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Iran Puts Air Defenses On ‘High Alert’ Following Unexplained Blasts

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

CNN is reporting late this week that US intelligence has observed that Iran has put parts of its anti-air missile defense system on “high alert” following multiple unexplained blasts and fires and sensitive military, industrial, and nuclear sites.

The report cites “several” intelligence indications according to the unnamed intel official. It also comes at a moment of wide speculation that either Israel or the US is behind some of the recent spate of explosions. Lately Israeli officials have strongly suggested that this is indeed the case.

Iran Puts Air Defenses On 'High Alert' Following Unexplained Blasts
Anti-air defense system, file image.

“The change in alert status means Iranian surface-to-air missile batteries would be ready to fire at targets perceived to be a threat,” CNN writes.

“The official would not say how the US picked up on these indicators, but American satellites, spy planes, and ships routinely operate in nearby international airspace and waters where they continuously monitor Iranian activity,” it continues.

The report speculated that it’s possible the change in anti-air alert status is due to military training exercises; however, it’s more likely the Islamic Republic now sees itself as under attack.

Over the past month there’s been well over a half-dozen major blasts, with one at a ballistic missile site, and another at Natanz nuclear facility.

The CNN report points toward the new alert status as specifically a likely response to the Natanz destruction, the explanation of which is still deeply uncertain.

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Zionism = EVIL

If you read my old posts, I had recommended that Iran should go on war footing till at least next year as the Zionist loser cunts are desperate to start a war so that Americunts can die for them. Iran has a pretty robust AD network and a full scale mobilization and activation of all AD systems which comprise over 5500 launchers and 150,000 missiles should deter any stupid moron from adventurism. This is a good prudent move and also an opportunity to fine tune the operational readiness and fix any gaps.


Assad must stay

great post sir i agree

Zionism = EVIL

Thank you kindly. Indeed it means belief in Farsi. The main three most deadly Iranian deployed major systems are the Russian S-300 PMU, Bavar 373 and Sayyad 3 (Hunter). Iran always the Tor1 and dozens of other very deadly systems including the latest Chinese batteries being deployed. That is why it is essential for people to understand Iranian capabilities and ability to defend its land and interests.

The Sayyad-3 missile is latest long range upgraded domestic variant, used by the SAM system, has a range of 200 km. The system can also detect stealth targets from a distance of 85km. Missiles fired from the much older Soviet/Russian SA-15 are designed when they explode to pepper flying targets with shrapnel penetrating the fuselages of aircraft and drones. It’s previous version the Sayyad2 downed a Zionist F-16I near Damascus in 2018. It had the most advanced Americunt ECM, but they all failed.

The most advanced of all these systems are arrayed around Iran’s nuclear-related facilities and critical infrastructure.


Assad must stay

Very nice, I hope they are not easily jammed by ECM either

Zionism = EVIL

In Syria, Iran was able to down a lot of Zionist missiles, including the most “advanced” Delilah and Popeye, and has learn immense amount about their frequencies, ECM and electronics and can now counter anything. Even the SAA Pantsir success rate is now well over 85%. The Zionist cowards have tried everything and are really scared that they may be hit soon.

Assad must stay

Truly nice :))

Tommy Jensen

The 200km and 27km wont help against US photonic laser systems from Space!

Zionism = EVIL

OK, little kid, now put your mask on and burn some statutes.


Along with that Galaxy class starship you have too!!

Harry Smith

It’s beautiful Tommy!

cechas vodobenikov

u actually believe Star Trek—just as u believe your oligarchy is as stupid as u? obviously they r aware that alternatives to swift are already used by Russia, India, China, etc


Iran is a bridge too far. Iran is on the verge of an unprecedented economic boom with Russia and Indian partners.

Iran on verge of activating massive new Russia-India trade corridor through Suez Canal

Russia benefits from the the most from this sea, land and air corridor to a secure Eurasian route, ranging from faster delivery times to its potential role in further strengthening Iran’s relations with its neighbours. Both India and Russia see this as a strategic secure integrated Eurasian multi-modal transport route

that will replace Egypt’s increasingly insecure Suez Canal and conflict and piracy ridden Red Sea in terms of overall efficiency and security.

Brother Ma

Well that would mean having to kill off Turkey’s base in Somalia then.

Tommy Jensen

You cant get to Europe as we sit on all EU countries except Serbia which will soon also fall down in our turban.
We can also ban Iran, India and Russia from Swift, then you cant send any money to anybody…………..LOL. But you can exchange apples with potatoes……………..LOL.

Zionism = EVIL

comment image
Seattle today


Ever heard of crypto for sending money or good old fashioned gold


Iran put air defence on alert because Karma was a bitc# and hit Americans hard and is busy blasting and burning their things, from amphibious ship to steel work and power station in Indiana, chemical plant and this morning another steel work in Pennsylvania.

Usually this is Karma’s signature: Starting fire or explosion early hours of morning, destroy that asset completely but careful so no one loses their lives.

Our foreign ministry spokesman openly mocked Americans and General Qa’ani said it’s the fire that Americans started and now they see the results of their own doing.


7 US airforce planes were lost last week due to “technical” reasons as well.

Ivan Freely

I don’t believe Iran is responsible for that. Don’t forget where the rank and file of the military comes from. It would not surprise me one bit that some of them are revolting against their political masters especially against those duel “citizens”.

Brother Ma

No way. I Don’t think anyone BLM would do that. I reckon It is simply a technical fault or deserved sabotage by Iran etc.

Zionism = EVIL

Racism is a huge problem in the dying Americunt imploding cesspool, and the loser military is the worst as it recruits from the gutters. Most of these sabotage are done by disgruntled grunts.


Seems we are getting closer to the day of confrontation Garga, Iran has never dared to try and hurt our water systems but they did it last month. I wish you goodluck and hopefully you will remove the mullahs before unimagineable amount of people die on both countries. In case Iran’s proxies join the war, the states that host them will no longer remain standing.


Unfortunately, so far Iran was “reacting” to Israeli or American provocations, meaning it waited they do something to her first and then it retaliated carefully a similar manner or measured to inflict the same amount of pain, hence the here and there “accidents” in Israel or the US.

Hopefully this is not the case anymore. Apparently the answers now aren’t similar and are times-fold. Maybe this new approach convince Israel and Americans to leave us alone? I know it’s not going to happen because a big part of their provocations are related to their own internal problems.

Between you and me, why would we want to remove or change this government? It has it’s own flaws, but nothing we can’t fix ourselves. Islamic Republic’s resume in almost all fields is much better than any Iranian government in the last 2 centuries or that of its contemporary neighbours. Pay attention that I said to almost, not all.

think a big chunk of world’s problems would vanish if the criminal gang (the executive arm of Russian Jewish mafia) that lead your state would be thrown to jail. We are in Syria because of their miscalculations, we have friends (not proxies) because of their criminal scheming which involves the US by proxy. I hope they either they come to their senses (highly unlikely) or people of Israel throw them out and elect some sane people (again, highly unlikely with radicalization of Israeli internal politics).

It’s a pity that war seems inevitable. If it’s war they want, it shall be war they get. The problem is, they won’t go to fronts, they’ll send people like you to fight people like me. Maybe we can turn that fight into a dance battle or something? But I must warn you, I still have got some good moves in my hips!


I liked your humor Garga, so that’s a like from me :)

Regarding our leadership, I don’t know it they show it to you in Iran, but over the last month we have big demonstrations against Netanyahu every weekend for the economic crises he brought us and his mishandeling of the virus. I would be the last one to support that corrupted man, he doesn’t represent me or many other Israelis that want clean leadership. He will for sure try to start a conflict to direct the lights to other issues, rather than his own trial (which btw also resumed today, the judge said the evidence of the defence must be presented in the coming weeks).

I have no personal fight with you nor do I want to, I only want to protect my country from people that try to harm it and kill Israeli civilians. It’s all a dirty game, politicians decide on our lives and steal all the money, expecting us to show respect while they’re showing none. Israel and Iran used to be friends, I don’t hate the Iranian people as i said to Free Man, I have no war with you or your people. However, I can not accept your leadeship same as you can not accept mine, I hope we sovle it before the two leaderships would be responsible to millions of dead on both sides.

Also, if you care for the Palestinians, ask yourself who do the mullahs fund and arm sunni Islamic Jihad / Hamas? they don’t want this conflict to end same as they don’t want the Americans out of Afghanistan or Turkey from Syria. That is their excuse to intervene in other countries, I’d like to hear what you think

Thank you.


I have an interest in Netanyahoo’s career, so I follow the news related to him whenever I can so yes, I’m aware of demonstrations.

The matter of Hamas is not a simple one which I can answer in a comment. It seems everybody is giving them some support, from Israel itself to Arab despot monarchs to Turkey and Iran, but what you say about the [never-ending] conflict is the MO of the US and also Israel, not Iran. Iran did not involve itself in Afghanistan (a great mistake IMO) nor any place else other than Syria which was by invitation, because of a scheme your state had a great hand in brewing and does its best to not let it finish by various means, from pushing Americans to directly acting as terror groups’ air force. Iran’s interests is in calm of the region. Guess which state doesn’t like calm in the region?


On the contrary, we would prefer peace with the Palestinians but they refuse each deal we offer them. For example, we didn’t annex the Jordan Valley in the end whatever the reason may be, still, they don’t want to negotiate. They don’t know what they want, even Hamas refuses to be part of the PLO. About Syria, we just try to push your proxies away from our borders, for now Assad lets you stay but it’s very risky for him incase of an escalation. If iran only stayed in their own borders we wouldn’t have to hit Syria, but your army is in Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Yemen.


Aww.., poor you. You offered a fair deal to them but since they are crazy they refused to accept it, is that right?
Don’t tell me you expect them to bend over and kiss your feet because “for whatever reason” you postponed stealing more land from them?

How about this one for a change:
You know I am a Shi’a and we follow our 12 Imams’ teachings in addition to the Islam’s core. One of the greatest quotes, which if the people of world followed there won’t be any clashes, hostilities or wars is this [a rough translation]: Whatever you wish for yourself, want it for others too and whatever you don’t like for yourself, don’t wish it for the others.

Do it just ONE time and see the result. It makes miracles but we both know Israeli “fairness” has no room for such useless sentiments!

And about Syria, I repeat yet again: There was no Iranian force or what you call Iranian proxies in Syria until your state made them appear there. We were within our borders until you and your American friends started your war on Syria, it spilled over Iraq and if they fell, it was Iran’s turn next. Naturally we didn’t like the idea of your ISIS friends killing and raping our people on our land, so we had to do something.

In addition, most of Iranian advisors or as you call them, proxies are around Aleppo or in Deyrezzor, not exactly on your door step. Keep pushing and eventually the other guy feels enough is enough. In short, if they really wanted Iran within its own border, they shouldn’t do what they did.
There is another insanity on the way by Israeli-American push to extend UN arms embargo on Iran. If they make it impossible for Iran to defend itself by conventional arms, in fact they push Iran into making nuclear weapons. We had a war imposed on us with no means to defend except our bodies, it won’t happen again.
Speaking of self-fulfilling prophecy…

I gotta run now, I’ll answer later if there’s any reply.


About the Palestinians, we have offered them atleast 3 deals they could have accepted, even before the Jordan Valley issue, yet they still refused. Why? because they can not accept a Jewish state next to them, unlike Jordan or Egypt. They think it makes them weak, that they give up on some lands. Instead, they can get a sate over 70% of the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem. More than enough for a lasting peace.

When the Syrian civil war started, we did help the (back then) secular FSA before ISIS had a stronghold near the Golan. Our goal was to have a buffer zone between us and Hezbollah which tried to operate there for a very long time. We were actually
the ones who allowed the SAA to take back Daraa after Russia asked us to stand down, with a promise no Iranian proxy would be closer to our border. How did it work out? we see it today.

The sanctions on your country can only be blamed on the mullahs, the U.S and Israel proved the Iran is hiding nuclear material from the UN inspectors. Even now, they refuse to let them in to some sites. Whatever happens in Iran is none of my business, that is untill your regime is working to destroy us by building a nuclear bomb. You might just succeed, but at what cost? do you want it to become a nuclear war? both countries would disappear along with the rest of the ME.


The invaders gave no right to offer deals. Platinians are good. They do not negotiate with zionist terrorists.


As I said, offer them something which you would accept if you were them, then we’ll talk.

Your state had a hand in Syrian war before it even started, it helped various Jihadi groups by all means and helped ISIS. It still does. I know the truth is bitter but it is what it is.

Re. Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Israel and US proved jack. All they did was to fabricate evidence so clumsily that even IAEA would find them suspicious. Even more, why should Iran allow any inspection to its nuclear or military site? Iran signed NPT, that should suffice. It ratified the additional protocols voluntarily (no other country done it), gave permission for inspection but it seems whatever we do, it’s never enough. If it was up to me, I’d suspend all inspections immediately, came out of NPT and any other regulatory body about anything and in short did exactly what Israel does.

Any country that expects us to do something, must show us how to do it by doing it itself first.

BTW, 2000km is a joke of a range for missiles. I’d work on them too (apparently I don’t need to anymore, but I have to make a point dammit!). We are being sanctioned anyway, why not doing all these things together?

And no. I am under sanction, I feel the burden of sanction in my everyday life and I know exactly who is to blame, and it’s not the Iranian government. I know your game, “Blame the Victim” ®™


iSSrael will ends in 30 years, too


Islamic Republic’s resume in almost all fields is much better than any Iranian government in the last 2 centuries


wothin some years come new big revolution and you ayatollahs will be hanged up. your citizens hate you.


you are getting closer to brain cancer.


Hey, ayatollah!

You told me, I am a liar, when i wrote about million infected people by coronavirus in iran. Last days your government talked aboiut 15 million infected people in Iran and 35 millions are in danger.

What now, you trolling liar???


Sorry, I don’t recall having a conversation with you at all.
Refresh my mind please, will you? What were you called then?


The Coward Fascist Genocidal Racist War-Criminal/State-Terrorist State + Regime of IsraHell tries very hard to ‘Engineer + Ignite/Incite’ the War that Trump stobbornly don’t want to start, with sinister/clandestine alternative means, to drag them into a real quagmire – And the Psychopaths Bolton Netanyahu + their accomplices + buddies from KSA MEK + AIPAC sitting back and maybe get their wet dreams + wishes they cherrish for decades to set the ME ‘really’ on fire.


Cancel fights.

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