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JULY 2022

Iran Is Going To Unveil New Fighter Jet, Develop New Missiles Defying US Sanctions

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Iran Is Going To Unveil New Fighter Jet, Develop New Missiles Defying US Sanctions

Defence Minister Hatami with next-generation short-range ballistic missile in Tehran last week. IMAGE: AFP

Iran is going to unveil a new fighter jet next week and to continue the development of new missiles, Defence Minister Amir Hatami said on August 18.

“We will present a plane on National Defence Industry Day [August 22], and people will see it fly, and the equipment designed for it,” he said, according to FARS NEWS.

“Our top priority has been development of our missile programme. We are in a good position in this field, but we need to develop it”.

On the same day, the Iranian Navy announced that it has for the first time installed a locally built weapons system Kamand on one of its warships.

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi reiterated that coastal and sea testing of the short range defense Kamand system were concluded successfully, and said this system was mounted on a warship and will be mounted on a second ship soon,” Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported. The system is designed to shred incoming anti-ship missiles thus providing an additional layer of the defense to the warship.

These remarks and actions openly are defying new US sanctions aimed at curbing Tehran’s missile programme and regional influence.

Despite a significant sanction pressure, Iran has been able to set up a large domestic weapons industry producing various arms, equipment, vehicles, missiles and even relatively sophisticated weapons systems.

While Iran remains vulnarable in a conventional conflict against some major military power, it has found options to provide an asymmetric answer to the existing military threats.

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Ivan Freely

Looking forward to seeing their new jet fighter.


Considering that their latest air to air missile is a copy of the US Phoenix that they have been using since the 1970’s, my money is that this new jet fighter will be another clone of an existing aircraft in their inventory. Which is completely natural, because as a Russian general said, unless you have decades worth of experience designing advanced weapons systems chances are you’re not going to design a completely new tank or aircraft from scratch. Therefore it will be a copy of something existing.

Maybe they finally succeeded in copying their F-14? Although a license built SU-30SM would be even cooler.

Tommy Jensen

S-300 would be sufficient to keep all rats away.


Not quite, as the Israeli’s have shown. Their stand off weapons can be launched outside of S-300 range, targeting potential launchers. The S-400’s greater range would negate those. And with the SU-30 the IIRAF would finally get a modern aircraft with a massive range for both offensive and defensive operations.


They won’t get any of these…

You can call me Al

10 – 1, when it is unveiled, it will look and have technical specifications that are awfully familiar !!.



Ivan Freely

F-14 Tomcat


neither it just another F-5/Saegheh…


I hope to see Iranian built planes and it’s relevant basic capability to be displayed on par with generic f16-f18 at least.


These “generic f-16 f-18” that you talk about are excellent and proven modern machines of wsr. You think Iran can produce something like that out of nowhere?

The F-16 forms the backbone of the Israeli airforce, it’s not some baseline fighter.


It is baseline fighters. Actually a lot of fighter design had surpassed their initial design in it’s avionic system and basic performance. Fighting falcon are more complex than tiger but not better by much in basic performance.

The other being F18 is strictly carrier based design and not much derivatives made especially to keep them with peer adversary in air superiority roles. F15 remained as their backbone in difficult and complex deployment due to their much better basic performance.

F16-F18 is a baseline fighter with EU,Rus,China each have produced design that much more capable than these.

In deployment the only design of these teen series that reliably bring good result in a more difficult situation is still F15.

War proven ? Not much when their target strictly less powerful Air forces. These spent more time dropping bomb than tackling defending air forces or defenses.


With each variant these aircraft have been upgraded, a current F-16 has nothing to do with the first variant. All the technological advancement of the US industry and its allies have gone into it, it’s nothing close to a “baseline” fighter when you take into account the rustbuckets that some other nations still keep flying.


Look the only things keeping these airworthy for uses in infamous USAF and Israel (nevermind the rust bucket comment since were talking about peer producting country) where the other country each have their own design just as capable or more is their little niceties like advanced targeting system, datalink, jamming suite, etc. The fighter aircraft itself have lost in basic performance advantages and sure enough placed in less challenging situation because of them.

Latest they were shot down in Syria by old SAM system which from then on make Israeli uses F15 paired with another using their best jamming suite available.

The USAF would love to change them if not because the F35 marketed as all in one package to justify it’s huge uncontrollable cost overrun.


A well-armed Iran is a secure Iran.


To be fully secure Iran must maintain the ability to destroy Israel in the event that the US/Israel NATO attack Iran.


And that is the crux of the whole issue: if the US were to attack Iran, Iran should send a rain of its missiles onto the ZioNazi cesspool, and Hezbollah should the same. Between those 2 they will roast the ZioNazi entity, which will be forced to beg for mercy.

Neither the ZioNazi nuclear weapons nor those of the empire-in-decline would be able to prevent the roasting from happening.

Bon appétit ;-)


I agree 100% my friend :)


That is one major US weakness, this dependence on a leader (Israel) that is within range of capable enemy weaponry.


A strength of sorts for Iran. I hope Iran will use it if/when it becomes necessary.


The HQ, so to speak.


Or as they say these days the Zio Scum ‘Operations Room ‘ :)


A lot of Americans feel the same way as this Iranian general:

“An Iranian general stated on Saturday that the U.S. will collapse in the future if they continue their same political policies, the state-owned Islamic Republic New Agency (IRNA) reported.

The head of the Strategic Studies Center of the Iranian Army, Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, said, ‘If the White House continues its current policies, the US will certainly face the same destiny as that of the former Soviet Union.’”

– Iranian general warns US of ‘future collapse’ if they continue their policies –


I do, it’s why I voted for Trump, despite his Jew connection. The US is like Russia before the Jews took over in 1917. Except they’ve already taken over here. And are leading the US down the road to ruin as they have over and over again through history. Economic collapse and civil war can and may happen in the US, despite Trumps election. It’s described in the Meier prophecies in detail using Plejaren time forward viewing technology.

The US should dejudify now, before it’s to late. And they ramp up the killing machine of Americans much more than they did on 911. Judaism should be outlawed. And the synagogues and yeshivas closed so the there are no more American Jews.

Tommy Jensen

Collapse of the USA has been predicted since 300 years and has always won all batlles. Americans never gets killed………………………………LOL.


Have you been smoking something? won all battles never get killed – like the 58, 000 in Nam or 400,000 in WW2. Youve been 17 years in Afghan & still cant defeat some turban wearing taliban LOL


You’re a liar, your evil cult killed 3,000 Americans on 911.


“plejaren time forward viewing technology”?

This guy is not quite all there, folks.


Coming from a flat earther, and I’m not quite all there? I use the scientific method and judicial quality evidence. What do you use, ridicule from liars?


Just perfect the missiles and drone. Fighter jets Iranian still need better design than that latest copy of F18 which is honestly painful to look at. See Pakistan realistic development for reference.


May Iran be successful in everything it does in its resistance to the rogue empire-in-decline and its ZioNazi master.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice i am really excited :))

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