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Iran to Join EAEU – 45 Years of Foreign Policy Down the Drain

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Written by Tom Luongo; Originally appeared at tomluongo.me

Iran is joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). By early next year, February by this account, Iran will join the five founding members of the Union and open the door for Turkey to do so later in 2018.

Between this and the end of the war in Syria, it’s not hard to declare the Brzezinski Doctrine of U.S.-led Central Asian chaos as gasping its last breaths.

Iran finally joining the EAEU is a response to a number of factors, the most important of which is the continued belligerence by the U.S. Expanded economic sanctions on Iran and the EAEU’s leader Russia has created the need for greater coordination of economic and foreign policy objectives between them.

And it is creating the new realities in the region that will reshape the word for the next hundred years.

The Nuclear Gambit

In the dying days of the Obama administration it looked like the goal was to placate Iran to stop its pivot towards Russia and China. I believe that was the driving force behind Obama’s negotiating the controversial nuclear deal.

In effect, Obama tried to trade unfreezing Iran’s hundreds of billions in assets held in Western banks for Iran to ignore our atomization of Syria and the creation of a complete mess there.

When you stop to think about it like that how venal are we? After putting Iran under economic lockdown, having frozen its accounts, barring them from interbank communication with customers (SWIFT removal), inducing hyperinflation to sow regime change they would agree to allowing its ally, Syria, to be handed over to Wahabist animals.

In exchange they would repudiate Russisa and be thankful for the opportunity to get their money back by signing a deal which forbade them from obtaining nuclear weapons?

Such is the ‘logic’ of the mental midgets running our foreign policy under Obama.

So, now, having assisted Russia and the Syrian army in defeating ISIS Iran is making the smart move by further integrating its economy in need of diversification and investment by joining an economic union which should align all of Central Asia’s interests along a similar path.

Chaos no longer. Zbigniew Brzezinski isn’t just dead, his strategy is as well.

Left to the likes of Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the dimbulbs of the Bush the Lesser administration before them, these buffoons were outplayed at every turn by Vladimir Putin, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

And the world will soon be a better place for it.

The Status Whoa!

Everything about the status quo of the last thirty years is changing. Syria has made it clear to everyone that the U.S. is no longer infallible. In fact, it is close to incompetent in both military and diplomatic efficacy.

The Russian intervention exposed the real roots of the conflict as well as the lengths to which our leadership would lie, cheat and steal to achieve its chaotic regional goals. President Trump is changing the direction of this ship of state, but it is a slow process being fought at every level by those embedded in departments up and down the bureaucracy.

That said, Iran’s entry into the EAEU as a full member will break open the floodgates of new members into it. Russia has been courting everyone around the region as the EAEU members work on the rules and build the organization.

Adding Iran should see the union grow quickly and help facilitate China’s Belt and Road Initiative projects get completed.

Taking that one-step further, the bigger picture comes into focus with the establishment of the New Development Bank to challenge the U.S.-led Asian Development Bank, to fund infrastructure projects.

With the flurry of big projects announced recently, including the new version of the IPI – Iran/Pakistan/India – gas pipeline this announcement isn’t so much a diplomatic coup for Putin and Russia but rather a fait accompli.

It was always a matter of when not if Iran would join the EAEU. And with it on board, countries like India, Pakistan and Turkey can join and know that they have a level playing field on which to trade which will dampen down animosities and lingering disputes.

Peak U.S.

As Federico Pieraccini points out this morning at Strategic Culture Foundation, even the tensions between India and China have calmed down as it becomes obvious to all and sundry that the U.S. is simply neither willing under Trump nor able to maintain its dominance over central Asia anymore.

In this sense, the lack of interest from the Trump administration in certain areas of the globe is emblematic. While the chemistry between Trump and Modi appears to be good, the tensions between India and China, heightened by border disputes, seems to have nevertheless dissolved. Following on from the failure of the neocons to divide Russia and China, even the border tensions between India and China seem to be now dissipating. In addition, in Ukraine, even the decision to send lethal weapons to Kiev has been downplayed, and the country now faces a counter-coup led by Saakashvili (yes, him again). Ukraine is a country in a mess, experiencing first-hand the consequences of an evil Atlanticist posture with its vicious anti-Russia policies.

Pieraccini’s argument is the Trump is a mix of ineptitude and pragmatism when it comes to foreign policy. And that mix has led to the current state of affairs, where the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia are flailing about trying to remain relevant.

I won’t go nearly that far, as those countries all still have a powerful hand of cards to play, if only to stabilize most of what they currently have. And they will play those cards to the hilt in the creation of something approaching peace.

But, Iran is charting a new path, turning away from the open wounds in the West and towards the opportunities that lie all about them in every other direction. As I’ve been saying recently, the framework for a Grand Bargain in the Middle East is possible. And Iran joining the EAEU is a strong indicator that it wants to join the larger world economy as a trustworthy actor.

Putin has become the de facto negotiator for those allied against Israel and Trump is stepping up to do so for Israel. Once that deal is in place and Trump agrees to remove U.S. military presence in most of the region, then we’ll begin to see what the world can look like without manufactured conflict.

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MD Ranix

congrats iran – kudos eaeu

Cheryl Brandon


Hideo Watanabe

Good analysis.


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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Wonderful how this commentary in total is more like a playing of Bach or Bethoven fine music in our ears.

Mehdi Ali

excellent analysis.Thank you south front…keep it up


Good insight and great opportunity for Iran. You still get the sense, though, that the US mental midgets see another conflict as the only way they can hope to derail this momentum.

I wish the US would just go away. I think nearly all countries with the exception of a few have realised the need to work together.

Tommy Jensen

Lousy analysis. US and Israel will continue to stir up tensions and wars everywhere in the third world. Western countries at the moment are slowly transferred into total surveillance cashless societies with populations completely controlled and slaved by the fascistic Jewish financial international elite. US will continue to occupy Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan decades ahead. Yemen will be taking over by Saudi and US/UK military and end up as US proxy occupied territory. NK and Iran will continue to be under constant pressure, economically, military financial, media. ISIS and Boko Harem will, on behalf of US, continue to undermine countries everywhere in the world which shows signs of independence. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/416b17ab8bbd8dedad507ab2ca951fa1ad7657e15c153ec110f4fababb934380.jpg


Of course they will. Power projection begets counter power structures though. This makes it harder to threaten as instead of ‘attacking’ one country they are threatening an echelon of countries. May mean the war to end all wars though if the US continues to push.


Most of the world is fairly Jew free. 95% of them live in the US, Israel, France, Canada and the UK. Where they use their control of these governments to do enormous harm to humanity. With endless fabricated wars and regime change machinations. And 5% live in 95 other countries. With 100 other countries having no Jews. So half of the countries on the planet are already Jew free. The rest of humanity needs to be freed from this parasitical disease.

– Jewish population by country –


Continued Jewmerican occupation of Syria isn’t looking good with the Syrian government expanding it’s footprint everyday at the expense of the Jew world order regime change elements. What makes you think that they’re going to give up and allow the Kurds to set up Israelistan east of the river or the US to continue to maintain a presence at the Jordan border. When they’ve cleared over half of Syria already? And what is that map that you’ve posted?

Vince Dhimos

It isn’t the Jews per se, it’s the Zionists. Many Orthodox Jews reject statehood for Israel. What’s the point of alienating potential friends? We need as many friends as we can get.


Why do you support an evil pedophile cult that statutory rapes 1,000 Jew cult babies every week during vile oral blood sucking circumcision rituals and is the source of many of the problems on this planet?

You can call me Al

He is a Jew not a Zionist and there is a big difference.


Why do you support an evil pedophile cult that statutory rapes 1,000 Jew cult babies every week during vile oral blood sucking circumcision rituals and is the source of many of the problems on this planet? –

Vince Dhimos

Maybe. But the attitude of people has changed everywhere. No one trusts the US any longer. They can’t survive without a minimum of trust.


You forget one thing. Americans are questioning and disapproving all the above and more. Internet allows freedom of discourse which all leaders and government dislike. Americans and the world have a communication medium “they” cannot control. Change is coming.

Tommy Jensen

Sure. You and most Americans voted Hillery Clinton because you were woken up and wanted change.



85% of the land and counties in the US voted for Trump. If Hillary didn’t win Jewland coastal population centers NY and CA it would have been a complete rout. Trump won the primaries with landslides with his anti Jew world order America First platform. This is what Americans think of Israel first and the Jew world order:

“Majority of Americans oppose moving embassy to Jerusalem …

According to a new poll conducted by the University of Maryland, The Middle East and Russia: American attitudes on Trump’s foreign policy, found that a strong majority of Americans (63 percent), including 44 percent of Republicans oppose moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”


– Over 40% Of Americans Back Sanctions on Israel –


– overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state –


– 81% of Americans Oppose “Aid” to Israel –


– America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars –





“Land Area Clinton’s America

15% 530,000 square miles

Trump’s America

85% 3,000,000 square miles

Population Clinton’s America

54% 174 million

Trump’s America

46% 148 million

Popular Vote As of Friday, Nov. 18. Percentages are for Trump and Clinton votes only and exclude other candidates.

For Clinton

50.5% 62.1 million

For Trump

49.5% 61.0 million”



Tommy seems to be in the Jews are omnipotent, Borg resistance is futile camp.


Continued Jewmerican occupation of Syria isn’t looking good with the Syrian government expanding it’s footprint everyday at the expense of the Jew world order regime change elements. What makes you think that they’re going to give up and allow the Kurds to set up Israelistan east of the river or the US to continue to maintain a presence at the Jordan border, when they’ve cleared over half of Syria already? And what is that map that you’ve posted?



Cheryl Brandon

Well done Iran! With Israhell’s whore and employee Nikki Hailly; they are lying their way into a WAR with Iran;

You can call me Al

I keep on posting this link, but it is crucial to fully understand why this is all happening, please pass it on (plus look at the sub links) …………. https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/there-are-only-3-countries-in-the-world-without-a-rothschild-owned-central-bank/

No I am not mad.

Simon Gould

Trump is given free rein as regards foreign policy when his decisions align with the objectives of the deep state, e.g. attacking the SAA or recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; at other times, he is merely an observer as decisions are made without his input – something which he confirmed to Putin. If he becomes the ad hoc intermediary in talks between Israel and the Arab world, he will be left in no doubt as to what he can and can’t offer.


Trump knows that a peace deal with the Jews is a non starter. They’re one step away from getting him out of office. No president has been more vulnerable to expulsion during his first year in office than Trump. He threw the Palestinians under the bus to appease the Jews to get them off his back.

You can call me Al

or did he ?.

The backlash against Trump / the US is phenomenal where even us Europeans have openly chastised the POS for stating that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel + the endless wars etc.

If I had to state 3 Countries I despised at the moment for the chaos they cause (in no particular order), it would be:

1. The US 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Israel

….. and I would guess many would agree with at least 2 out of those.

If he wanted to fulfil his promises of draining the swamp, where would he start ?.

My view only and even to me, my comment sounds insane; but !!.

Gary Sellars

“If he wanted to fulfil his promises of draining the swamp, where would he start ?”

Mass executions?

You can call me Al

My point exactly, but in those 3 Countries – try and link the two things together.

Vince Dhimos

Thanks for the insights.


This is a step in the right direction for Iran, as is SCO membership, to strengthen opposition to the evil Jews. Their evil cult should be outlawed to create a Jew free planet.


Michael Qiao

there are sure alot of Unions in this world, and when the Unions all come together? One world government, the new world order

Gary Sellars

Never gonna happen, at least not voluntarily..

Michael Qiao

it will be forced, that is for sure, but we already have a shit ton of Unions, I won’t be surprised if some of the Unions gather into one


Soon the USA must hope the EU keeps trading with us. As most of the World is building trade routes around us and the US Dollar too.


the minute trump got elected, i suggested a civil war, which should be much easier than fighting iran and north korea at the same time.


Emm.. should have done this while Gaddafi is still alive..! or even Saddam too.. hehehe.. to bad.. it’ll be greater..


I like Tom Luongo, but on the US leaving the region after negotiation is pipe dream. The US will have to be forced. Israel as we know it controls the foreign policy of the americans and it will never allow that. If the americans leave, Israel will cease to exist in a few years as a jewish state, it will have to negotiate with its neighbours. And will give up land and cave in for the return of the refugees. Not counting as giving up some of its leaders for trial for heinous war crimes.

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