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Iran Put It Air Defense Force On High Alert After Series Of Mysterious Explosions: CNN Report

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Iran had put portions of its air defense system on “high alert” in the last few days, the CNN reported on July 16, citing a U.S. official with knowledge on the matter.

According to the official, the U.S. believes that the Iranian alert is not part of a training exercise but rather a response to an unknown threat. The official declined to explain how the U.S. was able to obtain this information.

The Iranian step came after a series of mysterious explosions that rocked military and industrial facilities in different parts of the country.

Iran Put It Air Defense Force On High Alert After Series Of Mysterious Explosions: CNN Report

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The most critical incident took place in the Natanz nuclear facility on July 2. An advanced centrifuge assembly center was destroyed as a result of a fairly large explosion. Iranian authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Some recent reports suggested that Israel may be behind some of the recent explosions in Iran, especially Natanz explosion. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to support these accusations.

The possibility of foreign involvement in these incidents is taken seriously by Iran. Tehran is apparently taking defensive measures to address any possible threat, including aerial attacks.


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The European Aviation Safety Agency also issued a warning for flying over Iran.

Zionism = EVIL

Look children, as I have posted before, Iran is under NO real threat. The best the Zionist cunts could do was to set a women’s hospital, a grass field and 3 tin fishing boats on fire, while an Americunt aircarft carrier burnt into cinders at the San Diego port.

The REALITY is that the Zionist cowards are trying to goad the Americunt idiots into a swan song war with Iran before November, it will simply not happen, as the Persians are very calm and cool customers and have a long time horizon. German intelligence had passed on a report about desperate Zionist attempts to create sabotage in Iran, so Iran prudently put its forces on alert. Most major powers do this periodically, Russia just had snap airforce drills too. Iran is perfectly safe and faces NO THREAT. Everyone just see how Iran prospers now with the China strategic pact and lifting of the illegal arms embargo.

comment image

Gregory Casey

Well said!

Zionism = EVIL

Thanks Mr. Casey, I just try to tell things the way they are. I have over 40 years of military and intelligence experience behind me and get fed up with the Zionist cunts and assorted idiots fanning fantasies about war and violence. These stupid cunts don’t have a clue about armed conflict and what it entails in the current rapidly changing world. Iran is a large nation and no pushover.

Iran stands out prominently as the largest and most populous Islamic
nation in the oil-rich region of West Asia. Iran possesses the major
attributes of a regional superpower in the critical Asia Minor region by virtue of its
geo-strategic location, larger size and educated human resources. It has sizeable
revenues from oil and gas exports and a growing scientific, technical and industrial sectors.

Iran is not Iraq which can be subdued by American high technology warfare
and military strategies of “shock and awe”. It is a monolithic civilizational power dating 5,000 years with underpinnings of intense nationalism and Shia martyrdom
religious fervor.

Gregory Casey

The great unwashed who remain glued to their mobile fones & TV’s while watching & listening to the propaganda spewing from the State Dept (CIA) that is fashioned under the guidance of Mossad and Israeli Military & Intel that is taken up and respewed from Britain’s Foreign Office (Mi6) together with their French, German, Spanish & Italian counterparts know literally nothing about Iran or of its history, culture and exceptional levels of education and scientific endeavor. There can be little doubt but that a considerable number of the higher echelons of western Military & NATO are very much afraid that they will be directed by their political masters and by some of their fellow officer class who have bought and swallowed whole the propaganda coming from Jerusalem, to embark upon something just short of all-out War against Iran but anyone who thinks Iran will fall easily to (even) the combined Forces of US & UK plus Saudis & Emirates (& IDF who will of course deny that they are involved at all) has shit for brains. Iran is Vietnam and Korea x 10 and we all know how America and her allies “won” both Korean and Vietnamese Wars!!
The net affect of any War against Iran will be the utter destruction of vast swathes of the Middle East, including Israel plus causing the world to accelerate away from Oil given that the entire of Middle East Oil Production will be wiped out for a period of 5-10 years.
Only a complete dumbass would even consider taking on Iran but sadly, it seems there are quite a few dumbasses hanging out in the Capitals of many a member of NATO.

Ashok Varma

That is standard alert issued in many zones, also north India and all of Pakistan when tensions with both China and Pakistan escalate. Iran is the safest country in the region.

Free man

“Iran is the safest country in the region. ” – L O L .
The 176 passengers of Ukraine International Airlines Flight no. 752 don’t think so.

Gregory Casey

A pity therefore that US & Israeli Air Forces don’t keep their distance from Iran’s Borders and remain within their own (borders) but it seems neither USAF nor IAF is capable of restraining themselves.

Free man

A reasonable and proper action in light of what happened last time the Iranians put their air defense system on alert.

Lev Jacoby

What a stupid thing to say. I believe they admitted they made a human error, at a time when they were under severe pressure of possible US missile and airstrikes.

Free man

These poor Islamists have made a human error twice. They fired two missiles, several minutes apart, from different places by mistake. Indeed poor Islamists.

Jim Allen

Imperceptible next to the numbers of US/NATO blunders, and crimes against humanity, including the one being committed against US citizens right now.
Want to discuss the Iranian airliner US military shot down deliberately, then bragged ? Or, perhaps the IDF hacking, and jamming Iranian air defense systems on the occasion the Ukrainian air liner was shot down ?
How about the IDF F-16 after lying about the location it intended to attack in Syria, and the timely manner it notified it would take place. One F-16 that found itself with a missile locked on it’s ass sliding inside the radar signature of a Russian Il surveillance plane knowing the incoming missile would automatically switch it’s lock to the bigger radar signature.
Causing the big plane that was landing being shot down with the loss of it’s crew ? Then attempting to deny responsibility, which made MoD Shoigu non-plussed. To a point he actually, and most eloquently countermanded his Commanders response to this incident to begin a press conference that demonstrated in detail how, and why Israel is responsible for the loss of the Il, and it’s crew. Explaining what Russia’s response is going to be. To which Putin asked a question, shrugged his shoulders, and smiled a little. Deferring to his MoD. Shoigu had already begun loading the latest version of S-300 onto Il-76 transports, that included a piece of technology, labeled “NOT FOR EXPORT.”
Israeli wailing, and the gnashing of teeth was heard in the Kremlin as BiBi had apolexy over the S-300 delivery. Long delayed by his deal with Putin, until he broke it. The technology was a bonus, gifted by MoD to Syrian air defense forces.
Israel is terrified of
S-300, and- 400 systems, that Syria doesn’t really need.
The upgraded existing air defense systems proving more than up to the task of defending Syrian airspace.
Perhaps you’re unaware “S” air defense systems are made to be integrated, and that Russian systems are integrated.
Excellent as stand alone systems, they’re more excellent as integrated systems. Now parked in Israel’s front yard. Hoisted by it’s own petard.
Your selective memory loss makes you a useless troll.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Remember the we-broke-the-Enigma-code-but-we-cant-let-the-germans-know-it-therefore-we-accept-losses-as-a-consequence?


If israel manage to survive and defeat iran, we europeans will finish the beast when it’s down


You Europeans? which state are you from? my guess is Romania.
So let me help you, Israel #18, Romania #39

If you can land one soldier on our soil, you deserve Israel.

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist PUNK cunt troll making a lot of friends I see :)

Ashok Varma

Even on the rather mundane and dubious website Global Firepower, the Zionist entity, despite trillions in western aid and weapons ranks lower than Turkey, Iran and Egypt, so nothing to brag about silly childish troll. The Zionist entity is in real trouble with over 50% unemployment and limited options.

chris chuba

First the U.S. cripples the economy with a trade embargo making the locals desperate and then well trained commandos drop buckets of cash to get local workers to start fires. It’s a very slick operation. Takes technological savvy to hand out the bundles of cash to troublemakers.

Zionism = EVIL

The sanctions have failed and with the China pact, they are totally a joke.

Zionism = EVIL

There is no way Pisrael can survive, it is already falling apart with 55% official unemployment, Pimpeovirus and riots in the streets.


can’t wait for that to happen – the earlier the better and they, the thieving and murdering jews, can hope to find another home – there won’t be one, fortunately.

Zionism = EVIL

It is already happening. The Zionist cunts are running scared as their Americunt charity donors implode. Even read their own rags like Haaretz and see how bad things are. Why do you think they are shit scared of Hezbollah and tried to hold an military exercise of faggots that did not work out as they have no money and the IDF child killers are dying of the Pimpeovirus.


The Danger of an Economic Collapse in Israel as official unemployment rises to over 50% and businesses shutdown.

Ashok Varma

Israel’s longer term survival is in doubt, just like the other British created fake state Pakistan. Both are not viable and regional cancers. Saudi Arabia is another British created monstrosity that is destined for imminent collapse.

Ashok Varma

So-called Israel is too weak and cowardly to attack Iran, it is petrified of Hezbollah so it is trying to bait the US to do it, but America is now in perpetual internal conflict and bankrupt, so that is not possible either.

Israel’s last gasp before US elections

“I fear the Israeli plan here is to provoke an Iranian response that can turn into a military escalation while Trump remains in office,” the EU official was quoted as saying.

The US president, who champions a “maximum pressure” Iran policy has largely failed, is also trailing in the polls behind his rival Joe Biden with less than four months to go until the next election.

Biden, who was the vice president when the US negotiated the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, has criticised Trump for quitting the agreement and signaled that he would rejoin it if he gets elected. Biden has also promised to take a harder line against Russia.

Jim Allen

Biden is a rabid Zionist Khazar, and serves The City of London with the entire US Government. An arrogant sociopath, and liar. Nothing will change should “creepy Joe” be elected. Both US pollutical party’s serve one master.
The Pentagon understands US military cannot defeat Iran in conventional war.
The exact statement made by the retired head of Israeli intelligence services, Yakov Kedmi. Saying US/NATO does not have, and cannot get the forces to defeat, then occupy Iran. To pull forces from countries occupying other countries to attack Iran is to invite attack upon these occupied countries. Imagine how pleased China would be if US military pulled some of its forces out of Taiwan. China would immediately pounce on Taiwan, and toss the remaining forces out in a rout.
Iran’s attitude towards the West, and The City of London must be considered. Iran has good reason for it’s attitude, and hating US Government. (not the people) There’s much to be said for the attitude behind a punch in any kind of a fight.
The Western propaganda has painted a picture of Iran as being a bunch of religious fanatic terrorists running around a desert killing everyone that doesn’t follow it’s insane beliefs, and is some 3rd world shithole country. When in fact the opposite is true. Iran isn’t a desert, they’re not terrorists given the last time Iran attacked another country was 1775. Iran is religious just not fanatics, or if it is, these are the most rational logical reasonable,cans peaceful fanatics in world history. Iran has the largest population of Jews living outside Israel in the Middle East. Iran is now a modern, well educated, highly industrialized, secular, country despite US Government’s best efforts to strangle the country under 41+ years of illegal sanctions.
Iran is not standing alone, long time allies stand with Iran. One is a world power, and has promised Iran will not fall.
It’s also allies with the countries neighboring Iran and a certain militia.
Not to forget several smaller militias also fighting beside SAA, one of these Palestinian.
The West, being led by arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics, will still at some point attack, after failing to provoke war.

Zionism = EVIL

This is a prudent move and provides a good opportunity for the Iranian integrated AD systems to practice. This video is a bit outdated but quite objective, it does not take into account the new Chinese systems that are being incorporated into the Iranian fibre optic integrated AD network that has redundant fire and control systems.


Free man

The Mullah regime is in a state of total panic, things explode and burn and they don’t understand the reason.
As I have written here before, the Iranian underground movement will intensify its actions against the regime and at the same time the demonstrations will intensify. There is no other option.
But the murderous regime will not fall without a fight. So it will be interesting in Iran in the coming months.


lol, on which planet….

Free man

On the planet of the mullahs’ apes regime.

Swift Laggard II

cheap rubbish

Zionism = EVIL

This punk is a total idiot.

Free man

Read the statements of these mullahs regarding women, homosexuality and a variety of other issues and decide for yourself.

Gregory Casey

Planet State Department with King Pimpeo

MH370 Atok The Deceiver

the movement should colaborate with the black lives matter LOL

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