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Iran & Moscow to Strengthen Infrastructure of Hamadan Airbase

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Iran and Russia are negotiating on the return of the Russian Aerospace Forces to the Hamadan airbase for fighting against terrorists in Syria.

Iran & Moscow to Strengthen Infrastructure of Hamadan Airbase

Photo: iikss.com

Russia is in talks with Iran to return to the Hamadan airbase to fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. Moreover, Moscow and Tehran are planning to make changes to the work of the Iranian military airfield, which will considerably affect its infrastructure, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing a source in the military-diplomatic circles.

“The preparation of the Hamadan airbase for basing the Russian Su-34 and Tu-22M3 bombers will take approximately one week and will need dozens of flights of the AN-124 and IL-76 military cargo planes,” the source said. “It is necessary to transfer and deploy ground drive air beacons and radio stations, fuel dispensers, starter units and other ground-based equipment. Systems of testing and preparation for flight avionics. But the most important thing is to create a stockpile of air-launched weapons, as well as to deliver special auto-loaders, required to load weapons on a board of the aircraft. Weather conditions at the airbase are good, so there is no need of special shelters for the warplanes. But if the task is set, pre-fabricated hangars will be ready in 1-2 weeks.”

Representatives of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defense also confirmed Moscow’s intention to return to the Iranian base in order to combat terrorism.

According to a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Public Chamber under the President of the Russian Federation, political scientist Sergey Voronin, Russia and Iran have been faced with a lack of understanding, which will be overcome soon.

“It is known that the Iranian side was dissatisfied with the fact that the information was made public in Moscow. According to Tehran, Iranian leaders had to announce this or the cooperation should be conducted behind closed doors, as before. Moreover, there is Iranian pro-Western elite, which fears the introduction of new sanctions by the US, which has already expressed concern about the tandem of Moscow and Tehran,” the expert said.

According to the political scientist, the Hamadan base is a strategic airbase for Russia: the flight time is reduced, aircraft can take more ammunition. From the strategic point of view, the Iranian airbase is a serious help in the fight against terrorism.

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Glad to hear Russia is returning to hamadan. It will make hitting targets around deir ezzor and the surrounding areas less costly and more frequently available when needed.


A correct understanding of the expectations of each party is paramount. Iran is right in that there is no need to explain anything to those that oppose them. ” Loose lips sink ships”. Quiet strength is generally more effective.

Olayinka Abdulgafar

I agree with your submission. Much as we believe the US power to be declining it can still do lots of damages through unnecessary sanctions which delay national development of the affected countries. Iran will gain from this arrangement because lots of these infrastructures might be left to Iran at the end of the mission with some transfer of technology to butt. But all still need to be done under the radar as a neoconservative will definitely assume the president after Obama so we don’t need to give he/her the excuse to come down with another round of sanctions or an excuse to rally the international community for another confrontation.

Boris Kazlov

Neocons are already in power, Obama appointed them since day 1, e.g. Robert Gates.

Keep it Real

bring the good stuff too s 400 s 500

Russia needs to station a S-400 system their immediately. with S-400 on both flanks of Syria, Russia will only then truly command the sky’s of Syria and with their awesome fighter jets to back them. Russia can then control the situation 100%, and the Marxist-USSA will have to back away slowly.

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