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Iran Plans To Overhaul, Manufacture Up To 800 Battle Tanks: Defense Ministry

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Iran Plans To Overhaul, Manufacture Up To 800 Battle Tanks: Defense Ministry

Karrar battle tank

Iran’s Ministry of Defense announced its plan to overhaul and manufacture up to 800 battle tanks as a part of its plan to boost the country’s defensive power.

Tasnim news agency reported on July 18th that the Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will receive between 700 to 800 domestically-built battle tanks, including Karrar (Striker). It also continued that Iran manufactures between 50 and 60 battle tanks every year to answer the army and IRGC’s demand.

A little over a year ago, in March 2017, Iran unveiled a new indigenous battle tank of amphibious mobility, called the Karrar (Striker). It was to be inducted into the country’s arsenal.

The Defense Minister back then, Hossein Dehqan, as quoted by PressTV, claimed that the battle tank is comparable to the most state-of-the-art battle tanks in the world due to its impressive features. It has exquisite firepower, endurance, mobility and precision. Dehqan also went into detail, describing that among the battle tank’s features are its electro-optical fire control system, laser-aided distance measurement capability, and the capability to strike either moving or fixed targets in both nighttime and daytime. The fire power has been enhanced with a ballistics computer, laser-guided targeting and there are two parallel gunsights, thus allowing for both the gunner and the military commander to aim the projectiles.

Sputnik News reports that, back in March 2017, despite resemblance to the T-90, the Karrar is no match to the Russian war vehicle. Retired Maj. Gen. Vladimir Bogatyrev, chair of the Board of the Russian National Association of Retired Military Officers was quoted by Sputnik as saying “There is no decades-long tradition of tanks-manufacturing in Iran. So, there can be no breakthrough technologies. I’m not sure that the Karrar is close to the T-90 in certain points, from its armor to some specific features.” He, however also praised Iran’s defense industry for its capabilities: “The production of tanks and anti-aircraft systems is well-developed in Iran. They are also trying to develop other types of weapons. In the terms of the defense industry, Iran should not be underestimated.”

The Former Minister was also quoted by PressTV as saying “Updating armored equipment is one of the most essential strategies applied by the Defense Ministry in the area of ground warfare.”

As reported by PressTV, Iran has, in recent years, made major breakthroughs in regard to its defense sector and has reached self-sufficiency in producing its own equipment and armored vehicles.

The Persian country claims that its military poses no threat to any other country and it is only for deterrence and defense.

However, the Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that Iran would give a “crushing response” to any act of aggression towards the country. He was quoted by PressTV saying “We advise the Islamic establishment’s enemies to respect national sovereignty and the dignity and will of the Iranians, because our proud nation has proved throughout history that it is not an aggressor but will severely punish aggressors.”

Hatami further praised the defense industry as being one of the world’s leaders and that the weapons and vehicles manufactured in the country have indigenous capabilities that are suitable for the geographical conditions of the region and are based on the requirements of the Armed Forces.

According to Global Fire Power, Iran currently ranks 13 out of 136 ranked countries in the annual Global Fire Power review. It possesses 1,650 Tanks, 2,2215 Armored Vehicles, 440 units of Self-Propelled Artillery, 2,188 units of Towed Artillery and 1,533 Rocket Projectors. In terms of ground army strength, Iran is ranked 15th in the Global Fire Power review, ranking after Egypt (5th), Syria (6th), India (7th), Israel (8th) and Pakistan (13th) in terms of its closer neighbors.

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“(…)of the Iranians, because our proud nation has proved throughout history that it is not an aggressor but will severely punish aggressors.”

LMAO okay then. They should embrace their Achaemenid, Arsacid, Sassanid, Safavid and Afsharid heritage instead of lying like this. Strike fear into others ffs


So your a Saudi Sunni , or your just unaware that Iran has not attacked any nation since 1780.

Feudalism Victory

Maybe a strategic offensive into afghanistan and or iraq would be a good idea.

viktor ziv

Iraq under Sadam (an ally of USA back then) attacked Iran not vice versa.

Feudalism Victory

Yup prudent aggression might help them now.


He means recent history, the meaning got lost in the translation.


I hope so because Israel is trying to find the way to destroy Iran (inner way, outer way, or both).


In response to the Sputnik article which stated: ““There is no decades-long tradition of tanks-manufacturing in Iran. So, there can be no breakthrough technologies”

While it is true that Iran doesn’t have decades long tradition of tank manufacturing there’s such a thing called “reverse engineering”, which can significantly help make up for lost time and lack of tradition. Reverse engineering allows you to catch up really quickly to the latest technologies and breakthroughs without having to repeat the entire process from scratch.


Pakistan and China made an F16 thanks courtesy of the Israeli that sold them

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionists despite BILLIONS of dollars of US and European extortion money failed to develop the F-16 clone “Lavi” and then had the temerity to sell the stolen design to China where it resurfaced as J-10. Iran should be looking at China as a possible source for its aircraft upgrade and China is now the prime target for destruction by Trump and Zionists. The trade war against China is just the opening shot. The racist rednecks that run the US think that this is their last chance to put China in a box. I think they are mistaken as the horse has already bolted. The Chinese are smarter than Russians and not that eager to get into US “good books” as they know that America is a sunset power. The Chinese are also wary of Russia as it still looks at US as a potential “partner” despite contrary evidence.


Israel stole a lot of US technology and military secrets in 1980’s – and liberally traded them with China and Soviets. The Israeli industrial and military espionage in US was organized and ran largely under the radar due to US agencies primary concerns being focused on Chinese and Soviet espionage operations. The Jonathon Pollard case revealed the depth of the Israeli operations. Despite fact Pollard was convicted as US citizen of espionage for a foreign state, Israeli’s, especially Netanhayu who tried to leverage an early release for years, regard Pollard as a national hero. This illustrates the deep conflicts of interest that are systematically and consistently smoothed over by both US based politicians and pro Israeli lobby groups vis-a-vis the US-Israeli ‘close friendship’.


Great for Iran engineers, keep on constructing devises.

Prince Teutonic

One should also take into consideration that after collapse of USSR many military scientist lost their jobs and were “forced” to take a job in many of the “rising countries” like Iran, India, China…


Mainly USA and Europe.

Hisham Saber

Iran is also building many updated, upgraded S-300 type systems. Im sure they are, or will be all over Syria, now, or soon. Hence Israels emphasis on T-4 Airbase. Iran also has developed advanced, easy to set-up ATGM’s.

But where Iran is, and continues to advance, and is a powerhouse, is its ballistic missile capability. Even anti-ship warfare.


Long Live Iran!

Hisham Saber

Iran can mobilize millions of Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqi’s, Afghans, which it has up to 25,000 in Syria as we speak, Bahraini’s, Yemenis and whole crescent of Shia world-wide. Along with the Shia, are millions of Sunni’s who see Iran as a symbol of resistance and justice.

All it takes is an order from Mr. Khamenei, and the entire Middle East will light up, and Israel will cease to be the usurper state it is now.


You are constantly rattling the saber and beating the drum of this great attack that’s going to happen and wipe Israel off the map. Are you just a cheerleader looking for upvotes, or do you really think it’s going to happen? Because all I see now is Israeli warplanes bombing Iranian targets and no one doing a damn thing about it. I’m as frustrated as the next guy, but guys like you are a different breed. So give me your best prediction. When is this holy war going to take place?

Zionism = EVIL

Iran is a large country in a very destabilized neighborhood and has been under the most stringent illegal US/Zionist and EU sanctions for over 40 years now and despite having fought a US imposed crazy Saddam’s war for almost a decade, Iran has managed to keep its antiquated weaponry in working order and even created a quite robust military/technical capability. Iran needs to have a armored force of over 4,000 first rate MBT and a similar amount of AFV (armored fighting vehicles). So far Russia has not delivered on its promises and is inching closer to a client relationship with US. Iran has to keep on innovating its weaponry since foreign nations will not or can not sell it weapons. Perhaps, cooperation with Pakistan is an option and the more updated cross version of Zarrar (Striker) tank and Al-Khalid 2 MBT is an option. Large Muslim nations have a lot of capability if they cooperate. Iran should also be looking at the Sino-Pak JF-17 to upgrade its aging US made airforce that harks back to Vietnam era and is a testament to the engineering and technical skills of Iranians to keep the museum pieces flying. Iran also need to invest in modern Kevlar body armor for its soldiers, especially those on the borders who are facing increasing US, Saudi and Zionist fanned Wahhabi terror, now from Azerbaijan, Pakistani Baluchistan and Iraqi Kurdistan where the CIA and MOSSAD are training large number of Wahhabi headchoppers.


And how does Iran plan on paying for a brand new armored division? They’re near bankrupt as is. BTW, when do they plan on overhauling their air force? They’re still flying antique F-4s!
I would give their plans as much credence as their assertion that an army can pose no threat to outsiders. Because that’s an oxymoron.

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