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Iran Presents Its Own Air Defense System to Wide Audience

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A new mobile surface-to-air missile system of Iranian production has been presented to a wide audience.

Iran Presents Its Own Air Defense System to Wide Audience

Photo: wikipedia.org

Iran has presented a new mobile air-defense missile system of its own production to a wide audience, the Mehr news agency reported.

Reportedly, the new complex, called Bavar-373, is capable to track ballistic missiles and other air targets at medium and long distances. It is equipped with a phased antenna lattice, which has similar parameters with the 96L6 Russian detecting device of air targets.

Tehran has announced the development of its own air defense system in February 2010. Iranian developers said that their air-defense missile system will be comparable to parameters of the Russian S-300.

Presentation of the Iranian air defense system took place at an exhibition in a building of the Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO) of the Iranian Defense Ministry in the presence of the country’s President Hassan Rouhani and Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan.

Currently, Russia supplies Iran with the S-300 surface-to-air missile systems. The contract was signed in 2007, but its implementation was suspended in connection with the introduction of international sanctions against Tehran.

However, in April last year, the Russian president signed a decree to lift the ban. A new contract was signed, and Iran received its first delivery of Russian-made S-300 air defense systems in May.

As the Stratfor intelligence firm reported recently, Iran is getting ready to put its S-300 air defense systems to use. The firm published satellite imagery provided by AllSource Analysis that shows “intensive construction underway at an air defense base near Tehran to accommodate the systems.” According to Stratfor, the base’s location indicates that it may not be a permanent S-300 station, but a training facility.

Iran Presents Its Own Air Defense System to Wide Audience

At the same time, according to the TASS news agency, Iran does not intend to purchase the S-400 or the Antey-2500 air defense missile systems. This was announced by the Iranian Defense Minister at a press conference in Tehran. Perhaps, this is connected with a fact that the Iranian Armed Forces are going to bet on its own developments in the field of missile technology.

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Tom Johnson

Wow, first India now Iran don’t want to buy Russian “junk”.


What? India still purchases Russian gear. Su-30 upgrades under way, FGFA, Ka-226, Talwar, T-90S and upgrades, MiG-29K and UPG. Now they are looking at s-400 too.
As well, Iran is seeking Su-30 for their airforce. If you are going to troll, please try harder.

chris chuba

The U.S. will veto Iranian purchases for the next 5yrs so why would they put themselves through the humiliation of trying? Recent events with the airbase shows that Iranians are very concerned about perceptions.

Also, why wouldn’t Iran want to try to develop their own technology by comparing the performance of the S300 for a few years. No country wants to be dependent on another country for their military equipment. Iran got really burned by being dependent on U.S. hardware.


Iran started making those anti air missiles because of UN sanctions you idiot. Russia started supplying there s-300 to Iran 4 months before Iran there anti-air was done. Do you really believe making those systems just takes 4 months.


Domestic production is not physically or technically constrained. Its amusing to note that Russian junk missiles took out 17 B52s along with many other types during the Vietnam genocide. Sorry, war.

An anti-air system in only proven it’s worth when they shoot down an attacking Israeli F-16.
Earlier this very same day, Israeli F-16’s evaded Russian S-400 system and bombed Syrian SAA military targets. Syrian and Russian anti-air missiles useless.
If this Iranian system works. Set it up between Damascus and Israel, and the next time Israel attacks, see if it can hit Israeli aircraft at all.

Pavel Pavlovich

You stupid, yes? SAA airdefence could have shot down everything, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do. Not now.

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