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JUNE 2023

Iran International Confirms Secretive IRGC Unit Was Target Of Recent Israeli Attack On Syria

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Iran International Confirms Secretive IRGC Unit Was Target Of Recent Israeli Attack On Syria

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet en route to an exercise in Germany in an undated photograph. (Israel Defense Forces)

Iran International has confirmed that the September 17 Israeli attack on Syria targeted a support office of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

In a report released on September 20, the London-based news channel said that the office belonged to a secretive logistic formation of the revolutionary guards known as Unit 2250. The unit is a subset of the more prominent Unit 2000.

Unit 2250 is headquartered in Damascus, the main target of the recent Israeli attack, with many offices in Lattakia, Hama, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor.

“The unit is in charge of receiving incoming equipment, weapons and personnel from Iran as well as supporting the Iran-backed Lebanese forces in the country. It is also tasked with escorting and hosting senior Iranian officials and their families upon arrival in Syria, which are usually carried out in coordination with senior Syrian authorities,” Iran International reported.

According to the news channel, the unit’s main office as well as it parking lots and a number of warehouses were struck during the Israeli attack.

A Syrian military source told the official Syrian Arab News Agency back then that a number of positions of in southern Damascus were hit. One of the targeted positions was the International Airport. Five Syrian service members were killed as a result of the attack.

Iran International said that Unit 2250 is led by someone identified only as Seyyed Reza. The channel identified two other senior members of the unit as Abdollah Ebadi and Meysam Katbi.

The Israeli attack on Unite 2250 was supposedly meant to disturb Iranian weapons shipments meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Earlier this year, Israel accused the IRGC of smuggling advanced weapons to the group via Syrian airports. Tel Aviv alleged that the weapons in question are being shipped aboard Iranian civilian flights.

The information revealed by Iran International are yet to be verified. However, it is in line with information reported by the Al Arabia TV right after the recent Israeli attack on Syria.



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Guess that IRGC unit wasn’t such a secret after all.


Israel has the FULL access to American spy satellites and dont believe the public versions shown from a height — how about 6 FEET away or even closer ??– that’s the military versions.

You know Zelensky gets the same detailed reports from the USA to help it against Russian troop manoeuvrers.


IMHO, do you question things? That doesn’t seem right.

E.g. Ukraine said they killed 25,000 Russians. Do you believe that? If not why? Maybe because it came from a bad source?

You just want to look up Iran International I know these clowns, you might also want to find out where they are located. If you cared try to understand what they trying to do.


Iran International, London-based news channel. WTF??


Quite correct Carlo it might show an Iranian flag but the website is totally ANTI- Iranian wall-to-wall US propaganda – think about it — Press TV is banned in the UK I can only watch it on Hotbird satellite so why would Truss & Co. . servants of Zionism and the USA allow it in England ???

Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Fear is increasing in Israel and they are unable to stop the people who are going to wipe them out and they know it.


Iran International is a British-MeK-Zionists-Wahhabis run network clowns.

SF I give you guys a hit, go and look up Iran International and JUST FIND ONE REPORT WHICH shows Iran in a good light. You wouldn’t find any don’t worry.

If you are going to use such trash sources for Iran, why not use the Ukraine news sites and the West’s MSM clowns?

Huh, answer me clowns I would love to know… why don’t you people include West’s MSM in your “reports” about the Ukraine war? I’m dying to know. Maybe because of the reasons you just thought of????

Iran International has NO REPORTERS IN SYRIA HOW IN HELL DID THEY CONFIRMED THAT? HOW MOTHERFUKERS HOW????? Do you fuking clown read what you are writing even?


This is not the first time you fukers used Iran International reports bitches.

You guys are down bad for clickbait? huh?

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