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Iran: Either Victory or Martyrdom

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This video originally was released on March 12, 2015.

Iran continues to adhere to its principles.

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Love Iran and fook Zionists

Last edited 1 year ago by Epstein
Christian J. Chuba

I assume that is a recruitment video for the IRGC. It’s along the lines of the ones I saw for China and Russia and all three are better than the dreadful one circulated for the U.S. It emphasized hi-tech, ‘we have the cool stuff’. Only the Chinese one emphasized family and stoic self-defense. Perhaps Iran wants to show their people that this is not 1980’s Iran. It’s a good video. If any army gets into a stand up battle with the IRGC, they will be in for a tough fight.

victory or martyrdom

this is the revolution this is our islam this is the way of ahl ul bayt and you just are ignorant about us

Christian J. Chuba

>>you just are ignorant about us<<< I am certain you are correct If I was not a curious person (or a hasbara troll), I would not be here :-)

The Chinese video I was talking about is below (I'm to embarrassed to post the one from the U.S.) It's true that in this one, I did see a call to prayer as well as the Ayatollah which is unique to Iran and after that segment was Iran's advanced military equipment and troops which is common to the Russian / Chinese videos.


take everything give nothing

the problem of your kind is that you are all the same you are all the crucible one mess of an anti civilizational entity so you have problems understanding for example in this case iran but there are people in the east like for example japanese who seek to explain to you monkeys how seriously you mess up they are first of all smarter than you are but also they fear the genius which is this islamic revolution because they are part of the mess which you are and they see this mess collapsing and this revolution trampling on top of these flags of yours which have fallen into the dirt

Last edited 1 year ago by take everything give nothing

US Army ads are the best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIYGFSONKbk


Christian, Whatever it is, it’s not directed at Iranian audience. It’s a montage of several public domain videos from multiple sources (some of them exist only as social media channels), and a few of them aren’t even Iranian. Nobody speaks over the montage and the few words written aren’t in Persian. In all these years I saw only a handful of ads for recruitment for Police and a couple of times for the air force. IRGC doesn’t recruit the way for example US army does.

Unfortunately our government badly neglects the population in information field and propaganda. It’s so bad that more than half of population don’t even know why are we helping Syrians, what’s going on in the region and why are we talking in Vienna. Although the government (the system as a whole) does a very good job in maintaining security, education, health, basic needs and almost every category it lacks the ability to inform its population about it. That’s the reason many individuals feel the need to make something, even crude and publish it. Just for better understanding. Word of the day here is security, knowledge, expanding production and trade.

Now some might say if they do a good job, there’s no need to inform people about it because they can see for themselves, isn’t it? The answer is yes there’s an urgent need sadly because the population takes it for granted. It’s normal for them when the majority have nothing to compare with and think the grass is greener the other side of the fence. We have one of the best educational systems, health systems, public security, healthy food, kind and considerate police (who even refuses to shoot armed criminals in the foot), clean streets, clean water, you name it. But you hear from many people (exclusively from people who either never saw any other country or at the most spent 3 days in Dubai or Antalya, Turkey) that everything we have is rubbish and how everything is superb in anywhere but here. The ridiculous part is they stubbornly refuse to accept when you tell them it’s the other way around and present them with your experience, pictures you took and online videos. Many become disillusioned when they travel abroad and see places away from tourist attractions. Almost all existing information regarding real comparisons comes from Iranians who lived abroad (some still do) and share their first-hand experience.

PS. I saw the recruitment ads of China, Russia and the United States. there are also side by side analyzes of the 3. I’m not American and hoo boy, I felt embarrassed seeing the American one too. I’m sure you are familiar with how internet works (what’s an internet forum without personal attacks?), still, I feel bad to see the attacks on you instead of reading and trying to understand what you wrote. I hope my embarrassment of these personal attacks cancels out your embarrassment of US Army recruitment ad! ;)

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga
Rodney Loder.

Will China and Russia back Iran?, obviously US will pike out fighting Russis or China and settle for taking on Iran but if China and Russia back Iran with every kind of battleground and sea contingency short of committing their troops the US will not last long, they got something against being dead or living with a broken body. The point is the jew maggots know this very well which is why they cling on to their friendship with China and Russia, US will probably not like israel as much any more if the jew pigs don’t relinquish their love affair with China and Russia, Scott Morrison should be their jew pig role model if they want to stay loved by the USA. This Winter Olympics is the best ever Australia did very well in the moguls today.

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