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MAY 2021

Iran Gears Up To Repel US Strikes Expected Before Trump Leaves White House

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Iran Gears Up To Repel US Strikes Expected Before Trump Leaves White House

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Iran deployed defensive military systems on its coast after the assassination of the country’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, last month, CNN reported on December 10, citing U.S. officials.

The officials claimed that Iran may be preparing for a possible attack by Israel or the United States. Tehran has been maintaining its military readiness since the assassination of Fakhrizadeh on November 27.

Iran’s recent defensive moves employed the deployment of warships, including mine-laying ships in the Strait of Hormuz. U.S. officials didn’t provide CNN with any details. However, they said there is no indication that new mines are being laid as for now.

Two advanced long-range air-defense systems, the S-200 and the S-300, were also deployed by the Iranian military on the Persian Gulf coast.

Top Iranian officials held Israel responsible for the assassination of Fakhrizadeh. U.S. officials told CNN that they also believe Tel Aviv was behind the assassination.

Iran’s military measures were not limited to its territory. In Iraq, Iranian-backed Shiite groups moved to a “heightened level of preparation.” U.S. officials believe that these groups may be preparing to attack U.S. troops or diplomatic mission in Iraq.

One official described the situation in Iraq as “worrisome,” revealing that Iranian-backed groups already have all the weapons “capability” they need to launch attacks.

In an attempt to deter Iran, the U.S. military flew on December 10 two B-52H bombers from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana to the Persian Gulf in a “short-notice, non-stop” mission.

Iran’s threats to avenge the assassination of Fakhrizadeh are disturbing the U.S. Israel is without a doubt benefiting from the growing tension between Tehran and Washington. The tension will prevent any talks between the two countries for the time being.


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  1. Pave Way IV says:

    In Iraq, Iranian-backed Shiite groups moved to a “heightened level of preparation.” U.S. officials believe that these groups may be preparing to attack U.S. troops or diplomatic mission in Iraq.

    Iraq is two-thirds Shiite – maybe 25 million Iraqis. Religious bigot neocons in the U.S. can’t seem to believe that Iraqi Shiites have militias or have any national pride and that only evil “Iranian-backed” Shiite militias want us out. Typical gaslighting. All Iraqis love the U.S. for freedomizing them and building an impoverished, corrupt surveillance state there except for those darn “iranian-backed Shiite militias” (that seem intent on killing our head-chopper control thugs in Iraq). Where’s the gratitude?

    1. Great Khan says:

      hahahaha stupid fat old man Trump go to jail…

      Manhattan D.A. Intensifies Investigation of Trump as Supreme Court dismisses all election challenges.

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Iran sinking a few carriers and guided missile cruiser would be the iceing on the cake for 2020.
    Non the less, deterrence is gold.
    Americant pirates must be kept in the bay.

    1. Alekai Mordechai says:

      Won’t be seeing any deterrence. Because americans will be far away from Iran’s red line.

      I’ll believe it when I see it ( I mean actual kinetic blows)

      Iran hasn’t exacted revenge of last year’s assassination’s. Numbers keep piling. Chop chop!

      1. Jesus says:

        Patience is a virtue, unlike Zionist hotheads.
        Have you heard of the aromas general Fabius and the tactics he used on Hannibal?

        1. The Objective says:

          Patience works when you are not under attack. Iran is being attacked on multiple fronts. Iran just has no option but obediently absorb the attacks and do nothing. Iran really has NO options right now. It wants to avoid a war at all cost. Retaliating in any direct way would provoke a massive onslaught from the U.S.

          Iran tasted the pangs of war when it fought Saddam Hussein, who was a far inferior adversary. No Iranian in their right minds should think even for a second that Iran deters the U.S. Nothing is stopping an American attack on Iran except for public opposition in the U.S.A. People like Trump are looking for whatever excuse they can get but Iran understands this and cleverly refuses to fall for any trap, like the killing of Soleimani, sanctions, assassination of scientists, air strikes in Syria, etc. Israel too is trying to get a good reason to start this war, knowing America will step in.

          This news about a seemingly imminent militia attacks on U.S is bullshit. No Shiite militia has the guts to kickstart a war with the U.S. I suspect the media chorus about a likely militia attack is just preparing the grounds for a falseflag that the militias take the blame for. Their denial would be ignored or rejected outright and the bombs start falling.

          Iran is really praying to see Donald Trump leave office without another humiliating attack. If Trump aims to return for presidency in 2024, then I’m pretty certain he won’t attack Iran in the coming weeks.

          1. Robert Ferrin says:

            Hmm, Iraq! It was an inferior foe with all the tools the U.S. gave him including gas which he used on the Kurds, you’re letting your trolling get ahead of you.

            As far as Trump he’s done stick him with a fork he played his part which was giving the 1% millions with his tax cut and adding more millions as he dumped a few trillion in the market to protect their wealth, and now its old Joe who’s got his part to play well if he can find his mind that is, Putin was right when he said they change the ones in the White House but the policy always’s remains the same, its just another day in the jungle nothing more.!!

          2. The Objective says:

            “Hmm, Iraq! It was an inferior foe with all the tools the U.S. gave him including gas which he used on the Kurds”
            Saddam’s Iraq was certainly a far inferior force TO america now.
            I was comparing him to AMERICA not IRAN.

          3. Graham Steinberg says:

            As Covid soars in the US, the WORST maniac of all time needs a diversion.One would imagine the US is at breaking point at home.
            Start a MASSIVE conflict ? As was correctly pointed out, US presidents are like ‘conductors of an orchestra’…………..ONLY the conductor changes……The music ?
            Very little or no change…..
            ‘Peace deals’? More like BUSINESS deals for mega rich arabs….. The Tel Aviv Entity will gain the most as they always do.

          4. farbat says:

            you do understand that mountains are made out of stone?

          5. farbat says:

            first of all the zionist usurper entity is not going to be around for much longer and lying wont change the reality it never did its just a temperory fix for them that wont indeed fix anything and i repeat it as a zionist general did the misconception of zionism today is bigger than the yom kippur misconception

          6. HB_Norica says:

            “No Iranian in their right minds should think even for a second that Iran deters the U.S. Nothing is stopping an American attack on Iran except for public opposition in the U.S.A.”

            You’re wrong there. It’s the USA that has everything to lose here. Remember wars are a political act …. it doesn’t matter how bad you beat the other guy up ….. you have to win the POLITICAL battle. So please tell me what the USA gains politically by attacking iran …. I’ll telll you what they have to lose. OK?

            1. Money. The USA made a deal with the Saudi’s in the 1970’s. The USA guarantees S.A.’s security and in return the Saudi’s sell their oil in $USD.

            If the Iranians manage to strike Saudi oil infastructure and/or shut down shipping in the Persian Gulf both the Saudi’s and the USA will lose a shitload of revenue and if the USA can’t defend the Saudi’s then they may have to look elsewhere for security.

            The USA can’t print money, pay for their military or service the debt they already have without the USD being the worlds petrodollar. Given the economic
            dumpsterfire 2020 was and the even worse dumpster fire 2021 is going to be the USA can’t risk losing the petrodollar. There has to be one hell of an upside to attacking Iran to counter the risks and I just don’t see an upside.

            2. Prestige. Backin 1991 the USA raised a very impressive coalition against Iraq that included all the NATO heavyweights. By 2006-8 the coalition still had a few of the big boys like GB and Norway but you started seeing more of the likes of Poland, Romania, latvia. Today who do you think would show up if the USA wanted another circle jerk air war in the middle east? The Saudi’s? The SDF? Maybe Georgia if you let them into NATO and sold them F-35’s?

            The USA has no backing at the UN and no NATO allies are going to participate against Iran.

            If the USA goes it alone …. and having Israel and the Saudi’s as allies is going it alone … they will have to win big, win fast and no US casualties. I don’t see that happening in a mountainous country of 80 million who have been preparing for this battle for 40 years.

          7. Ivan Freely says:

            You left out Iranian allies. Although both China and Russia will not provide their own troops, they would provide other things such as intelligence, munitions and maybe even equipment.

          8. verner says:

            Iran is 1.6million sqkm and 84 million people so sure the morons in the white house can have a wet dream about winning a war against Iran but it is impractical since that would require more than one army on the ground and that won’t happen although pinpricks by special forces or embedded jews disguised as Iranians can cause a bit of problems but it won’t get them very far and there is no way the majority of nato- countries would agree to attack Iran, UK maybe but not even they would be so foolhardy to join a serious attack on Iran which they know will lay waste to the world economy in seconds flat and most likely be the end of the jews in palestine.

          9. Vox Populi says:

            You seem be posting this same cut and paste canned CIA disinformation all over the net. Is this your only job?

          10. Vox Populi says:

            Are you really that ignorant? Trump is headed for jail and oblivion and the is no 2024 “presidency”. You stupid Wahhabis are really that dumb.

          11. The Objective says:

            You are the dumb party here. It’s the first time I’m hearing this ridiculous claim that Trump is headed for jail. What I said about 2024 is that Trump still can legally contest in 2024 and maybe even win. If your anger is that I’m wishing for a U.S attack on Iran’s militias, then indeed I AM.

            But even if that attack does not come now, it’s certain to come if the likes of Hezbollah does not disarm or join its countries official forces. Events over the past four years shows that the region can no longer tolerate Iran’s creation of parallel militaries in other countries. Just recently, Germany, France, and Britain collectively announced that merely rejoining the JCPOA is not a workable solution without addressing Iran’s MALIGN activities. The message was that Europe would not support any such moves if it DOES NOT put an end to Shiite militias in the region.

            There is bound to be friction down the road.

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Except for striking half a dozen U.S. bases…
        Keep pushing your luck Shlomo…

        1. The Objective says:

          Why are your leaders still talking about revenge then? If the cowardly missile attacks on U.S. bases was a proportionate response like Zarif hurriedly tweeted, why then are your leaders threatening to avenge Soleimani.

          America did not retaliate for that missile strike not because Trump wanted to de-escalate, but because Trump didn’t have a good enough reason to go full throttle on Iran. Americans would have protested the war on the grounds that NO American soldier was killed.

          But to save face, Iranian trolls keep regurgitating that some American soldiers were killed despite the absurdity of that claim.
          Any deaths resulting from a missile attack like that cannot be kept secret when there were up to 5000 soldiers in that base who could anonymously leak the information. In fact, democrats would certainly have dug up that secret and used it against Trump in the elections. The fact we receive no blame from democrats against Trump for causing American deaths only to back down, it means nothing like that ever happened.

          So shut your lying trap, mouthy coward.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Not my leaders, Im not Iranian.

            Less covardly than drone strikes and assassinations…

            You would be surprised howb many things can be kept a secret…

            Truth hurts try to handle it Trollstoy ?

          2. The Objective says:

            You keep them secret because you have no guts to do anything openly. That’s what you should admit.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Xou are mixing me up eith your CIAMOSSADisis buddies…

          4. The Objective says:

            I meant your Iranian REAL retaliation for Soleimani. In fact, you haven’t retaliated yet, even in secret. There has been no report of mysterious death of a major American figure.

          5. Lone Ranger says:

            There was, you just dont know about it or you know about it but deny it.
            Sad story…
            Striking multiple military bases with casulties and heavy material loss is in parity for such a terror assassination.
            Like I said Truth hurts try to handle it Trollstoy ?
            Have fun and come again…

            P.S. you always say you..your leaders…your country…
            Still not an Iranian, I would admit if I were, only for the record…

          6. alel says:

            WHAT ABOUT THOSE…killed in afganisthan….still a video..in oyutube..or is jewllywood fake..WHAT YOU TINK THAT GIE JOE WIIL HELP THOSE IN AMERICAN BASES IN M.E…OR SUPERMAN BATMAN AND ROBIN ..WILL HELP THEM.. ..jewllywood created damage in the concious of …european a..called themselves americans

          7. alel says:
          8. The Objective says:

            The Americans will simply withdraw their forces from your range of fire and then bomb the shit out of your country.

            The 2500 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan can take shelter from your missiles during a U.S/Iran hostility. That is a small number that can easily be protected.

            On the contrary, there are hundreds of thousands of Shiite militias across the region and squarely within America’s range of fire. That’s a rich collection of targets. U.S pilots will have a field day picking which targets to hit.

          9. Icarus Tanović says:

            Revenge is dish served cold. So be patient, Wahhabi.

          10. The Objective says:

            you’ll never be given the chance to serve it cold. Your BEST OPTION is to lay low and hope the U.S somehow gets off your back.
            Trust me, you don’t wanna try to get even. Something goes wrong in your secret attack and Iran is in deep shit.

          11. Icarus Tanović says:

            Go back to your cave, Wahhabi headchopper. Revenge is fine packed
            and crafted gift.

          12. Icarus Tanović says:

            Oh yeah, it may be indeed.

          13. Alekai Mordechai says:

            When will those “secrets” be unveiled??

            Are we expecting some stink (from Iran base attack) to leak when Biden sworn in?

          14. Lone Ranger says:

            Its already an open secret.
            But Biden will do the same as Obongo, he will give Iran money and tech a lot…
            You guys at the Mossad made a big mistake to not ensure Trumps win by any means.
            Now you are left with jew hating neo trotskyites which is an oxymoron in itself, only shows the true nature of demonrats.
            I hate them even more than ziorats.

          15. The Objective says:

            The E3 just announced through Germany that rejoining the JCPOA is not a viable solution without addressing Iran’s malign activities (proxies).

            This is a sharp about-turn regarding EU’s position on the JCPOA and it signals trouble down the road. Influential voices in Joe Biden’s team are also echoing the same view.

            These are the steps to attack and destroy the Iranian and Shiite armed forces:
            1. Arm the Arab nations of the Gulf so they can deter an Iranian attack on their civilian population (this has been done already for Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E)
            2. Arm Israel (this has been done too)
            3. Sanction Iran to weaken it and its proxies (this is in progress)
            4. Destroy the Shiite militias across the middle east to Isolate Iran (this too is in process)
            5. attack Iran (and there would be NO regional war since there are no militias).

          16. Lone Ranger says:

            These has been done for the oazst 12 years and it failed bigtime.
            Iran only got stronger with more influance in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen…
            U.S. is pulling out and the EU is fed up with the crumbling U.S. Empire.
            You are way behind the curve Shlomo.
            But its always nice when ziotrolls admit supporting terrorists…like mossadciaisis/al-ciada.

          17. The Objective says:

            “These has been done for the oazst 12 years and it failed bigtime”
            Only this time it’s much different as you heroes keep dying and most American weapons projects intended to negate your advantage in the gulf has been concluded. The assault is on.

            There was no time when America sold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. (these two will be Iran’s main targets, not even Israel). And from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq, your militias are under more pressure than ever before, and not even Joe Biden will ease this pressure.

            Houthis would soon be labelled terrorists, paving the way for greater action against them not just by Saudi Arabia but other countries will openly support the dismantlement of Houthis.

            I’m not in support of the Saud monarchy, but I don’t support a Shiite crescent surrounding the Hejaz either. Rather than the Shiites taking the Hejz, I’d rather the Saudi monarchy control it.

          18. Lone Ranger says:

            Old news, was dobe for 10+ years, was counterproductive, Iran kept gaining while you terrorists kept ön draining ?
            Selling those weapons proved to be futile.
            Saudisis couldnt fight their way out if a wet paperbag.
            Houthis in pajamas and flip flops mop the floor with them.
            Houthis are at home saudisis isnt.
            U.S., UK, Saudisis, Israel are starving Yemenis to death like nazis did to jews.
            So whom are the terrorists…?
            Not the Houthis but you ziorats.

          19. The Objective says:

            For the record, I’m not in support of Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen. But that doesn’t make Iran the good guy either. Iran too has NO concern for the starving Yemenis. A review of Iran’s Yemen policy shows that Iran wants a continuation of the war to bog Saudi Arabia down and divert attention from Iran. The Houthis are NOT the main anti-Saudi government forces of Yemen. They are just a militia like Hezbollah. Yemen has a legitimate government and military, not the government in exile, but the current government running San’a. Houthis will still be a problem for this government after the war ends as they’ll refuse to join government forces or disarm.

            As for the weapons Saudis bought not working, you must be delusional. It is with the same weapons that they’ve bombed Yemen to rubble and they haven’t depleted even a tenth of what Trump sold them. Imagine that material damage being on Iran. For example, if Iran targets Saudi civilians, you bet the Saudis would do the same. While Iran is likely to inflict more damage, the Saudis can also inflict substantial damage with their missiles too. Add this to the damage U.A.E would cause Iran should Iran target its civilian population and the damage from America and Israel. Should Iran deliberately target their populations of U.A.E and Saudi Arabia, you can bet your rat’s ass they will through everything they’ve got at Iran. Combined with American and Israeli assault, nothing would be left of the Iranian nation. There is confirmed report of Saudi Arabia expanding its missile arsenal and tech, largely by buying from China and the U.S. The same thing applies to U.A.E. Iran is not the only country with missiles in the Middle East.

            There’s rumor the U.S is moving to designate Houthis as terrorists. Should this happen, the suffering of Yemenis would only increase. It is Iran’s influence on the Houthis that make the Saudis reluctant to negotiate with the group. To them, any negotiations that leaves a Hezbollah-style militias intact on their border is unacceptable.

          20. Lone Ranger says:

            I can only hear your tears hitting the cold floor ?
            Saudisis is crying and raging.
            Houthis are gaining Saudisis is draining…

          21. The Objective says:

            The Saudi monarchy and Iran can bomb themselves to hell for all I care. What I don’t want to happen is for the Shiites to take control of Mecca and Madinah.

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            Yeah that wouldnt be kosher at all…

          23. Lone Ranger says:

            World is watching…
            Wonder why your PR score is getting worse by the minute…
            Same eith the U.S., UK, Saudisis, France, Turkey.

          24. The Objective says:

            You are Iranian. Don’t think for a moment that your profile picture deceives me into thinking you are a Christian. Iranian trolls go by Christian aliases to drum up support for Iran from the Christian world and influence public opinion in the Western world. Your troll army are virtually everywhere on the net. I’ve read several posts on YouTube, twitter, Facebook, etc. that claim to be America but are obviously ESL commenters.

            SF is full of you Iranian trolls.

          25. Lone Ranger says:

            Not hit Shlomo.
            Im Hungarian.

          26. Robert Ferrin says:

            Ah now you’re showing your real colors keep it coming its amusing what people will do for a few pieces of silver.!!!

          27. The Objective says:

            I’m simply blasting your lies and fake bravado to hell. Actually, I don’t think Iran has any credibility left after the Soleimani assassination.

          28. Jim Allen says:

            No, you’re not. You’re making a huge ass of yourself attempting to follow Herr Himmler’s instructions on trolling.
            Accuse the enemy of that which you are guilty.
            You’re a wannabe bully troll with a big opinion, and a bigger mouth.
            The part you missed in all this, which is no surprise given your mouth started overspeeding when you thought you heard what Iran stated on that particular subject. After having projected your context into the statement made by Iran.
            After Iran blew the shit out of US bases with startling accuracy, Iran stated very clearly it was not done yet.
            Then there’s the matter of the Bombardier jet that was sorta’ shot down over Afghanistan. A specially equipped communications plane.
            Iran had that done, and still haven’t said they’re satisfied. But, you didn’t hear any of this, did ya’ ? That’s because you had your mouth running, and your prejudiced mind(?) made up.
            You have no capacity to distinguish courage, from cowardice, or simply the lack of desire to fight over stupid shit.

          29. farbat says:

            you still dont get it really

          30. farbat says:

            iran is a civilization it doesnt need your acceptance really who are you anyway other than a fool who will end up shocked when iran from one day to the other will wipe all your misconceptions clean and the only problem of yours is that you are way to animalistic to understand irans conception of governance and therefore you wont understand irans reasoning

          31. The Objective says:

            If you want to be taken seriously, then your leaders must stop issuing threats they cannot follow through. What new reasoning does Iran bring to the world? I consider your leaders fools, seriously. they’ve got Iran into big trouble —– actually an existential threat. Making enemies of nuclear armed countries before you have sufficient nukes to deter them isn’t a wise policy, especially ruthless and inhumane enemies that have once used the atomic weapon on a non-nuclear-armed Japan. If that’s what you call good reasoning and wisdom, then you’ll know better when Iran is up in smoke.

          32. farbat says:

            if you see war and diplomacy as a cycle than iran sees both as necessaties to end your cycle its really your problem not to see how things work on the other side of the wall you build around yourselves

          33. The Objective says:

            If you love martyrdom so much, then maybe you should provoke a massive American attack so that many Iranians can have the gift of martyrdom.

          34. The Objective says:

            My position is simple: Rather than Iran taking the Hejaz and spreading Shiism in the Muslim world, I prefer the Saudis and Israelis to hold their respective holy sites of Islam until God liberates these lands at his own time.

          35. Cromwell says:

            Some US trops had a headache,sure they did their heads were missing https://media1.giphy.com/media/wWue0rCDOphOE/giphy.gif

          36. The Objective says:

            cant see any meaning in this nonsense you posted. Headache quite different from death. You should be killing a U.S general publicly to really prove your bravado. Loud explosions can cause such temporary headaches to SOME people.

          37. Icarus Tanović says:

            I slam your ass like fat piece of bacon.

          38. Great Khan says:

            hahahaha you very stoopido hasbara shitman….Great Khan just laugh….hahahahha

          39. The Objective says:

            Yeah, just laugh like the morons that most Iranian trolls are. Because you got no answer or excuse for your cowardice. What else can you say but make meaningless comments like this one? The truth of you cowardice is too open to refute with any credibility.

            Breaking News: Iran’s Zarif says Iran is NOT AGAINST peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

            Why is Iran suddenly backing down from its long-time position of no peace deal with the Israelis? When subjected to pressure, the real hypocrisy and cowardice of your leaders become apparent.

        2. Alekai Mordechai says:

          There’s no bases to hit.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            You think?

          2. John Wallace says:

            Either you are ignorant , dumb or just a dipshit.. or so befuddled by drugs that you have already forgotten Trump standing white and shaking when he said that Iran’s strikes on their bases in response to the assassination caused .. no casualties’ , except the 100 or so that were later found to need returning too America for medical care .. and that was because Iran warned them of incoming.. How their biggest base in Iraq suffered building and aircraft destruction and a video of America’s bravest soldiers crying like babies screaming for the missile strikes to stop. No just a fuckwit.

          3. John Wallace says:

            You mean these non existent bases .. Dipshit

            The US version of how they avoided casualties but they for got to mention Iran warned them 2 hrs beforehand.

          4. farbat says:

            there is alot of things to hit indeed you might be ignorant towards it but the targets are all over the place and they are screaming to us to be hit just like haifa does for example or abu dhabi

          5. Alekai Mordechai says:

            But can they be hit??

            Iran doesn’t need to avenge every death. It can avenge it by throwing one big stone. That is making Biden return to JCPOA, and reap every benefit of it. That itself will be enough the scuttle all the gains KSA, UAE, israel axis has made in last 2 years.

          6. farbat says:

            you are delusional and again your misconception is worse than the your peoples misconception of yom kippur your generals own words which i totally agree with

          7. farbat says:

            there are only 2 solutions either collapse of your usurpation or eradication

          8. farbat says:

            iam not going into the time discussion but lets say america even if it wanted will not be able to be around in west asia anymore and it will pretty much be pushed out of the entirety of west asia in a matter of months so how does a zionist usurper entity who will also receive a badly hurting retaliation keep itself alive i wonder considering the political trouble and the reality which einstein talked about which is that herut the terrorist nazi party has no place one earth and its children imps likud are no different and any alternative really has to break with this tradition to not automatically fall into the same category

          9. farbat says:

            the global acceptance of zionism drops already badly because nobody wants you to parasitically leech on them which is understandable

          10. farbat says:

            all in all you will either be pushed into a position to start a war as last chance against iran and get eradicated which is the outcome your former masters which or you basically accept irans hint to you that you better change your behavior drastically and soon before you have to swim in the mediterran sea for safety

          11. farbat says:

            all in all you the problem on this planet which many want to wipe from this planet basically pushing us to do it for them you will learn that their are 2 solutions and you better chose one in which we wont hurt you badly because we will no matter what happens on our side we will utterly eradicate you if we are pushed to take that road by your ruinous nature

          12. farbat says:

            even your conception of iran is like totally retarded when it comes to governance and in fact the calls for regime change in iran are calls for military dictatorship because that is the only alternative and the militaries unlike our supreme leader would not wait to wipe you out from the region they are used to directly going against their enemies and its the supreme leaders dictates which didnt allow them to make their writings on certain missiles reality because they wanted to turn it into reality for a long time now so you are really clueless also when you talk about irans people who really dont like you ashkenazis at all

          13. farbat says:

            you jews will never replace space cults and scientology for your former masters they have basically no need of you no matter how much you dream about jews in space they dont need you anymore because all you do is fail badly and blame them all of the time for your shortcomings that is basically their history with you and it happened all over the place you are so selfdestructive and so cowardly

          14. farbat says:

            you really dont get that iran does things in a ritualistic manner almost so the days of martyr general soleimani is the time of retaliation for his death against america first of all and nothing will change that no matter what trump or biden do

          15. farbat says:

            you will first receive a slap and it will hit a place you didnt expect that it could be hit and that probably not just once but it will happen to multiple targets and probably also multiple hostile entities saudis and emiratis are among the top list here obviously even kuwait might feel alot of pain having american assets burn to the ground and the joke that america has the best rapid deployment and such useless nonsense is great it just means more targets to hit maybe more aircraft carriers to seize and so on iran will become extremely powerful if america moves that way we will replace america in no time

          16. farbat says:

            not even in your wildest dreams you can think of america waging war against iran because they simply cant it would ruin them in no time and we would win which would pretty much win us enough prestige and power to dominate alot of things and the first thing would be that the security council would die immediatly because there would be nothing to level out china and russia on the other side

          17. farbat says:

            look at your people you are an utter joke i only have to laugh when i hear the nonsense of your kind for years now because you are utterly retarded every single one of you who buys into this zionist nazi mentality is an utter retard really with no future

        3. Great Khan says:

          IRAn brother STRONK!

    2. Cromwell says:

      One Carrier would be enough for some shock therapy,

    3. Vox Populi says:

      As some of the more mature and seasoned observers have stated, a swan song US strike on Iran is highly unlikely, even though that would be most desired outcome for the Zionist regime. The US military will not commit suicide in the last 38 days of dying Trump maladministration. However, Israel which is mortally scared now, will stage more false flags, most likely from Dubai, which now houses the second largest Mossad and IDF base after Azerbaijan. Iran will keep its powder dry for the next month.

  3. farbat says:

    its like commander tangsiri said iran is confronting for years the americans on the seas directly both irgc aswell as artesh navy are directly in confrontation with the usa on the seas so the battle will be exactly there it will be in the worlds oceans because america has no assets which can sustain more than a week of warfare in west asia even its lackeys are done after a week so where other than the world oceans will iran have to confront the usa in a war and i dont even count europe because they also are small fry and so is diego garcia

  4. cechas vodobenikov says:

    fake news—amerikan cowards lie and brag…obese paper kittens cannot challenge Iran directly…US troops in Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, UAE, etc become sashlik

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