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Iran Fires Cruise Missiles During Naval Drill After Israel Threatened Preemptive Strike

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Iran is currently in the midst of two-day naval drills in the Gulf of Oman which began Wednesday. Crucially also at a time of soaring tensions with the US and Israel, and with less than a week to go till the end of the Trump presidency which is stacked with Iran hawks led by Pompeo, Iran has fired cruise missiles as part of the provocative naval exercise.

“State TV showed footage of missiles being launched from both land units and ships at sea but didn’t elaborate on their range or other details. In July, Iran said it test-fired cruise missiles with a range of some 280 kilometers (some 275 miles),” the Associated Press reports, citing Iran state media.

Iranian military spokesman Adm. Hamzeh Ali Kaviani announced that “Enemies should know that any violation and invasion of Iranian marine borders will be targeted by the cruise missiles from both coast and sea.”

Iran’s navy is also using the drills to showcase it’s largest domestic-built military vessel ever:

The indigenously-made forward base ship IRIS Makran, which is said to be able to carry up to five helicopters, joined the fleet with another ship that is capable of firing missiles.

The 228-metre (748-foot) long warship, previously an oil tanker, has been repurposed to provide logistical support, carry out search and rescue missions, deploy special forces, replenish and transport supplies, offer medical assistance, and act as a base for fast boats.

The Iranian-made warship Makran:

Iran Fires Cruise Missiles During Naval Drill After Israel Threatened Preemptive Strike
Iranian military via AP

This latest cruise missile test is also no doubt a direct signal to Israel and the United States, given recent threats out of Tel Aviv that the Israeli military will mount preemptive strike if there’s evidence the Islamic Republic is on the threshold of producing a nuclear warhead.

For example, The Times of Israel reported yesterday “one of the most forceful statements made by an Israeli official,” namely Likud’s Tzachi Hanegbi – a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – who “threatened that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear program if the United States rejoined the nuclear deal, as US President-elect Joe Biden has indicated he plans to do.”


Iran Fires Cruise Missiles During Naval Drill After Israel Threatened Preemptive Strike

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Zionism = EVIL

The barking ZionistCUNTS are crapping in their diapers and will disappear even if a bullet is fired in Iran’s direction. Even commenting on their nonsense is so passe now.

klove and light

spot on!….

but you do know that this makran forward base ship has big similarities to the bismarck.
not in any sense of comparing the two totally different ships for different uses..

but similarity concearning the same mistake made by both germany and iran.
dont try to catch up against naval nations, that have been naval nations for centuries.
and just like the unsinkable titanic or bismark……all those “bigger” warships of iran will be very very very easily sunk in case of war between USA and iran.
I guess it is more of a bunch of clowns and their self esteem…in iran and germany concearning these “useless ” ships in case of war against a true naval nation.
Their concentration is and must be the thousands of immensley quick speedboats, with either torpedos, rockets and even missiles in their armament.
Then again… this will not change the equation in case of war between usa and iran.
In all, numerous, war simulations by the US military/navy, iran kicked major ass…..

but still……those “bigger” ships will be sunk in the first 48 hours of war……they give a formidable target, just as the HUGE US battleships and aircraft carriers

Just Me

Israel is scared and fabricating its “attacks” in Syria, largely as it failed in all its stated goals to weaken Iran and now the US is in turmoil and the war window has permanently shut.


in the battle of jutland in 1915, the german ships were fewer (I seem to remember) but better built with better guns and armament and the encounter was at best a draw but the germans failed to go to sea after jutland and spent their money on submarines, which was successful initially but then perfide albions learned to deal with the subs and the rest is history.


“You keep saying that you will
I wish you would”

“Even if a bullet is fired” … ?

Lots of bullets fired … still the paper tiger sleeps … afraid of the consequences


the question is where the jews are keeping the sub they reputedly sent south of the arbabian peninsula so I guess it’s sitting somewhere in the gulf of oman nuked up for a surprise attack on Iran from a place which might not be the most defended. and the jews are wetting their pants hoping for a mistake from Iran so that the ever evil thieves and murdering jewish trash finally can get to use one or a few of their nukes. it actually ties in with the sub from the disunited states of exceptional morons and which yesterday tried to gate crash the Iranian’s naval exercise, and they weren’t invited.

the only thing to do is to finish off the jewish occupation of palestine and send them, the jews, packing leaving behind everything they’ve stolen over the last 100 years. diaspora 2.0 hohoho. a day to behold.


Always ready for the anti-Judaism hate … lol

Gotta love the consistency … eh?

I’ve got my caramel corn ready … should be a blast

Joe Bloggs

The Middle East NEEDS this war that Israel is bringing to it – else there will be a stalemate and Pals and entire region will continue to suffer. There is a major chance that Israel will come off second best, despite it willing to use nukes and even with US involvement. An attack on Iran must be viewed as a final, existential threat to Iran, hence retaliation will be with all assets – a fight to the death. Either Israel vanquishes Iran and Hezbollah, and the ME falls into Neo Liberal slavery and Jihadi hell for the next 50 years, or Israel is wiped out. The Pals do not have time left.


For the Pals …. pmsl

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