinook was shot down in Afghanistan. It carried most of the Navy Seal Team Six that took part of the said campaign to kill OBL.

The information that MI6 officials were present at OBL’s funeral was divulged by Thierry Meyssan at Voltairenet recently (link below). I read something similar years ago through another source. In light of Meyssan’s ties to intelligence (through family and profession) and OBL’s relationship to the Anglo-American deep state; the statement seems credible and accurate.


While Oussama Ben Laden apparently died in December 2001, according to the Pakistani authorities, and representatives of MI6 attended his funeral, certain individuals stood in for him until 2011, the date at which the United States pretended to have assassinated him, without ever showing his corpse.


Brother Ma

Thanks . Can you tell me in a sentence or two re Meyssan being in intelligence?


I didn’t write Meyssan was in intel but that, through his profession (and some family member), has had ties to it. He’s a journalist first and foremost. You’ll forgive me for being vague on this as I don’t recall the details from memory; but will post back on this as I dig through again.


It would be an act of war, Iran could respond by slaughtering the 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan.

Troops in Afghanistan have no real air cover, it would be a turkey shoot, and prisoners could be held outside Iranian military bases as human shields.

Brother Ma

Good plan!


Israel simply does not have aircraft with the range to strike Iran, but Iran has missiles that can strike Israel. Like all bullies they only pick on the weak.

Brother Ma

Well then why is israel trying to get the US involved. If Israel can’t have the range why would the US? Surely off carriers but carriers would be sunk? So why the tough talk about getting iran?


Because the US has long range bombers and aircraft carriers, Israel does not.

Brother Ma

But Iran is well guarded by anti- air batteries so should handle the bombers.

Promitheas Apollonious

or to bully a bully.

Allan Greedspoon

Iran probably already has some nuclear warheads, possibly purchased from the nuclear blackmarket after the collapse of the Soviet Union . .

klove and light

Incredible soulless, no character what so ever the iraqi Leadership…..after decades of USA sanctions which by own USA account killed 500,000 Kids under age 8 in iraq, after the illegal brutal Invasion and ist occupation and last but not least the USA Proxy force Isis that massacred hundreds of thousands of iraqis…..

and the fucking iraqi pricks are still Talking to the us murderers…… fucking mind boggling…… how can anybody on our planet ever respect an iraqi again..impossible…i have no respect what so ever for These Folks…..then again ..this Nation of no character and no Backbone…now ist obvious why a small minority (Saddam hussein and his cligue from Tikrit !!!) could handle the 20 Million+ iraqis…because These Folks have no character or Backbone….and even the kurds are now dancing on their noses by not giving the “central” governm,net in bagadad the shared oil revenues…..pathetic degenerate iraqi Folks…..

as far as the bigger Picture is concearned…( ps. iam the biggest enemy of Zionist and britsh elite which rule the world as we know it…kill them burn them .period!!!)……….the Zionist/british Leaders have done a great Job in iraq and syria, contrary to all These bs stories About “the resistance front ” Winning…..

please take a look at the map of syria and iraq today 2019………the kurdish Region now goes from Manjib all the way through to the iraqi Region…..just as the zionists wanted it for greater Kurdistan with them USA Zionist slaves having an enormous Military build up including 34 bases in iraq Right now 2019!!!!!

i personally dont understand what the Folks down there are waiting for…they have been massacred now for the last 30 years..day in and day out………for example..the us embassy in Bagdad has …watch pout for These number……. 2019 us embassy iraq 16,300 “employees”…….

give me a fucking break!!!!! what the fuck are they waiting for……..i wanna see the tough faces of bolton and trump after they got the message delivered that These 16,300 assholes are now in custody…and that the USA Military Forces have not 1 month , not 1 week not 2 days but 24 Hours to leave syria and iraq..after the 24 Hours are over we will publicly execute 10 of These Zionist slaves each and every day…..if an attack occurs by us Forces, we will execute the number of your People x 2 the number u killed with your Missiles or bombs. I wanna see the faces of the average Joe in Florida or California when the going gets tough!!!!

All other optiions….. are useless in the face of pure EVIL. ZIONISM!!!!

ps. ask yourselves why Israel does not attack one single lebanese/hezbollah target although lebanon has ZERO air defense Systems……..

ask yourselves why Israel decided for a truce last week in gaza after only 3 days……..

zionists/jews and their slaves in the USA are Cowards….they cannot handle 10 deaths of their own….not to say thosands…..why do u think it is BANNED in the USA since 2005 showing the coffins with the dead pricks inside flown to us bases on TV…… remember Vietnam…all the beautyfull tv Pictures of coffins beeing flown to us mainland from Vietnam day in and day out…remember what happened in the USA……it was very close to a civil war…remember how the national guard fired and killed DOZENS of us students on various campuses!!!! remember how the us elite was in full Panic-mode…..remember the sentence of newly elected president Ronald Reagan during a speech in California…” This has to stop..and it has to stop now”……..

death is the ONLY Thing These zionists with their Partners in british elite and their slaves in america understand!!!if u dont understand this equation, u are lost and will loose everything including the Right of self Determination..just as Japan,germany,italy,south Korea,australia,columbia,brazil…… and now iraq!!

i have left out saudia Arabia, Kuwait,UAE,qatar on Purpose…why? because These are fake nations, created by the british elite.period!


Unfortunately, Arabs are not united and easy to buy off dating back to the British divide and rule politics. Iraq is a gutted and occupied nation and the central government in Baghdad is run by the CIA station in the Green Zone, while tribes, Kurds and militias run the rest.

Brother Ma

Nice but tell me why they wont bomb Lebanon? Why not? Hezbollah will do what? Rocket attacks? So what? Israel is used to getting rocketted.


Where do you read him write they won’t bomb Lebanon? He wrote that Israel has not attacked Hezbollah targets as a result of Hezbollah showing force back.

Brother Ma

“…ps. ask yourselves why Israel does not attack one single lebanese/hezbollah target although lebanon has ZERO air defense Systems……..”

He say Lebanese or Hezbollah right? He is not saying target is Hezbollah in lebanon. I took it as any Lebanese , even non -hezbollah target ,as well as Hezbollah would not be attacked.


I see what you mean. I think it’s taken for granted that a conflict involving Israel and Lebanon implies first and foremost, Hezbollah.

Brother Ma

I agree ,Hezbollah is preeminent in power.

Allan Greedspoon

The Arabs have always been lacking in strategic wisdom and intelligence. The only Arabs that have been smart enough to outsmart the Yids are the Southern Lebanese. The only Muslim nation that is a match for Israel strategically is Iran. Decades of utter stupidity and lack of ability to unify against the common threat has made most Arab states into self-serving, self-ingratiating opportunists that live for US dollars and political support for their corrupt, mercenary regimes. .


Iran must do seven nuclear tests as a retaliation to Jews of America and UK. Iran must do it or lose it.

peter mcloughlin

This is seen by Tehran as a justified response to spiralling tensions. There appears to be no road map to peace, the inevitable destination war – nuclear war. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


I can see a solution to this seemingly insurmountable problem. The US by pulling out of the nuclear deal unilateraly, have broken a UN Resolution, and I believe that the 4 remaining countries left in the deal plus Iran, should work together and place sanctions on the US. Wherever we look in the World today, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Korea, Iran, it is the malignant influence of the US which is the major force for destabilisation and chaos.


Exactly, UN sanctions are now dead, so Russia and China, the only 2 countries with the courage to stand up to the US will simply ignore them.


The USA back stabbed you and so did Europe.

Forget the JCPOA ans get the bomb already. The degenerate Anglo-American ruling class and their whores understand one thing and one thing only: force.


If Iraq had nuclear weapons it would still be a prosperous nation, it’s the only thing that stops the ghouls from America, like a crucifix to a vampire. You also need an ICBM that can hit J New York.


Actually I think things are coming to a head in the China US trade negotiations, Trump will blow up the global economy and the US will become an ex power very rapidly.

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