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Iran Paid Taliban Bounties To Target US Soldiers In Afghanistan: CNN

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Iran Paid Taliban Bounties To Target US Soldiers In Afghanistan: CNN

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In a “shocking revelation” it turned out that Iran paid Taliban bounties to target US soldiers in Afghanistan, CNN reported on August 17th.

“’Bounties’ were paid by a foreign government, identified to CNN as Iran, to the Haqqani network — a terrorist group that is led by the second highest ranking leader of the Taliban — for their attack on Bagram Air Base on December 11, which killed two civilians and injured more than 70 others, including four US personnel, according to a Pentagon briefing document reviewed by CNN.”

The foreign government’s name remained classified, but CNN’s two unnamed sources said it was Iran.

The US assassinated Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani on January 3rd, 2020.

And he was killed less than a month after the Bagram attack. There was allegedly a “a lengthy process involving several agencies to develop options aimed at countering Iran’s support for militant groups in Afghanistan.” Then, in March, it was concluded not to allegedly do anything because negotiations with the Taliban had started.

The “revelation” that Iran allegedly paid bounties to Taliban to target US troops follows the exact same accusations that Russia paid bounties to Taliban to target US troops.

Both are also similar in that they make no sense, since they’re essentially paying the Taliban to do something they’re doing for free, regardless.

The Bagram attack was “highly sophisticated and rattled officials working on Afghanistan matters because it highlighted vulnerabilities of some of the American compounds, according to one source involved in the Taliban peace efforts.”

The Pentagon briefing document noted that a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIED) was used in the attack. Roughly 10 Taliban fighters engaged in a firefight with local security forces after the explosion and were ultimately killed by US airstrikes.

While US intelligence officials acknowledge that the Haqqani Network would not necessarily require payment in exchange for targeting American troops, the internal Pentagon document reviewed by CNN notes that the funding linked to the December 11 attack at Bagram “probably incentivizes future high-profile attacks on US and Coalition forces.”

The entire situation is quite puzzling, since official ideology of the abovementioned Haqqani network and the Taliban, as a whole, consider Iran as an ideological enemy, since Tehran represents a Shiite Republic, which is at war with Sunni fundamentalism. At the same time, it should be noted that all influential players in the region, including the US, China, Iran, Russia etc, keep some contacts with the Taliban. The US even holds direct negotiations with the group. Nonetheless, it would be quite strange if some third state decides to pay the Taliban for combating US-led forces in Afganistan – something what it does for free.


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Zionism = EVIL

BULLSHIT, the Americunt arsehole losers are getting whacked in Afghanistan so the cunts are making up baloney.

Ivan Freely

Wait, I thought it was the Russians. Soon we’ll hear it was the Chinese or maybe Space Aliens. LOL

Zionism = EVIL

I think it is the Nepalese, who are pissed off as there are no food delivery jobs due to pandemic caused by CIA :)


No, next week it will be the Syrians, and it will be Venezuela by September.

Assad must stay


Антон С

After chinese have to be northern koreans, then venezuelans, after that zimbabwians, and right after them the aliens are coming. Or russians again. “Russians are coming!” – shout Forrestal and jumped out of window.


I have an unidentified source that told me in confidence that Venezuela also had a bounty for ‘Merrican’ military deaths.

I am sure the Daleks also will have put a bounty on US heads as well.

Considering the value of US cyber warriors, would ten dollars a head be excessive?


Yeah, hehe, the army of sniveling drivel yapping Yankikes rides again, so, it went from Ruskies to Iranians, and how come one isnt even surpriced, when it comes to Moronikan intellegence, and their ability to serve us so much nonsense that its become an farse, but the problem in the land of Q-tards and prozac soaked shitheads, is that they belive everything, and the latest round of sactions witch backfired, have made the Yankikes a bit grumpy, and so they charfed out this to uh…. at least say something, anything, to somehow save face. I call this dingleberrie news, low hanging uh…. fruits, feed from and directly under the source..


Ashok Varma

The Greeks, British, Russians and now US and NATO have suffered the same ignominious fate in Afghanistan. US has destroyed and brutalized the country and resistance is the natural by-product. It is time to wave the flag and go home and deal with growing US domestic problems.


It was not “Russia” but it was COMMUNIST USSR helping COMMUNIST Afghan dictatorship (USSR sett up by Americunts into the Mujahedin, Al Qaeda trap)

You are confused cow rapist and Hindu like you are HATERS of ALL MUSLIMS let us not forget that.


“Iran Paid Taliban Bounties To Target US Soldiers” Ha ha ha ha ha!

So it was first Russia paid “Taliban bounties” and now it is “Iran” also?! In that case Taliban are full of money having payments from Russia and Iran in the same time!

I was ready paying one cent per eliminated Americunt (that is about how much they are really worth as human, beings) I just hope that Russia and Iran pay better because Afghans must rebuild their destroyed country

Lux et Veritas

US invasion of Afghanistan is now 20 years old and has devastated the country. US and its vassals must pay war reparations worth a trillion dollars. A million Afghans have been killed, 5 millions refugees in Iran and Pakistan and the US is solely responsible for these war crimes.


1 million dead Iraqis (500 000 their children dead through sanctions) for “WMD” that has never existed just like never existed Iraqi soldiers crime of “babies thrown out of incubators”, Libya destroyed, Syria destroyed, Yemen destroyed and Amricunts drone BOMBING Muslims wherever they are from Pakistan to Africa whenever they are plaesed!!! MILLIONS of killed Muslim civilians not to mention all others Muslims defending their own country!

Yes MERCILESS MASSACRE of the Muslims while in the same time we have Zionist would be “jihad” for interests of IraHell and CIA!!! What the FUCK is wrong with Muslims and WHY they keep killing each other for interests of Americunts and JEWS ?!! Why don’t they KILL JEWS INSTEAD???

If Sunni and Shia can’t live together they should create 2 separate countries and preserve peace between them while DESTROYING THEIR TRUE ENEMY JEWS and USA,UK !!!

Why would few BILLION Muslims need Russia to defend them when they are mighty power on the planet?!?

Lux et Veritas

Russia is too weak to do anything, it is the Muslims that have bankrupted and defeated the US.


You are all absolutely the same, blabbing the same false “wisdom” as typical Western anti-Russian propaganda. Russia is not “too weak” against any power including NATO. The point is that Russia is not like Imperialist US robbing countries globally to sustain their war machine and using global currency $$$$ printing machine to invest in wars to propagate neocolonialist influence like US. It is great burden for Russia to sustain status of world power and they don’t want to waste that strength on countries that are not true allays (like Syria). Russia does not have budget but does have military power to face any enemy on the planet. Russia does not have any motive to fight war for Syria or any other country that is not official “allay” of Russia (like Belarus is) If Belarus attacked by NATO Russia would declare war to NATO (they would never do that for Syria) and they would walk all over NATO on their border I am sure of that! Russia is only in Syria for helping Syria in anti-terrorist activity and nothing else. Russia never have had any written alliance with Syria (USSR had with Assad’s father but not Russia) and Russia was invited to help only because Syria was on verge of collapse, total occupation. All the rest was just invented by all of you here who are either CIA, NSA bots, or Jews, or Shia or just “useful idiots” retards from the West who think to be an “experts”.

And the rest of narrative is just usual anti-Russian Western and propaganda journalism.


LOL, you are not a Russian but a crazy.


You are just a common sayanim.


“Russia is too weak”yet all of you together are NOTHING without that “weak” Russia ! You have lost the war in Syria without “weak” Russia ! The reason why IsraHell didn’t NUKE not only Iran but also Iraq, Lebanon, , Yemen and anybody who opose them is your “weak” Russia!

You are just live example how big cowards you Muslims can become and attack only country that is saving you from total disaster. Cause China doesn’t give fuck about you even that much ! And you are no opponent to US-Israel nukes just good big juicy targets only!


1.) SAA is not capable alone to liberate Syria, they never were!

2.) Iran is not capable alone to be biggest regional power they aspire to be.

3.) Russia is not willing to risque WWIII over neither of two, or over their ambitions even less!


No no no. Russia isn’t weak. The problem is that they don’t have the logistics to play dirty ( through mercenaries in particular ), so they must act officially. Acting officially against the US, means war!! World war! Nuclear war!

So, it is not that Russia isn’t capable of striking NATO and/or US, it is that they cannot without dragging the whole world in to hell.

All that said, the situation changed ( for the muslims countries ) starting from 2015, when Putin did go all-in in Syria. Why do you think Soleimani travelled to Moscow, to convince the russians to enter the game?

What satellite positioning system do you think Iran used during the missile attack on US bases?

Who do you think is protecting sciite countries against blatant aggression? Do you remember, when in 2013, Obama decided to invade Syria? Who stopped him?


Who do think Hezbollah, Ansarallah, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Iranians are ? they are all Muslims who have defeated the self-anointed US “superpower” and brought it to its knees.


ha ha ha ha yeah of course….and why didn’t I block you already… knowing that you are MEGA idiot whenever you open your mouth?! go away idiot!

Антон С

Idiot is iron kaput. Guest is biased in this matter.

Антон С

Just look at map of Syria 2011-2015 and 2015-2020 to understand that without russian army Syria was doomed. Terrorists stayed 8 km from the center of Damascus. They shelled russian embassy with mortars. The government had control over 15% of territory (with 80% of population though). Now it’s 75%. Big part is controlled by kurds instead DAESH. Iran, “Hizballah” and others lost more troops in their sacrificial fight, but succeed less, need to be honest. Only after join of Russia their fight became victorious.


why do you ask him to be “honest” when he is not “honest” just like huge majority of assholes here. they don’t care about truth; if not they would never attack Russia that has saved them from disaster….. basic decency would not allow them to be like that…but since they are not honest they have no decency

Антон С

Because need to be polite with neutral people and friends. And sarcastic with the Iron kaput and Jensy. I think the guest is neutral, so no reason to be aggressive, especially having a lot of facts to answer calmly. Knowledge makes you calm as nuclear icebraker.)


OK Anton you are right of course. I am too impulsive for my own good.

Can you imagine “guest” even up voted my comment ?! I couldn’t believe my eyes :D !

While I have caught prostitute Iron ZION doing “felatio” to some Turk Than he did the same to some Indian guy. What sleazy snake, back stabbing guy… that guy is


Its true to say that protestants and catholics also spent centuries persecuting each other. In my opinion religions have done more harm than good, BUT what could replace that sense of ‘belonging’ that many crave for?


When it comes to war and need to kill or be killed it is the perverted passion of belonging to fear and vengeance and their endless mixtures.

The illusion of power of possessing possibility to control something bigger than our little existence. And illusion that we can overcome our fears and bring some sense to our existence by risking our life for an idea, flag, people , principals and what not to reach some subliminal dimension, superior state of mind hopefully.

And weather that most basic universal instincts are dressed in religion, patriotism or something else the “belonging” to them stays the same. Because it is as much in our blood instinctive, animalistic as much it is rational need for affirmation through destruction.

It is the dark side of being human.

Only our hart can tell us the real sense of our “belonging”.

That is something that must be searched for and merited.


I agree, and as an example, even the ‘Sense of belonging in support of a football team’ can stir up violent antipathy to other teams that ‘kick a ball on a patch of grass’.

It is only in our hearts where we have an opportunity to be at peace and without pressure from the ‘team’.


The sad thing is that all too many dumb Brits,Americans,Australians believe this infantile shit.


If so, they will feed meat grinder better and more willingly when the war comes. They only have to ask themselves if they would need “bounty”, to resist invader, in the case of having Afghan Army invading their country. Not really difficult question.

Assad must stay

so pinning it on the russians didnt go over so well with donny, now theyre hoping pinning it on iran will make it stick lmao


I am sure if it would be possible that HUGE NUMBER of PEOPLE would pay k i l l i n g s of Americunt LGBTQ fag ass raping, civilians killing soldiers (“imprisoned in body of men”) everywhere they are!

I know I would pay for that without hesitation. I would give everything I have so that they can get exterminated one by one GLOBALLY !

Антон С

Iron kaput is on the side of LGBT.)

Lux et Veritas

The more pertinent question to ask, what is the US doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria?


lol ………… deep state out in the open. Sure CNN, sure it is.

Black Waters

Hahahahaha, what a bunch of delusional psychos, whats next? Jupiter is sending their fleet to invade the U.S colonial marines? LOL!!


Its ok, the US Star Fleet is deploying to Jupiter as we speak.


Fake news, they want to pin a blame on Trump for getting out of JCPOA. All they need is a narrative for Dems to point out mistakes of Trump, even if made up.

Ashok Varma

US is blaming everyone for its defeat in the graveyard of Empires.

johnny rotten

Why pay them? Aren’t they pissed off enough with the fucking Yankees? just give him a few manpads and the whole command team is beheaded in one fell swoop, as happened to ayatollah mike and his cronies, dead and never buried.


Wonder who the desperate US will blame for this:

Lebanon tribunal judge: No evidence of involvement by Hezbollah leadership or Syria in Hariri’s killing. It is pointing towards to US and Israel as the culprits to destabilize the country. Hezbollah has been vindicated again.

Lone Ranger

U.S. couldn’t sell the “it was Russia” narrative, now they try to sell it was Iran. What a bunch of low lifes…


The Lebanese Supreme Court Inquiry has just absolved Hezbollah and Syria of any involvement in the Hariri assassination. It has alluded to US and Israel as the most likely culprits. Wonder who the US will blame for this setback?


I think somebody about to do something stupid with Iran. Everything points in that direction


Like removing the mullahs? no stupid at all, even blessed.

Zionism = EVIL

HUSH you stupid TWAT :)

Traiano Welcome

They can’t really do anything without going full WW3.


More fake news from CNN, Taliban never needed paying for killing US soldiers, hell they see it as a bonus if they do


And I thought that k i l l i n g Americunts is for fun and sports …now I hear one can make living out of shooting those bastards!?! Life is not so bad after all cause hunting down and shooting Americants and being PAID for that pleasure must be ultimate fun !!


Ahh blame Iran, how original lol. Next stop for blaming? Maybe Belarusian president Lukashenko? Maybe Nicolas Maduro? lmao, the western propaganda is the most pathetic show in history.


‘Pathetic’ is being kind. ;)

fayez chergui

Taliban need no money to fight and kill us rats, they’re defending their land.

Антон С

It’s complicated, not only defending, but attacking other afghans, but you’re right in common.


when the first attempt to start a serious shit with russia got no traction the subject theme is varied and not’s Iran and I bet you, it ain’t gonna get no traction either. the one thing we have is just further proof that the msm in the disjointed states of A are clueless idiots and feckless nincompoops.

Антон С

Those morons told the same about Russia, but failed. Even “Taliban” spoke that it’s lies. Now they are trying to do the same trick with Iran in the header. Who is idiot here: western MSM or readers of such MSM?


Both groups are idiots.

Антон С

I saved this variant for others who would respond to me.)

Traiano Welcome

I think CNN should avoid giving Iran such ideas … or Russia.

cechas vodobenikov

“more than half of amerikans less than 40 years, mainly liberals, believe astrology is scientific according to recent polling. and 47-60% amerikans, largely atheists, believe in ghosts…..these idiots will believe anything their oligarchy tells them


on the other hand the useless morons in the white house/pentagon pay isis mindless sums to kill as many as possible anywhere in the middle east/afghanistan and adjacent neighbourhoods. so why the outrage. Sorry, forgot the jews in palestine since they are equally swift killing off what they don’t like and are eager to help the yankee-twats by receiving wounded isis in their hospitals. kill off the jews and the world will see peace like never before.

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