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Iran Is Planning To Seind Warship To Gulf Of Mexico


Iran Is Planning To Seind Warship To Gulf Of Mexico

On November 23, Iranian Navy commander, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, revealed during his first press conference that Iran is planning to send its warships to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean in the near future according to NBC TV.

“Our fleet of warships will be sent to the Atlantic Ocean in the near future and will visit one of the friendly states in South America and the Gulf of Mexico,” Rear Adm. Hossein Khanzadi said during the conference, according to the Iranian Fars news agency.

Rear Adm. Hossein Khanzadi was appointed as the commander of the Iranian Navy by the Supreme Leader of Iran Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei on November 5.

These promises are likely just a part of the ongoing propaganda war between the US and Iran. The Previous commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari made similar promises back in 2014. However, Sayyari later claimed that the Iranian Navy canceled its plan to send its warships to the Gulf of Mexico “due to a change in schedule”.

Such deployment will require a very precise operation to resupply the warships in sea along its course or the mission will definitely fail. It’s unknown if the Iranian Navy got the needed experience or technology to conduct such a deployment. However, if Iran manages to deploy its warships to the Gulf of Mexico, the tension between the US and Iran will likely increase dramatically.



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  • Ronald

    So it’s good to see the Iranians have a sense of humor .

    • wwinsti

      Agreed. Nothing belies how truly defensive Iranian capabilities are like this statement, or the reaction it garners.

    • Rodger

      Well if they do it right they can have the US racking up massive costs ‘harassing’ them. The real war going on is financial anyway. If they can have a whole carrier group following them around it would be very funny. Or criss cross busy shipping lanes in shallow waters in the hopes the following subs collide with a merchant vessel. There are a lot of ways they can have fun.

      • Floyd Hazzard

        Lol….one aircraft or one spy ship to augment the satellites and the embedded local intelligence. That’s it.

        • Rosemary

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      • Orcbuu

        Yeha the real task would be for the Us navy to NOT crash into a Merchant vessel, hahahahaha.
        This is trolling on the political scale

    • FlorianGeyer

      Israel is Deeply Deeply Worried.
      Its no laughing matter :) :) :)

  • Vidura

    Gulf of Mexico ? Dont you fucks dare come any closer if you want half that pathetic ”fleet” at the bottom of the ocean! LOL!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Are you saying that the US should attack Iranian ships in International Waters as common pirates do Vidura ?

      • Vidura

        Who says it has to be done by the US ?

        • FlorianGeyer

          Do you have more US proxy terrorists in mind to commit an illegal act on the High Seas ? This time with naval and Air Assets Vidura ?

          Canada perhaps ? :)

          • Daniel Castro

            It’s more like USA is the proxy for Israel…

          • FlorianGeyer

            Its rather sad that the US Boots on the Ground do nor realise this , just as the ISIS Kurdish and Al Nusra Boots on the Ground do not comprehend who they are dying for.

          • Daniel Castro

            Let’s be clear, ISIS and YPG and other terrorists are not good people, they are criminals, they know pretty damn well they are fighting for Zion, for them the only thing that matters is stealing and raping because they are CRIMINALS.

            And I’m pretty sure good percentage of murican soldiers are just as criminal… No mercy for them, if I could put my hands on that scum in al-tanf I would lock them on a place with no food or water so they eat each other.

          • FlorianGeyer

            That sounds like a plan :)

    • Do we detect a double standard here. US says don’t you dare come any closer. US says we can come closer to you if we want to. US says we can stay illegally in a country where we are not wanted (Syria). Hypocritical deluded entitled bullies you are.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I believed them when they said this back in 2010-2011.
    Iran is just talking now when they should keep their mouth shut. They would need to refuel multiple times, as they have no 20% enriched nuclear fuel to propel their ships any meaningful distances.
    Iran might make it to the gulf of mexico by 2025 ish. But not in 2018 lol
    Iran should focus on making it to Yemen first to lift the siege and help their brothers out. Then go build a naval base in Syria. Then go help Libya liberate themselves. Iran has plenty to do over the next 20 years.
    They should keep focus and not go so far out where Israel will ensure an ‘accident’ happens to Iran’s few naval vessels. Cause and Israeli sub will surely sing them, then allow either the US or UK to take the blame.

    • Enkidu

      >they have no 20% enriched nuclear fuel

      They might have, who’s to say they don’t? I mean, they have a whole country to hide their technology.

    • Daniel Castro

      Well, if they choose to not go through suez they might navigate around africa, I’m pretty sure there will be some african nation willing to supply them fuel, and they could dock here in Brazil on the way, we would gladly sell them fuel too, and of course Venezuela and Cuba would supply them, no problem.

      This trip would be very imprtant to show US citizens their hypocrisy.

    • Sadde

      Exactly why should they keep their mouth shut? Why should Iran focus on helping other countries as far as Libya? And exactly What does helping other countries has to do with developing Iranian naval forces, in this case by visiting South America?

      Further more one does not need nuclear power to make a voyage to America as men have done that in hundreds of years.

      Finally, Israel is a tiny country with no strategic advantage in itself and the only sensible way to see it is as part of US.

  • Tom Tom

    Havana day dreamin’…

  • Rick0Shea

    Freedom of navigation bitches – go Iran.