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MAY 2021

Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

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Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

IMAGE: twitter.com/FarsNews_Agency/

UPDATE: The CENTCOM (United States Central Command) claims that Iran launched 15 missiles. 10 of them hit the US-operated Ayn al-Assad airbase, one struck the area near Erbil city (a US military facility is located there). 4 missiles allegedly failed.


Early on January 8, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched at least 10  missiles at the US airbase of Ain al-Assad in Anbar province in western Iraq.

“‘Hard revenge’ begins / Army’s heavy missile attacks on US base in [Ayn al-Asad],” the semi-official Fars News Agency wrote in twitter.

The Al Asad airbase houses about 1,500 U.S. and coalition forces.

The IRGC has called for a complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, asserting that it would not differentiate between the US and Israel or any another country in retaliating against the assassination of the Iranian national hero.

“We warn US allies providing bases for the [American] terrorist army… that any country serving as the origin of bellicose and aggressive attacks in any form against the Islamic Republic of Iran will be targeted,” the IRGC statement said.

(UPDATE) Around an hour after the first strike Iran launched a second batch of missiles on US military facilities in Iraq, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency.

“A few minutes ago [3:30 am local time] the second wave of Iranian missile attacks on the US base is launched,” Tashim reported.

The second batch of missiles was reportedly aimed at both the al-Ain assad base and the US military facility near the city of Erbil.

Alleged photos from the Erbil countryside (not confirmed):

Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

The strike came in response to the US military’s assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Qods Force of the IRGC, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), and other Iraqi and Iranian officers in Baghdad on January 3.

Iran’s Representative of the Supreme Leader to the Secretary of Supreme National Security Council mimicked US President Donald Trump’s tweet after the January 3 attack:

Iran Launches Missiles At US Military Bases In Iraq, Demands Full US Troop Withdrawal (Videos, Photos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

The Pentagon officially confirmed strikes in an official comment saying that it would take “necessary measures” to defend its forces.

“Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against US military and coalition forces in Iraq. It is clear that these missiles were launched from Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases,” the Pentagon said adding that it was working on “initial battle damage assessments.”

“As we evaluate the situation and our response, we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend US personnel, partners and allies in the region.”


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    1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

      Get lost antisemite. Iran’s turn is next. USA is preparing a MASSIVE bombing campaign against Iran. Tehran will be flattened and all of Iran’s military capabilities will be degraded within 72 hours

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        What a liar.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          He is liar, fraud and a convicted criminal. He is just a attention seeking PUNK troll and not worth responding to as that is what his aim is.

          1. Ricky Miller says:

            Heavy on the punk

      2. ruca says:

        At the same time your nose will be flattened.

      3. Pork says:

        But israel will go as well! No matter what the results, Israel is finished.

        1. javier says:

          this makes me very happy

      4. World_Eye says:

        BLAH BLAH BLAH just from another Zionist.

      5. LR captain says:

        you get lost, the patriots should have defended the bases if they actually worked. Surely you would have proof of an interception rate well hear it.

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          The patriots were pointed towards turkey this time!!!


          1. FlorianGeyer says:


      6. J Ramirez says:

        Hitler calls a meeting of his best soldiers and commanders and tells them “Alright I want to order the assassination of one thousand jews and four hedgehogs.”
        Then one of his generals stands and says “But… Mein furhur why four hedgehogs?”
        Hitler then smiles and says “See? No one gives a f*ck about the jews.”

      7. Ricky Miller says:

        I’m laughing at you.

      8. Kell says:

        You mean Israel will be flattened :D

      9. Concrete Mike says:

        What is.usa.sending? You and a benchpress?

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          I am told that Pampers are now being stockpiled by the US military. The current generation of US grunts have not really been involved in a serious war and all their LGBT awareness training will now be put to the test. :)

  1. PZIVJ says:

    This is a measured attack by Iran.
    Iran telling the US not to respond.
    So now the shoe is on the other foot. Your turn Trump clown.
    Any angry tweets from POTUS yet? :)

    1. Sam Adams says:

      Lol… I do think Iran is going to get a measured response back. Sounds like they may lose a few mosques.

      1. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

        u wish “sam adams”

      2. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Talk is cheap you dumbass playstation punks.

      3. Roy G. Biv says:

        Typical Yankee, high on the opium from Afghanistan.

      4. Ricky Miller says:

        And as soon as the U.S. attacks Iran and the full war is on Syria attacks the U.S. garrison at Tanf and the 800 U.S. soldiers East of the Euphrates. Syrian Toschka’s and warplanes can attack at will because the U.S. will have it’s hands full against Iran’s air defenses. Any country allowing the U.S. to take off from their country will have military facilities and oil infrastructure aflame in response.

    2. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

      he still thinks he can negotiate with them LOL

      1. PZIVJ says:

        Trump does not know the meaning of that word. :)

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Trump is a dumbass coward and will back down just watch. Iran is ready for a 100 year regional war and the Americunt loser military is well aware. They will deescalate, Iran has hit them hard with over a dozen one ton missiles and Arbil was hit to warn the Zionists that they will be next. Persians are slow to anger, but the brazen terrorist murder of General Soleimani had to be avenged. The Americunt losses have been severe, but they will hide them like their Zionist masters do when Hezbollah whacks them. NEVER TWEAK THE PERSIAN LIONS TAIL.

          1. Paul says:

            I can’t see Trump backing down, he’s to proud and arrogant. I hope he does but I don’t think he will.

          2. d'Artagnan says:

            The US military will not fight.

          3. m newman says:

            Hope he chokes out on a Big Mac overnight while watching Fox news reports

          4. David Parker says:

            Iran has not touched the US military. Those missiles were a joke, did next to no damage and just proved that shooing conventional missiles is merely an expensive hobby.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        Trump says that he is ‘Very Smart’, so surely he must be :)

    3. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

      Our turn. POTUS has just authorized a MASSIVE air campaign against all Iranian Air Defense/military sites inside Iran and all proxies. He has ordered all Iranian Military/proxies to be liquidated by hundreds of US Military aircraft

      1. John says:

        There are and will be , plenty more missiles from where those came from. They would not have done it unless they were ready.

        1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

          And all those launch sites will soon be flattened by F-35’s

          1. AJ says:

            Mobile launchers are tricky to find.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Iran has over a million rockets and missiles. Many are cruise missiles with 2500 kms range.

          3. Rhodium 10 says:

            surely pilots dont want be shot down and lynch by population

          4. FlorianGeyer says:

            Are you saying that the US F35’s are not ‘invisible’ to all radars?

            Except birds of course, I nearly forgot that :)

          5. Damien C says:

            Aye hold on i’ll get the truck out to give those F35s a tow out of the hangar where they spend their lives

          6. Kell says:

            Lol thats awesome :D

          7. BlueHeadLizard says:

            Fake news for sure but good idea especially for those politicians drum beating for war.

          8. Ricky Miller says:

            I guarantee that a long war will result in Trump’s electoral defeat and a withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and Syria. And serious damage to both the Western economies and the U.S. relationship with almost…everybody. NATO forces, except the UK will be gone from the region in days.

          9. Zionism = EVIL says:

            100% certain.

          10. Lonesome Cowboy Burt says:

            Thankfully the Europeans aren’t wholesale idiocracy as the UK and USA, Canada.

          11. Gary Sellars says:

            “And all those launch sites will soon be flattened by F-35’s”

            Empty ground from which the mobile launchers have long departed…

            Sucks to be you, big nosed kyke liar.

          12. Ewan says:

            And Israel will be flattened by 3 of the 250 Nukes it bought from Ukraine in 2006. one for haifa, one for Tel Aviv and one for Dimona

          13. John says:

            Gee, it’s been a bit now and nothing flattened there big mouth. Talk like yours, like you have been spouting off for months, has amounted to just horse manure. Get a grip on reality.

      2. Karen Bartlett says:

        Get out of US, Israelis.

      3. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Rubbish you Jew PUNK.

      4. LR captain says:

        you said that iran would attack the us, you said that iraqi would never ask the us to leave both have happened.

      5. Roy G. Biv says:

        Then Yankee HQ will be attacked. Bomb Bomb Tel Aviv

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          It all depends on the Americunts now. If the idiots make the fatal mistake and attack Iran then everything will burn, Ben Gurion airport and Dubai will be the next targets as I had stated Arbil yesterday as an opening target. 4 Shahabs hit Arbil and caused major destruction as a warning.

      6. Liberal guy says:

        Hahahahaha u zio boy

      7. Patrick Kramer says:

        This is a lie…. Just like the Hollywoodcaust or your identity….

      8. Ricky Miller says:

        Bring it. You overestimate the ability of U.S. aircraft to operate unmolested and overestimate just how destructive aircraft carrying missiles are. The U.S. simply doesn’t have enough firepower to stop Iran’s missile activities and certainly not Iran’s armies if they pour into Iraq.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          You are arguing with a felon Jew PUNK, not a good idea :)

          1. Ricky Miller says:

            I’ve had some wine to salute the bravery of Iranian servicemen defending their country. Forgive me.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            This should have never come as a surprise Ricky. Persians are quiet people who have given the world poets, intellectuals and culture, but their origins are warriors as they build the largest empire the world has ever seen. You can only push them so far.

          3. Issam says:

            This freak is not a jew, look at him.

      9. zman says:

        OK, that’s it!! Keep out of the damn mushrooms while you’re watching Fail Safe.

      10. Karen Bartlett says:

        Do you get paid by Mossad per comment or by the hour?

      11. J Ramirez says:

        Is it POTUS or PUTOS?

        1. Jaime says:

          Putazas Lol

      12. Justin says:

        Shut up Jew! That General in Iran was a Jew too!
        So FUCK OFF!
        But yes, i hope Trump fucks them up good!
        But i still hate Jews!

    4. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Exactly, I wrote yesterday that the dumbass Americunts are misreading Iranian patience and a decision was taken by the Iranian high command three days ago to launch a measured retaliation as General Soleimani was being buried. Now the dumbass Americunts have been warned directly, if you mess with Iran, the whole region will burn and there will be no place for Americunt arseholes to hide. It is no coincidence that Putin is in Syria, Russia was told in advance.

    5. Ewan says:

      Yeah there was one angry Tweet “All’s Well” he said, while crapping himself for whats coming next as he sees his re-election chances slipping

  2. Legis Legis Juscius says:

    wow…respect for Iran, they still have some ballzzzz:)

      1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

        The sand people will be turned into sand by the USAF, US Navy and IDF!

        1. Pork says:


        2. Ricky Miller says:

          If the IDF gets in on it Hezbollah lights Israeli cities up.

          1. Vitex says:

            I bet Netanyahu is already squealing

          2. m newman says:

            IDF good for kneecapping kids throwing rocks, killing medics, women, cripples & reporters peacefully protesting on their own land

        3. Karen Bartlett says:

          Yeah, if the “sandpeople” aren’t armed.

        4. m newman says:

          The same IDF whose leader Netanyahu is running away from Trump tail between his legs after instigating this whole thing. Remember the USS Liberty

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Persians are true to their word and this should have come as no surprise.

  3. Peter Bozich says:

    The U.S if smart which they are not should heed the warning. If not prepare for a war that is long and costly. If the U.S does continue, they can count their economy goodbye. Oil price will kill off what’s left of the West’s economy that is already in freefall.

    1. Sam Adams says:

      Dude, you are seriously deluded.

      1. Peter Bozich says:

        The U.S is hated everywhere, no delusion in that dude. Now go back to watching CNN for more brainwashing dude.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Americunts are historic cowards and the fat orange old moron Trump is the worst of the cowards, he is just a showboat draft dodging scum who has no military experience and will send the trailer trash to die in the region. The problem now is that the Americunts are overstretched and going backrupt and a draft will have to be introduced if they escalate as Iran has disbursed its manpower and assets all over the region and will make sure it goads the the dumbass Americunts into a long ground war of attrition all over the worst mountainous and desert terrain in the world. Tehran is over 1500 kms from the nearest Americunt invasion point in Kuwait or the Persian Gulf and no army in history has ever accomplished that. The moron Saddam with Americunt and western total support tried in 1980 and we also know how well that ended and the dumbass Americunts “eagle claw” when they fled leaving dead rednecks and dozens of helicopters and C-130 that the Iranians still fly. BRING IT ON!

          1. David Parker says:

            I disagree. Americans fighting for their families and land are valiant. Soldiers who joined the military because they could not find an honest job and for whom the military is a form of welfare are a different matter.
            US deep state demons owned by Zionists are the worst cowards.

          2. d'Artagnan says:

            I would agree, the Zionist cancer must be eradicated from the US and the world in general. Looks like Bernie Sanders will be the next president if the idiot Trump is stupid enough to start a major war.

          3. m newman says:

            So true. No more zionist in any part of US government, no more AIPAC, no more Netanyahu speeches to congress, no more 3B a year given to Israel, instead give vets medical care and housing with that money!

          4. Sakaramanga says:

            how long do you think it will take Bernie to become the likes of his predecessors who were puppets of the Zionist Deep-State (if not already owned)? Pick a time between a few days to a few weeks.

          5. Issam says:

            Uhh… When was the last time an American fought for his family and land ?

          6. Karen Bartlett says:

            1860-1865. The Southern Confederacy.

          7. Ewan says:

            “Americans fighting for their families and land” – fighting for their land thousands of miles away against a country who has no ability to attack the US at all. Destroying millions of lives in a genocidal war for oil and Israel on the pretext of WMD’s. Who the F@ck are you kidding? USA is a racist genocidal aggressor state whose military targets civilians (Fallujah, Mosul, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the list goes on) and whose soldiers die for Israel. What is valiant in that?

          8. Selbstdenker says:

            Yeah, its the national security brainwash, no one ever detailed to the american people what it means. What should a black man in the bronx fear, or a potato farmer in Idaho? That Iran will send a rocket to destroy their home? How pathetic! But most US citizen are not even able to think about the bullshit they get served every day.

          9. Karen Bartlett says:

            That, I believe, is because of the myth of American Exceptionalism. We are fed a constant diet of what a Christian country we are, and it causes cognitive dissonance when people are confronted with the truth, such that they get very upset and defensive of their myth.

          10. Karen Bartlett says:

            But the recruits don’t generally know until they deploy that they’re fighting for oil profits and poppies. They believe the propaganda, which permeates the MSM, that America is under threat.

          11. FlorianGeyer says:

            The reality though is that US soldiers are NOT fighting to safeguard US land.

            The US soldiers ARE in fact fighting to plunder the lands and the resources of other peoples lands on behalf of Zionist US corporations and Israel.

            I would think that even the most stupid US soldiers realise this FACT.

          12. Karen Bartlett says:

            I think they find out quickly once they get over there, where ever “over there” may be. But by then they are US gov’t property (They tell you that in boot camp) and can’t unjoin the military. Whistle blowers are persecuted, but there are a few, mostly after they retire, though.

          13. Sakaramanga says:

            I don’t disagree but want to point out : there was no time in the past that american land and/or american families were in danger. so no such american fighting for his family or land existed. all these wars US waged were for the Zionists, for The Corporations.

          14. Karen Bartlett says:

            Well, sir, you are forgetting the War to Prevent Southern Secession. That was the first war of conquest by the US federal gov’t. It has just continued (right after began the Indian wars, for the railroads-Lincoln was a wealthy lawyer for the railroads, not a poor boy-see “The Real Lincoln by Thomas J. DiLorenzo). Confederate soldiers were Americans.and they are considered American soldiers by the US gov’t. It’s a law.

          15. Karen Bartlett says:

            P.S. the issue of slavery was only one issue in the War. Mostly it was about high tariffs imposed on the South by the feds-the South was paying in 80% of the federal funds while the North was receiving 75% of these funds to benefit Northern industry. Also, Lincoln’s “Free soil” campaign was based on the fact that the new Territories wanted no blacks, slave or free, in their States upon Statehood. The North was extremely racist, according to the historian Alex De Tocqueville, who visited the US in 1830 and then wrote a book called “Democracy in America”.

          16. SonofAmalek says:

            millions of dead rednecks…what’s not to love?

          17. Ashok Varma says:


        2. Justin says:

          CNN hates Trump and loves Iran! Have u been watching CNN?
          They are on your side!
          So is John Kerry and Obama!

          You’ll find out soon enough, after that, u can follow me :)

          ill be your new leader! SAY MY NAME!!! SAY IT!!!!!!
          U will soon!


      2. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Go back to playstation dumbass idiot.

      3. Ricky Miller says:

        Like hell. There is a huge derivative bubble in the U.S. based on artificially depressed inflation, controlled oil prices and money printing. A wider war means damaged oil facilities, a closed Hormuz strait and a huge surge in oil prices. Iran could literally break the West’s economy and send bundles of cash into Russia’s treasury. Carry on.

      4. zman says:

        Check your click count there Brainiac. You’re the one who is deluded. All Iran has to do is mine the gulf and nothing else and that’s all she wrote. Check gas prices today? They ain’t going down anytime soon and likely ain’t done rising neither.

      5. Justin says:

        i agree! these idiots think Iran has the upper hand lol!
        They need to “think white and get serious”!

        They’ll find out soon enough!
        Down votes are a badge of honour, especially when proven right :)

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      This was a measured Iranian response to an illegal terrorist Americunt assassination of a senior Iranian officer. As I stated yesterday, Iran is ready for a long war on its home turf and neighborhood, are the Americunt cowards who will need millions of faggot soldiers? Never mess with the wrong people, the Persian lion has awoken and the whole region will burn if the dumbass Americunt losers escalate.

      1. Sakaramanga says:

        The best part of it is that US cannot organize and push their allies/puppets around Iran to fight Iran <— too big for them to dare.

      2. Jake321 says:

        And especially Iran will burn.

      1. Karen Bartlett says:


      2. Ashok Varma says:

        Kudos to Iran. Persians true to their word. Hopefully, US thuggery will stop.

      3. Justin says:

        America is going to free Iran!

          1. Justin says:

            They already did!
            your lion General of Quds force (who was a Jew) is dead!
            Trying to kill Iran and free Persia!
            Im on your side, but youre not!

            Soon this will happen in Iran! [Then u will become Persia again:) ]
            The Great Awakening!

          2. Justin says:

            FREEDOM is coming to Persia!
            Patriots FIGHT!

          3. Jake321 says:

            Well, to a mouse, a kitty cat sure looks like a lion.

    3. adzsiam says:

      Frankly, I don’t believe the US wouldn’t have analysed or anticipated Iranian response options. I believe the term sacrificial lamb comes to mind, as the attack is a way to rousing sentiment and justify the US response soon to come. Depending if you believe in the Pearl Harbour conspiracy or not, that attack galvanised a dormant giant to war.

      1. Pablo Rivera says:

        ” that attack galvanised a dormant giant to war…” it seems that you are talking about Iran, the US was not sleeping, it comited an act of terrorism by killing an official in a diplomatic mission.

      2. Jaime says:

        Verbal diarrhoea.

      3. Justin says:

        Yep, i told these monkeys it was a setup against Iran!
        one only has to look at the document that lured the Iranian General to Bagdad!
        The US was never going to leave Iraq, the General later said “it was a poorly worded Draft”!
        The Iranian General went straight to Iraq to commit crimes to KEEP the USA in Iraq since he thought they were leaving!
        The US went fishing and caught a WHOPPER! hahaha

        Here’s the doc that sucked the Iranian General to his death “hook line and sinker”!
        Poorly worded on purpose! Not leaving Iraq, just moving forces around!
        GOT HIM!
        Iran responds (expected)
        USA takes out targets they have had on their list for years!
        Thats the ball game!


        1. Issam says:

          “it’s better to be silent than to be a fool”
          You don’t even know what you are talking about boi.

          1. Justin says:

            i just gave u the document that proves why the General came to Bagdad!
            Why would this document rush him to Bagdad?

            i know whats going on!
            1000 x more than anyone on this site!
            literally 1000 x more!

          2. Issam says:

            You are delusional man!
            If you are 1000x better than anyone then you would’ve at least have read the date and the first 2 lines of the letter.
            You have no idea about what you are talking about here.

          3. Justin says:

            Here is just a small taste of what i know!
            Try and find this picture below of John McCain anywhere on the internet! (with black water security)
            You cant, you wont!
            By the way, (besides my editing) its the original!
            If u dont understand what u are looking at, let me know! ill explain!
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2be3705f649191abd6152aa79c95b3c3f0f19a178d215a1bc6e9dc0ea6696365.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccb09a3e37ccb8e64f1cda0b9f12dc6adda52a8a8f8a18a2172e3d44fbcb2a08.jpg

            Im not an important person! im just a normal guy like u!
            But i get intelligence leaks!

            if u want to know how to get the same info i get, let me know! Happy to show u!

            John McCain was the handler of Bagdaddi!
            i know how mccain died, i know how they found Bagdaddi, i know they knew his whereabouts for over a year, i know why they took so long to get him!

            If i know this, what else do i know!
            Dude im not showing off, 10% of the worlds population knows the same things i am telling u!

            So my question to u is, why dont YOU know?
            U know ISIS and Al-Quieda were Mossad and CIA creations!
            So how come u dont know about Iran and North Korea?

            Seriously, im asking u WHY?

            im on your side! But youre not!

          4. Issam says:

            I know about this, but it’s not something new. i don’t get your point. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8402df6668a58ab3048425764a649c04185e6a510ff47a7be8f3d43dc77a5cd2.png

          5. Justin says:

            No u dont!
            Black water took these phots (Eric Prince)! A guy most of u hate and see as an enemy! Therefore how did his photos become released?
            These are EXTREMELY classified photographs! They prove McCain was working and handling ISIS! Yes McCain was the handler and i know u know that!
            But what u dont know is who was taking the photo!
            Does McCain travel without security?
            What security works with such diplomats who would meet with isis to do dirty work (and the white helmets leader and the Al-Nusra leader)

            BLACK WATER!
            So how and why did Black water leak these photos??
            Double agents!
            Double agent against who?
            AGAINST McCain! Against the Deep state!
            So if a Eric Prince (an American SEAL) is Exposing McCain to be a Terrorist Handler, does that mean Eric Prince is a good guy? A double agent? Someone who knows “where the bodies are buried”?
            Someone within the US govt is working AGAINST those who created ISIS etc!
            Who do they hate the MOST?
            What u dont know is that bad guys are everywhere, including Iran!
            Why does Obama and John Kerry visit Iran and with Iranian officials so often?

            What is Obama’s Secret Service name?
            “a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
            “an agent who later turns out to be a renegade”
            “having treacherously changed allegiance.
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e713d8e0037084bd4eae2dc92d032c210cb516e08399d91aba6f62167cbfd512.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ace15b1210e445b6220ceb66f90d4b36b1254601c596d62650bb21c907b0fe1.jpg

            McCain handler of isis and NeoCons (republican votes)
            Maxwell and Ehud Barak handler of Epsetin
            Clinton Handler of Democrats!
            Kerry and Obama handler of Iran
            Mossad Handler of CIA (former CIA)
            Soros Handler of Obama
            Rothschilds handler of Soros
            Saudi’s Handler of Clinton

            Everyone and everything at the TOP leadership level has a handler!
            Kim Jung Un had a handler, but they were taken away! FREE’d!
            Ayotolla had a handler! A jewish General! Free’d!
            its all going to come out eventually dude!
            i know it sounds crazy… i know!
            But its all true!

            They dont just own both politcal parties or fund 2 sides of a war! They also own the enemies! Not just isis, Al-Quieda or hamas! They owned NK and Iran too!

            laugh all u want! but soon, ull know this for yourself to be true!

          6. Justin says:

            That letter is a release date to the senate!
            Did u see the General’s comments?
            Look, Iran’s leadership dont want the USA out of Iraq (just like the deep state dont)! U see how dems scream at trump for announcing to pullout of syria?

            Their goals are to lock the US in the middle east. in deep confronation!
            Iran, much like NK is being USED as the nation to do this!
            Iran like NK is being used as an expendable deep state, cia controlled asset to keep the USA in the middle east to collapse its economy (eventually)!
            Yes Iran will go down too but your leadership wont! And ur people will think of them as Martyrs!

            look dude, its a setup!
            Israel controls and created Hamas
            CIA controls and created ISIS and Al-quieda
            Its there perfect enemy to grant REASON to attack and destroy! To invade!
            The IRA was also controlled and created by British Intel!

            You know how this works!
            i know u know this!
            But this does not stop at North Korea and Iran! im sorry to say it dude and i can already feel u pulling away and saying “nooo” but im afraid so!

            There are much Grander reasons for this!
            But again, as u know about certain Jewish bankers, u fund both sides of a war! U control both political parties!
            This is a strategy used for world domination! Divide and conquer!
            Trumps election win was the break in this! (so too Putin’s)!
            Why do u think they hate him so much and are trying everything to get him out?

            Dude, u need to wake up!
            if u want to turn a blind eye to this, its fine because u seem to have a dog in this fight! but like i been telling everyone, im flying at 300,000 feet! and u are all stuck at 20,000 feet!
            All u see is ISIS = CIA
            i see soo much more!
            WITH PROOF!
            Not evidence!!! PROOF!

          7. Issam says:

            Hmm…well this is definitly not a coincidence. you’re on to something.
            But i fail to see how is this connected to the letter since the prime minister and the parliment voted for them to leave and then letter show up then, and why would Iran wouldn’t want US to leave the region, and why they have changed their position now, i feel like you blowing this out of propotion, but i’m happy to listen.

          8. Justin says:

            Vote was nothing! Kurds down voted, so did the Sunni’s! its just a charade!
            In Truth Iraq doesnt want the US to leave because it means for certain Iran over takes them (politically)

          9. Justin says:

            its connected to the point im making about the Bad guys (the former CIA) black hats! The NYT is a CIA organisation! Why would they be Warning the Iranian General? Is he an Asset too? Dont laugh…. think!

            As for the letter, listen to this clip i have copied for u and starts at 10:19 in the video! Im telling u it was MADE as a setup, to lure the General to Bagdad where they could kill him!


          10. Justin says:

            Freedom is coming to Iran!
            Trust me, the Jews have control over u! u just dont know it!
            Soon u will!


          11. Justin says:

            Were u silent?
            Are u soon to be made into a fool?
            Practice what u preach!
            The General was a JEW!

          12. Issam says:

            What ??? now you are not making sense anymore.

    4. Justin says:


  4. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

    The Mullah Regime has just started/declared war on the USA by launching an unprovoked, illegal missile attack on our US troops inside Iraq!

    1. Sam Adams says:

      Lol… unprovoked, eh?

      1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

        Salami had it coming. He was responsible for the deaths of 800 American troops by guerilla warfare in Iraq from 2003-2011

        1. AJ says:

          They were invaders who carried out illegal war.

        2. LR captain says:

          so you saying he actually succeeded in causing actual damage to US forces bravo to him.

          Thanks to him US n co are anywhere from a battalion to regiment weaker.

        3. J Ramirez says:

          Shove the salami in your ass you Jew fuck ;}

        4. Paul says:

          Live by the sword, die by it. They were the invading force. Are you really that brainwashed?

        5. Concrete Mike says:

          LOL Salami is a different guy, you dumb fuck dont even know what your talking about.

          SOLEIMANI, let his spirit haunt your racist ass for a while!

    2. Pork says:

      Wait for whats next. We made a big fkn mistake dude

    3. Karen Bartlett says:

      Oh, “our” troops. You mean belonging to Israel?

    4. AJ says:

      Nope US did that killing Irans general on official business

    5. Kell says:

      Go back to Wall Street you sniveling moron – oh BTW, news just out that those calling for war on social media are being automatically enrolled in the military to go fight – enjoy hahaha

    6. Paul says:

      You propagandist. Typical Zionist. Lies. Trump started it by killing Soleimani. Unprovoked? Lol, you really are full of shit. Lying dog. People like you make the world an evil place.

    7. Concrete Mike says:

      Us army started paybacks a bitch.

  5. RichardD says:

    If the US hits Iran directly. Then Iran is going to continue to hit US bases and probably ships also.

    It doesn’t look like the Patriots are stopping the attacks. From the sounds of preliminary reports. The Iranian missiles are getting through.

    1. Sam Adams says:

      IF the US hits Iran directly? Lol…

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Over a hundred dead and wounded Americunts so far according to Iraqi media.

        1. Kell says:

          Any links?

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          When the body bags and wounded get back to the US, the US Military could say that there has just been yet another ‘Training Accident’ and that the US Military ‘Is learning from its health and safety mistakes’ , I suppose :)

    2. Rhodium 10 says:

      because they have used a mix of cruise missile and ballistic missile

    3. BlueHeadLizard says:

      RichardD, and to all the forum, what do you know about 2 questions I’ve found no info on:

      1. Did the Iran missiles hit the empty spaces of the bases (rather than the dormitories) on purpose, i.e. a warning without wanting to escalate? Looking back at the accuracy of the Houthi Aramco refinery attacks (I assume they were Iran missile tech) this seems like the case.

      2. Does anyone know that no NATO SAMs / gattling guns / lazer intercepted these missiles? Does that mean all US military installations (land and sea) are vulnerable to Iran surface to surface missiles? If Iran can hit the US missile platforms at land or sea, that is one hell of game changer compared to Iraq war just 15 years back when Iraq only fielded innacurate scuds.

      1. RichardD says:

        Iraq was able to hit ships. That’s pretty accurate. The US and allies had a lot more forces and equipment in theater during the war than now and began a ground invasion almost immediately. And had been attriting the Iraq military for years with air strikes.

        I haven’t seen any reports of missiles being shot down. So yes, it looks like Iran can get their missiles through without them being shot down. I haven’t seen any reports beyond Iranian claims that they hit the targets that they were aiming at. If they were able to hit buildings, aircraft and personnel as they claim. Then they are far ahead of Iraq.

        They’re also demonstrating the ability to deliver a lot more throw weight on target a lot faster than Iraq by putting up dozens of missiles quickly compared to one Scud at a time by Iraq.

  6. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

    POTUS has authorized the US Military to launch the largest Aerial Bombing campaign against the Iranians since the Vietnam and Korean War! 1,000 tomahawk missiles on standby ready to flatten all Iranian military bases and air defense sites. 100 F-35’s, B-2 bombers, and B-52’s ready to flatten all of Iran if needed!

    1. John says:

      Not really ……. read a little about operation Linebacker before you cream in your pants too much. Just a salvo.

    2. Nowruz says:

      The Apartheid State of Hooknose is next!

    3. Rhodium 10 says:

      Come on tell it to the US soldiers deployed in that bases in Irak…

    4. Wayne Nicholson says:

      Really? So what …. you hanging out with Donny in the oval office today?

      There’s no harm in a little trolling but for the love of god son making a statement that is obviously speculation just makes you look like an idiot.

      You’ll find out what the US response will be at the same time as everyone else. Trump still has to deal with congress over the assassination of Soleimani. They’ll allow a response but it may not be one that leads to war on Iran. Congress really don’t want a war with Iran.

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        I think he must get paid by the Israelis on a quota basis. And the next shift is due to start work.

        1. Wayne Nicholson says:

          Funny how the whole crew show up at the same time isn’t it?

    5. sam_koll says:

      All the Agent Orange and all the Napalm your team drops on innocent Vietnamese and Koreans…You lost both wars

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        The US also used biological weapons against civilians of North Korea during the 1953/4 war.

    6. Kell says:

      Hey Jacob did you know you have been automatically enrolled to go fight lol – enjoy!

    7. Paul says:

      Funny you bring up, Korea and Vietnam, more evidence of Amercia’s killing of tens of thousands of innocent people. You dog.

  7. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

    USS Florida Submarine on standby waiting to destroy all of Iran’s military power. It’s armed with 154 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

    1. PZIVJ says:

      News update Jacob.
      USS Florida has just been disabled by unknown torpedo. :DDD

      1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

        fake news. prove it

    2. You can call me Al says:

      154 missiles you say, didn’t they fire 100 and 50+ before on 2 occasions and they were laughable ?.

      They are probably having some faggott party onbaord as we speak.

    3. LR captain says:

      this more than 154 anti-ship missile more like 500 along the coast
      along with 1500 anti sites even the interception rate is 20% percent 11 of those 52 F-35s are not coming home.

    4. Ricky Miller says:

      Iran has defenses to blunt cruise missile strikes. And thousands of Iran’s missiles and TEL’s are stored underground. It’s a long cruise back to be re-armed.

  8. Prince Teutonic says:

    Putin got himself trapped in Damascus while shit hit the fan…

    1. Jason Tribolini says:

      He was last in Turkey and is now in an underground command center east of Moscow.

  9. RichardD says:

    What’s important is if the missiles are getting through, how much damage they’re doing and if the US can stop the attacks.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      Would be nice if some expensive aircraft taken out on the tarmac.
      This attack was probably designed not to cause casualties.

      1. RichardD says:

        Avoiding casualties might be difficult to achieve at these distances against bases full of people. Even if casualties are minimal. Just the missiles getting through air defenses and hitting their targets doesn’t bode well for the US.

      2. Ricky Miller says:

        Well U.S. forces are hunkered down deep. Hiding.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          The US military need to get some of their ISIS tunneling experts to create more ‘Safe Places’ for the troops :)

  10. Ivanus59 says:

    Trump threatens “disproportionate strikes”? Then Iran should hit them as hard as possible as quick as possible! Make the invaders work hard to achieve that “disproportionate” level! DOWN WITH AMERICAN IMPERIALISM AND THE TRAITORS WHO SIDE WITH THEM!

    There will be nothing left of that “billions of dollars expensive air base” now lol. Don’t expect Iraq to pay for the rubble you Amers left them (not that they would pay you anything either way)!

    1. Pork says:

      1st bow shot…2nd shot knock out blow

  11. Karen Bartlett says:

    Dr. Jalili’s flag on his twitter page is waay bigger than the one on Mr. Trump’s page.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Just as Dr. Jalili’s I.Q. is far higher that smart arse Tump’s. :)

  12. J Roderet says:

    The Neocons started this war, Iran will finish it. The smartest thing that Washington could do is withdraw its occupation forces from Iraq and Syria immediately. But we all know that Washington is not full of geniuses. Once again, they will only learn the hard way, like in Vietnam.

  13. Brad MC says:

    Sadly the iranians are just an old drunk boxer with huge balls but hands full of arthritis … they will put up a good attack but its mostly worthless until they go cyber and fuck up usa retail debit credit….and the hebrews that run the stupid inbred evangelicals in the usa have squandered the possible lustre of the capitalist victories to give israel some favours. Trump will lose about 10 percent of his supporters over this and next election will be a mish mash of baby killers hebrew zealots and disgruntled white people learning to speak spanish.

    1. javier says:

      good one

  14. Ivanus59 says:

    After pummeling the bases with rockets the PMU and other Iraqi armed factions should start a ground offensive and overtake the bases, take all invaders as prisoners!
    Also a simultaneous attack on terrorist base at Al Tanf from the Syrian (and even Iraqi side since it’s on the border) side would be welcome, hit the invaders on all possible points!

    1. George King says:

      Al Tanf is just one area of target of host Jordan because attacks of US on Syria are supplied and funneled from Jordan to Al Tanf and I will guess a US drone unit or more operates from Jordan as well.

    2. Jake321 says:

      Good idea. They do that and bye bye Islamist Iran. Likely, the Murdering Mullahs are not as stupid and suicidal as you.

  15. Mike says:

    Tit for tat…well done Iran! Now, the US needs to sit down for talks or go full out war. Let’s see if they have enough brains to take the right decision.

    1. LR captain says:

      Jacob, jake123, fake pHD, and their alt said that iran would not attack the us, said that iraqi would never ask the us to leave both have happened.

      Now the US must pay with the blood 200,000 service men or their empire will fall. (who i am i kidding even if the US gets out of this they will fall in the next 2-5 years)

      1. Jake321 says:

        If you missed it, they did NOT hit the US, they messed up some dirt on an Iraqi base. No significant damage. No US casualties. If they had done what you wanted, there would be little left of Iran. But they are not as stupid and suicidal as you. They did this for domestic consumption and to placate fools like you. They are all praying the US will not respond. And I hope we don’t for the sake of the Iranian people.

        1. LR captain says:

          no there are Iraqi losses dummy, he patriots defenses systems failed to intercept those missiles, you really don’t get it, do if that bases was full US troops and no Iraqis there would be US losses.


          you really don’t get it now we will see if the Iranians shoot down any fighters even their accuracy is 20% 11 out of the 52 F-35s will not become home and Iran would done real damage. Hell, grounded US planes where already damaged.

          beside you said would never happen you were wrong and now there will be blood and US better put 200,000 boots on ground if it wants Iran gone.

          now either beat it or come back with the patriot interception rate.

        2. Friend of Russia says:

          Usual western lies. They will never admit that they received severe thrashing. Otherwise public opinion will demand counter attack and and in turn US will receive more severe blows from Iran.

  16. Lazy Gamer says:

    Only 6 days, and an outright attributable response against a well defined military target. Did not expect that. Heading to the nearest gas station later for full tank. lol

  17. Damien C says:

    13 short range missiles fired at US bases
    Only Iraqi casualties registered, apparently not heeding the warning two days ago when they were told to stay 1km away from US installations
    With only 13 missiles to deal with the Patriot has shown itself to be a pile of shite if it couldn’t stop only a dozen targets over a long visual and radar range

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      35 missile have hitted Erbil base in Kurdistan, 5 Al Taj…12 Ayn Assad…in the first pack…now is ongoing the second pack…

      1. Damien C says:

        where’s that being reported Rhod

        1. Karen Bartlett says:


    2. Kell says:

      US propaganda – they had hundreds of losses but will censor it if they want a chance to de-escalate otherwise its WW3

    3. Jake321 says:

      The Patriot does not fire at missiles calculated to hit nothing but dirt. And that is about the only thing these things hit.

      1. BlueHeadLizard says:

        Apparently was ‘dirt’ inside the base. Sounds too close to not be intercepted.

  18. Albert Pike says:

    There goes his re-election…

  19. Damien C says:

    If the US had any sense it would let this hit go.
    If they don’t respond Iran will look extremely weak in they eys of their own people having failed to exact a blood revenge for Soleimani

    Indeed the Iraqi’s will also have reason to be pissed off having suffered casualties.
    Soleimani dead
    30 PMU dead
    50 mourners dead
    And the yanks only had to fill in a few holes and build a new shed

    1. Jake321 says:

      YEP. Looks like it is going that way…I hope, mostly for the sake of the Iranian people.

  20. Black Waters says:

    God bless Iran! The U.S gestapo will return to their homeland in bodybags.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Iran is totally prepared for a long war and has dispersed its forces over 2 million sq kms. No amount of airpower in the world or the galaxy can make dent in Iranian defences. Take it from, I know Iranian military inside out and also told these kids here 3 days ago that Iran is true to its word and will fight for 100 years if it has to:

      A U.S. defense official called Iranian military movements “very troubling.” Iran has not yet moved its ballistic missiles into firing position, but its military has increased its ability to move on short notice.

      There is “a wide range of activities of a heightened state of readiness … that indicate Iran is
      considering going forward with an attack, most likely against American
      forces and prepared for a long regional ground war,” the official said.

  21. badgery says:

    Anybody know if Gen. Soleimani was planning on meeting with Gen. Seely?

  22. Patrick Kramer says:

    This time there will be a real holocaust. Sad but the Zionists didn’t want it any other way ..
    God help us all !!!!

  23. Ricky Miller says:

    Glass. Of. Wine. I’m proud of Iran for sticking up for itself and it’s people. They are looking a war pig superpower in the eye and not flinching. Admirable.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      People throughout history have misread Persians who are very polite and civilized people, but remember they came from the warrior Aryan tribes of the Steppes and once they are riled they will go all out. Iranian women are as ferocious as men, just ask Saddam what happened at Khorramshahr when Iranian women literally tore the invading Iraqis to pieces. Iran has distributed over 20 million firearms to the Basij and has over 100,000 decentralized ammo dumps in caves, tunnels and under buildings and can fight for 100 years or more without any help. Never underestimate the Persian LION.

      1. Lazy Gamer says:

        Lets hope it doesnt come to that. But i fear, this is the opportunity that the US is aiming for, to denuclearize Iran.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Americunt pipe dream my friend. I don’t believe the Pentagon will allow a major war for Jews. US will be destroyed and literally go bankrupt. I know the capability of Iranian military. Iran is no pushover, believe me.

      2. Ricky Miller says:

        I saw a series of photos on a Russian language site last year that showed how Iran has emulated China and built large underground tunnels to store missiles. They were running out of room for the arsenal. The underground Wall of China has tunnels for nuclear armed ICBM’s and are hundreds of miles long. The Iranian tunnels are more modest but still extensive at tens of kilometers long and wide and tall enough to drive trucks into at various entry and exit points. They can fire this 100,000 plus missile arsenal for months.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          True. I have been posting all of this since SF came on. Iran has the most extensive asymmetrical war doctrine in the world and has been preparing for this since 1990 when the Americunts and Zionists started directly threatening it. Ayatollah Khamenai and the whole leadership are war veterans and have already gone to ground for a long war. This is no Iraq or “shock and awe” as every major city in the Persian Gulf starting with be hit, starting with Dubai. there will be total collapse of global economy. The Americunt arseholes know it.

          1. Jake321 says:

            Maybe. And Iran will be a big glow in the dark parking lot.

      3. Karen Bartlett says:

        American Indians were traditionally very polite when dealing with other Tribes, for example when sitting down to negotiate (smoking the peace Pipe). It’s easy to misread that politeness. The reason they were courteous is because they knew their neighbors would be very “savage” if offended. So each Tribe was always careful not to give offense to other Tribes. I suspect from your comments that the Iranians are the same.

    2. Alejandro Bonifacio says:

      iran has done a step, very “large” and daring step against usa forces, Iran has shown a part of its power of retaliation, now we have to expect the usa replay and see if this is going to escalate or to calm down. and yes Iran has enough b*lls to attack usa forces because they have the means to do that

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Have you ever seen the balls or cajones on the ancient Persian LION at Persepolis, they are huge :)

  24. Lazy Gamer says:

    So now we know s200 and pantsir is better than patriots.

    1. Damien C says:

      My kids water pistol is better that the Patriot dog-shite

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      If I was a buyer of patriots, I would demand a refund :)

      1. cruzaros says:

        and the forced customers of the F35?

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Yes, of course :)

          And the buyers of Boeing death traps as well

  25. Pork says:

    Just read on CNN. ..Iran threatens to hit inside US

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      It will if pushed.

      1. Ricky Miller says:

        They could have sleeper cells here. There is a large Shia community in Michigan and in Los Angeles. They could do something as simple as invade a high rise office building where thousands of capitalist republican voters work, equipped with semi-automatic rifles (which are plentiful here) they could cause demoralizing agony on live TV.

        1. Kell says:

          That would unite the US people against them though, they want to exacebate the existing divides and let the US devour itself.

        2. jade villaceran says:

          dont worry, iran wont hurt civilians, iran will not go low like the usa did

        3. Karen Bartlett says:

          Iran already said it would only strike military targets not civilian targets. It was on YouTube, maybe Press TV. They aren’t terrorists, much as MSM would like us to believe they are.

          1. Ricky Miller says:

            Yes, I’m not saying that Iran would or should do that, just saying what they could do. I do not believe that Iran specifically or Shia generally are terrorists. I do caution though that if the U.S. carries through on threats to strike cultural targets or kills Iranians in half a dozen mosques as I read in a comment that suggested such, then Iran might escalate in kind using intelligence assets. Rage after all is a powerful force especially in retribution for the innocent.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      Taking our the bullshitters at CNN would be a good 1st hit:)

  26. Pork says:

    Oil prices soaring

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      In winter no less.

  27. Pork says:

    Stock futures plunging

  28. RichardD says:

    It looks like the missiles are hitting their targets:

    “Ayn al-Asad airbase in al-Baghdadi area, some 190 km northwest of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, was pounded with more than 20 ballistic missiles before dawn”

    – Iran fires missiles at military base housing U.S. force in Iraq –


    1. Jake321 says:

      Guess their targets were dirt since that is about all they hit.

      1. RichardD says:

        Until the US takes out the launch platforms, if they can. The Iranians can hit anything they want. Because US anti missile defense systems don’t work.

        1. Daily Beatings says:

          Yep, and here’s the proof:


          1. FlorianGeyer says:


        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          US F35s are of similar quality to patriots.

          Expensive trinkets.

  29. Joe Kerr says:

    Iran’s given Trump its reply: pack up and move out of the ME or see your bases destroyed and ships sunk. That’s the deal.

    1. Kell says:

      Iran has 100 000 US hostages at arms length err I mean troops.

  30. RichardD says:

    There are Iraqi casualties being reported from the strikes. So the missiles are getting through.

    1. Jake321 says:

      Of course Islamist Iran has no problem hurting Iraqis. The Iraqis can’t wipe them out.

  31. Karen Bartlett says:

    This just came through:US Scrambled Warplanes From UAE Air Base For Supposed Strike On Iran After Missiles Hit US Facilities In Iraq

  32. iGold says:

    ALL missiles hit the ground and none were intercepted by US military bases in Iraq.

    1. Jake321 says:

      Nor did any hit anything significant. So they did hit the ground and little else. BIG WHOOPEE!

  33. David Parker says:

    Zero casualties, zero damage.
    Slightly less effective than the Trump/NATO 100 cruise missile strike against Syria except that killed some of the Syrian people. There is no substitute for a ground army.

    1. Jake321 says:

      That was likely intentional since the Murdering Mullahs were shitting their pants that the US would wipe them out if they actually caused any significant damage. This was for home consumption only and they are all praying that the US won’t respond.

      1. Mike says:

        You always make me laugh with your moronic posts. It was a message and it was clear. Get out of Iraq or the next ones will hit their targets.

        1. Daily Beatings says:

          It’s not so much hitting their target it’s that US air defense failed to stop ANY of the missiles. You don’t hear about missile strikes at the Russian air base in Hmeimim now do you? At least they have an A2/AD system that actually works.

          1. Mike says:

            Basically like the missiles that hit Saudi. With all of the top US made
            defensive systems, none of them detected those missiles. Quite funny
            when you think about it.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            Yes, hilarious indeed.

      2. bob says:

        Absolutely jake this shows just how weak the mullahs are

        USA bitch slaps their top man,slam dunk, and how do they respond?

        Rusty old rockets fired, nobody hurt, and then they say honour has been achieved!

        You couldn’t make it up

        1. Karen Bartlett says:

          Just goes to show how closely together Mossad and the CIA work.And neither one of them has any shame about it.

          1. bob says:

            The Iranian theocratic dictatorship has a good deal less shame about how they imprison,torture, and kill their citizens, and relentlessly try to export their toxic ideology, which incidentally isn’t going down well at all in Iraq

    2. Joe Kerr says:

      Missiles hitting a base with no damage? Go back to school and learn some physics, birdbrain.

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        These two must work the night shift at Mossad HQ.

        1. Jake321 says:

          Nahhhhhhhh…Just like to be entertained by you Looney Tunes from right here in sunny California.

          1. Daily Beatings says:

            California, the land of fruits and nuts. Now it makes sense!

          2. Karen Bartlett says:

            Doesn’t mean you can’t work for Hasbara. Ever hear of the Dancing Israelis who were seen celebrating at the 9/11 terrorist attack, while they filmed themselves with lighters framed by the Twin Towers BEFORE the attack? it’s on YouTube and Wikipedia.

      2. Jake321 says:

        Well, they did make some holes in open ground. Lucky for them. They might now live to see another day. Well, unless their people realize this was just for show with no intention of causing any serious damage or killing any Americans. In that case, their own folk might lynch them.

  34. zman says:

    OK…am I missing something here? No reports of casualties? None? I saw report on FARS that the US has relocated some troop to Aden in Yemen. I wonder? Surely the Yemeni would like to join in asking the US to leave.

    1. Joe Kerr says:

      Who knows? Some reports say helicopters were seen transferring casualties out of the base. At any rate, the first casualty is the U.S. AD system that was supposed to protect the base.

      1. zman says:

        Haven’t seen any reports like that yet. I know that there were no Iraqis there, as they all left. No surprise on the AD fail…the Saudis aren’t either…no wonder the royal families are fleeing with practically the whole house…kinda like they might not be coming back…or nothing to come back to. How sad. NOT.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        Perhaps the strikes were after the boys and girls of the US missile defence were all tucked up in bed at that time of the night ? :)

  35. omrizkiblog says:

    I love to see missiles heading to USRAEL.

    1. Daily Beatings says:

      Ahh… Don’t you know it’s ISRAELUS, because Israel always comes first.

    2. verner says:

      yep, aim for israel and blow them to kingdom come – they deserve no mercy and must be put in the ground for good.

  36. RichardD says:

    “Iranian State TV Says 80 People Killed in Missile Airstrikes on US Military Targets in Iraq – Reports
    Iranian state TV reportedly said the US military death toll has reached 80 following Tehran’s airstrikes. It was also reported that American helicopters and military equipment were “severely damaged” by 15 Iranian missiles.

    None of the projectiles were allegedly intercepted, according to the media.”


  37. verner says:

    good, more of that and please fix that nuke sitting in the basement in washington dc, so it goes off taking out the criminally corrupt gangsters there. the american people will thank Iran for having rid the american people of the gangsters once and for all.

  38. Ewan says:

    Rudaw English‏Verified account @RudawEnglish
    37m37 minutes ago
    A source from the Intelligence section of the IRGC tells Farsnews that 15 missiles hit Ain al-Assad base in Anbar killing at least 80 American military personnel and wounding over 200. President Trump says an “assessment of casualties” is currently taking place

  39. Mehmet Aslanak says:

    Bolton’s rebel generals in Pentagon finally achieved to start a war. Trump should stop supporting & fire them. Impeachment was just created to stop Trump prevent a war. Ruling elite of US prevailed.

  40. TTdr says:

    The only nation in this planet dare to fight back the evil empire bully. Salutation. This will put a stop to jUS paper tiger from continue assassinating Iranian leaders.

    If its Russia, Putin will immediately kawtow to US. When its Top Commander was assassinated in Syria, Putin blamed ISIS super precision mortar & exact intelligence of his arrival in airport with military GPS precision. When hundreds of its Special Forces bombed by USAF for hrs, RuAF refused to save them, not even permit a SAM fired. Putin said they are just Russian mercenary, not soldiers, when mercenary is outlawed in Russia. When its Ambassador-in-Turkey was assassinated openly, Putin blamed Turkey. When its UN Ambassador was assassinated, Putin said he was too old, died of old age. Similarly for its India Ambassador…while Obama & CIA chief threaten openly to take out all Russia targets.

  41. TTdr says:

    Ever wonder why not a single missile intercepted by US famous multi $B Patriot? Saudi & Israel had repeatedly proven, Patriot can’t work even against Huthus & Hezbollah low grade rockets & drones.

  42. bob says:

    Iranians have just shown how weak they are

    They launch their crappy old rockets and thats it!

    Everyone now thinks America will leg it out of Iraq, good!my advice to America is leave Iraq,just another corrupt dirty shit pit

    But if they do go it’ll expose the divisions between Iraq and Iran more than ever, and don’t think those two are gonna have some sort of love in because they ain’t

    They’ll soon be at each other’s throats and then booth of ‘ em will end up like Syria

    Good luck with!

    1. Sakaramanga says:

      why did the US come down to Iraq in the first place anyway! Bastards!!
      they f*cked-up the midle east like the rest of the world wherever they touch!

      1. bob says:

        Calm down dear, they’ve f@#ked it up themselves because they’re backwards tribal sectarian idiots

        1. Sakaramanga says:

          Right! Sure those tribal sectarian idiots are repulsive to me too.
          But then again, it is those evil bastards who organized the tribes against each other to divide and conquer (for imperial agenda) …so; the evil still is the West.

          Did you know that all religions were living mixed in cities during Ottoman rule (for abt 700 years). Cities now in Syria, Iraq, Turkey are full of mosques, churches (of different christianities) and sdynagos also alawite places. Then came colonialists England and France, organizing arabs against Ottomans… aftwer ww2 now its the zio-US ; training and cutting loose all those islamic terror groups. Shame.!

          1. bob says:

            Well the evil Russians divided Persia didn’t they for oil!I

            But i suppose its easy to blame it all on ” zio- US ”

            They fell to superior western imperialism because they were weak and corrupt, and still are, thats why i can’t take all this nonsense about how they along with Russia and China will create some sort of new global system

          2. Sakaramanga says:

            I agree with you on that too. I personally hate Arabs and not fond of Iranians, Russians , Chinese etc and Idon’t trust them but I respect them. and I don’t want their civilization crashed, cities destroyed etc.

            Just see that the aggressor is the West, ie. the US… nothing started by Iran, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Libya etc… If Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan etc were untouched, there would be no ISIS or likes, No Soleimani to talk about. Think of it.

          3. Sakaramanga says:

            I agree and I dont like (even hate) arabs + I dont like Chinese or Russians or Iranians per se. But I respect them and want their civilizations live. I dont want their cities destroyed etc. for the sake of The Corporations.

            The agressor here is the US of A.

            If they’d stayed home, the World wld be better off.

            If saddam/Qaddafi/Assad were as they used to be, there wld be no isis or the likes.

            So the evil is still the West.

          4. verner says:

            no quite happy to blame the israeli hymies full tilt -and secure their early demise from this mortal coil – there is no need for the hymies in this world, they have in every respect forefeited the right to continue as a state (illegal settlement that is) and consequences are and should rightfully be devastating for the israeli hymies.

  43. Pablo Rivera says:

    No casualties, thanks to the Patriot Systems

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