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MARCH 2021

Iran Prevented U.S. Attempt To Gather Information About Major Drills Near The Strait Of Hormuz


The Iranian military had warned the U.S. to withdraw its drones out from the area where it was conducting large drills, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, a spokesman for “Zolfaqar 99″  drills, announced on September 10.

The three-days drills are taking place in the eastern waters of the Strait of Hormuz, Makran coast, Oman Sea and North Indian Ocean.

Rear Admiral Irani said the U.S. had increased the operations of its drones in the drills area in order to gather information on the exercise.

“These activities were detected by the army’s signal detection systems, and the drones were warned by the air defense,” the Tasnim News Agency quoted the spokesman as saying.

In the second day of the drills, on September 11, the Iranian military tested the new Kaman-12 drone. Other drones of the Ababil family also took part in the drills carrying out pinpoint strikes on several targets in the exercise zone.

Iranian Navy vessels, including the Najim corvette, and coastal defense systems also fired a range of anti-ship cruise missiles at supposed enemy targets.

Units of the Navy, Air Force, and Army Ground Forces are participating in the drills, which carry a serious message to the enemies of Iran, especially Israel and the U.S.




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