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Iran Promises “Decisive And Crushing” Response To New US Sactions

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Iran Promises "Decisive And Crushing" Response To New US Sactions

FILE IMAGE: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

The chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said October 8 the US should move its military bases farther from Iran’s borders if it imposes new sanctions against Tehran, Reuters reports.

“As we’ve announced in the past, if America’s new law for sanctions is passed, this country will have to move their regional bases outside the 2,000 km (1,250 mile) range of Iran’s missiles,” Guards’ commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said.

Jafari also warned the United States against designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group. “If the news is correct about the stupidity of the American government in considering the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group, then the Revolutionary Guards will consider the American army to be like Islamic State all around the world particularly in the Middle East,” he said.

“We are hopeful that the United States does not make this strategic mistake,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi. “If they do, Iran’s reaction would be firm, decisive and crushing and the United States should bear all its consequences.”

The warning came after the White House said on October 6 that President Donald Trump would announce new US responses to Iran’s missile tests, support for “terrorism” and cyber operations as part of his new Iran strategy. Particularly, the US President may plan to abandon the 2015 nuclear accord that prevented Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, but also lifted some sanctions, allowing Iran to trade on international markets and sell oil.

Despite the nuclear deal, Washington still maintains its own more limited sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile program and over accusations Tehran supports terrorism.

Iran says it is developing missiles solely for defensive purposes and denies involvement in terrorism.

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Talk is cheap.

888mladen .

Exactly. No commitment to Syria.


Its unbelievable how Iran failed to protect its ally, Syria.

Syria, prior to 2010 was a safe secure country with an outstanding heritage, history, culture and people.


Iranian power projection is limited. As is most of its military power. Too much reliance on old US gear from the days of the Shah and copies of Soviet/Russian gear. They can’t deploy the force needed to protect Assad, only light infantry at best. And with the then nuclear sanctions imposed on them, blocking them from the international banking system, Iran did not have the same kinds of spare cash lying about to buy Assad the mercenaries and gear he could have used that the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar could.

On the other hand the Iranians did stick by their ally through thick and thin. The US dumped their key ally, Egyptian president Mubarak, at the first sign of trouble. Even though for decades he was America’s henchman, doing its dirty work for them. Then they ditched his successor Morsi as well. And for all their money, if the House of Saud were to fall to a popular uprising I’m sure the Americans would kiss ass of whoever succeeded them without lifting a finger to protect the people who just this year spend billions upon billions to buy US hardware as a bribe.


Good realistic assessment.


Oh, yes. It’s Iran’s fault for what happened in Syria. Never mind all the countries who armed, funded, supported the terror groups.
Never mind that Iran pays with blood to help Syria.
Sometimes the exact same thing is said about Russia by the like-minded commenters. They too, conveniently forget all the things Russia does to help Syria.

If Syria still exists today, it’s because of the sacrifices of Syrian, Iranian, Russian, Lebanese men and women and their other allies. The Syrians carry the most of burden though.

888mladen .

Hezbollah and RU yes Iran no.


He is clearly talking about Iran, not anybody else.
Follow the discussion, look what people write.

And now you believe Russia and Hezbollah are somehow responsible for the destruction and death in Syria, done by Wahhabi Jihadis, brought by US, KSA and co.?

888mladen .

They’ve been helping. Their role has been positive but not Iran’s.


If you wrote a complete sentence, I would get your point.

Syrian government says Iran played a great role in eradication of terror in Syria and evaluates it as indispensable.

It’s not positive enough for you apparently. What do you think Iran did which was not positive?

888mladen .

Read my other posts on this page and you will know. Just take an example of Hamas. Do you know that Hamas has sided with the terrorists in Syria. They were the main force behind digging tunnels under SAA command posts. Hamas is still an important ally of Iran and they are both in cahoots with MB.


So far you have 4 posts here, 2 of them are reply to me. One says no commitment, in the forth one you repeat parts of Voltairnet’s article.
Am I right?

Iran supported Morsi as the elected president of Egypt, against the coup. You know, elected and all those pesky things.
In Bosnia, Iran helped the besieged Bosniacs and left after the conflicts ended.
Regarding Myanmar, read my reply to pet.
You mentioned NOTHING about Iran’s role in Syria.


888mladen must be American , and seems intent upon branding Iran and Shia , with , the Wahhabi Sunni’s .
But I am surprised that Iran supported Morsi , as the election was funded by Obama giving MB 800 million , and there were very many “irregularities” in the election . So many that the people demanded the army coup .
Having seen the ethnic cleaning the Bangladesh military did to the Buddhist farmers on the Bangla-Burmese border , I can say it was commanded by Salafists , and was policy , not accidental or just an emotional response . What do you see developing there .


Creating hate, to make the people who lived together for centuries blood enemies. All this to creating chaos to prevent progress, and cooperation between locals and bigger countries, like China.
Stability and cooperation takes Bangladesh and Myanmar out of poverty and makes China stronger and more richer, harder for the US to dominate.
With Myanmar, Malacca strait looses it’s strategic value to strangle China on energy, so people must die for US to maintain it’s stranglehold.


A most worthy reply , thank you . The threat to China , is as you observe to force all of their trade, not just oil , through the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea , both easily blockaded . Iran and Qatar’s new gas trade deal would also be jeopardized by added costs .
As an emergency response , a “Belt Road , Naval Base ” , on Myanmar’s west coast , supported by Russia , Iran and China should be established , before the US just walks in and takes Myanmar for ” humanitarian reasons”, or has its Wahhabi proxies Saudi Arabia and Turkey , create a beachhead for them to follow in latter .


As you write, Putin, a well known slave of the Khazarim will be working on ways to sabotage China’s New Silk Road.

Today’s BBC World Report stated, China’s road is now directly linked from its western border edge into Pakistan all the way to Gwadar on the Arabian Sea.

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor



China’s “New Silk Road” , is designed to benefit east – west trade , Europe to Asia . Russia would gain the greatest benefit from it so , your anti – Khazarim mind set might be clouding your vision .
The “Belt Road” also includes a “Naval Belt” , which is what I was referring to in my comment to Garga. As you likely know Iran and Qatar have signed an agreement with China for large volumes of gas . Transported from Gwadar , Pakistan to the west coast of Burma by ship , and then via pipeline across Burma into China .
Putin is unlikely to sabotage a deal that benefits him greatly , however the US is attempting to limit China’s rise into power , hence the likely hood of them being in control of the Wahhabi “False Flag” dramas in Rohingya . They are trying to create a pretext to land troops , to stop or impede Iran and China .
We will see if China is awake or not .


“…Putin is unlikely to sabotage a deal that benefits him greatly…”

This will be a multi part reply as there are too many points to get across as you are out of touch with reality because of your slavishness towards Iran.

Putin is a slave of the Khazarim, he sees both Qatar and Iran as a threat to his overlords in Israel and the Russian oil and gas pipelines to Turkey and the EU.

Putin will help Trump and the Khazarim to implement the Oded Yinon Plan in Iran to destroy its economy, infrastructure and military.

Regarding Iranian gas, China lacks large scale domestic gas pipeline distribution network especially in its westerly regions where Turkmen (existing) or Iranian pipelines would terminate into a distribution hub.

China’s demand for Gas arriving from a westerly route, e.g. currently Turkmenistan (Iran’s neighbor) gas supply pipeline capacity to China is completely underused.

The new Pipeline Line D to China has been cancelled. Turkmenistan is overwhelmed with huge surplus gas which it is willing to sell below market price to China as its storage is full.


So Iran has to look to supplying gas to Turkey and the EU and that project is underway: Iran will build its own pipeline to Turkey and take away Russia’s 2nd largest oil and gas customer.

Total just announced a US$1 Billion towards development of the South Pars gas field.


“…China’s “New Silk Road” , is designed to benefit east – west trade , Europe to Asia . Russia would gain the greatest benefit…”

Russia is of limited business value to China which is run by progressive businessmen whilst Putin#s Russia is run by his Kosher cabal who are siphoning offshore any surplus profits..

Putin;s cowering and feebleness in standing up to the Khazarim in Ukraine has allowed the “Khazar Wall” from the Baltic Sea through Poland and Ukraine to the Black Sea which blocks the New Silk Road through Russia to western Europe.

At the recent OBOR Conference in June 2017, this is the current OBOR Map applicable:


Thus Russia has been cut out of the OBOR route ro western Europe which China has accepted by ending the Russian branch of the New Silk Road up to Moscow only.



Regarding my “slavishness towards Iran” , I am not Islamic , or Persian , but I have been there , and found the people to be hospitable , genuine and honest.
But I am not a slave to any person or nation .
China , is once again the “Middle Kingdom” but are too smart to announce it. Europe will grasp that trade with Russia is to everyone’s benefit , and China will help dissolve American blocks from Moscow to Berlin .

The separate gas and oil pipelines from Sittwe on the Bay of Bengal , to Kunming China were built and completed in 2013 . The gas pipeline has been in operation since 2014 , the oil pipeline was built but tied up in political problems , but in April of this year went into operation . The Iranian – Qatar gas contracts signed with China are using those existing pipelines .

Putin is a master negotiator , be it China , Iran or Israel . He is much too smart to be anyone’s slave .


OK, accept your position regarding Iran.

“…Putin is a master negotiator , be it China , Iran or Israel…”

Putin is not a master negotiator, he is a loser based on published trade figures between Russia and China.

Russia is estimated to have 40% of the world’s resources with only a fraction being exported to Resource hungry China which imported US$1.27 Trillion in 2015 but only US$31 Billion approx from Russia.

There was great hope for increase in Russia – China trade which has failed to materialize or show substantial growth.

Whatever business Russia does with China is minimal in whichever currency and majority of Russia’s surplus profit is “Koshered” siphoned offshore by Putin’s cabal of Billionaires.

The reason trade between Russia and China as at 2015 and 2016 is minimal is because of Putin’s incompetence in developing this trade 2000 to 2014 and ongoing failure 2014 to 2017 though Putin’s policy changed in 2014 when US – EU sanctions were applied on Russia.

In 2014, there was great fanfare regarding the Russia – China Siberian gas deal touted to be worth US$400 Billion which as at 2017 has amounted to Zilch, Nada, Nein, Nothing, Nought.

Then in 2015, again there was great fanfare regarding a second Russia – China gas deal touted to be worth another US$200 Billion which as at 2017 has amounted to Zilch, Nada, Nein, Nothing, Nought.

Its the same with Russia – China projects which are ticking very slowly whilst China is consuming huge quantities of Resources from other countries with very little from Resource rich Russia.

China imported US$1.27 Trillion of goods. services, resources, etc in 2015.

Chine imported only a fraction of its goods, services and resources from Russia worth US$31 Billion in 2015.

In 2016, China’s imports from Russia was only US$32.3 Billion according to Sputnik.

Russia is desperate to trade in any currency be it Roubles, US$ or Euro with anyone and siphon off profits offshore/

The Russian populace as usual is robbed blind by Putin’s cabal.

Regarding OBOR, you need to think why at the OBOR June 2017 conference in China, the route map to western Europe was not via Russia.

In fact the China Russia route was not even on the OBOR Map.

Primary reason that route has to go through the “Khazar Wall”, Poland or Ukraine.

The Khazarim slave, Putin was at the OBOR conference and Xi announced China will build and finance the US$6 Billion High Speed Kazan to Moscow Rail Network.

However it is doubtful if China will build anything in or for Russia because its a waste of China’s money.


Iran has to break itself free from a backward and barbaric culturally Arabic faith.


Rumi and the Sufi’s are from Persia , and now Iran has a completely educated population . The Arabs are generally Sunni , much more conservative and inclined towards forcing their beliefs on others , hence Salafist and Wahhabi dogma is at home in Saudi Arabia . Shia are more tolerant and generally open minded . They are like the Protestants in Roman Europe , outside of “accepted thought” . It took Europe five hundred years to shake Roman dogma . The Persians following Rumi , will turn the Shia from the Pharisaic into a personal focus .



The origin of the Persians is Aryan and their faith Zoroastrian.

Influences like Rumi, Sufi, etc has Islamic undertones.

The Persians, “Iranians” – “Aryans” have to discard Islam, which is culturally Arabic and free themselves from its Barbaric shackles, written Arabic script, Islamic names, Black Dress, Repressive values, etc.


Is Hamas somehow related to any of it?
Apparently you are not following the news, and by news I mean the last few years.
Iran stopped aiding Hamas in 2011, One of reasons were what you mentioned.

But I appreciate if you provided any proof about Iran being “in cahoots” with MB. I won’t judge you until you clear it.

888mladen .

Don’t get too excited. It may negatively affect your power of reasoning. Here is the one of links and there are numerous. It’s long standing relationship started perhaps even long before you have been born into this world.

“There has been regular contact between the Muslim Brotherhood and
Iranian officials throughout since the 1979 revolution, both formally
and informally. These contacts have taken place in several countries,
including the Persian Gulf as well as in Tehran.

The most recent contact was the meeting of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with
Kamal al Halbavi, a senior member of the Brotherhood, in February in
Tehran. Iran’s supreme leader has a special affection and sympathy for
the Muslim Brotherhood. He has translated into Farsi several books by
the late Sayyid Qutb, who was the leading militant ideologue of the
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s.”


Video from Al Arabiya:

Page from Al Akbar:
The Brotherhood and Iran: An Islamic alliance against strife?

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood: Past and present


Is meeting equal with being in bed?
You know Iranian officials meet with US officials too, even Iranian Minister of Science and Education had a meeting with his Israeli counterpart. Are they in bed too?
Syrian MB is active in the current Syrian war, of course Iranian officials meet with them. Through these meeting Syria managed to regain control over a lot of it’s territory. More so,Syrian MB is different with the main MB movement (unlike MB, Syrian MB is not against Israel but are against Syrian government and Shi’a faith, they’re close to Wahhabis)-The article you posted from Al-Monitor.

The article from ia-forum mixes a lot of things to get the conclusion it wants. Before the 1979 revolution in Iran, there was a good relationship between Shi’a groups and MB (which had a great effect on the revolution) but after Iraq attacked Iran this relationship faded, even Sheik Salah declared MB supports Iraq in this war. This went until Akef became MB’s head.
He defended Iran’s right to have a peaceful nuclear program and even said positive things about Shi’a faith (which is very rare in MB’s literature), which created turmoil inside MB.
Nobody is denying that MB thinkers had a great effect on Iran’s revolution, but being in bed?

MB doesn’t have an office in Iran. Iran’s relations with Turkey deteriorated after Erdogan (MB head of government). Iran’s relations with Qatar (main MB and HAMAS supporter) too was at the minimum possible (except for South Pars/North Dome field) and only got better after Qatar’s crisis with Saudis, the reasons of this are not related to MB, but political pragmatism

To claim to parties are in bed, something more than a few meetings are needed. US senators meet regularly with terror groups of Syria AND arm/fund/train/support them. Does Iran do the same with MB? Are their policies aligned? Do Iran funds this group? Does Iran have good relations with countries which MB has power in?
Even in case of Morsi’s Egypt and meetings between 2 countries, it didn’t result in re-opening of the embassies.
Good for you to be able to conclude on your own. Based on what evidence did you conclude that “Iran is doing the same in Mianmar it has done during the Balkan conflict”?

You believe Iranians think “if you are Muslim no moral criteria applies”, is it why Iran fights Taliban? Is it why it’s against the policies of half the countries in the Muslim world? (not talking about the terror groups like ISIS, AQ and such, as they are something entirely different and definitely not Muslim, but Wahhabi, which Iran fights against too)
Based on this logic, Iran should absolutely support Chechnya ’94 to ’96 against Russia and Uyghurs against China, which didn’t.

888mladen .

You first inform yourself and them we can talk. I gave you enough resources but you haven’t even taken time to go through them. It’s clear evidence which you have chosen to ignore in order to support your theory.

Based on this logic, Iran should absolutely support Chechnya ’94 to ’96 against Russia and Uyghurs against China, which didn’t. Well you find out. You have no clue about Islam mate because religion to your secular mind means nothing.

“When the first swallows of the Arab Spring began singing in
Tunisia and Egypt, Iran described the revolutions as an Islamic
awakening. “The Arab revolutions are inspired by the spirit and model of
the Islamic revolution in Iran and they are thus a continuation
thereof,” Iran’s spiritual leader Ali Khamenei said in a sermon in
February 2011. The Iranian leader was not unfamiliar with the Muslim
Brotherhood (MB) since he was the first to translate the books of Sayyid
Qutb into Farsi and encouraged their reading.”


I read them to see another opinion, a different one than what I knew before and quoted you a part from one of them.
I don’t present a theory, you do. You decided that Iran is in cahoots with MB and your evidence is Iran’s leader translated their books and there are meetings between Iranian officials and some MB members, not nothing which branch of MB they’re from. I give you the reason why they meet (like many other people they meet) and why he translated the books.

Yes he did describe the Arab Spring like that. The Iranian leader is familiar with almost all revolutionary movements there is, some of which had an effect on him and some didn’t. He thought it’s good for his followers to know how they think and translated a few of their books. We do the same thing about many movements and parties, from Iraq’s Ba’ath party when we were at war with, to Zionist thinkers. We need to be familiarize with them and encourage people to read them, as many as they can.
As I said, MB literature had a great effect on Iran’s 1979 revolution. So did Cheguevara’s and Mao’s. Are we in bed with all of them or just MB?

It’s good to know that I have no clue about Islam, being a Shi’a. Well good that you to know so much about it, you can preach others about how Muslims think.

888mladen .

(like many other people they meet) Yea they were just socializing having good time together.


No, they meet for a reason.
What could be the reason… probably to give something and receive something else in return, like giving passage to some militias and their families and free a chunk of Syrian territory in return?

888mladen .

They came together to make a plan how to spread Islam with fire and sword.


Those bloodthirsty Muslims! Don’t forget the rape and the pillage while you’re at it.

I thank god for your vast knowledge on Islam.
You are very well informed, indeed.

Jacek Wolski

There is no god

888mladen .

I agree that somebody has not been fallowing the news recently. But who might that be?


Perhaps the one who thinks “Hamas is still an important ally of Iran”.


“…What do you think Iran did which was not positive?…”

Iran came to Syria’s aid after almost 66.6% of the country was lost and or in the control of the US led “Terror Axis”.

Iran made Trump’s motto come true:
“Let’s make ISIS and Al Qaeda Great Again !”


What you say is Iran DIDN’T do something. Anyway, we went there as soon as they officially asked.
We also went to help Iraq and KRG immediately after they asked for our help, the first deployment was 14 hours after the invitation.
But hey, don’t ever let the little facts come in your way to… em, what is it you’re doing again?


“…em, what is it you’re doing again?…”

The first thing I would have done back in 2010 / 2011 / 2012 is requested 200,000 + + + Iranian military personnel into Syria to safe guard Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ez Zor, Palmyra, Damascus, Deraa, Al Tanf, etc.

Its unbelievable that Mr Assad did not ask for Iran’s help sooner.


And the Kurds.


If by Kurds you mean the off-shooting of PKK in Syria, their aim is certainly not preserving the sovereignty of Syria.


Their sacrifice has been great in ridding northern Syria from ISIS. Thousands upon thousands of Kurdish lives lost to liberate the Syrian areas now shown in “yellow” on the maps. They’re good fighters and they were some of the first to turn the tide of ISIS expansion. This is good for Syria. I believe this will work out fine. Syria won’t be divided.


I seriously doubt it but I hope you are right.

888mladen .

Sacrifice on behalf of whom? All Syrian people?


Everything in yellow is still Syria right?

888mladen .

Wrong! It’s US NATO occupation zone since they have no legal right to be on the territory of the Syrian sovereign state.


It’ll stay Syrian territory. Wait and see.

888mladen .

Supporting occupying force is an act of treason.


The Iranian Military is incompetent. Makes stupid comments as per this article when it is incapable of effectively fighting IS let alone a major military power like the US.

It started becoming increasingly obvious in 2010, 2011, 2012, etc that the Syrian Military was incapable of fighting the Israeli controlled US led “Terror Axis”.

Iran should have sent in its forces in 2010, 2011, 2012 before Syria was over run by the “Terror Axis”.

As at today, the Syrian Military is fighting to regain areas which should never have been lost.


Iran’s military competence remains to be seen in action, where it directly involves. Anything other than that is just assumption.
Iran couldn’t send it’s forces before Syria asked and uninvited. There are counties in the world who care about the law, like it or not.
Iran also didn’t send troops/arms/military support to Yemen and won’t until a recognized Yemeni government asks for it. For now it’s just humanitarian relief, foods, medicine, tent and such for civilians.


“…Iran’s military competence remains to be seen in action…”

Fools are running both Iran and Syria.

The Israeli controlled US led “Terror Axis” took over 66.6% plus of Syria with many millions killed, injured, displaced, economy trashed, infrastructure destroyed before Iran got involved.

Syria is now wrecked, has little or no money as well as sanctioned by all the major economies, US, EU, etc.

Whenever the Khazars are involved there is no such thing as International Law.

General Surena

usa can do any damn thing…. heh


America does know how to BS.


It seems that the US is Iran’s enemy #1. And yet, Iran is ready to go to Myanmar to supposedly protect a handful of Muslims but in reality do the bidding of American imperialists against China’s interests? Iran has no problems allaying with its enemy #2 – Saudi Arabia and with Turkey on the same issue. Iran did the same thing in former Yugoslavia closely working with Americans and NATO against Serbs. Why
would Russia, India, China and other countries with Muslim minorities think that Iran, given an opportunity, won’t turn against them one day in collusion with the West as it is by now an Iranian tradition. Do we not remember the episode of Russians not being allowed to use Iranian airfields? Iran doesn’t deserve Russian protection. Read here: http://www.voltairenet.org/article198141.html .


Iran sends humanitarian aids to Rohingya refugee camps under UN provision. It never defends the terror groups which it fully knows are armed by Saudis and the US, but objects to the things done to the villagers who are fleeing Myanmar into Bangladesh.
If Iran ever sent troops/arms/funds to the terror groups who kill both Myanmar security forces and Rohingya villagers, come again please and repeat your statement.

Iran proved to be a reliable partner for the countries you named, as it doesn’t zigzag. The country’s policies are clear and are stated by the president Rohani and Ayatollah Khamenei.
Russia uses Iranian airfields and airspace on a case-by-case basis as there is no deal between the countries for lending/leasing a base, Both countries are cooperating with each other and do it very smoothly.
The article you posted was posted before a few times and a lot of us read it. It’s a very good but doesn’t prove your point.

888mladen .

Iran is doing the same it has done during the Balkan conflict. They are religious nuts. They are blind. They were supporting Alia Izetbegovich’s fascist Muslim faction which was the main US NATO proxy in Bosnia together with Turkey, KSA, UAE and Qatar. Many people on this blog have very poor knowledge of the modern history.


How are they in bed with MB? “still” implies that they have been still are. Care to elaborate?
Iranian leaders are among the most sane and pragmatic country leaders. Actions don’t lie.

Travis Kelso

Oh yea, you going to dogfight with F-14’s from the 1970’s against F-22’s?


Dogfight? Don’t be silly.


No. They are going to hit the airports that F-22s come from.

Travis Kelso

That is hilarious, NOPE, they will bluster with internet victories and do nothing.


Whatever floats your boat. But first, the F-22s must come to find out.

RTA (Bob or Al)

I was split by this story. Whilst I do like Iran in general and the Iranians I know, the revolutionary guard, can easily be construed to the likes of the Yanks and even at a push the Europeans as a “sort of” terrorist organisation in a very specific way. Maybe more like economic terrorists as they have fingers in every pie.

The timing of these new sanctions, if agreed are ludicrous and insane especially since the UN and Europe have stated categorically that Iran is in full compliance with the nuclear deal made.

The Yanks have lost the plot, it really is that simple.

Solomon Krupacek

iran should close the mouth and not follow the stupid north korean way of barking.

Gerhard Pleyer

U write like one of those israeli-Bitches.
Your funny name which have been humiliated by western countries since hundreds of years.

Gerhard Pleyer

The one who is barking, is you son of Bitches, one of those slawic Bitches in western Europe.
You Slawes, have been exporting millions of Bitches aroun the World.

Solomon Krupacek

my motre was lady. not like yours, son of thousand fathers ;)

samo war

samo war •
“…new persian empire ?..”

There will never be a New Persian Empire whilst its people are shackled by a backward, barbaric, culturally Arab faith.

Free man

A pathetic rhetoric from jihadists who took control of Iran.

Mateen Zaman

Americans are bloody bastards nothing else

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