Iran Gets First Defense Minister Unaffiliated With Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Since 1989


Iran Gets First Defense Minister Unaffiliated With Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Since 1989

On Sunday, the Iranian Parliament has approved 16 Cabinet members nominated by recently re-elected President Hassan Rouhani, including the defence minister.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami, who replaces Husein Dehqan, previously served as the head of the Army’s international relations office, as well as a deputy in the armed forces general staff, is one of the youngest senior officers of the Artesh (Army, in Farsi).

Hatami is the first minister of defense with army background in more than two decades, an office held by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps since 1989.

He has served as a senior officer in the intelligence branch of the Artesh while he also has had ample experience as a commander of the Iranian Army in the north and northwestern regions where a threat from Kurdish militants remains relatively high. Brigadier General Hatami served in the military during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). This means that he’s also experienced in the both irregular and conventional warfare.



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  • Bru

    great nomination, all the best to this free nation!

    • Barba_Papa

      I’ve been there 3 times and I can categorically say Iran is not a free nation, with religious police cracking down on ‘immoral behavior’, and the police beating down on anyone who voices dissent.

      Compared to the West’s prime key ally, Saudi Arabia, Iran is however a paragon of individual freedom and women’s rights. As the senior Dutch news correspondent there categorized it, Iran, the nation where nothing is allowed, but unofficially everything is possible.

      • BL

        “Freedom” doesn’t mean anarchy, lack of moral law ultimately lead to degeneracy and collapse. Furthermore no government in existence will allow its domestic opposition to attempt to topple it, Iran is not an exception to that rule.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          “Freedom” doesn’t mean anarchy

          thats true, but barba papa was right. in iran is no freedom.

          • BL

            No country in the world has “Freedom”. As we speak the supposed international capital of “Freedom” (USA) is busy banning and deleting all alt-right websites including the super popular dailystormer website due to the threat they pose to the Judeo-Masonic US establishment.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            boy, in western civilisation there is a freedom. of course, abslote or endless freedom does not exist. but i lived in socialism, i know, what is reduced human rights. i am heppy, that we now belong to west.

          • Serious

            N ol freedom in the west. Just freedom of shut up.

          • BL

            In the (((West))) there is freedom as long as you don’t say anything against the kikes who completely own and control society, once you do then you’re heavily censored and even punished.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i dont think so. there are lot of websites, where do this. in russia is forbiodeen, if you criticise putin, you go in jail. thanks, better western system than enything else in the world.

          • Bob

            Western intelligence services have long controlled the MSM, it is just more subtle – pick up journalists early in career and help them so they owe the hand that feeds them. But if a journalist crosses the line against the state like Micheal Hastings did – then your Mercedes-Benz can miraculously and violently explode incinerating you and throwing the engine block out of the vehicle and way down the road.

          • Wahid Algiers

            Absolutely right. Nobody is allowed to argue or act aganist these jewish and zionist gangs praying their lying holy holocau$$$t.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            You are under constant supervision , you are extremely naive to think you aren’t.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            not constant. and far, far less then in russia, china, moslem countries. vivat west!

      • Serious

        In the west, you have only one freedom : the freedom to shut up. So, yes Iran is more free than USA. To be free doesn’t mean to be a pornstar.

        • Barba_Papa

          In Iran you can’t go out to a bar, to have a beer and dance. You do that you go to jail. You can only do that behind closed doors.
          In Iran you can’t demonstrate against the government. In the West they’ll ignore you, in Iran they throw you in jail and beat you up.
          In Iran you can’t go online and post on the internet and bitch about your government. Half of the internet is blocked off by the Great Iranian Firewall. And if by chance you do manage to circumvent that and bitch about the government, if they find out about they will throw you in jail and beat you up.
          In Iran you can’t legally buy a satellite dish, its forbidden as the government doesn’t want you to see foreign (read: Western) programs. You can on the black market, but if found out it will get confiscated.
          And let us not forget that women have to cover their hair and dress modestly. Nothing like Saudi Arabia, but woo to the woman who goes out without a jacket and headscarf.

          No, don’t have any illusions that because you don’t feel free in the West Iran will be better, because there’s tens of millions of Iranians who are willing to trade with you in a heartbeat. To whom the idea of freedom is to have a beer in a bar, to have a dance without fearing the religious police. To not have to wear a headscarf all the time in public. And to be able to say fuck the government without getting thrown in jail.

          The only thing Iran is freer in, is that the government is less interested in your non-political life. In the West you need a permit for everything. For business, home renovation, everything is regulated. In Iran, not so much. And even if it was there’s always some uncle that knows someone who you can slip some money and Bob’s your uncle again.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            you are absolutely right. we in socialism lived in reduced freedom, and we rebelled. in iran is much worse system as was in former central european socialist countries. these young people have no idea about realities. they will applause to kim jong un. :(

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Everything we say or do is monitored constantly , communications are always under scrutiny. the Internet is under tight restrictions. Laws being imposed to curb criticism of anything now , soon we will all be chipped.

          • Moussa Saab

            On my dead body I am going to be chipped. I am not allowing that in a million years.

          • Solomon Krupacek


          • Serious


            Oh you can’t have a beer ? XD. What is the purpose of drinking ??? To get drunk ?? XD

            Of course, you can’t demonstrate against the gov because USA will use that to made a coup. As if USA was a democracy. XD.

            Of course, you can’t buy a sattellite dish to get manipulated by the west propagenda.

            Just like China build a huge Internet Firewaall. Just like China forbid Fcaebook, twitter, google, …

            So, what’s the point ? The west is less free than Irianians 100%. The westerners live in the most sophisticated dictatorship. And, if the CIA didn’t made a coup on Mossadegh maybe it will be even netter for Iranians.

            So, stop bullshitting. We all know what is going on.

          • Barba_Papa

            People like drinking alcohol. Most of them that is, I don’t, but who am I to say that others can’t? Why shouldn’t they have the right to have a beer in public? And Iranians love to drink, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Like with every illegal substance, where there is demand, there will be supply.

            And why shouldn’t you have the right to demonstrate against your own government? Do you read what you’re saying? Because the CIA can suborn your protest you should just have to suck it up and accept a dictatorship? Then by what right are you bitching about the US then? Accept your fate, puppet, for the CIA might use your dissent for its own purpose. Let’s close South Front as well, for the CIA will use it for its own purpose.

            You think watching Western media is bad because it showcases Western propaganda? As opposed to the Iranian state run media, which shows Iranian propaganda. Which is so blatantly obvious that most Iranians do not believe any of it. Here’s something that will rile you up even more, most of the western programs Iranians prefer to watch is being made by Iranians in the US which fled the revolution, so you can guess how biased it is. Thing is though, people watch television to be entertained. And Americans make good entertaining television. Whereas Iranian state run media doesn’t. Maybe if they could go out and have a beer, go dancing or to a concert they would have something else to do. BUT THEY CAN’T!

            As for the Great Iranian Firewall, since Iran is very friendly with China I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been built with Chinese help. But smart people always find a way to circumvent it. The Chinese were smart enough to invent their own versions of Facebook, twitter, Ebay, and make them successful alternatives. Iran, not so much. And plenty of Iranians now how to make it onto Western social media. All the ones I know are on it.

            You’re deluded if you think Iranians have more freedoms then Westerners. Like I said, take any random Iranian and if given the chance the vast majority of them would be happy to trade places with you. I get it that you don’t like the West, or living in the West. I might even agree with you that our freedoms are illusions and just means by which the ruling elite justifies itself. But because its more subtle its still more preferable to living in a country which has a religious police checking what you do in public, a secret police to see what you do in secret and a policeman with a big stick to crack your skull if you say anything against the regime in public. I’ve been there 3 times, on average a month each time and lived with ordinary Iranians. I don’t pull it out of my ass when I say that most Iranians are not happy with the way their country is being run. I like Iran. I wish to go there again to see my friends. I think its a good thing what the Iranian state is doing in Syria, I do not wish for it to experience a US invasion. But I also know fully well its not a perfect place and I much prefer living in the far from perfect West instead.

          • Serious

            Blah blah blah. Typical bullshit western propagenda. For you, to be free is to get drunk, to go to party and dance like stupid monkeys. If you can’t drink or drink at home, what is the problem ?

            And you say that as if the Iranians don’t agree with that. I’m pretty sure that most Iranians are for forbid alcohol. Drinking is a western habit.

            Not about watching western movies but rather not watching western news propaganeda. Trump said that in the west, it’s all about FAKE NEWS. Son Iran is saving his people from western brainwashing. I see no problem about that.

            China saved his people from the globalist facebook, twitter and google, … Iran wants to do the same. I agree with them. facebook, twitter are shit, just for the use of the west PRAVDA.

            Freedom to think. thta’s what the west doiesn’t have anymoree. the west sis like braindead zombies.

            But, what would I expect from a propagendist like you ? Nothing.

          • “Why shouldn’t they have the right to have a beer in public”

            Why should you?
            And why should drinking in public with its too often to be funny consequences of drunk and disorderly behavior IN PUBLIC be a right?

            Why not better do that and behave like that ONLY at home where you don’t bother or injure someone else because you just had to exercise your right to drink yourself stupid?

          • Barba_Papa

            Most of the time you can’t have a drink in public in the West either, it’s called public indecency. That’s why the drinking happens in bars. Which do not exist in Iran. And the people there do drink at home. A LOT!!! I’ve seen some really drunk Iranians. Think of the US prohibition. But instead of Elliot Ness and the FBI enforcing it its a religious police.

            Also, when you have to buy alcohol illegally, like with drugs, there is a healthcare problem, because there is no quality control. Nor can adequate healthcare be provided to those who need because they can’t seek health out of fear of being punished.

          • Bars are “in public.” And if there are no bars in Iran then are ALSO no drunk assholes stumbling out to grope passing women in the street because they just KNOW they are God’s Greatest Gift to All Women! (Gives the Iranian woman a freedom we could well use on occasion.)

            Your healthcare problem…
            You realise you are saying … Americans are not free because they can’t buy and use heroin and crystal meth legally?

          • You think watching Western media is bad because it showcases Western
            propaganda? As opposed to the Iranian state run media, which shows
            Iranian propaganda. Which is so blatantly obvious that most Iranians do
            not believe any of it

            Hmm… see that bit I underlined — can you say the same of Americans/Western countries? (Don’ look that way now does it. They believe – at least, by your own words, Iranians can recognise BS when they see it.)

            America USED to make good television.
            Now it’s just “comedy” or “action” tripe and propaganda.
            Prove me wrong – name ONE really very good movie that came out of America in the last 5 years? …. And where is today’s Dr Strangelove?

          • Barba_Papa

            Good point. In general Iranians recognize their own bullshit, but as they perceive the West to be free, they’re blind to our bullshit. Which isn’t that odd because most people here are blind to it as well.

            I can’t really name a good recent American movie. And I mean good as in thought provoking. Although as far as popcorn fodder is concerned Marvell does good Superhero movies. And in the end that’s what most people still want, to be entertained. I do notice that before 9-11 cop dramas used to be about catching thieves and murderers. And that after 9-11 almost every cop drama seems to have the cops chasing after terrorists at some point.

          • “but as they perceive the West to be free, they’re blind to our bullshit.”
            They’re blind to our bullshit? Uh huh? Yeah?
            They buy all this shite coming out of Washington? Or London?

            No they don’t. They don’t believe a single word “The Great Satan” says. And neither do I. In fact, I can’t remember when last I heard an official American spokesman or politician say ANYTHING that wasn’t (i) a blatant lie or (ii) sheer unadulterated TRIPE. Hell, these days they don’t even wait until the next day to say something that contradicts what the last official said. Most recent example: Trump & Tillerson.

            There hasn’t been one. It’s all and only “popcorn fodder” these days. Distraction. Light entertainment. All “just don’t think – you’ll strain something” now.

          • Bob

            Iran is currently a Shi’ite Islamic Republic – a theocracy – it is not a secular state and its current leadership came about from mass social revolt against a US imposed Shah from 1953-1979. Iran is majority Shi’ite and it is ultimately up to the Iranian’s to choose their culture and their reality.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            your last sentence is right, but if there is a big minoroty with other ideas, is not right way send them in prison. especially in private sphere. e.g. clothing.

            and for us iran is also stupid, middle age country.

          • Barba_Papa

            The Iranians revolted to get rid of the Shah. They did not revolt to install an Islamic theocracy. It came about because Iran got invaded by Iraq and Ayatollah Khomeini skillfully managed to outwit and outmaneuvre all the other revolutionaries in the post revolution and wartime chaos. As one Iranian told me, who actually fought in that war, we went to war in a revolution, when the war ended we were suddenly in an Islamic republic.

            And its not like the Iranians have much choice in the matter. For while the elections themselves are generally fair, all the candidates have to be vetted and approved by the supreme religious leader, and Iranians have NO SAY whatsoever on who gets that position.

          • Bob

            Khomeini was always the primary ideological basis of the revolution against the US installed Shah, what followed was same as in all genuine revolutions – a vacuum and a struggle for power.
            The Iraqi invasion was green lighted by US who assumed that Iran would collapse in post revolution state – but Iranian students with little training formed human waves and actually halted the Iraqi offensives.


          • Moussa Saab

            So wearing a head scarf and watching the internet is illegal, so what? I would rather live in Iran than any Western country.

          • Moussa Saab

            Yes, exactly

          • Moussa Saab

            You can still dance

          • In Iran you can’t go out to a bar, to have a beer and dance. You do that
            you go to jail. You can only do that behind closed doors.”

            I find it rather odd that not being allowed and drink and party in public is your FIRST point of a not-free society……

            If IRANIANS have a problem with their not-free society that is for IRANIANS to deal with and, unlike some I could name, they don’t run rampant around the world forcing their version of free on other people.

          • Barba_Papa

            A: Based on personal observation those are some of the first things Iranians do when they come to the West. Hit the bars, enjoy a drink. Oh, and if you’re an Iranian woman the first thing they do is take off the headscarf. It’s really funny to watch, as soon as the plane from Iran lands off they come.

            B: I’m not telling the Iranians what to do at all, I’m all for letting them decide for themselves. Not my place, nor anyone else but themselves. All I do is provide some real life observations from having actually been there to some of the commenters here who seem to think the sun shines out of Iran’s ass, just because it opposes the US. It is not a perfect country, because its also a theocratic dictatorship. And those are VERY hard to change from within.

          • I find you VERY shallow regarding not drinking in public and covering one’s hair in public as signs of “not free.”

            Here we have some rather strange laws….
            You may not drive your car barefoot (I have no idea why) and men (women too I presume) may not drive barechested. You also may not (regardless of how low your blood-alcohol level might be) … you may not drink a beer while you drive.

            Should we regard ourselves as “not free?”
            ‘Cos it pretty much likes this:
            You put shoes on to drive – and your shirt. And you stop the car to drink the beer. (I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.)

            Here’s the thing. It’s not odd that Iranians would hit the dirt and have a beer or remove a headscarf. Here’s the crux: Have you heard any Iranians, either in Iran or the States COMPLAIN BITTERLY that they may not do these things in Iran?

            And I’m guessing …………… No.
            It’s what they’re used to – it’s what they do.

      • Moussa Saab

        Wear a hijab, pray if you are muslim, is that supposed to be called oppressing a nation?

      • Justin

        u make a good point here! Not the greatest nation for freedom and individual rights, but leagues ahead of Saudi Arabia and the Wahaabi’s Sharia law!

  • Serious

    Who is the first woman to win the mathematic nobel prize ??? An IRANIAN.

    Of course, in the west women prefer to be pornstars. XD.

  • guest

    Iran needs to strengthen the Artesh to the same high level of professionalism as before the revolution.