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JULY 2022

Iran Is Planning To Launch Missiles At Israel From Syria – Report

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Iran Is Planning To Launch Missiles At Israel From Syria – Report

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

Israel defense officials believe that Iran is determined to retaliate for the April 9 Israeli airstrike on Syria’s T4 Airbase in which at least 7 Iranian service members were killed, the Israel new outlet Haaretz reported on May 6.

According to the report, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are currently planning the retaliation act. Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian-backed Shiite forces are supposedly involved in these Iranian preparations.

Israeli officials said that the Iranian retaliation could be in a form of missile strike, launched from Syria, on key bases of the Israel Army in northern Israel. The officials believe that the supposed missile strike will be limited, as Iran is not looking to start a war with Israel, according to Haaretz.

The senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned on April 10 that the Israeli airstrike on the T4 Airbase “will not remain without a response.”

Haaretz said that the Israeli Army is taking various protective measures against any possible missile fire. Previously, Israeli sources claimed that the Israeli Air Force is planning to strike all the IRGC assets in Syria in a response to any Iranian attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli Cabinet earlier on May 6 that Iran has delivered advanced weapons to Syria and has warned that Israel is willing to “block Iran’s aggression.”

“We are determined to block Iran’s aggression against us even if this means a struggle. Better now than later … We do not want escalation, but we are prepared for any scenario.” Netanyahu said according to the Israeli news outlet Jerusalem Post.

Some experts say that Haaretz report is a direct warning to Iran that appears to be on the verge of launching an attack against Israel from Syria.

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Vince Dhimos

The title is not accurate, my friends. It should read “Israel claims….”


Yeah.. You’re right.. I had the same thought in that manner too while reading it..

Brother Thomas

Set up for a possible false flag.

Hisham Saber

Exactly, this garbage is pure Israeli propaganda piece.

Israel is playing the victim card, so the Jews in the U.S., who control the media can spin 24/7 bullshit that ‘Israel is under siege’ scenario to the gullible masses, especially the Christian Zionist blowhards who number in the millions in the U.S.

Israel wants a war on Iran, but wants the U.S., U.K., France and Gulf lackeys to fight it.

Although I do know the Iranians will go through on their promise that Israel will not get away with aggression against its soldiers, they will no doubt do it on their terms, not Israel’s.

When an Iranian nuclear scientist, a civilian, was assassinated in Tehran, a year later a bus full of Israeli’s mysteriously blew up in Bulgaria. After that, no more assassinations or even attempts on Iranian scientists.


I doubt Iran will do that. I seems to be more FEAR Mongering by Nutty Yahoo and PROJECTION of what he is already planning against Iran in Syria

He needs more justification/EXCUSES to attack more Iranian bases

Michał Hunicz

Yes, please, Iran do this.


Sure, because WE , all that post here, sit on the couch and watch TV, we aren’t there. And if it goes wrong and tens of thousands Syrians die.. ” Well.. bad luck, maybe next time..” This isn’t Super-BOWL.


How to go wrong , tell us .

Iran just fire lots of missiles from Syria , what can Israel do other than trying to destroy the missiles IF they can even enter Syria.

Missiles can be stored in safe places and out of reach or well dispersed . There is nothign Israel can do really and do not believe Israel’s army even dare to enter Syria .

It’s just that possibly at this time when Trump is talking about abandoning the nuke deal that is refraining Iran . Otherwise Iran’s credibility is in line.

Iran decides not Israel if there is going to be a retaliation

Luke Hemmming

Hi Joe, could you provide me with the link about Iran launching missiles. I am very interested in this development as it would most definitely provoke a response from Israel, which could escalate to a very bad situation for the world.


No what i meant was Iran just need to fire the missiles not fired the Missiles.

Not yet but if they do it may lead to anything.

Israel expects immunity like they did to Syrians. But my view is win Iran it will be different to teach Israel to behave. Let’s see

Luke Hemmming

Hahaha OK I see. Phew! Thanks. :-)


Micheal…The Sooner they do the Sooner they DIE…The home of Jackals and Buzzards.

Steve Bell

Jackals and buzzards, together with worms and roaches… that’s what Israel will look like if it nukes Iran.

Hisham Saber

The Iranians have studied, and are ready, for every possible scenario.

Israel will essentially, and most certainly commit national suicide if it uses a nuke/s against Iran.

And the dollar, as the worlds reserve currency, the petro-dollar, will be dealt a lethal blow from the configuration. Without the petro-dollar, and no more oil from the region-60/70%-there would be a complete collapse of the U.S., U.K. and E.U. economies. Russia and China smartly already bought up the worlds gold supply, they will be able to whether the collapse of the global Jewish monetary scheme.

Karl Hosch

Wrong, the US will fall back on its reserves and the price of oil will skyrocket so oil production can start back up in the US oil fields.

Hisham Saber

You mean that garbage quality and super expensive to refine shale oil?

A six month strategic reserve will do nothing to save the day.

Brother Thomas

Yes, please! And if the Iranians do not, we will launch a false flag attack ourselves to set the Middle East aflame.

Hisham Saber

Yes Iran, just go ballistic, literally.


Let the games begin….


.. and lose everything, right? To give a good reason to the USA to deploy some 50,000 US-soldiers there..Plus the ISRAELI air-force and the tanks, artillery and MISSILES. Who knows, by that Te-Aviv scvmbags if they won’t use the opportunity to launch one of their NUKES , just to see how they work..

IF the IRANIANS shoot on Israel NOW, it will be like the imb€cylity of the GAZA-idy0ts taht shoot that primitive “rockets” an dthen getb pounded by the ISRAELIS a week long with all kind of ammo and the CIVILIANS suffer the most. EITHER YOU HAVE an ARMY and SUPPLIES for 3-4 years of WAR already brought to SYRIA, or stay on your a##es. THE RUSSIANS wil stay and look how ISRAEL blasts all IRANIANS in syria and wil do NOTHING. The next will be HEZBOLLAH in LEBANON, taht won’t be attacked to cheap and ” at olow-costs” like in that fights in South-Lebanon, but LIKE ARIEL SHARON DID IT as he pushed Yasser Arafat into Beirut and strangulated the Palestinians there. Arafat had to leave Lebanon to go to TUNIS and Libya, with his over 40,000 men.

THIS WILL HAPPEN if Iran shoots now on ISRAEL. Just wake-up, you day-dreamers =>> The KNESSET just voted a LAW that permits Netanyahu &/or Avigdor Lieberman to start A WAR without a PRIOR permission of the Israeli Parliament. Do the DANGER-bells sound by you? ALL that BIBI needs is a FALSE-FLAG , an “excuse” for the World’s Public Opinion.

You can call me Al

Do shut up; you are like a broken record.

Israel kills scores of Iranians, but they must not retaliate ?, bllx.

If they don retaliate, Israel will continue the strikes.

PS The article comes from Israel so it is probably BS anyway.


You can call me ai … does AI stand for an (I)ntelligent (A)ss??


And jbeny? Does that stand for “jews behind everything now, yes?”


Does headhunter stand for “brains-seeker”? Cause some of you here . by this Russki-site, need badly some brains, you hyperventilated couch-potatoes and Sunday-evening-heroes.

Steve Bell

Wow, such anger… did you bang your skull on the Wailing Wall once too much?


No a##hole, I bang you wife


Yup gutter brains and crude insults, remind me why do |Jews think they are that smart. How about being smart enough not to be hated by others rat brain.

Baron Von MuleBanger

You are literally suffering from autism.Sad.

You can call me Al

Yes it does whilst I am in a good mood. Try doing it again.


https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/03/russia-know-whats/ Before you bark here like a mad dog, better READ THIS. it’s written by Paul Craig Roberts, Ronald Reagan’s man by the FINANCE, It’s a REPUBLICAN, not some Leftist anti-Trump guy, but even this Republican cannot understand WTF is Putin doing.. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/03/russia-know-whats/ And in the future it’s better to use your little BRAIN before you write here insults.

IRAN CANNOT attack ISRAEL you 0xim0r0n. That’s EXACTLY what Netanyahu wants, but you f*king couch-potatoes thing you are by some American Football and sustain your team . That is DEATH, mass-murdering, CIVILIANS obliterated, not some Super-Bowl, you f*king brain-amputated hyperventilated “revolutionists”.

But sure, NOT YOU get the Israeli nukes on your heads. Because ISRAEL WILL USE some nukes, if not for something else, just so, to see how they work. oh what? International outrage? So what? Since when is ISRAEL touched by the international yelling? Did tzhey stop bombing GAZA and killing children there, after the UN complained taht Israel bombed even an UN-school there ? (( And then SYRIA is finished AND RUSSIA will sit brave and WILL DO NOTHING. Looks almost like PUTIN wants to marry Bibi.. READ THIS what P.C. Roberts wrote and OPEN your f*king eyes to the reality.

Bunch of idy0ts, did I scratched your Victory-trumpets? You want to run INTO THE Israeli-knife. Till now they were only CIA illiterate undisciplined hired garbage there and the Syrian Army STILL has to fight with them after so many years… And now you want to get the ISRAELI ARMY into Syria, right? :(( And if the ISRAELI go into Syria with a 100,000 men and the USA send some 50,000, too, you can f*ck your victory-songs here :(( Open your eyes >And read that what I gave you, maybe you start to understand in what A MINE-FIELD Syria would march if the Iranians in Syria shoot on Israel NOW.. LATER OK, or IF the USA start to attack IRAN, BUT NOT NOW This isn’t a VIDEO-GAME, you freaks..

Steve Bell

Capitalised lettering doesn’t convince, neither does barking.

Steve Bell

Looks like the hasbara troll peanut brigade on Southfront has been activated again… good for some comic relief.


Sure, you came. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

You can call me Al

I am still not sure if the comment was aimed at Siegried, but in my defence, sending this article twice in one day is enough, not on very article. In the meantime, butt out.


You jumped quick to flag me as spam, you little wanker, what?

READ THIS, you big-mouth and coach-potato

https://www.paulcraigrobert… Before you bark here like a mad dog, better READ THIS. it’s written by Paul Craig Roberts, Ronald Reagan’s man by the FINANCE, It’s a REPUBLICAN, not some Leftist anti-Trump guy, but even this Republican cannot understand WTF is Putin doing


Well of course the Americans can’t understand what Putin is doing. It would be like trying to explain string theory to a child. The Americans are just too stupid to understand, that’s why Jews so love America, it’s like taking candy from a baby.

You can call me Al

I am not sure my comment was aimed at you, God knows how you ended up with it, sorry.

You can call me Al

I never flagged you as spam. I don’t do that, I just block for myself, if necessary.


He is speaking the truth, even though it is unpalatable. To win a war you cannot allow the human traits of revenge and anger colour your judgement. Israel is trying to goad Iran into making a mistake. I don’t think the Iranians will fall for the trap, there are many ways to get revenge, and time only makes the revenge sweeter.

You can call me Al

Thanks for the comment. Let us see, but I hope you are right.


The US and Israel combined could never invade Iran with ground forces. They could destroy most infrastructure, but when 30,000 Israeli troops are beaten by 300 Hezbollah fighters in South lebanon, how well would they fare against the army that trained Hezbollah and which has half a million similarly trained soldiers, fighting for their own land? Vietnam and Iraq would look like a boy scout jamboree in comparison.


30,000 my a##. And not 300 Hezbollah, over 12,000

300 were Spartans by Thermopylae .. Fiction has no place on a battlefield, that is cruel reality.

And STOP that f*king self-laudatio with the fantastic Hezbollah that beats the Israeli Army.The Israeli thought they’ll run a “warm-up” thru South-Lebanon, nobody will oppose any resistance and they’ll go all home for dinner. And got f*cked-up because they were totally unprepared , took the action as something easy, routine. THIS TIME they will enter with really that number you gave and splash everything there, military and civilians, no matter what runs in front of their canons and machine-guns. It will be a second “Ariel Sharon campaign”, like that one that f*cked Yasser Arafat and pressed his Palestinians into Beirut. And only the meddling of ITALY arranged that they don’t get all slaughtered by the Israelis and could leave on Italian ships , to go to Tunisia and Libya. And now times are changed: Israeli drone goes till Damascus, KILLS a high-ranking Hezbollah -leader … and THE RUSSIANS didn’t shoot that sh*t down… This is the reality, not some wishful-thinking.

Steve Bell

Google “crying IDF troops 2006” to see how they crawled back across the border in a river of tears, bawling and like the cowards they are.


Yes, I know what their f*king propaganda was barking= that .. PUTIN (!!??) gave hezbollah modern AT-weapons, that’s why the Lebanese f*cked theri Merkaba-tanks :))

And PUTIN answered by a press-conference that the RPGs used by the Hezbhollah are so old that he and Lavrov were young recruits in the red-Army as they used them :))) But they weren’t 30,000 and the Hezbollah had there in the South-Lebanon some 10-12 thousand men that occupied the ex -Israeli “BUFFER-ZONE” as the IDF went back to Israel. I guess ( I’m not so sure) that was at the same time as the SYRIAN Army ( around 60,000) left LEBANON. The Syrians entered to stop that Civil-War there and helped Lebanon to come back on its feet again)


Reminds me of what Shakespeare wrote: “The lady doth protest too much methinks..”

Cheryl Brandon

good luck with that project!keep watching the hyenas in Occupied Palestine!

bernie garland

Fooking good,knock out the air fields


Iran needs to have some of its missiles on a mobile platform, and has to protect its static missile locations with effective air to ground defenses. Syria can protect its own assets with the air defenses they currently have, wish there were 40-50 Pantsir units protecting Iranian installations.


I was under the impression that most Iranian missiles were on mobile launchers that were permanently stationed in bunkers. For launch they scoot outside, setup the missile, then return to the bunker before launch to reload. At the very least, I can’t picture them being launched from concrete silos.


I am not sure how reinforced the Iranian bunkers are in Syria, Israel has GBU28 bunker busting bombs, by mobile platforms I meant moving along and using natural terrain features to camouflage their locations under an effective air umbrella.


My mistake. For some reason I was thinking about missiles in Iran proper. Obviously, you were discussing missiles in Syria as in the article. My age is beginning to show.


Iran has bunkers and tunnels carved into the mountains in Iran, they seem quite impregnable based on information they released. They would even be able to take a nuclear hit from a GBU28 and still be viable.

Alexander Lyapunov

Iran has them carved down 500m down the mountains in many of it’s provinces. They’re lying nicely down in silos waiting to be launched. Ironically, they will probably lose a solid third /fourth of their range, just getting out of the mountains.


I don’t think anyone outside of Iran knows the Iranian missile capability, that’s why Israel is so scared of Iran.


Israel is just looking for any imaginary excuse to initiate an attack to Iran and destroy its nuclear technology. The title is miss leading with the intention to make believe the reader that this is an Iran statement.


israeli disinfo, why does southfront parrot this

Pave Way IV

Christ almighty… Does SouthFront really have to put a disclaimer on this for you? They publish this precisely because it IS Israeli propaganda. It provides useful context for what Israel is scheming and the narrative they are pushing now to frame the event and their response. Does SouthFront really have to do something more than mention it’s from Israeli new[s] outlet Haaretz? Are SF readers’ minds so weak that they’ll take the article at face value, spontaneously turning them into raving lunatic Zionist supporters screaming “Death to Iran”?

What you should already know: Israel always develops a public narrative for western audiences about an anticipated event (a real threat or false flag) ahead of time so everyone knows who the threatening party is, and why an Israeli response was obviously justified.

What this article should tell you: Israel has already pre-identified the future missile attack perpetrators as the IRCG (expected) but also that “…Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian-backed Shiite forces are supposedly involved in these Iranian preparations…” WTF ‘involvement’ would the IRCG possibly need from Lebanese Hezbollah or a Shia Militia to launch one of their newer missiles? And how could Israel possibly know?

Haaretz is telegraphing the guilty party list so western MSM will repeat the IRCG + Lebanese Hezbollah + all Iranian-backed Shiite Militia threat. Their response to an actual missile attack – or to an Israeli false flag appearing to be an IRCG missile attack – will be a retaliatory strike inside Lebanon and Syria targeting all those ‘guilty’ groups. Which will set off the Hezbollah to launch some of their missiles at Israel, justifying a joint Israeli/US invasion of South Lebanon. Repeated strikes by Israel and US against the IRCG/Shia Militias in Syria will also happen, quickly followed by some bullshit coalition of ZATO + Evil Orb GCC countries.

Israel hopes to start a US-backed hot war against Hez/Shia in Lebanon, which Russia isn’t and will not be involved in. The air campaign in Syria is a bit more dicey – If the US and Israel are only striking IRCG and Shia militia positions in Syria but not Syrian military positions/installations, will Russia be willing to start WWIII? If US/UAE troops and their ex-ISIS Border Theft Force fan out from at Tanf and move towards Abu Kamal, does that change anything for Russia? If some motley collection of western forces and US-led mercs crosses the Syrian border from Jordan and starts claiming Syria’s southeastern border under the guise of either fighting ISIS or fighting Shia militia, then what should Russia do?

Israel, with their perpetual Iranian missile paranoia and appetite for land/resource theft, need to make sure the US is involved from the start. That means the US public must be conditioned to accept that no other alternative was possible and evil Iran started it. The US must be conditioned to believe US soldiers coming back in aluminum coffins didn’t die for Israel, but are heros that died protecting the US from Evil Iran and their minions. Russia’s choice is to start WWIII for nothing, or remain on their bases and watch the craziness unfold.

Luke Hemmming

Hear Hear!! Well said.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Only problem Russia will have no option a these CIA/MOSSAD led proxies are going to invade Southern Russian Federation, that is just not going to happen with them sitting back and a possible destruction of all US fleets in the vicinity. That is called Check and mate for NATO Coalition knocking over their King Israel.

Pave Way IV

Well, there’s the problem. See, my US leaders are playing checkers here – there is no threat from a potential check or mate in checkers. The US isn’t even aware of the concept.

When Russia eventually informs the US that their king is in checkmate, the US will either deny it, claim Russia cheated somehow and is now under further sanctions, or else the US will painfully concede to the loss in private, but then call in a JDAM strike on the chess board and then deny they were ever playing chess with Russia at all. Russia obviously must have made up the story of the game and impossible US loss in order to make Americans lose confidence in their military and government. Other ZATO members will quickly chime in about Russia’s made-up chess game and say they happen to know for a fact that Russia was nowhere near the match, and does not have the ability to win one anyway.


This will be so nice that Iran start crushing foreign criminals in Palestine. Where there are criminals in the world the US and UK support will be with them.

Nevins Harding

I have never observed Neanderyahoo to tell the truth. Another provocative lie. If it is true, then, Neanderyahoo, take the deserved retaliation like a man


Like a man, you mean bend over and squeal like a pig.


Tommy Jensen

Typical American Hollywood movie: Violence, anal sex, psychopaths.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The movie”Deliverance” was shot in Ontario,Canada and used Canadian actors as the bad guys.


Wow..where have you been..missed all the great comment/s of yours too Regards

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Was on other sites and catching up on all the various stories as these battles were going to be rather quick ,except Yarmouk with the nasty urban fighting and possibility of bad calls being made at times. Death tolls would be high ,and nasty war crimes by ISIS was expecting to be reported that would have made me mad.


great things must be happenin there.. just do drop by here once in awhile of ur great infos for us too.. regards..! tx

Graeme Rymill

It is always fun to see what disinformation you spout.

“The film was made on location up in the northeastern corner of Georgia, around Rabun Gap and Clayton in Rabun County, towards the border with the Carolinas. The fictitious ‘Cahulawassee River’ down which Lewis (Burt Reynolds), Ed (Jon Voight) and co canoe is, for the most part, the Chattooga River, defining the state’s border with South Carolina, and flowing south into Lake Tugaloo.

The section of river used in the film is the roughly 10-mile stretch south from Earl’s Ford Road, running beneath Highway 76, Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway, to Lake Tugaloo itself.”


Promitheas Apollonious

well it is about time.


About time is it since 1948, but it isn’t a PROPER TIME seen thru the Syrian-Iranian Weaponry and supplies-possibilities, that are THRU IRAK ( intercepted by the Americans if they want) and thru that 2 small RUSSIAN BASES in Syria. And that Russian bases work properly as long as Turkey’s ERDOGAN doesn’t get BOUGHT AGAIN by Israel and closes the Bosporus.


Erdogan can’t close the Bosphorous, that would mean war. And Russia would easily win that one. Erdogan is a little tyrant but no friend of Israel or of Israel bombing Iranians in Syria.

Alexander Lyapunov

Erdogan is nothing but a little bitch who chooses the side which benefits him most at the current time, Don’t count on him.


” Erdogan can’t close the Bosphorous, that would mean war.”

War with NATO, Israel’s useful idy0t is called NATO.. Turkey is in NATO and if Erdogan changes AGAIN the fronts and lets himself being bought by the Israelis.. well “NATO’s black sheep will be welcomed back into the “family”.

That’s exactly what PUTIN doesn’t need now. He needs MORE TIME to finish the modernizing of his Army and to rise his technological advantage over the USA,. USA that f*cked TRILLIONS and over 20 years on Military things sold by the US-LOBBYist-garb@ge => like F-35 and other stvpid obsolete things ( a few CARRIERS, the swimming future TARGETS of the Russian cruise-missiles, anti-satellite-missiles .. that cannot his their target, anti-missile systems that hit 1 on 20 missile on fine weather and sonny days, while the Chinese shot down a satellite by the first try and the S-400 do even that job to intercept American ICBMs)

BUT the Russians still have a lot to modernize and their efforts aren’t in a final stadium, it’s a lot to do, specially by the Air-Force

So they don’t need now some HUGE WARS. The CHINESE have to further increase their military power to be a reliable partner of Russia against an eventually NATO-World-War..

Now it’s STILL not so clear who wins.. Give PUTIN 10 years and then WE KNOW IT..

Promitheas Apollonious

turkey is a whore that change her price according to the size we said that a million times. Closing Bosporus it mean her total destruction and they know it.

And this war will not be a fight from ground troops from the russian side. As for americans allowing Iran and Iraq, anything that is a thing of the past. Stop assuming what reality is and try keep up with reality of today and not reality of the 90s.

Just saying…..

You can call me Al

It is seriously heating up now, Israel are intent on it kicking off (with US and Saudi assistance of course).

Steve Bell

Interesting what Putin will say to Netanyahu during their expected meeting on Wednesday- whenever he wants to pass a message on to Trump, he talks to Trump’s boss in Tel Aviv.


Putin: Are you satisfied Bibi with my idleness, or should i boost it? Sheitanyahoo: Boost, Vlad, boost!


Well… here you have it..



Instead of writing stvpid comments in behalf of that hyperventilated All, you should R$EAD THIS first.. It takes less than 5 minutes even for a Bible-Belt-redneck and makes clear what I wanted to tell you here but you are sooo in loved with your wishful-thinking that you don’t wanna read something else but Iran shall bomb Israel”. Read THIS and then you’ll know what I meant: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/03/russia-know-whats/

Maybe you could even explain why SAUDI-ARABIA / main-sponsor of ISIS !!) and that chameleon Erdogan / TURKEY get S-400 ….. and SYRIA (“!!!!!!!!) and IRAN are still waiting for their S-300 ..

S Melanson

Hezbollah is involved? This is surprising. Although Hezbollah’s leadership stated that Israel would be made to pay for the T4 air base attack, they also made it clear they did not wish to open a new front with Israel, at least for the time being. See Jerusalem Post, April 13, 2018 “Nasrallah: Israel Targeting Syrias a historic mistake.

However, upon learning that the source is Israel and not Iran, all confusion dissipated as once against all made perfect (non) sense. The title should be changed to reflect the source of the report (disinformation).


Hezbollah is in Syria almost since the Russians started to help ASSAD. And the Iranian revolutionary Guards coordinated their coming with the Hezbollah

Steve Bell

And your point is?


I just answered him what is with the Hezbollah in Syria, he seemed not to know that they are fighting there near the Iranian Revolutionary Guards since the Russians started to bomb the Israeli-ISIS & CIA-Al-Qaeda-crap there


This is why Israel rejected the Iranian nuclear deal. Not saying who’s in the right, this is just a FWI.


Because is was NO DEAL… There was Never any DEAL… Why would Israel just throw in their Towel for nothing?


That makes no sense, there is no way to get several overt rivals all say the same thing if no agreement occurred.




Joe Dirt

HAHAHA! VOX! the worst media outlet in the US. VOX is fake news

Ivan Freely

Vice is just as bad. I notice that once a media outlet becomes popular, it is bought out by larger media groups.

Joe Dirt

Vox, Vice, Buzzfeed, Salon, WSJ, NYT, CNN, all of Sinclair’s media outlets, FOX, NBC, ABC, ESPN, CBS….just about every news media with a subjective bias view point.

Luke Hemmming

Regardless of whether VOX is fake or not, fact is there was a deal done and Israel is creating a narrative to try and convince the US that the deal needs to be broken and discarded. Israel is trying to create a narrative that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program using FAKE and OLD reference material to TRY and convince the world that Iran is doing this for real. We all know the reasons WHY Israel is doing this, that is obvious, Israel HATES Iran with a passion. The US government is Israel’s puppet, a lot of dual citizen Jews work for various US government departments and agencies including, security and intelligence. Because most of the US and the world’s economic and banking institutes are owned by Zionist Jews, ie. The Rothschild family banking cartel, the Fed been one of the many important global banking institutes. Zionists own/run most of the US media and a large percentage of international media outlets. Keeping this information in mind it is easy to do the dot connecting from here. The last two presidential candidates, Hillary and Trump, each had a Zionist Jew who contributed millions of dollars to their respective campaigns. Saban for Hillary, Adelson for Trump. Throw in both candidates support for AIPAC and you can see where these two have their loyalties with. Also highlights the influence Israel has in US politics. More than Russian hacking, if you believe that that ever happened, which i don’t. Basically it was buying power and votes with donations, buying a politician. Both been Zionist jews betting on the two front runners, one only could win, but the winner would still be Israel. From where I sit, which isn’t in front of the TV because I don’t have a TV, I can clearly see that Israel is behind a lot of disinformation campaigns against Iran and manipulates the US into doing it’s bidding.

Joe Dirt

Keeping sucking on that Rothchild, banking cartel, Zionist Jew, deep state conspiracy bullshit.

Iran is not the poster child of freedom get over it!

Luke Hemmming

Keep sucking? I don’t know what you mean by sucking? It is a well known fact that the Rothschild own/run the BIS (Banking of International Settlements) the bank that central Banks are controlled by. It is a well known fact that the IMF and World Bank are Rothschild Institutes too. I fail to see where the conspiracy BS is in that? Also a lot of European central banks are owned/run by the Rothschild’s.It is all their on the internet if you take the time to read and do a little research.

And no where do I mention that Iran is a free country? I am well aware of what Iran is, having a very close friend from there. In fact she is here right with me. It is that the bully boys of the world, the US and Israel, like to pick on easy targets. The US in my opinion is not much more free in SOME aspects, as the saying goes “same dog, different leg”. Corruption within the US government would be on par with Iran and most other governments of the world including the country I live in.

There is no need to be so mean to people on here just because you fail to have the logic and intelligence to grasp these basic facts with your limited scope of geo political insight and your ignorance in understanding the connection between money and government and the political power money has. Money talks, BS walks. Anyway have a nice day Joe.

Joe Dirt was an ok movie.

Joe Dirt

War is coming to Iran. And you can chose to believe a bank started it, if you want.

Luke Hemmming

I certainly hope common sense will prevail and cool heads. I don’t want a war on the scale that is what is reported in some Op-Ed pieces on various media publications. My friend’s family is in Iran and I know them personally, having been with them on a holiday in Malaysia. They were so nice, polite and very generous and they have good hearts. Her brother is in the USA and so are a lot of her friends and their families too. They all contribute to the US economy in positive ways and all have jobs too after studying in the US, paying for their own University degrees.

What I do believe is a bank will bankroll it. Banks always provide credit to countries in times of war to ensure that the military machine can function. Banks don’t care who they borrow money too as long as that country pays it back, WITH INTEREST of course! More than likely a Rothschild owned banking institute will provide the money to the respective countries so they can purchase more weapons, ammunition, pay the soldiers wages etc etc etc. That is what I believe. So yes in some ways it is a bank that starts a war, or at least sustains it and provides the machinations to enable it to start and to continue. As long as the bank get’s it’s money back in one way or another it doesn’t care who is going to kill who, after all it’s just business for them.

Joe Dirt

Subjective argument is not an argument…..


Banks Jews, same thing really.


How can you explain a deal that is top secret? How about Trump releases the actual documents that all parties signed?


The ONLY DEAL was a “Sharing of Bribes” among TRAITORS…Starting with Obama and Payoffs to Iran to not squeal on the U1 deal…


Do you ever think before you speak?


Yes … I think you should get your head out of you a$$ and learn what really goes on in your Dream world.


I’ll take that as a no.


I understand your head is still in the same place so you can’t read…

No Signatures… No Deal with Iran … except for the Sucker Tax payers in the US. Contributing to the Pockets of Low Life Criminals and TRAITORS…


Israel was not part of the deal, you worthless piece of shit. Israel is trying to undermine the deal and is presenting fake propaganda about some “secret weapons” program so that gullible Donald Trump to scrap the whole deal.

Israel and the Gulf states are not interested in simply preventing Iran from acquiring a nuke, they want Iran to completely disarm itsself and be left vulnerable for external exploitation and aggressive “regime change” policies. Israel and the GCC are currently the real aggressors and main source of instability of the region.


hamster … get back on your Tread Mill and run Wildly round in circles getting no where…You’re extinct in the Wild arn’t you?

Enzo Gorlami

Sounds like Iran wants to use Syria as a disposable launch site. Because someone will escalate


Iran would be a fool to act in such a reckless Manor. Drunk on Victory Iran lacks technology and a solid Strategy, Russia will Not attack Israel. Iran should Probobly worry about the Kurds.

The Russians have Mastered Missile technology, Perhaps it is wise to make friends with Belarus and Russia instead of Frothing at the mouth.


The anglozionist propaganda machine will sell this as an aggression. Israel is desperate to trigger massive anglozionist military intervention in Syria. If Iran strikes at Israel, no matter how limited the strike is, Iran will plunge Syrian & allied forces into the anglozionist trap. Don’t fall for it.


Misleading catch-penny title; not good enough South Front.

chris chuba

I do not believe it and I will bet anyone $100 who is willing to cover my bet. Iran will never launch ballistic missiles from Syria into Israel unless Israel enters Syrian territory, or is asked to do so by the Syrian govt in response to a bombing on Syrian cities.

Iran will never use Syria as a base to launch an attack on Syria because Iran knows that the Syrians would pay the price.


iran already sent drone above IL from syria. did not tell anything to assad and russians. tharefore was that incident 2 months ago. iran is shitland, lead by muslem fanatics (ayatollahs) and warmonger thiefs (IRGC). never trust any moslem country.

Joe Dirt

As of right now, Iran is barley holding on to its country. When Iran goes into full blow revolution, guess who is going to get blamed! US, CIA, Europe, and the Spice Girls, Nazis, Velociraptor.

But the truth is Iran is lead by mudslime fanatics (ayatollahs) and warmonger thief’s (IRGC)….and the people of Iran are tired of it!!!

Steve Bell

Pathetic… you and velocraptor need to learn how to read a dictionary, to avoid exposing your single digit IQs.

Joe Dirt

Reading a dictionary does not expose ones IQ, you stupid fukkkkkkkkk! LOL

Steve Bell

But your posts do.


Tells, whom in his empty head rings only the bell. :))))


Yes. In Iran is large proportion of zoungs. Most of them want freedom and secular state. Thhis generation will send in the hell all ayatollahs and gardists.


You and velociraptor are the same shit pile ie solomon korpec the Israeli scumbag payed unemployable troll.

Joe Dirt

fuck off quran thumper

chris chuba

A surveillance drone is not an attack. The surveillance drone was modeled after one that they acquired from one they we sent over their country, was that an attack on Iran?

Iran does have some sort of mutual defense pact with Hezbollah and was probably trying to see if the Israelis were serious about invading Lebanon and staging forces at the Golan to try to make and end run around that Tabouleh line.

Joe Dirt

The world can only play proxy war for so long. War with Iran and Israel is inevitable


Yep. ISRAEL wants it. And that ballooned White-House-turkey Trump does what Bibi asks from him, like a good dog. http://www.batr.org/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/VanunuCartoon.jpg


Joe Dirt

Cause Iran is the poster child for freedom…LOL

You know Iran is on the verge of revolution….

Luke Hemmming

Love the first cartoon with the tiny Iranian nuke. Very true. I have a very close friend who is from Iran. Her family are still in Iran. On Friday the Iranian rial just lost more value against the US dollar. A ratio of 7 to 1. Two weeks ago it was a ratio of approx. 5 to 1. She is very worried about a currency collapse in her country which would make the Rial almost worthless against international currencies such as the US dollar. The cause of this to me I am not quite sure, inflation is getting out of hand over there. High unemployment, high inflation is a recipe for disaster in any country. What I am interested in is WHO is responsible for making the Rial become less valuable on the international money exchange? Who controls that? The Rothschild banking cartel? Are they ultimately in control of this? Or is it something else. If anyone could shed some light on how the currency exchange rates are controlled/manipulated that would be very helpful in explaining this to my friend as she can’t understand why the Rial is losing so much ground. Cheers.

Steve Bell

Iran will choose the time and place for it, and won’t be telling Haaretz when it does. Israel seems to be the one in a hurry.


Iran will choose the time and place for it”… while Israel will go there and help them by the planning.. Don’t you wanna see that ISRAEL wants to attack first and that will happen short after Bibi “talked” to PUTIN ? :( Wake up, folks, till now they were the second-hand CIA & Mossad hired garbage that made trouble in Syria.

Now cone the “regular troops”.

have the feeling that Bibi wants to force TRUMP in attacking sooner IRAN and that works if Israel has an excuse that the Iranians in Syria attacked Israel… And even if the Iranians won’t attack Israel from Syria.. MOSSAD will arrange a false-flag. Mossad or the BRITISH MI6 and their killers from the SAS. = the Nr.1 SPECIALISTS in false-flags.

BTW it’s a BRITISH invention, brought to perfection in some hundred years across the British Empire. Queen Victoria even made a LORD of one of that British criminals as “thank-you for the fantastic service to the Empire”

The BRITs helped that lousy “White-Helmets” to arrange that “chemical attack” proven to he BS by the International Commission.

The best is that some BRITS were caught by the Syrian Army together with some Al-Qaeda-crap :)) ..


There are two justifications that Israel would use to launch attacks on Iranians in Syria :

1) The Iranians attack Israel first. 2) The Iranians are preparing to attack Israel , imminently.

This means that Israel could conduct two kinds of false-flag operations in order to create the pretext to attack Iranians in Syria , let’s call them FF1 and FF2 , respectively per above.

This story from Israel is an FF2 , and I’d expect the news from Syria to confirm this soon.

Joe Dirt

How long has Iran been playing proxy war with Israel? Israel is finally calling out Iran, question is will Iran be a little bitch and hide?


Take a Dirt nap , Joe , next to your buddy McCain.

Joe Dirt

you can take your false-flag conspiracy bs and shove it up you ass.


What has Iran ever done to Israel, name some things?

Joe Dirt

Hezbollah, Hamas, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


See you can’t come up with a single thing?

The hatred of Iran has been burned into your brain by the Zionists and their neocon lovers, it’s about power, any nation in the ME, not controlled by Israel is an enemy of Israel and must be destroyed. Same for the Americans except any nation anywhere, not just in the ME.

Joe Dirt

I did…..LOL WTF are you talking about?

Hezbollah, Hamas, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


Hezbollah protects Lebanon from Israeli invasion, and Hamas is a legitimate political force. So basically what Iran has done is to try and help people help themselves.

Iran has never attacked Israel, but Israel makes constant threats towards Iran and openly assassinates Iranians.

Hitler used the same kind of arguments, he only invaded Poland because they supported political opponents of Hitler?

Joe Dirt

Your argument is subjective


No it’s objective. By any objective measure Israel has invaded Lebanon and is therefore a threat to Lebanon. Hezbollah has not invaded Israel. Israel is one of the aggressor nations in the region, and it seems Prince Zalman has accepted the role of Mussolini.

Joe Dirt

14 Aug 2006 – The United Nations recently brokered a cease-fire that went into effect at 8 a.m. The UN cease-fire resolution specifically demands the demilitarization of the area south of the Litani river. According to Ha’aretz: “Since July 12, Hezbollah fired 3,790 rockets across the border into Israel. Of these, 901 landed in communities, and 42 civilians were killed as a result. The Health Ministry said 4,262 civilians were treated in hospitals for injuries. Of these, 33 were seriously wounded, 68 moderately, and 1,388 lightly.Another 2,773 civilians were treated for shock.”

13 Aug 2006 – Throughout the day, more than 230 rockets slammed into northern Israel, killing one injuring as many as 75 people. An elderly Christian man was killed when a rocket struck his home in the town of Shlomi. Rockets landed also landed in Kiryat Shmona, Haifa, Ma’alot and Safed.

12 Aug 2006 – Following a relatively quiet morning, Hezbollah fired at least 68 rockets at northern Israel. Rockets landed in Krayot, Acco, and Carmiel. Six people were injured from flying shrapnel, and several other suffered shock. Later in the afternoon, a rocket directly hit a house in Safed, wounding two and causing shock in three others.

11 Aug 2006 – Hezbollah renewed its rocket attacks on the North, with multiple hitting Safed, Nahariya, Acco, Kiryat Shmona, Haifa, and Krayot. At least 16 rockets fell in Haifa alone. Fires broke out in the Galilee, while a massive fire squad attempted to extinguish them before they spread in the direction of a nearby artillery battery. A barrage of rockets hit two smaller communities near Kiryat Shmona, killing and wounding several cows; at least 50 cows have been killed from the rocket attacks so far.

10 Aug 2006 – A Hezbollah rocket scored a direct hit on a house in Dir el-Asad, a village near Carmiel, killing a Mariam Assadi, 26, and her five-year-old son Fathi Assadi. Rockets also landed in Haifa, Nahariya, Safed, Acco, and the Golan Heights. Over 165 rockets hit Israel throughout the day. There was also heavy fighting between the IDF and Hezbollah, which killed Israeli soldier and wounded at least 16 other. The day before, 15 reserve soldiers were killed and 34 others were injured in different incidents across southern Lebanon.

9 Aug 2006 – Hezbollah shot a 302-mm Khaibar 1 rocket toward Hadera, but the missile landed in Haifa. At least four long-range rockets were fired at the Beit Shean Valley region, but no injuries have been reported thus far. Rockets aimed at Afula landed in a Palestinian village in the West Bank near Jenin. One person was treated for shock after a rocket barrage on Safed. As a result of the rockets, fires have broken out all across the north, destroying hundreds of acres of land. Yesterday, Israel’s death toll since fighting began on July 12 reached 100 people.

8 Aug 2006 – Rockets scored direct hits on houses and buildings in Safed, Metulla, and Kiryat Shmona. Magen David Adom treated 14 people for shock, and two others for moderate and light injuries. Several rockets struck Ma’alot and Acco as well, bringing the day’s total rocket attacks to 160. Since fighting broke out 28 days ago, 3,050 have landed inside Israel, with 750 of those landing on Israeli cities.

7 Aug 2006 – At least 160 rockets have fallen in Israel today, with at least 50 hitting in the Kiryat Shmona area. Rockets also landed in Tiberias, Safed, Nahariya, and towns in the upper Galilee. Five people have been reported injured by the attacks, and have been treated in local hospitals.

6 Aug 2006 – Twelve IDF reservists in Kfar Giladi and 3 civilians in Haifa were killed after Hezbollah launched a dusk rocket barrage on northern Israel. One rocket was loaded with ball bearings and directly hit parked cars in Kfar Giladi where the 12 soldiers were apparently resting. Hours later, several rockets hit Haifa, killing 3 civilians and wounding as many as 189 people. The attack on Haifa was designated a high-casualty event, which marks the first attack given this definition since Hezbollah began firing rockets on July 12. At least 160 rockets hit Israel throughout the day, in what has been the deadliest attack on Israel during the fighting.

5 Aug 2006 – Three residents of the village of Arab al-Aramshe, 60-year-old Fadia Jumaa and her two daughters Samira, 31, and Sultana, 33, were killed Saturday afternoon after they were directly hit by a rocket. Over 120 rockets struck Ma’alot, Tiberias, Nahariya, Shlomi and Kiryat Shmona between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. – and over 170 hit Israel throughout the day. In Shlomi, the rockets ignited a number of brush fires similar to those currently burning in other northern towns, destroying several acres of land.

4 Aug 2006 – Three Israelis were killed and at least 86 others wounded after the day’s rocket attacks. Manal Azzam, a 27-year-old mother of two was killed by a Hezbollah rocket in the village of Mughar after a rocket directly struck her home. Mughar is a Druze-Muslim-Christian village in northern Israel. A man from Kiryat Shmona also died from his wounds at a hospital after suffering critical injuries. Rockets also struck Kibbutz Sha’ar Yishuv, Carmiel, Safed, Acco, and Nahariya. At least 22 people were treated for shock from the rockets. Hezbollah fired more than 200 rockets into Israel, and at one point fired more than 70 in an hour.

3 Aug 2006 – Eight Israelis were killed and several dozens wounded after Hezbollah sprayed over 180 rockets into northern Israel. Four people were killed in Acco and another three in Ma’alot. Casualties were also reported in Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias, Carmiel and Nahariya. Nearly 50 people were taken to hospitals for treatment to injuries, and over 30 were treated for shock.

2 Aug 2006 – Breaking the record for the number of Katyusha rockets fired on July 30, Hezbollah launched over 220 rockets into Israel. A rocket hit Kibbutz Sa’ar, north of Nahariya, instantly killing a man who was outside riding his bike. Hezbollah again fired an Iranian-made Khaibar-1 rocket, this time landing in Bet Shean, which at 42 miles south of the Lebanese border is the farthest town to date to come under rocket fire. Seven people were wounded in the Bet Shean attack, and 15 more were treated for shock. Rockets also landed in Acco, Tiberias, Haifa, Hatzor, Kiryat Shmona, Safed, Rosh Pina, and Ma’alot. A rocket also strayed into the West Bank for the first time, hitting near Jenin, but causing no casualties. According to Fatah spokesman Fahmi Zarer, “We know that they did not intend to strike Palestinian territory. They intended to strike Israel.”

1 Aug 2006 – The IDF sustained several casualties in a battle against Hezbollah gunmen in the Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab. At least three soldiers were killed when dozens of gunmen surprised an IDF unit and fired anti-tank missiles. The IDF however was successful in killing at least 15 Hezbollah terrorists. Meanwhile, the IDF reported that only 8 Katyusha rockets and 4 mortars fell into Israel, with no casualties reported.

31 Jul 2006 – According to Israeli military and media sources, much of Hezbollah’s long range rocket capabilities have been destroyed. On this day, 4 rockets were fired into Israel, only a day after Hezbollah launched nearly 150 rockets. The rockets landed in an open area near Nahariya, and no reports of casualties have been reported. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that Israel will not agree to a cease-fire until the threat of Hezbollah is removed. In the past several days, the IDF has killed over 20 Hezbollah operatives, and Israeli soldiers have been successful in discovering several caches of rockets and anti-tank missiles.

30 Jul 2006 – A record 148 Katyusha rockets fell on Israel, with more than 100 rockets landing in the Kiryat Shmona area. Hezbollah rockets also landed in Haifa, the Krayot area, Safed, and Acco. In Acco, one rocket directly hit a house and another landed near a kindergarten. At least 4 people were moderately to seriously injured in the rocket barrages. Magen David Adom reported that it had treated 69 victims during the day’s attacks.

29 Jul 2006 – Hezbollah fired over 90 rockets into Israel, lightly injuring five people, but no heavy casualties were reported.

28 Jul 2006 – Hezbollah launched its deadliest rocket yet at Israel. The Khaibar-1 rocket — named for a battle between Muhammad and his followers against the Jewish of the Arabian Peninsula in which the Jews were defeated and forced into servitude — landed near the northern town of Afula. Israel says that the rockets were renamed Iranian-made Fajr-5 rockets, which have four times more power than Katyusha rockets and can travel a range of nearly 60 miles. As many as 110 rockets were fired at Israel over the course of the day. There were few civilian casualties, but one rocket struck the Western Galilee hospital of Nahariya.

27 Jul 2006 – About 80 Hezbollah rockets were fired into northern Israel, several of which landed Tiberias. Around 7:20 p.m., Kiryat Shmona suffered a rocket barrage, directly injuring three people, and hospitalizing 16 others from shock. Between Thursday morning and around 7:00 p.m. Thursday, approximately 80 rockets fell – 22 in Kiryat Shmona, 16 in Maalot, 14 in Rosh Pina and the surrounding areas, 12 in Nahariya, eight in Carmiel and eight in Safed. As early as 7:45 a.m. Hezbollah fired two rocket barrages which landed in an open area near Maalot and Shlomi. At 11:00 a.m., rockets landed in the Rosh Pina area, but no one was reported wounded.

26 Jul 2006 – At least 119 rockets were fired by Hezbollah on the towns of Tiberias, Safed, Rosh Pina, and Kiryat Shmona. Ma’alot was hit by rockets a two hours after a heavy barrage hit the Haifa area, Carmiel, and Acco, wounding 16 people, one seriously. At least 55 Israeli civilians were injured during the day’s rocket attacks, several of them critically. In addition, eight soldiers from the Golani Brigade were killed in fierce house-to-house fighting in the Hezbollah stronghold of Bint Jbail, Lebanon. At least 30 other IDF soldiers were wounded during the battles. As the soldiers entered the village, they were met with rocket and mortar fire by Hezbollah terrorists, in what the IDF calls a “planned ambush” of its soldiers.

25 Jul 2006 – In the Galilee village of Kfar Mrar, Dou’a Abbas, 15, was killed when a Katyusha rocket fired by Hezbollah hit her house. The village of Kfar Mrar is home to predominately Christian, Muslim, and Druze citizens of Israel. An elderly Haifa man also died of a heart attack on his way to a bomb shelter after hearing a warning siren. Rockets hit the cities of Kiryat Shmona, Acco, Tiberias, Ma’alot, Safed, Shfaram, Nahariya, and Haifa; sixteen rockets landed in Haifa alone during the barrage. In southern Israel, a foreign worker was injured when shrapnel from a Kassam rocket hit her house in the Negev. In total, 2 people were killed and 48 people were wounded by day’s attacks.

24 Jul 2006 – Hezbollah fired more than 70 Katyusha rockets into Israel, several of which landed in Nahariya, Safed, and Kiryat Shmona. Medics treated at least 49 people who were lightly to moderately wounded. More than 2200 rockets have been fired at Israeli cities since July 12, killing 17 Israelis, all of them civilians. 20 Israeli soldiers were killed in other incidents.

23 Jul 2006 – Shimon Glickblich, 60, of Haifa was killed Sunday morning (11:00) while driving his car in Haifa. Habib Isa Awad, 48, of Iblin, was killed while working in the carpentry shop in Kiryat Ata. Another 12 were wounded in the morning barrage in Haifa, and more later in the day as over 90 rockets were fired at Haifa, Acco, Kiryat Shmona, and elsewhere in northern Israel. .

20 Jul 2006 – Five IDF soldiers were killed and five wounded in continuing exchanges of fire in the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras, near Avivim, where two soldiers were killed on Wednesday. The body of the fifth soldier, St.-Sgt. Yonatan (Sergei) Vlasyuk, 21, of Kibbutz Lahav was retrieved on July 22. At 16, Yonatan immigrated alone to Israel through the Jewish Agency’s “Na’aleh” program. He was adopted by Dalia Gal, a member of Kibbutz Lahav in the Negev. An IDF officer was killed and three soldiers were wounded as two Apache (Cobra) combat helicopters on their way to Lebanon to assist IDF forces operating against Hezbollah terrorists near Avivim collided and then crashed south of Kiryat Shmona.

19 Jul 2006 – St.-Sgt. Yonatan Hadasi, 21, of Kibbutz Merhavia and St.-Sgt. Yotam Gilboa, 21, of Kibbutz Maoz Haim were killed and nine soldiers were wounded in exchanges of fire between IDF and Hezbollah in south Lebanon, near Moshav Avivim. The Israeli force had crossed the border to destroy the Hezbollah rocket-launching position at the former IDF outpost of Shaked. Rabia Abed Taluzi (3) and his brother Mahmoud (7) who were playing soccer outside their house were killed and dozens were wounded in two Katyusha rocket attacks on the Israeli Arab city of Nazareth.

18 Jul 2006 – Andrei Zelinksy, 36, was killed Tuesday evening in Nahariya outside a bomb shelter. Though he managed to save his family by rushing them into the shelter, he returned home to get a blanket for his daughter and was killed. Some 130 rockets were fired at the north on Tuesday, 100 of them within one hour and a half – also landing in the Haifa area, Carmiel, Tiberias, Safed, Maalot and Rosh Pina. About 60 people injured were evacuated to hospitals in Safed and Nahariya.

17 Jul 2006 – Over 50 rockets were fired towards the eastern and upper Galilee on Monday night. A Katyusha rocket hit the external wall of the Rebecca Sieff Hospital in Safed, causing damage to infrastructure; five patients, two doctors and two other hospital employees were injured. Earlier, 11 people were wounded in Haifa when a 3-story apartment building was hit by missile. The Israel Air Force destroyed at least ten long-range Iranian-made missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv, by targeting a Hezbollah truck carrying the missiles before they could be launched. To date, missiles have been fired up to 40 kilometers into Israel.

16 Jul 2006 – Eight killed, 50 wounded in Hezbollah rocket attack on Haifa – Rockets began falling on the Haifa area shortly after 9:00 a.m. Eight employees of Israel Railways at the Haifa train depot were killed in a direct hit by a Fajar missile made in Syria. A total of over 50 people were wounded in Haifa and the Haifa Bay area.

15 Jul 2006 – Katyusha rockets landed for the first time in Tiberias, located 35 kilometers from the Lebanese border on the Sea of Galilee, as well as in nearby communities.

14 Jul 2006 – Shortly after 8:30 p.m. Friday night an Israeli navy ship was severely damaged by an Iran-manufactured missile fired by Hezbollah. Four IDF soldiers were killed: Staff Sgt. Tal Amgar, 21, of Ashdod; Yaniv Hershkovitz, 21, of Haifa; Shai Atias, 19, of Rishon Lezion; and Dov Steinshuss, 37, of Carmiel. Omer Pesachov, 7, of Nahariya, and his grandmother Yehudit Itzkovitch, 58, of Moshav Meron were killed by a Katyusha rocket in Meron early Friday evening. Roni, Omer’s older sister, was badly wounded, and the grandfather, Naftali, was lightly hurt. The family had fled the Katyushas in Nahariya to spend a quiet weekend with their grandparents.

13 Jul 2006 – Monica Seidman (Lehrer), 40, of Nahariya was killed in her home by a Katyusha rocket Thursday morning. In the evening, Nitzan Roseban, 33, was killed in Safed by a direct rocket hit. On Thursday evening Katyushas landed in Haifa.

12 Jul 2006 – Hezbollah terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory and attacked two IDF armored jeeps patrolling the border with Lebanon, killing three soldiers and kidnapping two. Ground forces entered Lebanon in the area of the attack. A large explosive device was detonated underneath an Israeli tank, killing all four of the tank crew. An eighth soldier was killed when IDF troops entered Lebanon to try to retrieve the bodies of the tank crew. Throughout the day, Hezbollah terror organization fired Katyusha rockets and mortar shells at Israel’s northern borders’ communities and IDF posts.

27 May 2006 – An IDF soldier was wounded when Katyushas were fired at an army base at Mt. Meron in the upper Galilee.

27 Dec 2005 – A branch of a Palestinian organization connected to Al-Qaida fired 6 Katyushas, damaging a house in Kiryat Shmona and a house in Metulla. In response, the IAF attacked a training base of the Popular Front, south of Beirut.

21 Nov 2005 – An attempt to kidnap an IDF soldier was foiled. Afterward, Hezbollah launched a barrage of mortars and Katyusha rockets that injured nine soldiers and two civilians.

29 Jun 2005 – More than 20 mortars were fired from across the border. Cpl. Uzi Peretz of the Golani Brigade was killed and four soldiers were wounded.

24 Apr 2005 – Several explosive devices exploded near the Lebanese-Israeli border in the Mount Dov area. Officials believe the devices were planted by Hezbollah, but this was not confirmed. No injuries were reported in the explosions.

7 Apr 2005 – Two Israeli-Arabs from the village of Rajar near the Israel-Lebanon border were kidnapped by Hezbollah operatives and held in captivity for four days. The men, identified as Muki Ben-Jamal and Nuef Maharj Ben-Ali, said they were interrogated by their captors who wanted information on Israel. They were later released. Israeli officials did not believe that any security information had been compromised.

9 Jan 2005 – An explosive device was detonated against an IDF patrol that killed one Israeli soldier and a UN officer.

20 Jul 2004 – Hezbollah sniper fire at an IDF border post killed two soldiers.

7 May 2004 – Fire in the Mt. Dov sector killed Dennis Leminov and wounded two other soldiers.

19 Jan 2004 – An anti-tank missile killed Yan Rotzenski and wounded another soldier.

6 Oct 2003 – Staff Sgt. David Solomonov was killed when Hezbollah fired at an IDF force south of the Fatma Gate in the eastern sector. In addition, the Hezbollah fired missiles and rockets at an IDF post in the Reches Ramim area.

10 Aug 2003 – Haviv Dadon, 16, of Shlomi, was struck in the chest and killed by shrapnel from an anti-aircraft shell fired by Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. Four others were wounded.

20 Jul 2003 – Hezbollah snipers fired on an Israeli outpost near Chetula, killing two Israeli soldiers.

7 May 2003 – Hezbollah attacked IDF positions in the Shebaa farms with heavy rocket, mortar, and small arms fire. One Israeli soldier was killed and five others were wounded in the attack.

5 May 2003 – A cycle of armed exchanges across the Blue Line began. Israel carried out more than 20 air sorties over the country. Subsequently, Hezbollah fired several anti-aircraft rounds with shrapnel landing inside Israel.

22 Mar 2003 – Hezbollah fired rockets and mortars at Israeli army positions in the Sheba farms and adjacent areas. This attack followed eight incursions into Lebanese airspace by Israeli aircraft.

6 Jan 2003 – Hezbollah fired anti aircraft shells in the vicinity of Birait in the western sector of the Lebanese border. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.

29 Aug 2002 – Fire at an IDF post in the Mt. Dov sector killed Ofer Misali and wounded two other soldiers.

12 Mar 2002 – Infiltration: In a shooting attack on the Shlomi- Metzuba route. Six Israelis civilians were killed, among them IDF officer Lt. German Rojkov.

7 Aug 2001 – Two houses belonging to senior members of the former Israeli-allied South Lebanon Army militia were blown up using explosive devices. One of the houses belonged to Robin Abboud; the other to Samir Raslan. Hezbollah is suspected.

28 Apr 2001 – A 60 year-old Israeli man was found stabbed to death in Kfar Ba’aneh, near Carmiel in Galilee. The terrorists responsible for the attack were apprehended in July. Six members of a Hezbollah-linked Palestinian terrorist cell responsible for the murder were arrested in July. The murder was the initiation rite of the organization.

14 Apr 2001 – Fire at an IDF post in the Mt. Dov sector. IDF soldier Elad Litvak was killed.

1 Apr 2001 – A 42 year-old Israeli woman was stabbed to death in Haifa. Her murder was the initiation rite of a terrorist cell, whose members were apprehended in July. Six members of a Hezbollah-linked Palestinian terrorist cell responsible for the murder, originally thought to be criminally motivated, were arrested in July. The murder was the initiation rite of one of the terrorists into the organization.

16 Feb 2001- Fire at an IDF convoy on Mt. Dov killed Elad Shneor and wounded three other soldiers were wounded.

26 Nov 2000 – A charge was detonated near an IDF convoy. IDF soldier Khalil Taher was killed and two other soldiers were wounded.

7 Oct 2000 – Kidnapping: Three IDF soldiers: Adi Avitan, Omer Soued and Binyamin Avraham were kidnapped by the Hezbollah from the Mt. Dov sector.

Luke Hemmming

You copied and paste that from this link I believe… http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/hezbollah-terrorist-attacks-against-israel-2000-2006

From a Jewish source, now that’s what I call BIASED reporting. Tsk tsk Joe…you should know better than quoting from sources that would be biased towards Jewish interests including yours…hahaha :-)

Joe Dirt

Would you accept it if it came from Hezbollah themselves?

Luke Hemmming

No. I would also be cautious about it. The point is is that Israel has more money, more power, more influence, better allies (US, Europe, etc) and more power and control than Hezbollah and Iran combined. It is a classic case of David vs Goliath. Goliath been Israel. There is no comparison to the two here. While I was surfing the net looking around I came across this article from a Jewish Source… https://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-donors-prominent-in-presidential-campaign-contributions/ explaining exactly what I was talking about in my other comments about power, money and political influence. The article was for the 2012 election involving Obama. If I look further I’m sure I can find more on the 2016 election, but hey you obviously have the internet so you can search it for yourself, I have made my point very clearly. Now from reading that article one gets the sense of the power that Zionist Jews like Adelson and others have on political figures in the US and other countries. Owning and running media outlets that can influence public opinion and perception as well as political parties is only part of the game. Having voting rights on boards of companies that receive US government grants and contracts is yet another way Israel uses it’s influence on top of the banking and economic institutes. Like the heads of a Hydra so is the influence and power of Zionist Jews, so many and when you remove one another grows in it’s place. Like an octopus it has tentacles that are present in all aspects of society, ingrained into our daily lives it would be almost impossible to rid it of all it’s influence. This is why so many on here oppose Jewish/Zionism. Not all Jews are bad, but the ones that are happen to be the ones who hold world to ransom with their grip on power and control very tight and with very deep pockets.


What has that got to do with Iran?

But the Litani river is not in Israel, and all the wars around the Litani are instigated by Israel to steal water from Lebanon. Israel even bombed Lebanese irrigation infrastructure to increase the flow for Israel to steal.

People can now see through your lies, it just isn’t working anymore.

Joe Dirt

Iran funds Hezbollah to attack Israel, this is a proxy war. Israel wants to fight Iran face to face but Iran is being a little bitch hiding behind Hezbollah.


Iran does fund Hezbollah, and Hezbollah defends Lebanon from Israeli aggression. But if You want a piece of Iran, go for it. But what you really want is for the USA to fight Iran for Israel.

Israel hides behind America.

First Lastname

This only benefits Israel. Yet another Israeli trick, I’m sure.


Siegfried and velociraptors is proof that parasite countries with phony economies like Israel don’t produce real jobs. Given the amount of time these worthless Israeli losers post here.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Have you ever taken any IQ test?


What has IQ got to do with productivity? Supposedly the smartest man to ever live, Sir Isaac Newton was extremely lazy. He did his amazing astrophysics stuff because he was bored hiding from the plague.

Fact is, Israel has always been a charity case.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Looks like all the bright people are here. He accuse anti-israel guys with being pro-israel when they are obviously not. Clown can’t even understand what’s he is reading,it has alot to do with IQ.


Israel may be scrambling for new psyops to sway public opinion in the U.S. , since the big one that Jerome Corsi has been running has crashed and burned :


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