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JUNE 2021

Iran Is Responsible For Deaths Of 608 U.S. Service Members In Iraq: State Department

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Iran Is Responsible For Deaths Of 608 U.S. Service Members In Iraq: State Department


Iran is responsible for the  deaths of at least 608 US service members in Iraq in the period from 2003 to 2011, Advisor to the Secretary of State Brian Hook said during a press breifing on April 2. He added that this number is 17% of all deaths of U.S. personnel in Iraq in this period.

Additionally to this, Hook came with a common list of accusations blaiming and shaming Iran for its “meddling” in affairs of Middle Eastern states.

The effects of Iran’s meddling had been felt most sharply by the region’s innocent civilians. Men, women, and children are casualties of Iran’s dangerous expansionism almost every day. In Yemen, Iran has helped fuel a humanitarian catastrophe by backing the Houthis. Its support has prolonged the conflict well beyond what makes any sense at all.

In Syria, Iran has (inaudible) and abetted Assad’s brutal war machine as that machine has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions of civilians. Under the cover of the Syrian war, the IRGC is now trying to plant military roots in Syria and establish a new strategic base to threaten Syria’s neighbors such as Israel.

In Lebanon, the Iranian regime’s obsession with using Hizballah to provoke conflict with Lebanon’s neighbors threatens the safety of the Lebanese people. IRGC backing enables Hizballah to use murder, terrorism, and corruption to intimidate other Lebanese parties and communities.

In Iraq, I can announce today, based on declassified U.S. military reports, that Iran is responsible for the deaths of at least 608 American service members. This accounts for 17 percent of all deaths of U.S. personnel in Iraq from 2003 to 2011. This death toll is in addition to the many thousands of Iraqis killed by the IRGC’s proxies,” he stressed during the briefing.

The diplomat said that the US actions are “aimed at reversing Iran’s strategic gains.”

From roughly 2007 through 2016, Iran was able for a variety of reasons to deepen its support of proxies and entrench itself in regional conflicts without facing negative consequences. Iran does this by letting its proxies do the dying for them in regional wars. The proxies also give the regime plausible deniability, a 40-year fiction this administration refuses to honor. Since taking office, but especially in the last 11 months, this administration has countered Iran’s grand strategy. We are imposing costs on the regime for behaving as an outlaw expansionist regime. The regime is weaker today than when we took office two years ago. Its proxies are also weaker. Unless the regime demonstrates a change in policy and behavior, the financial challenges facing Tehran will mount.

Second, as we expose the regime’s corruption, economic mismanagement, human rights abuses, arbitrary detention of dual nationals, environmental destruction, and more, we are making the case to countries in the region that Iran is neither a model to emulate nor a partner to follow. Wherever it goes, conflict, misery, and suffering follow,” Hook claimed.

“Third, rolling back Iran’s power projection will make it easier to address other regional challenges. Many intellectuals and diplomats over the years have argued that without progress on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there can be no progress on other conflicts. This has been referred to by some as linkage – the idea that resolving peace between Israel and the Palestinians was necessary to resolve other flash points.”

He further claimed that adressing “the threats posed by Iran” will help to settle a variety of Middle East conflicts.

“When we look at the challenges in the region, from the peace process to conflicts in Syria and Yemen, to violence in Bahrain and Iraq, Iran’s operations lie at or very near the heart of the problem. It supports Palestinian terror groups like Hamas that undermine the aspirations of the Palestinian people. It exports missiles and terrorist know-how to the Houthis in Yemen, who in turn threaten neighboring countries. It threatens the war – it perpetuates the war in Syria by propping up the Assad regime. Nowhere in the region are peace and prosperity compatible with Iranian influence and support.

The Islamic Republic is linked to these crises in a way that compounds suffering and prevents peace and stability from getting a better footing. Iran can no longer be allowed to play the role of chief spoiler. Our pressure is making it harder than ever before for them to do that,” Hook added.

Regarding the effect of the US sanctions against Iran’s oil sector, Hook said that 3 of 8 countries granted waivers by Washington to import oil from Iran have now cut the imports to zero.

While the US has set a goal of completely halting Iran’s oil exports, it granted temporary import waivers to China, India, Greece, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and South Korea to ensure low oil prices and no disruption to the global oil market.

“In November, we granted eight oil waivers to avoid a spike in the price of oil. I can confirm today three of those importers are now at zero,” he said.

According to the provided data, the US oil sanctions removed about 1.5 million barrels of Iranian oil exports off the market since May 2018. Therefore, it denied the Iranian access to well over $10 billion in oil revenue.

This press briefing is a sign that the Trump adminsitration is not going to move towards a possible de-escalation of the tensions with Iran in the near future. Instead, it’s seeking to increase pressure on Teheran and to undermine its influece and economy.


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Miroslav Beran

Some analysts may say: U.S. illegal invasion and war is responsible fro 800 000 deaths of Iraqi citizens including high percentage of children.

Basu Deb

At least. The number is likely to be higher.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, Iraqians didnt kill any of each other themself before , under and even after. They of course also had no reasons for it looking up and down the half moon crescent.


Madeline Albright admitted that the US killed 500,000 Iraqi children before the US invaded.
Stop trying to rewrite history and cover up the crimes of those you follow.

Jens Holm

Was it one by one or did they put them in line saving ammo.

I just told, that before that Saddams also were in war with Iran and Kuwait.

Saddam by that killed upto 1,5 million iranians and iraqians incl. 50-75.000 kurds.

You probatly name is an ouverture putiing music on it ?

The Kuwait war


You are simply unable to see the truth, the brainwashing works well on you.

Jens Holm

Thats only a part of the truth. What happend before that ?


Yes, but you conveniently leave out those bits of the truth, so you can justify the depraved crimes that YOU support.

Jens Holm

I dont justify. I explain reasonms and who has done that.

I am not my Goverment, so pls dont blame me for all of that. I have talked hard against all invasions of other countries since we went into Afghanistan.

I might understand helping the Baltics against the russians, but not that far away having no friends whatever we do.

Its the same for help for develloping countries and parts of it. We shall help those, which ask for it and leave the rest alone.


He is an idiot, he also forgets to mention that Saddam was on the CIA payroll for a long time before he came the President, so his brutality could be added to the list of US atrocities too. It is also well known that US was supplying both sides in the Iran-Iraq war, including chemical weapons, so the list grows longer. US also encouraged Kuwaitis to conduct lateral drilling into Iraqi oil which triggered the first Gulf War. Saddam asked his old buddies in the CIA if they would mind him knocking Kuwait off the map, and they said they didn’t care. Of course it was an elaborate trap, but still US in the background all the time.
And JH’s logic is seriously flawed, even if a foreign dictator is killing own citizens, it doesn’t follow that you go and smash up the place and kill even more of those same people. Sick.


1,000,000 is a more accurate number

Promitheas Apollonious

the estimate deaths in iraq is very close to 4 million people dead, not to count the deaths isis caused serving the same masters who started all this.


We can confidently assume the US Military has directly killed 6,000,000 civilians since the Korean War. And has indirectly killed 6,000,000 civilians since WW2. Meaning total deaths of civilians directly/indirectly at the hands of US Military since WW2 is anywhere from 8-12 million

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont assume when I speak numbers.


There’s no way to 100% certainly know a number. It’s a matter of assuming an approximation. It’s never exact.

Promitheas Apollonious

the approximation is + – 5%.

Jens Holm

Most of them must be cats.


I guess millions of Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese, and Iraqi civilians are “Cats”.
A dutchman once again showing how sh!!tty the netherlands is


Prior to 2003 the US had long imposed heavy economic and trade sanctions on Iraq throughout the 1990’s. This included imported medicines – and Iraqi child mortality rates significantly increased during those years. When subsequently asked about the consequences of these sanctions, that translated into this increased child mortality rate Madeleine Albright, the then Clinton Sectary of State, claimed that ‘it was worth it’. The point being, that between the Gulf Wars the Iraqi population was subject to an artificially and externally imposed sanctions regime, that had notable negative mortality impact on the nation’s then replacement birth-generation. Then in 2003 the Iraqi population was subject to a US invasion, with further mass negative consequences for the civilian mortality rate, particularly among the young and elderly, from all the associated issues of throwing a country into complete turmoil. All in all, the sustained US actions against Iraq have had an incredibly high impact on the mortality rates of Iraqi citizens – over the three decades of US imposed disruptions against Iraq.



You can call me Al

Remember there were 2 x Iraqi wars.

This is just the children in phase 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqYSQtAk4bw

Jens Holm

Many people remember this. Most people forget the reasosns for sanctions and why they are made as well as Sa

Jens Holm

You forgot all the happines by Saddam before we arrived, You can take gas on that, and by that be strong enough to admit that at least a few died in the wars in Iran and Kuwait as well.

But You are not. You only can be strong in those matters, if we put pepper on You :(

Jens Holm

I partly agree. It was too much discount. The rebuilding should have been staring right away. The soldiers were well organized and as such as well paid very good in re-construction.

Several even then saw some kind of uprise comming from the Sunni areas before Qaida came and just after that ISIL was made by Assads.


Stop, stop, you make me love Iran too much. No, seriously, these numbers are obviously spurious. How would they be able to ascertain an exact number of 608 service members? Did they go each time after the perpetrators and asked who was responsible for them attacking marines. Such pseudo-numbers intended to give a false impression of accuracy (actually, they do the opposite) clearly show the propagandistic intent of this ‘news’. Sadly, the US (the powers in power) want war. To claim the Houthis are responsible for the humanitarian crisis etc. just has the facts standing on their head. I think there is even a limit to how far Orwellian distortion can go.


Wooooooah there scooter, it is the US, which decided to invade Iraq in the first place, that is responsible for ALL US deaths in Iraq. I tried to read some of this rubbish but, it is very difficult. This type of ‘official’ trash tells me the plan is not working and it is another attempt to garner public support, which is not happening at present. My take. A good day to all.


The US Military
has killed 6,000,000+ civilians since the Korean War


Underestimated stats. 1M death toll only in Iraqi, 2M Vietnamese civilian dead, and South America? another 1M; then we must also add all those kidnapped and then killed without a trial by CIA with drones etc: about 2M. Korean War, Somalia War, Afghanistan War, Balkans War etc. 2M

You can call me Al

Nice use of the 6 million!


Funny thing is, in each of those cases nothing would have happened without US meddling in the first place. Hezbollah arose in Lebanon because America’s overlord Israel fancied a bit of invading and then thought it a good idea to stay there. No American would have died in Iraq if the US had not invaded Iraq in the first place and Iran would not have had to support Assad if the US wasn’t that hell bent on regime changing him in the first place.

Neo-Cons seem unable to grasp that actions have consequences and that other countries with interests counter to the US will not roll over and die, just because of whatever crazy scheme of the week the US wants to commit.


Good job Iran. A pitty they didn’t kill 10x more of these bast.ards.

northerntruthseeker .

Actually, what we have here is the typical US propaganda campaign to vilify Iran…

The facts are that the US is responsible for their soldiers deaths in Iraq, and NOT Iran… The US went in and butchered at least 1 Million innocent Iraqi civilians while causing the deaths of that amount if not more due to their depleted Uranium and other horrendous acts against civilians.

chris chuba

Native born Iraqis were responsible for those deaths. When you invade a country the people who live there might shoot back. Welcome to forever war.


Nowhere near enough.


More BS from the masters of bs!


Will this be used as an excuse to start another war? Gulf of Tonkin or 9/11 type incident?

Promitheas Apollonious

they dont need to start the war the war is on, what they try to find is not an excuse but the b*lls to actually do what they been farting they will the last 30 or so years.

Alan Foo

As usual ,UU officials talking big bull


I dont really understand, why US never ask Saudi or Israel to stop their aggression on Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon, why the US is always working on the agenda of Israel and Saudi, and why every time US have to send their army meddling or they just want to at first place run their weapon industry and supply of weapons to those regions and then after war supply pharma. Why cant US just keep away and mind its on country and citizens?

Promitheas Apollonious

the moment you understand and accept all the countries you mentioning are either colonies of city of london or 100% controlled by it and just follow orders the better your understanding will become of what is going down and why.

You can call me Al

Armaments, spares, maintenance and huge per hour for their surveillance and planning.

Oh yes and the Yemeni unexploited oil.


Its about Oil and US wants their puppet government in all countries for meeting the agenda of Israel.
The most big thing and worst thing is you only see what media wants you to see

Promitheas Apollonious

so few? I dont believe it. the numbers are wrong.

You can call me Al

Hey dick splash Yank, shall we go through the following with you ? ““From roughly 2007 through 2016, Iran was able for a variety of reasons to deepen its support of proxies and entrench itself in regional conflicts without facing negative consequences.” – do you need help to add 2 and 2 together ?. Prick.

Stop your wars and Iran will not need to join in to help it’s allies.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The United States with the UK and Russia all invaded and conquered Iran destroying their militaries in the 2nd World War. Enslaved the population and the UK caused the starvation of at least 1,000,000 Iranians.
Just further proof who the bad guys were in the 2nd World War.
India, Finland and Iran were 100% the good guys in the 2nd World War.

Rafik Chauhan

IF US doesn’t interfer in middle east or any other country . there will be peace all over the world. But Zionist devil doesn’t want peace in the world . bcuz if peace comes they will loose everything from power to money.

Dušan Mirić

As much as I remember Iran didn’t send US aggressors, invaders and murderers to Iraq. They broke in other nation state expecting they will praise US troopers rampage!?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Since World War one the US has been doing that.
The UK has been doing it quite a bit longer.
Both the bad guys in every single war.

Jens Holm

So what. Shiits happens and a lot of it from the infected longbeards of Qaum. USA make propaganda here too., It of course is expected, thaty Iran has done their part of killings.

I am sure Iranians killed several 1000 Iraqians too. Why are they not there ? Propaganda should be all included – so to speak.


The American attitude once again displayed to the world is why you can’t deal with America, a bullet to the head is the only thing these maniacs understand.

Jens Holm

it seemes to go both ways. You might line up 2 and 2 for bullet saving and twin coffins as well.


A bit off topic, but Fars News has a well written piece on Afghanistan and the US.


Global Jihad

608 is very sad news. It should be 608,000,000,000.

Ray Joseph Cormier

This from the Advisor to pompous Pompeo, the ex Director of the CIA, known for assassinations, torture, kidnapping, renditions, covert terrorism, regime change, cyberwar and many other evils in this world?

This World is in GRAVE danger with people like that holding the reigns of power.

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