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JUNE 2023

Iran IRGC Quds Force leader Qassem Suleimani Coordinates Shia Militia in Mosul Operation – Report

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The Abna24 news agency has released an allegedly fresh picture of Major General Qasem Soleimani, a commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force, with leaders of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), readying to the recently started operation to re-take the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq – Mosul.

The PMU is one of the most motivated and effective forces (or maybe the most) that participates in the operation against ISIS in the area of Mosul.

The photo confirms alegations that Iran keeps a high level influence on the situation in Iraq through a wide range of pro-Iranian militias, operating in the country.

Iran IRGC Quds Force leader Qassem Suleimani Coordinates Shia Militia in Mosul Operation - Report

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Kim Jong

to imagine that back then in 1980s, when Iraq&Iran was at war…History is amazing!


ds ago And USA tries to paint this as a USA ofensive !!! Morons trying to keep dumbed up US Citizens in line…. In Irak is either this ofensive against US-Israel-Saudi children (=ISIS) or US expelled from Irak !! Good for The Irak Republic !! Enough BS is enough BS from the US State Dpt !! Edit Reply


The progress is despite the US efforts to stop it.

Tom kauser

Iran v. Iraq

chris chuba

? Iran helping Iraq.

Actually this reveals yet another lie by Hillary Clinton as she recoils in horror at how the Iranians are helping Assad [GASP!]. The Iranians are also helping the Iraqis. So using her logic, we should be helping insurgents topple the Iraq govt.

Tom kauser

I get it now! Everyone is helping and no one is fighting except a Clinton legacy ? The situation is fluid as well as the Marrowbone! Next the narrative will be Iran is helping Bush obtain past war and legacy costs? The Iranians are helping because Iraqis can’t stop the help? Like wikileaks and the Republicans – rapist birds of a feather?

chris chuba

Iran is helping because Iraq is a country that is 60% Shiite with a Shiite President and they have a clear interest in seeing Sunni radicals defeated whom they call the Takfiri.

GWB made Iraq pro-Iranian because he was too stupid to realize that when you install a democracy in a country with a Shiite majority this becomes inevitable. The Neocons really are not that smart, just vicious and they get even more vicious when their stupidity blows up in their face.

Tom kauser

I believe Mosul is about pushing out the Iranian forces Mosul has been in play since the beginning! British forces ” secured the area” a decade ago? At least before isil. Iran is meddling in the vacuum? Maybe they want the terminal?

Brad Isherwood

Still to creepy that Iraq allows US to bomb wherever and boots on the ground Oops sorry we bombed the Iraqi military for the 15th time. IF Phillipines leader does boot US out….that and Iceland sends bankers to prison for 46 years.At least something just occurred in 2016….a year of Lies and extortion.

Real Anti-Racist Action

In the end it is Iran and their Hezbollah allies that kept the threads together for several years for both Syria and Iraq. They held everything together including the front line that prevented Baghdad from falling and Damascus as well. They held together the middle east till Russia finally got involved. Iran deserve humble acknowledgment for being the truest anti-terror Nation upon the earth. Thank you Iran.

Hassadnah Abraham

Be aware that- QASSEM will become the main target of American pilot Intel Mistake.


Iran gave the world Soleimani , warrior of warriors . Wahhabi’s you are soon to be crushed .

Gue Bjuen

the mistery of operation mosul is the press embargo. why are the kurds the only source of media for this operation?? not even the iraqi government but only the kurds. so there is a press embargo otherwise this can’t be explained. why are only the kurds being allowed to use media. the kurdish source is the only official media that we can use right now. there are much less individiual footages being uploaded on the internet by non-kurds which is very different compared to other military operations. with the situation we have, we can only say that there is a media embargo in which kurds are not being included. the whole world only see the kurdish flags and kurdish fighters. for what purpose?

Peter Jennings

The US/nato want the Kurds to fill the hole left by their failed fake jihadists. The USadmin are fitting the Kurds up as the next boggey-man. The present situation has never been better for the Kurds to carve out a homeland with its own oil reserve. The US/nato think that backing the Kurds should keep the area ticking over with conflict and open to foreign interference.

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