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Iran Fired Warning Shot At US Combat Drone Over Strait Of Hormuz (Video)

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Iran Fired Warning Shot At US Combat Drone Over Strait Of Hormuz (Video)

Launch of a missile of the Mersad air defence missile system (Photo: irna.ir / Hossein Heidarpour)

Iran’s air defenses had fired a warning shot at a US General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper combat drone that was flying over the Strait of Hormuz, the Iranian Nour News reported on August 12.

The semi-official news agency shared what it said was footage from a control room of the Iranian Air Defense Force as the warning shot was fired at the drone.

Military observers revealed that the footage shared by the Nour News were originally aired on Iranian television on August 11. It remains unclear when the incident took place.

This was not the first time Iran opened fire at US drones approaching its airspace. On June 20 of 2019, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down a BAMS-D drone, a variant of Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, near the Strait of Hormuz.

The new incident came amid high tensions between Iran and the US, which recently accused Tehran of orchestrating the July 29 attack on the Israel-operated MERCER STREET tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Two crewmen, a British and a Romanian, were killed in the attack.

Iran has already warned that it will respond to any military action. The Persian Gulf may soon experience a serious military escalation.


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Iran should fly a drone off the coast of Florida.

G2 Man

Iranian position on protecting its land, air and maritime zones of influence will only stiffen now with a security focused presidency. The US is globally considered an untrustworthy warmonger with erratic policies totally controlled by the Jew cabal that has a chokehold on America. The recent robust and very professional “hits” by unknown forces on Mossad and Zionist targets has set a new retaliatory threshold in the region, as eloquently described by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah..


Why the warning shot?
Crumbling pedonazi americant empire doesn’t do warning shots either.


It wasn’t in Iranian airspace.

Fog of War

Why the warning shot then ?

Arch Bungle

As a warning. Duh.

G2 Man

Iran historically consider the entire Persian Gulf as its zone of influence as it controls the chokepoint at Hormuz straits. Similarly if Russia had not ceded Bosporus to the Turks, the Black Sea technically and geographically is a Russian lake.


“Many still see In historic perspective Russia is a newcommer at the Black sea as well. Many still see them as invaders and for good reasons.”

Historically the Black sea was a freshwater glacial wetland populated by nomadic Neanderthals who saw modern humans as invaders … for good reason. You really don’t want to start arguing for historical claims to land because that would put the entirety of North America in the hands of native Americans

Today roughly a third of it’s northern shore is populated by Russian speaking, Russian acting people who want to be united with Russia and don’t want to be a US proxy, a NATO outpost or governed by neo-fascist wanna be Germans who march around reminicing about the good old days when the Nazi’s put jews, commies and Russians in their place.

What the west has to learn is that this is what the people that populate the Russian speaking region around the Black Sea want … history be dammed. The lesson didn’t stick after Vietnam, Iraq or Syria … perhaps the current debacle in Afghanistan will generate some thought and reflection …. though I doubt it.

southfront fan

1983, Gwyne Dyer, “war” “when the americans attack Iran, they will be in serious trouble” and that was 1983.


Don’t get excited people, I can’t even find the original article on Nournews website neither in English nor Persian.
This is a prime example of a hype. I don’t know if such thing was even published on nournews at all or if it is deleted now (which means it should be in Google results in form of cache). I searched and there are a lot of results, but none from the alleged original publisher. All other quote from jpost which says they are quoting from nournews. Also no other Iranian news agency published it.

There’s probably no reason for a warning shot too if you think about it. If it entered our airspace, they would shoot it down just like they did numerous times. It’s not like someone is sitting in the UAV and sees the warning (no, based on the footage of Iranian drone filming the unsuspected American one right above its head over Syria, they can’t detect incoming missiles or drones).

And the final rant: Do you ever hear this expression for any other news agency or website besides Iranian ones? [drumrolls] “semi-official news agency”.
What does it mean? It’s official sometimes and then it is not? They go to work everyday like it’s lazy Friday? They wear ties over T-shirts? Maybe it’s a way to say it’s not credible or it’s something ominous.

How about we play a game? Kindly write the most ridiculous explanation you can thing of. :)

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga

What have I done!!? Oh heaven no… Jensy agrees with me!

Jensy, did you intentionally skipped the part where I wrote “Also no other Iranian news agency published it” or it’s an involuntary reaction?

Or maybe we are such a weird people, we feel better and stronger by some unpublished news.


Love Iran, it has balls.

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