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JULY 2020

Iran Is “Concerned” US May Have Accidentally Downed Own Drone Over Hormuz


Iran Is "Concerned" US May Have Accidentally Downed Own Drone Over Hormuz

USS Boxer on July 18th, 2019. Click to see full-size image

On July 19th, Spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said that Iran had lost no drone, despite claims by the US that the USS Boxer had downed one in the Persian Gulf.

“Contrary to the unfounded allegation and illusion of the terrorist president of the United States, all drones belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz, including the drone mentioned by Trump, after the planned reconnaissance and controlled mission have returned to their bases intact, and no reports have been reported on the USS Boxer’s confrontation with Iranian drones.”

The spokesman called these claims “unfounded allegations” that are aimed at creating “inflammation and insecurity” in the Persian Gulf.

He further said that the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have always considered the legitimate mission to safeguard and control the security of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz their legal duty, with full vigilance in line with international standards.

On the evening of July 18th, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, while in New York to meet with UN Secretary-General António Guterres told reporters that he had no information regarding a downed drone and that a statement from the military must be given.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araghchi responded to Trump’s claim that an Iranian drone was downed, saying that no such thing happened.

He expressed concern that the US may have accidentally downed its own drone by accident.

Hours later, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted a “Reminder” showing where the borders of the US and Iran are.

Days earlier, after arriving in New York, Javad Zarif accused the US of being inherently dishonest when it comes to Iran.

According to him, Iran has only developed a potent military arsenal because the U.S. has armed all of its local rivals.

Iran’s top diplomat said that the US had long supported Saddam as he fought against Iran. The U.S. gave Saddam economic and diplomatic aid while arranging military supplies from third-party nations, among other kinds of support. This public support stretched across two administrations—President Ronald Reagan’s second term and that of his successor President George H. W. Bush.

“Meanwhile, NO ONE sold Iran any means of defense,” Zarif added. The truthfulness of the statement is quite questionable.

Regardless, Zarif claimed that Iran’s isolation in the war meant the nation “had no choice” but to build up its indigenous arms industry. “Now they complain,” he added, referring to the US.

“Instead of skirting the issue, US must end arms sales to Saddam’s reincarnations,” he concluded

On July 18th, Javad Zarif met with UN Secretary-General António Guterres. In their meeting the two discussed the restrictions imposed by the US on the staff of Iran’s diplomatic mission to the UN, tensions in the Middle East, as well as the reductions in Iran’s commitments to the JCPOA (the Iran Nuclear Deal).

There is little additional information provided on the meeting.




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  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    i doubt anything was shot down. Just the USA full of shit again on foreign policy

    • Pete Middleton

      Was probably an unfortunate seagull tbh

      • Concrete Mike


        Comment of the day well.done!!

  • Jim Bim

    Why concerned?…….after all its fake news.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Iran is a lying shitthole like Russia .

    • verner

      tonto, language and remember that when the article is full of three of even more syllable words, there is help to be had.

    • Wolfgang Wolf


    • d’Artagnan

      Russia obsessed Uki hohol? pretending to be a Canuck.

    • LR captain

      “S-h-i-t H-o-l-e” it’s two words not one, plus its only on T not two Ts

    • J Ramirez

      I hear your a gay troll, Do you swallow?

    • Selbstdenker

      Tunte, what do you know? So far Iran was not proven lying, but the US almost all the time.

  • verner

    if it is so, the disintegrating states of A, overstretched to bankruptcy borderline, would never ever admit to such a blunder and will keep repeating the mantra we are used to from washington and from the squatters – someone else did it and in this case Iran. hogwash from washington as per standard spiel.

  • Johan

    Concerned? They would love it, but most probable it is one f them and the big shot who monitored it does not to dare to tell he lost it, they may hang him overthere.

  • ColinNZ

    Ha ha, concerned because with aim that bad the US could sink their own ships before Iran can sink them.

    • absolutely true!

    • d’Artagnan

      The “Boxer” is a rusting piece of junk, hope they enough money to give it a new paint job before it is sunk.

      • Wulver

        Copy that, stranger. Who woulda thunk one day we’d be seeing gunboat diplomacy using AIRCRAFT CARRIERS? I’m not shouting, just saying that smaller helicopter carriers combined with the dronisphere pretty well render the big boys sitting ducks. Their aviators aren’t sitting in the ready room all tense as hell, they’re wondering how long they can remain sane and still carry out a mission. It’s not like they’re flying over Germany. They’re probably feeling like the sacrificial goat, staked out for the tiger. Yikes. But it’s not the sailors me lads, it’s them with the yellow braids.

  • chris chuba

    I’m genuinely confused. I am totally cynical regarding my govt and believe they lied about our drone and about, well, most things especially because CNN, FOX, the NYT, WSJ, … will cover for them but to invent a story about downing a drone?

    But why would Iran lie, they could also say, ‘By the admission of the U.S. our drone was operating in international waters and was illegally shot down’, wtf.

    • Garga

      IRGC made an official announcement, saying they’ll publish the footage of the drone to prove that US government lies. So not a bad idea to wait a day or two to see IRGC’s evidence.

      My take is, that’s the reason general Shekarchi talks about the “including the drone mentioned by Trump”, meaning there was a drone near the US vessel busy filming and gathering intel, and the drone safely returned.

  • d’Artagnan

    US as usual has been caught lying again. What a surpise!

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      hey i missed u man :)

  • chris chuba

    Still trying to figure this out, was this a live test of a new jamming device https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/07/18/heres-new-marine-corps-weapon-just-destroyed-iranian-drone.html

    But is the value of testing this against an Iranian drone worth them now being made aware of it and working on counter-measures.

  • Jim Bim

    Soon we find out.

    IRGC to release drone footage of USS Boxer to rebut US’ ‘ridiculous’ claim.

    • chris chuba

      For some reason this story fascinates me. At least the Iranian claim now makes sense, they now get to say … ‘the U.S. had no business attacking a surveillance drone over international water and those idiots weren’t able to do it.’

      Sigh, I’m inclined to believe Iran just based on competency.
      1. U.S. boat breaks down and drifts into Iranian waters.
      2. Iran (based on U.S. claims) is able to mine tankers in foreign port and place bombs on hull of moving tankers totally undetected. U.S. footage a joke.
      3. Iran able to shoot down U.S. drone at 60,000 ft and recover wreckage.

      If iran is able to release video footage and we don’t then who looks like the bigger idiot?

      • Jim Bim

        Also when Trump told the story on stage at the WH, his faces showed it was another fake story.

      • Selbstdenker

        You forgot to mention, that Iran “deliverd” a RQ-170 Sentinel to themselfs, infringing US weapons embargo…

  • Xoli Xoli

    No wonder USA has made lots of enemies and cant even trust it’s own pilots and jets when in air.USA soldiers are even running away from their shadows thinking it is aliens of area 51.Trump result to fighting with women and calling them names.He even abuses his own wife.Trump call Kim rocket man and when Kim call him old dotart then he became angry.He is fucking crazy racist fat fuck bafoon.

  • Jim Bim

    Live: IRGC releases footage stressing “no drone’s been lost to enemy fire” over Strait of Hormuz
    Press TV

  • friendly anon

    It could have been neither a US or Iranian drone, but someone who wants to stir things up. Provoking the US to go to war is way cheaper than hiring mercenaries or doing the fighting themselves.

  • Xoli Xoli

    The tweeter President Trump intelligence officers brains were hack by Iran.The tweeter racist President of fake news lie again to the most powerful terrorists nation of USA and people. Trump squad intelligence about Venezuela a lie,oil tankers bombing a lie,Iranian threat a lie.USA smart bombs to Syria attack a lie.Trump racist intelligence squad Pompeo and Bolton disrupted Kim willingness to negotiate.Trump squad disrupted well negotiated 5+1 nuclear agreement by brainwashing the bafoon biblical goliath who’s so arrogant and believed only what he says is true.It is written in the bible first the rubbish will come before the real antichrist.Trump is a one man rule spokesman of Bolton and Pompeo. Trump destroys USA with Israel Jesus killers.