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Iran Ready for ‘Decisive and Difficult Confrontation’ with the US

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Iran Ready for 'Decisive and Difficult Confrontation' with the US

The Iranian Military Staff says Friday Iran is ready for a “decisive and difficult confrontation” with the US.

“Although talk of all options being on the table against Iran is a propaganda show in the United States, the Islamic Iran is prepared for a decisive and difficult confrontation with any American option,” the Irainain state-funded TV-network, Press TV, quoted Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran armed forces.

Jazayeri’s statement followed Hillary Clinton’s words that the US could disarm Iran by military action if she became the president. Clinton said this in San Diego on Thursday.

“The world must understand that the United States will act decisively if necessary, including with military action, to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” Clinton said.

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Hisham Saber

Yes, the U.S could technically destroy Iran with say tactical nukes. But then with Iran’s vast and enormous ballistic missile arsenal the Persian Gulf

chris chuba

Indeed, we could destroy Iran in the same manner that we destroyed Iraq but the aftermath would be far more devastating.

If she is talking about a conventional attack the consequences would make people forget about Iraq. The sad thing is that I wouldn’t put it past Hillary to do the most idiotic thing possible as she did in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Since Iran is not going to violate the nuclear agreement there is no point in discussing this unless people in the U.S. get conned into going on another fishing expedition for fictional nuclear WMD. Such a fishing expedition would require a disastrous land invasion followed by a disastrous aftermath, again, something I would expect from her. I cannot believe that there are people touting her foreign policy credentials.

Zuzana Rehakova

Iran has to acquire the 5-th generation of nuclear weapons, this generation doe snot need U235 or Pu239.
Then they would be out of any international obligations.

Iran has a religious decree that God the Father forbids Nuclear weapons.
If news came out that Iran had them, and their leaders defied God, then their would be a Revolution over night against the Nuke weapon holders. Plain and simple, Iran will never have Nuclear weapons. Only Zionist believe in nuking people. Like Israel used Nuclear dust to assassinate the leader of the Palestinians a few years back.

People are sick and tired of the Zionist-Democrats and the Zionist-GOP. Hillary and McCain and Bush and Cruz and a bunch of others are all Zionist.
Trump is changing the landscape. No more globalism, time for freedom of peace once again.

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