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Iran Launches New Satellite-Carrying Rocket As Biden Plan To Restore Nuclear Deal Falters

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In a first since the Biden administration entered the White House, Iran has successfully launched its newest domestic built satellite-carrying rocket, named Zuljanah.

Iranian state TV while not specifying the exact date featured video of the launch Monday which occurred in a daytime desert setting. “State TV said the rocket is capable of carrying a 220-kilogram (485-pound) satellite, adding that the three-stage rocket uses solid fuel in the first and second stages and fluid fuel in the third,” according to the AFP.

The launch was a test hailed by officials as utilizing the Islamic Republic’s “most powerful rocket engine”.

An Iranian defense ministry statement said “the test helped Iran to achieve its most powerful rocket engine… the rocket can be launched using a mobile launching pad.”

“It is capable of carrying a single 220 kg satellite or up to 10 smaller ones” with the rocket itself capable of reaching a height of 310 miles, according to the statement.

And state TV added: “The Zuljanah is able to reach a height of 500 km … The three-stage satellite launcher uses a combination of solid and liquid fuels. It uses solid fuel in the first and second stages and fluid fuel in the third stage.”

Iran Launches New Satellite-Carrying Rocket As Biden Plan To Restore Nuclear Deal Falters

It is precisely the type of launch previously condemned by the prior Trump administration as a breach of past nuclear deal related commitments. The past administration had accused Iran of seeking to develop nuclear capable ballistic missiles under the guise of its “peaceful” space program.

Iran has in recent years sent small satellites into space, namely the IRGC’s Noor last year successfully put into orbit.

It’s also expected this latest test will come under Western condemnation at a sensitive moment Iran and the US are teasing the possibility of restoring the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA), but with each side telling the other essentially “you move first”.

The timing is further interesting given Tehran appears to be continuing to develop leverage aimed at getting Biden to quickly lift sanctions and finally return to the JCPOA.

At the start of this week US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told NBC News that the administration hopes to negotiate a “longer and stronger” deal, but only after Iran returns to compliance.

At the same time, Tehran is telling the White House that it must drop the Trump-era sanctions first. Blinken’s statements also grabbed attention because of the following:

During the interview, taped on Sunday, Blinken said Iran was months away from developing enough nuclear material to create a bomb, in “a matter of weeks”, if Iran continues to lift restraints put in place by the 2015 deal.

However, this has pretty much been the same refrain across multiple administrations going back years.


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Frankly, Iran’s space program is very advanced now. This is a dual use project and as solid fuel ICBM, it can travel over 5,000 kms and hit targets in tiny UK.


Ashok Varma

The launch was first reported by Indian space research research organization that has satellite tracking stations in Andaman islands and as shown on TV, if the trajectory of the rocket is curved then the range is in excess of 5,000kms or more and can cover China and all of Europe. Iran deserves Shahbaash (Hind/Urdu well done and congratulations).


Very impressive for a country that the US and west have been trying to isolate for better part of half a century. Persians are capable people.


i like how frank uses the word frankly to start his points seriously its funny XD


when i see frank in sf than i think frankly

Cray Brand

Frankly Frank is the best poster on this group! Period :)


Looks like there’s nothing else to do, with the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists’ schemes and Russia/China striving for ever increasing business and partnership with them, it’s becoming more obvious that Iran must play by the rules set by them but watch over its own interests.

Terrorist Ziocorporate capitalism isn’t about to let up on its economic warfare and speeding up tech development is the only way to ensure continued existence as a somewhat sovereign entity in this smorgasbord of globalist chaos.

Ashok Varma

The Zionists don’t stand a chance against Iran and their only failed hope was to instigate the unstable Trump into a swan song war, but the Pentagon vetoed that suicidal move. It would be best for the US to accept Iran as the regional power and lift sanctions.


Actually, sanctions are better for Iran to develop its own path, Russia and China want in on Ziocorporatism’s investment and stock market schemes for example as they play for dominant global roles, even if a bit modified to their pseudonationalist interests, while Iran can’t be certain there won’t be more UN sanctions in the future, so it would be best to build up its own market and ways to trade with other countries like say Venezuela, which has plenty of useful natural resources for industry and lands for agriculture.

Ashok Varma

You are right, as frequent visitor to Iran, the sanctions have only accelerated Iran’s Khod Kafei (self sufficiency) that was started as result of the Saddam war. Iranians are very proud people and contrary to the trolls are very united when it comes to defending their country. Iran is a very educated country and compared to India it very developed (sadly for Indians). Even villages are electrified with paved roads. US policy dictated by Zionists has backfired big time. India despite a crazy fanatic Modi, maintained good relations with Iran and we understand its pivotal Eurasian strength, history and immense wealth and potential. US is the only loser here as China will move into the vacuum. India is accelerating the funding for Chah Bahar super port to keep China out, US should look after its own interests. Iran’s rise simply can not be stopped. Chah Bahar is India’s only access to the riches of EurAsian markets. Iran is the dominant power.

comment image


If US continues with its Zionist instigated erroneous failed policies, the Chinese will try to link this great natural deep water port into their burgeoning One Belt. Biden needs to move fast and work out a modus vivendi with Iran as geography and Iran’s primal position is not about to change.


Wow … electricity and roads

Very impressive


Reverse engineering is the most Iran can accomplish … pmsl

Israel … a tiny State is MILES AHEAD ALREADY …

Emad Irani

“reverse engineering” a solid fuel rocket or missile… Dumb Hasbara hahaha


NK model and add an ‘I’

johnny rotten

Here I seem to see a pattern spanning decades, first the USSR helped China in nuclear and aerospace, then both helped North Korea in the same way, then North Korea discreetly inherited the same role, benefiting countries like Iran which was being brutally targeted by Western imperialism.
After the end of the USSR and a short pause, the conversation seems to have started again, Russia helps China and North Korea in the hypersonic sector, a sector that cannot arise overnight, then Korea gets busy to help other countries that deserve it and need it, all without incurring the wrath of the brutal Western regime, as we say plausible or rather hidden deniability.
Think for example of the role of North Korea in the defense of Syria, passed on the sly and recognized only for certain official thanks from the Government of Damascus, to recap: it seems that the chain of solidarity in the free world still works and well, to the deep regret of the part of the colonialist and exceptionalist world, which does not even dare to talk about it.

Just Me

Good points. DPRK, Chinese and Russians are always invited to Iranian satellite launches, a lot of collaboration happening :) Iranian SU-30 was also shown today.

Jimmy Jim



small testicles … eh?

Zarif is pleading on his knees for the EU to help get the USA back in the deal …



‘solidarity in the free world’ ? lol

Very Orwellian … eh?

Freedom is Slavery

War is Peace

Ignorance is Strength

To recap … you’re full of sh Xt … lol

The Future is About to Land …

cechas vodobenikov

tritz and Zion moving to sinai desert w ISIS to learn how to make IED when Israel annexed by Jordan, Lebanon, syria, Palestine

Arch Bungle

Some dumb bitch on this forum told me Muslims can’t build anything. Guess she’ll gave to eat her foot now.

Arch Bungle

I often say the foundations of Western science were laid in the Islamic Golden age for it was the Islamic Golden Age which gave birth to the Rennaisance in Europe.

On the other hand, all the jews ever gave us was a primitive, repressive religion that nearly wiped out Science in the West.


what about the actual carrier rocket i hope its going to fly in one month and 20 days this is the carrier for micro satellites and not even comparable to the big thing


4 of these as solid booster added on the large slv will be pretty much a huge carrier able to bring large satellites to space or be the carrier for a space program while this is basically the cheapest solution to get satellites into low orbit after all its possible to launch these on mobile launcher


The vermin are bragging of their accomplishments … lol

Solid rocket … et al

Zarif in the meantime is BEGGING for the EU to get Biden/Blinken to end the sanctions …. IMMEDIATELY

Biden/Blinken say ‘not so fast’ … we need to consult Israel/Gulf Arabs FIRST … hello?

Whose gonna blink FIRST?

Biden or Khamanei?

It’s a rhetorical question … eh?

The Future is About to Land …


It is being reported that Zarif is BEGGING the EU to mediate between parties for the US to drop SANCTIONS against Iran … in order to rejoin the Nuke Deal …

Biden / Blinken say: Not so fast !!!

Seems the Iranians are DESPERATE FOR SANCTIONS RELIEF … eh?

Talking tough but with a begging bowl outstretched? Does that look seem tough? ROTFLMAO

The vile Iranian Police State appears vulnerable … losing on ALL fronts … why they can’t even carry out a terror attack successfully … pmsl

Iran appears weak … not a ‘good look’ at all … eh?

chris chuba

How long would Israel or Saudi Arabia last under the same sanctions before 50% of their population fled their country, a week, month, 3 mo’s?


How long will Iran last under this sanctions regime?

I don’t respond to hypotheticals …


Arch Bungle

1 week. Uncle Sam would airlift them all back to brooklyn.

Arch Bungle

israel needs to build iron domes.

Iran gets to build space rockets.

Who’s winning now?

Not the welfare queens in Tel Aviv, that’s for sure.

Blue In Green

Don’t have much to add, just some more information for those interested.



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