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Iran Is Investigating Possibility Of Mole Behind Soleimani Assassination

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Iran Is Investigating Possibility Of Mole Behind Soleimani Assassination

Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani, center, attends a meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Revolutionary Guard commanders in Tehran, Iran, September 18, 2016. (Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

Security details of Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani, who was assassinated by the U.S. earlier this week, may have been compromised, according to “a senior commander” in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The commander revealed these sensitive information during a closed meeting in the Iranian Parliament on January 5, according to Iranian MP Gholam Ali Jafarzadeh. This possibility is now being investigated by Iranian authorities.

Gholam Ali went on to reveal that Soleimani, who was killed in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, had survived at least three assassination attempts on Iranian soil. Many of the perpetrators were arrested.

“One of the attempts was by People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK),” the RT TV quoted the Iranian member of parliament as saying.

Director of the IRGC Intelligence Service revealed last October that an “Israeli-Arabic” master-plan to assassinate Maj. Gen. Soleimani in his hometown in Iran was foiled.

A day earlier, a spokesman for the Iraqi Armed Forces told Sputnik that Iraqi authorities have launched an investigation into the assassination of the Iranian commander. The spokesman said that the crew of the plane that carried Soleimani to Baghdad and workers in the city’s airport are being questioned.

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“Iraqi Parliament Votes to End Foreign Military Presence, Scrap US-Led Coalition Agreement – Reports”

It is article in Sputnik and it is UP-VOTED with
175 for and 9 against the article
So 175 to 9 that supports article and sending US criminals and terrorists out of Iraq !

You can also go there if you want to give your support to that article.
That will push Sputnik to write more on that subject and bring up more awareness about that US CRIME.



Putz Putin’s very own Sputnik News? You have to be kidding. Anyway, read the fine print. What they passed is only advisory to the PM whoever that is today. It gives the US a year to comply and applies to ALL foreign forces including the Iranians. Oh, and the Sunnis, Kurds and even some Shi’a did NOT support it. It’s meaningless.

Damien C

No mole required just an agent in the airport to report a visual spotting and one in the carpark to identify the vehicles being used.


Iraq should disappear the entire crew at the air port and plane and start questioning. They have done it before.. In time when the answers come to light, the crew can be released..


Why not shoot them immediately? And there family , their neighbours, their doctors, nurses, lawyers, their bakers, blacksmiths, teachers, gardeners and fellow citizens etc?


Yep, that is the way of the Murdering Mullahs.


Everybody knew he was coming. No need to do stupid stuff like that. The General reported his arriving and arrival directly to the US Military. He was there on a diplomatic mission for his country which we were party to. He was lured their and assassinated. Easy Peasy! Nobody ratted him out. Our President and Military violated our Constitution and statutory law. They violated all precepts of International and Diplomatic law that go back hundreds if not thousands of years. What is happening now is very dangerous. Everybody is waiting for the other shoe to drop. God help us.


I do not think Iran was publishing his flight schedule, he was not on a diplomatic mission, he was planning an attack on the west; it was his job and carrier. And there is nothing wrong by taking out your enemies head-heat chopper. Better this as forcing hundreds of tauzends of innocent and manipulable young men in to dead. We should do it al the time: let the responsible fight their own war instead of giving them the possibility to force the population in to oblivion. In the time scale you refer to there was a tendency to make the leaders fight among them for victory, now days they are hiding behind curtains of diplomacy and law, just a fancy way to skip their responsibility. Dangerous? Iran will not start a war because there is to much resistance among the population, do not forget most towns had a lot of protest last months, and last years. A clear indication resistance is strong in Iran against the mullahs gangs. Only the Quds of Sulamanie where oppressing everybody. If there comes a war it will bring down the Islamic tyranny and Kahamanie knows it. Sistanie would be already far better but the best solution would be a sectarian government and no power to religion anymore.


Remeber Erdogan witch hunt after the so called coupe? Now Iran is gone start a witch hunt and you know how muslims take advantage to eliminated hundreds of tauzends. On he other hand this will give the reasonable Persians a good reason to overturn this obsolete anachronism of religious fanatic tyrants their tyrann has survived far to long.


Hope you are correct before it us too late for them. The Murdering Mullahs most often bluff. Trump is not bluffing since he thinks this is a great distraction from his Impeachment and will help him get re-elected. I truly feel sorry for the Iranian people.

Daily Beatings

There’s no mole, Soleimani was baited by the US. Read the previous news thread for the sauce.


May be. But his arrogance came before his fatal fall. And guess he was dumber than most thought, especially to be so outwitted by our moron Prez, Trump. How embarrassing…to say the least. I too thought more of the Iranians.


All the left has against our President who is doing a lot for the country is to throw names like “moron”. But I thought our President was the mastermind behind a Russian plot to overthrow and steal a U.S. election?

Which is it, Lefty? Dumb or mastermind? Depends on the day. If you choose dumb he has has single handedly brought down the Left and Left wing media in this country so what does it say about them?

The hypocrisy of the Left in the United States is breathtaking.


The opposition to Trump is a psyop. Trump is and always has been controlled opposition. Trump International vcame out of Resorts International which was started by the Rothschilds and Meyer Lansky among other luminaries. It was used to launder drug and gambling monies. It was taken over and run by the CIA. Trump bought it and renamed it Trump International and continued the money laundering for various agencies and groups. Ge and George Soros were sued civilly for money laundering.They were co-defendants and won that case. Soros loaned Trump almost 200 million on a building in Chicago and then forgave the loan and reportedly by using the tax laws the 2 of them made close to 300+million dollars on this high interest so-called mezzanine loan. In the early 1990’s He was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothschild bank. Wilbur Ross,now his deepstate Commerce Secretary was the Rothschild bank officer who handled that transaction.

Meet the new boss,same as the old boss.





At the end of the day, there is little difference between any kind of jew, thirteenth tribe or not. Rothschilds are the most prominent jewish banking dynasty who are just as bad as the Sassoons – the Rothschilds of the east. All have intermarried with one another, including Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, and yes the Sassoons. Christianity and Islam aren’t without their problems either, the latter being the more violent and aggressive throughout history. The Islamic invasion of India in the Middle Ages and the atrocities committed were especially heinous that contribute to tensions between Muslims and Hindus to this very day, especially in India and along their border with Pakistan.

According to the Torah/Old Testament:

– Israelites are a people chosen by their god, the “only god” above all other peoples of the world.
– Israelites have a right to rule over all other people, and are promised that they will someday own and rule over the entire world.
– Israelites are commanded to murder all the people of the lands where they intend to live and to kill all the people of foreign nations that do not submit themselves to slavery.
– Israelites are forbidden to make slaves of their own people, but are encouraged to enslave non-Israelites whom they may pass down as slaves to their descendants forever.
– Israelites are forbidden to intermarry or “mix their seed” with other peoples.

The last point is something many of them failed to live up to.

Daily Beatings

Direct quote from Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi to the Iraqi Parliament ”Hadj Soleimani was in Baghdad at my invitation. He was scheduled to visit me and carried a letter with him from the Iranian leadership on how to de-escalate tensions with Saudi Arabia.”

What do you not understand? Do I need to draw you a picture with small words at the bottom? You’re an incredulous fool.

Toni Liu

Yeah he just another one zio jew account in SF who had job to spread a chaos in here

Daily Beatings

I know, but it’s fun to beat them over the head with their own logic.


Blah blah blah.


exactly what dikheads


Too many peculiar articles on SouthFront …


Lots of folk in the Kremlin are peculiar.


If you missed it, Mossad has long totally infiltrated the Iranian power structure for a long time. Not hard given all the Iranians in Israel with deep contacts still in Iran. I’m sure the US got the word on that SOB from the Israelis. Nice work guys. More to come I’m also sure.


Seems prudent to open an investigation. But, honestly, according to Adil Abdul-Mahdi there was no secret about Soleimani’s arrival in Baghdad – he had been invited there to meet the Iraqi PM to hand over an official diplomatic letter from Iran, and this act of diplomacy was being carried out with the blessing of Trump.

And Adil Abdul-Mahdi should know, after all, he is the Iraqi Prime Minister.


Iraq is the weak link in all of this. The US rang to inform Mahdi before they were going to strike PMU recently on Syrian-Iraqi border and Madhi didn’t object and shut it down. That was sign of weakness, that US could do as please and effectively control Iraq. This has directly led to the sort of US over-confidence about operating in Iraq we now see – to break all prior diplomatic etiquette, given Soleimani was no stranger to talks in Baghdad and had arrived on a commercial flight, and without any warning openly assassinate a leading Iranian (and Iraqi) official in the Iraqi capital and then publicly gloat about it.

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