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JUNE 2020

Iran: Either Victory or Martyrdom




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  • Iran and Russia and Syria and Lebanon and Ireland are like the last Monotheist nations left upon the earth.
    The USSA is Atheist, Europe is Polytheist, Asia-major is Atheist such as China and Japan.
    South Americans all live as Polytheist even thought they think they are Monotheist.
    I mean really, the last salvation of Truth for the word rest in Russia and Iran’s hands.
    If ever they are serious about saving themselves, they are going to have to fund America-Patriots will millions of dollars to help a social revolution in America.

    • flagellum_dei

      Ireland? One of the few countries on Earth where the acceptance of homosexual marriage was not forced upon the nation by government laws, but went through by public referendum. It’s more satanic than monotheist.

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  • Kalin

    Hmmm . . . Israel is monotheistic. They worship only one god – themselves.