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Iran Investigating Possible Sabotage of Its Radar System That Led to Downing of Ukrainian Boeing: Report


Iran Investigating Possible Sabotage of Its Radar System That Led to Downing of Ukrainian Boeing: Report

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Iran is probing into a possible disruption of the country’s radar network, which the US could have allegedly carried out, General Ali Abdollahi, the deputy commander of the Armed Forces General Headquarters for coordination affairs said.

“The U.S. mischiefs in the region have been proven before, and so far Iran’s cyber systems have observed and recorded virtual objects manufactured by the U.S. in the country’s airspace,” the General said.

“Disruption in performance of radar systems by the United States is not unprecedented,” the military official added.

He said that a team had been established to investigate such a possibility.

Abdollahi said there had been a report about a U.S. cruise missile attack in the wake of Iran’s missile launches. He said the operator who fired missile at the plane had difficulty in receiving the message of the command center.

There was a widespread criticism for the late announcement that the plane had been downed unintentionally by Iran.

“The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force was on a mission in the west of the country and after an hour, he was informed (about it) and reported this to his superior,” he said. “(Anyone at) every level who reports (something) should make sure about (the accuracy of) the report,” he said, adding, “Naturally, the initial examination takes time.”

In addition, Radio Farda, which is a US-government funded outlet, reported that another high-ranking Iranian official suggested that “enemy sabotage” could be the cause of the downing of Ukrainian Airlines flight 752.

The outlet suggested that “the hardliner Chairman of the Guardian Council” Ahmad Jannati suggested that “enemy sabotage” is being investigated by authorities. It should also be mentioned that Ahmad Jannati is 92 years old, and the original source of the report is Radio Farda itself, and its unmentioned sources.

A new video of the crash was released, showing that two missiles had been allegedly launched, 30 seconds apart, and struck the plane, which remained in the air for a bit, prior to an explosion that led to it crashing.

The version of possible US sabotage is not completely implausible, as it has already been speculated that such a narrative could have been what actually happened.

A thorough investigation is sure to reveal more information, as any versions currently fall in the scope of speculation. Currently, the official version is that a “human error” caused the passenger plane to be downed, and there are on-going investigations that are certain to provide more details and insight.




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