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Iran Is Ready To Confront US, ‘Small Mercenary States’

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Iran Is Ready To Confront US, 'Small Mercenary States'


On September 23rd, Iran Presiden Hassan Rouhani accused the US of wanting to cause insecurity in Iran with the assistance of “small mercenary states” in the region, but Iran is ready to confront them. This is an obvious escalation in recent Iranian rhetoric.

“Americans want Iran to have no security. They want to create chaos and turmoil and set the conditions so that they can return to the country one day and take charge as they did in the old days, but none of these is possible,” the president said.

“These are unattainable dreams and America will never achieve any of these goals,” Rouhani added.

He commented on Washington’s hostile policies on Iran, regarding the sanctions and the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal. He called the reasoning behind the US withdrawal “delusional excuses.”

“Our people will resist and the government has prepared itself for this confrontation,” he said, adding that everyone will “join hands to put these difficult times behind us with the grace of God.”

“The Americans will regret what they did because they made a very wrong choice,” the president added.

According to the Iranian president the US is provoking regional states against Iran, citing the Ahvaz attack.

“It is entirely clear to us who did it, who they are and where they are affiliated to,” he said. “The sponsor of all these small mercenary countries in the region is America. Americans are provoking them and providing the right conditions for them to commit these crimes,” Rouhani added.

He further claimed that Iran “has stood up and resisted much bigger crimes,” and that these acts will not hinder the Iranian people.

Rouhani also condemned the US for allegedly abusing the UN which Trump, as reported by PressTV, plans to use for a series of speeches to push a hard line against Iran.

On September 22nd, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani claimed that US sanctions were working in Iran and that the coercive measures could lead to a “successful revolution.”

“I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them,” he told a meeting of Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group. “It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years. But it’s going to happen.”

Giuliani’s comments contradicted the Trump administration’s pronouncements that it was not seeking a government change in Iran.

Rouhani spoke before leaving for New York to attend the UN General Assembly. His statement also followed the terror attack on a military parade in Ahvaz in Southern Iran, killing 25 people, according to numbers provided by PressTV. CNN reported that there had been 29 people killed and at least 70 others wounded, citing Fars News Agency which, in turn, the deputy governor-general of Khouzestan province, Hossein Hosseinzadeh.

Furthermore, Reuters reported that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has vowed to take “deadly and unforgettable” vengeance against the attackers.

Sputnik reported that following the incident, Iranian Armed Forces spokesman, Brig. Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi, said that the militants were linked to the United States and Israel. His opinion was echoed by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who accused “regional terror sponsors and their US masters” of organizing the attack.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also voiced his concerns saying that the tragic incident “at the hands of the mercenary terrorists has once again exposed the atrocity and viciousness of the enemies of the Iranian nation … Their crime is a continuation of the conspiracies by the US-backed regimes in the region which have aimed at creating insecurity in our dear country.”

The Saudi-backed al-Ahvaziya terror group, which is based in Europe, has claimed responsibility for the assault. Saudi Arabia is the biggest ally the US has in the Middle East. Rouhani clamed that while Saddam Hussein was alive, the group was a mercenary of the former “Ba’ath regime.” According to PressTV “they switched their fealty to a “southern Persian Gulf state” which has undertaken to provide the terrorists with funds, weapons and political assistance.”

Rouhani described the Saturday attack, especially in a city which “valiantly withstood eight years” of attacks by Saddam’s forces, a “big crime” which will not go unpunished.

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By “mercenary states” they of course mean the separatist militias that control the streets of certain communities. Apparently, by their mindless repetition of the allegation, they are desperate to ensure that everyone blames their external enemies rather than their internal enemies.


No silly, they mean Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel, I mean who else apart from the US and UK commit terror attacks?


You would.


No I would never hurt a civilian, only you Zionist, fascist types sink that low.


Such as yourself.


” By “mercenary states” they of course mean the separatist militias that control the streets of certain communities. ”

SMH ( Smaug My Head )


Iran is hardly ready to confront US. They are even not prepared to confront Israel and Saudi Arabia.
They should rather focus on domestic security and economy then war, because I can smell regime change and color revolution in the air.


u sure are either plain stupid or a satanic jew prick….i´ll explain very simple….
the countries mentioned by iran are saudi arabia and UAE.
point 1. UAE…..UAE is an artificial nation…in a military confrontation with iran, that “nation” is done in 7 days…period..check the size of UAE..LOL……ballistic missiles on their gas and oil terminals, on dubai intl´airport and on their biggest airforce base will finish UAE for good.
point 2. saudi arabia…..an artificial nation born on the terrible stoneage wahhabbi belief…a military that cannot , with the help of israel,Uk,USA and UAE beat the houthis in jemen.Ballistic missiles on their oil and gas terminals, on their biggest airforce base and this rulership of the house of saud is over…killed by their own folks….
USA confrontation with IRAN……if the USA does not use their nuclear arsenal , winning for the USA is IMPOSSIBLE….IMPOSSIBLE……The USA does not have enough manpower for an invasion…period, thats a fact……..can the USA atatck with their airforce or ballistic missiles or cruise missiles??? YES BUT who will suffer more damage??? IRAN a country of 83 million and 1,648,195 square kilometers or the US bases and ships that fire of this arsenal i just mentioned???
the answer is obvious…Iran would feel like an elephant feels when a bee stings it….but the usa…lol hahaha their bases in the middle east , which are well known to ALL folks on this planet would get devastated, and their warships would be like sitting ducks waiting to get sunk……
in plain language…..the USA cannot beat IRAN in a NON NUCLEAR WAR…..but the USA would suffer immensely…on a military scale and on an economic scale that would be a nightmare for the USA after oil tops 200 dollars a barrel.


IDF were only made of air force while the Saud Army were just rich kid boys scout club that were pretty much useless.

They weren’t ready to confront the US yes but in terms of having no capability to incur damage to US home territory yet. Once that were covered the US would have lost as the country it styled themselves presently.
Any local regional conflict they can handle themselves better than Iraq and Syria.


You have a one dimensional mind.
Iran will not behave like the US and Israel and bomb civilians, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Mustafa Mehmet

Well said


Depends on what is “to confront”. If it means to seek alternative means of doing business inspite of sanctions, if it means to harm Saudi and UAE military assets, Iran is probably able to do that. The important thing for them is to be too strong to be directly attacked. The murderious massacre in Ahwaz only helps to unite Iranian against a common enemy, no matter how much they loathe their regime… they’re still patriots and most despise the US far more.


Possibly in Washington, a regime change.
Iran is a defensive nation, it has not invaded any other nation since 1782.
“Confront”, MKO the terrorist org. that is what they are up against.


“Sputnik reported that following the incident, Iranian Armed Forces spokesman, Brig. Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi, said that the militants were linked to the United States and Israel. His opinion was echoed by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who accused “regional terror sponsors and their US masters” of organizing the attack”…THERE IS NO DOUBT THE US CIA DEEP STATE AND ISRAHELL MOSSAD, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS OF THE TERRORIST CRIMINAL ATTACK.

Tommy Jensen

Denmark, Holland, UK, hosting, feeding, paying, jobbing not only this radical group in EU, while they are howling and crying about suppressing muslim scarfs………………………………..LOL.

Hide Behind

While I like the Ideal of Sovereignty being espoused by Iran theire leadership as too military capabilities is just hot air, with little real muscle behind it.
Today Irans true owners are both religious and financialy earthly practical oligarchals, whose plush lifestyles they hide behing false religious piety.
On the streets every half assed psychotic males and females psychotic bitches use their religion as a power trip against anyone they dislike, power trips backed by the guns and clubs of government officials.
They are what an American Professor called, “Little Eichmans”, those who like to see others harmed and made poweless, because they under under State Auspices, psychotic bitches.
Iran economy is tiny both internationally and domesticly its Religious guards and military suck domestic productivity dry to bone, and the new World wide tarriffs, embargos and frozen assets in overseas nations, are causing a lot of unrest among its numericly increasing younger aged population as the older generation of hide bounds die off.
It is in reality a many divided populace and its Kurds, from internal and Iraqs Peshmerga have caused innumerable disruptions.
Lets not forget the MEK whose numbers bot inside and outside reieve 10′ of millions just for recruitment, and then are Trained as tough Special Forces at Blackwzters Azeri military base on Caspian Sea.
A private military paid for by US that has multiple gun boats and choppers to ferry MEK fighters infiltration and some already, attacks upon Irans military aand home guards.
Numbers of guns and missels may cause a lot of destruction to neighboring nations, but the assets of those nations aided by US arre masdive.
It should be obvious by now that Iran could not expect any help militarily from Russia, China, Pakistan or Turkey if Israel and US/NATO, and ME emeritates decide to attack them.
The tactic of terrorism is to cause the established governments to come down hard upon rest of populace, causing even more disatisfaction towards those individuals in power.
Iran in its past has shown little humane treatment of own citizens that step out of line, and as usual the yop 2% that rule have 28-30% who administer for them who will swuash anyone that threatens their priveledged positions.


1. The Iranian military is ranked 13th among the most powerful militaries in the world (above Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and Saudi Arabia). It’s important to note that this ranking includes the Iranian Army only and excludes the IRGC!
In real world too the Iranian military has proven itself many times during the Iran-Iraq, Hezbollah-Israel, Iraq-ISIS and Syria-ISIS etc. wars.

2. Iran is ranked 26th in the world by GDP so it’s not “tiny” at all!
There is economic corruption in Iran but it’s definitely not systematic and the political system is working hard to eradicate it.

3. Ethnic, cultural and religious diversity are not weaknesses, quite the opposite; points of strength for any country if controlled, and the Islamic Republic has been very successful at that. Historically even before the Islamic Republic diversity has never been a problem for Iran.

4. The MEK is rejected among all Iranians. While currently active in information war against the Islamic Republic, the MEK has zero military capability. Even in their best conditions their military attack against Iran was crushed in 3 days during operation Mersad with >2,000 losses and >1,400 detained.


Almost 30 sentences, wow, and all the “politically correct” reasons for Iran to “regime change”.
OK, you’ve earned double pay today.
But no one here will believe you.

John Mason

Iran should assist all the dissidents in the US and organize a colour revolution. Iran could also have mercenaries attack US bases in Africa, S. America and even in Europe using the same system that the US engages in.


What I been wondering is why none done it yet but then the answer is obvious. Think GLADIO. All so called terrorist are created and controlled, or if you want directed by UK/Usrael.


America would bomb its own cities without hesitation. Remember how they beat people protesting about American banks?
It is very hard to get any kind of popular uprising going in a nation that has nearly as many police etc as citizens, and completely controls the media.

John Mason

No uprising, that doesn’t work anymore. Trump has assets overseas, bet he won’t like it when they happen to collapse, a lot of US neocons have overseas assets.

viktor ziv

Few years back, someone posted at SF:”When Germans shoot, Brits duck, when Brits shoot, Germans duck, when Americans shoot, everybody ducks.”

J Roderet

The Neocons’ fantasies will not come true. The Iranian people will never allow their country to become a US colony again.

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