Iran Missile Arsenal Capabilities (Infographics)


In comments to our previous infographics (Iran vs Saudi Arabia: Comparison of Military Power), readers asked SouthFront Team to cover Iran’s missiles capabilities in the event of a potential conflict.

Let’s look how far located targets Iran’s missiles could reach.

Iran Missile Arsenal Capabilities (Infographics)

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  • Marathon-Youth

    The map shows the current range of Iran’s missiles
    It also validates the fear of her Arab nations to also go nuclear in order to create a “mutually assured destruction” (MAD) scenario in the Middle East.

    The process of nations becoming nuclear include
    -India detonating a nuclear device in 1974. She got her technology from the Soviet Union
    -That led Pakistan to get the same technology from China
    -By 1998 both nations went nuclear by detonating nuclear devices.
    Pakistan’s Nuclear father Dr. khan sold those secrets to many nations, among them Iran and North Korea.
    -Now Iran has emerged as a nuclear armed nation and so has north Korea.
    -That in turn is going to force other nations in the Middle East to adopt this technology
    and the same for many nations in the Far East.
    -The case about Israel and her nuclear weapons program is yet another reason why the ME will go nuclear.

    • Rick0Shea

      “Iran has emerged as a nuclear armed nation”?

      Not even close.

  • Payne Degroin

    Iran can destroy the Zionist parasites as will. Great job.