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Iran Is Working To Restore Hamas Ties With Damascus – Report


Iran Is Working To Restore Hamas Ties With Damascus – Report

Hamas members. FILE IMAGE: AP

The Palestinian Hamas Movement is working to restore its ties with the Damascus government after strengthen its relations with Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran recently, Al-Monitor reporter on April 3.

Hamas’ leadership declared its support for the Syrian opposition and closed its offices in the Syrian capital in the first months of the Syrian crisis. Damascus also says that the Palestinian group was responsible for training several militant groups throughout Syria, especially in the period from 2011 to 2012.

An Iranian official told Al-Monitor that Iran has been mediating between the Syrian government and Hamas since early 2017. However, the official admitted that Damascus continues to view the Hamas attitude in the early years of the crisis as a stab in the back.

“The Iranian mediation, and Hezbollah’s mediation, have eased Damascus’ stance toward Hamas,” the source, who declined to be named, added.

The new leadership of Hamas, which was elected in May 2017, managed to recover the group’s relations with Iran and Hezbollah and adopted a new stand on the Syrian issue. Last month, the group’s leader Ismail Haniyeh rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights.

“The Golan will remain an integral part of the Syrian territory … We stand by Syria in the face of the US arrogance that does not abide by international norms, covenants and laws,” Haniyeh said on March 25, according to Al-Monitor.

Ali Baraka, a member of the Hamas’ political and Arab relations bureau, declined to speak about the Iranian and Hezbollah efforts to restore the relations between the group and Damascus. However, he affirmed that there is high-level coordination among the so-called “resistance axis” to counter U.S. actions in the Middle East.

Despite these efforts by Iran and Hezbollah, local observers believe that restoring Hamas ties with Damascus will not be an easy task. Government supporters accuse the Palestinian group of committing multiple war crimes in the early years of the war. This public image of Hamas also impacts negatively any efforts regarding the restoration of ties between the two sides.

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  • Ivanus59

    I see no reason to make diplomacy with such people after their treachery.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, I read about it, and here is the deal, to be honest, Palestinians have been an paria caste, despiced by the entire Arab land, nobody bothered and they where just an plauge, and that, mofo is an solid reason for what, when they have no rights, nothing else but survivng, and if Damaskus continues with this sham, to hammer Hamaz I know its Putin and Russia whom is pushing this, and do prove me wrong.

    Why the sudden focus on Hamas, is peculiare, timing is everything, right Putin.
    I blame Russia for this one.
    Because Bibi is coming to tell the rotten Russians whom is the master, and this comes, again.
    I have followed the Palestinians as long I have lived, and right now, Assad is an rat.
    I hope your never will have peace, I hope the world treats YOU the same way YOU treated the Palestinians, f…. Syrian scums, why sould the Hazb bother to deal with rats like the Russians and Asshat, sorry assad.
    I hope you rot in hell.
    I will never ever write again, Arabs, you f….. are just that, f….. , nothing else, I will pary to our creatore to burn down the entire region, non of you rats deserve to live, for decades you rotten f…. did nothing, abolutelly mofo nothing, while an people fighted for their lifes, never have anything I have read lately provoced me so much as this, Syrians, it seems to me it was an blunder to engage in an war among rats.


    • Hos Ng

      did you hear about mossad/ isis putting alawis and yazidis in cages that are lowered into pools of acid. To me all terrorist killers are heroes to be praised and supported by all prace loving people.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    HAMAS is history the moment the resorted to working with the Zionist to kill Assad and his family and overthrow the Syrian people for Sunni-extremism.
    The future of the people of Gaza will lay with a different organisation, one which actually represents the people. It will be more diplomatic yet will also excel in the science of self defense industry.
    They will better represent both the Shia and Christians of the Gaza strip. And together will awaken and win more of the hearts and minds of the world to their cause of liberation and nationhood.
    Hamas is dead to me, Hamas has served Israels interest all to often wither intentionally or unintentionally – does it really matter -.
    Out with the old and soon the New Movement will arise!

  • Barba_Papa

    Hamas’s actions clearly follow a pattern, one where Palestinians seem to excel at making the wrong choice. Whenever they were presented with a set of choices the Palestinians have always chosen the wrong one. How can we make things worse seems to be their mantra. Although in their defense I’d say that the one time they did chose wisely, when making a deal with then Israel’s prime minister Rabin, they had the bad luck that Rabin got assassinated by a Settler hardliner and Netannutjob got catapulted into power. What would have happened if Rabin had lived is probably one of those great historical what ifs, but I reckon it could probably not have been much worse then what we ended up with today,

    I still wonder why on Earth Hamas would decide to side with the regime change headchoppers against Assad when Iran, Assad’s biggest ally, basically bankrolled Hamas. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Or turn against Assad when Syria was probably the only country still where Palestinian resistance groups still enjoyed some support. It’s not like all the rest of them still gave a shit about them. They were all more busy becoming best friends with Israel.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    New Hamas leadership that cooperates fully with Iran and Hezbollah, wow, look out for all the Israeli spies that will soon start turning up dead. If there’s one thing the Iranians and Hezbollah have to do above all others, it’s to teach the Palestinians how to catch those Israeli spies, because they have a lot more than their fair share in Palestine to catch.

  • Hos Ng

    hamas is controlled opposition, meaning they are blackmailed by mossad who detains and tortures their wntire families just like abass. Hezbolla iran and syria are the good guys fighting terrorism. everybody else is under neocon / zioterrorist blackmail. its time to guillotine the international war crimminals that have a fifth column in every western country.