Iran Presents Amphibious ‘Suicide Drone’ (Photos)


Iran Presents Amphibious 'Suicide Drone' (Photos)

A handout picture released on October 26, 2016 by the Tasnim news agency show what Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards referred to as “suicide drone” and capable of delivering explosives to blow up targets at sea and on land, in the Iranian capital Tehran. © Tasnim news / AFP

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards allegedly announced that they had developed a “suicide drone” designed for stealth suicide missions against land and sea based targets, the Iranian Tasnim news agency reported.

The drone will deliver explosions to blow up the targets.

The UAV was designed for maritime surveillance, but can also carry missiles in addition to “heavy payloads of explosives for combat missions to launch suicide attacks,” Tasnim article reads.

“Flying at a high cruising speed near the surface of the water, the aircraft can collide with the target and destroy it, either a vessel or an onshore command centre.”

The UAV is allegedly capable of flying at very low altitudes to avoid detection, descending to about half a meter above water. The report adeed that the UAV can also be flown as high as 900 meters at a speed of around 250 kilometers per hour. The range is 1,000 kilometers.

By now, Tasnim has taken done the original article. Nonetheless, many media outlets have already reprinted photos and information.

More photos:

Iran Presents Amphibious 'Suicide Drone' (Photos)

Iran Presents Amphibious 'Suicide Drone' (Photos)



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  • ChiefWiggum

    I don’t see any difference between a UAV and a guided bomb, maybe the range only…which is the goal of this weapon? I’m really ignorant on the sky war tactics…but this looks only like a cheaper missile. I’d love to know if I’m wrong

  • Having built something similar with fiberglass (no warhead and just one engine) I can attest that it shall take off with a long enough runway in under 20 seconds. Computer technology and fiber optics have been miniaturized to the point that governments probably have the technology to pull off a UAV like this.

    • chris chuba

      But aren’t bombs, by definition heavy because they have to contain enough potential energy to do serious damage, so yes, even a small model airplane can fly but can it carry a payload of say, 100lb? BTW I am not an Iran hater, just curious.

      • Good question. I just don’t know enough about modern explosives to know about how heavy a reasonably powerful explosive would weigh.

        • Joseph Scott

          The more modern (non-thermobaric) military explosives are running a little under twice the power of TNT. By way of comparison, an M67 grenade, with a casualty radius of 15m, uses the equivalent of 11.18 oz. of TNT, (6.5oz. Composition-B). You don’t need much for anti-personnel work IF you can precisely guide your attack, so how quiet and how well this thing flies are the main issues.

          Air delivered ordnance is so massive, and also so seemingly ineffective because it is expected to deal with thick masonry, because it is typically vaguely directed at dispersed groups of people, and because it generally misses it’s aim point by many metres, tens of metres, or even hundred of metres. Blast dissipates with the square of distance, so a target 10 metres from the blast only gets 1/100 of the explosive force.