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JUNE 2023

Iran Deploys Reinforcements Along Border With Iraqi Kurdistan Region (Videos)

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Iran Deploys Reinforcements Along Border With Iraqi Kurdistan Region (Videos)

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The Iranian Army and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have reportedly amassed a large force on the border with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

On November 25, several videos showing Iranian military reinforcements heading to the border line with Kurdistan surfaced online. The reinforcements included battle tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

Reports of an Iranian military buildup near Iraqi Kurdistan first appeared on November 20. At the time, an officer from the Border Guard Force of the Kurdistan Region confirmed to Iran International that the IRGC Ground Forces have closed the Haj Omran Border Crossing, stationed a large number of troops equipped with heavy weapons there, and were preparing for ground operations inside Kurdistan.

Mohammad Esmail Kowsari, an Iranian member of the parliament who was a commander of the IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters, confirmed the military buildup on November 23, justifying it by threats posed by Iranian-Kurdish armed opposition groups in Kurdistan.

The MP said during an interview that the “Kurdish separatist groups, especially the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), Komalah [Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan], and PJAK [Kurdistan Free Life Party]” have been stationed in Kurdistan and sought to take control over some areas in Iran’s Kordestan province.

The IRGC Ground Forces have carried out a series of missile and drone strikes on Iranian-Kurdish armed opposition groups in Kurdistan since mid-September, when nationwide protests started in Iran in response to the death of Mahsa Amini. The Iranian-Kurdish woman died while she was held by Iran’s morality police for wearing an improper hijab.

The last wave of Iranian strikes on Kurdistan, which took place November 21, targeted on a base of the Iranian-Kurdish Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) near the region’s capital, Erbil.

Iran has already accused Iranian-Kurdish opposition groups in Kurdistan of inciting violence on its territory, and called on the region’s government to disarm these groups. However, Tehran’s demands are yet to be met.

Now, Iran appears to be preparing for a worst case scenario it which is will have to launch a full-on ground operation in Kurdistan to disarm Kurdish insurgents there with force.



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Why does Assad keep his army in Northern Syria? SAA should allows Turks to clean up Northern Syria all these fake communists and US puppets


Because doing so will be giving the territory to Ankara. Once the turks are there, they will not leave. The SDF at least has some cooperation with the SAA. The turks do not. The best thing would be for these two parties to Duke it out, and then have the SAa take the eastern euphrates back from a heavily weakened SDF that is fighting in the north.

Also notice how Iran and Turkey are both launching major campaigns against the Kurt’s, something more may be going on here. Keep that in mind

The Objective

God have mercy on this region. If Iran makes the mistake of invading Kurdistan, Israel and its allies will turn it into a quicksand for Iran. Kurdistan might soon be awash with mercenaries, ISIS, and all kinds of terror forces.

The Mullahs must tread carefully.

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Now it is the devil god Allah who rules the area.

She sees to it that Muslims and Islamists kill each other by the thousands for good entertainment for sensible people.

The Objective

2 million Americans die every year. Vodka kills hundreds of thousands more Russians yearly. War in Europe and Christains/Europians/Whites dying. May this war continue and grow bigger and bigger.

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

What is the total for yours and the other countries in the Middle East.

Daily you read that the Islamists are killing each other.


You mean moghal miniatures from Uzbekistan?……lol……or the Qajar Azeri guppu era people paintings?


This is what happens when people don’t know what is happening, well I’m sure as hell not surprised by this and I said that Iran give the Iraqi Kurdish government 10 days (3-2 days ago) to disarm anti-Iran Kurdish terrorist groups such as PDKI.

This is was coming for a long time and as we all know Iraqi Kurdistan is nothing but full of terrorists and a training ground for ISIL/Kurdish terrorists to attack Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. Both the US and Mossad are working there 24/7.

As Turkey saw Syria nor Russia getting N-Syria under their control any time soon they take the action into their own hands (from SDF). Iran is doing the same thing, remember MEK was in Iraq before… what happened to them?

Remember Kurdish people steal from Syria and Iraq (both of the countries are unhappy about that), and Kurdish terrorists are under full control of the US and Mossad (we know that for a fact).

In case you guys didn’t know Kurdish terrorists OPENLY said, they are part of the riots in Iran and will not stop supporting the riots in Iran (that is all Iran needs to end these terrorists, as any country could do the same thing). Also, they were Kurdish terrorists in Iran attacking cities (1 or 2), you sure as shit haven’t seen IRGC and Artesh working hard to destroy these terrorist Kurds. Get on Telegram and see it for yourself, I don’t understand why SF wouldn’t fuking report about that.

Last edited 6 months ago by JJ345

Go and watch some of the videos coming out of Iran from Cultures_of_Resistance (Telegram).

Also, this was big news I forgot to add, “During the recent unrest in Iran, 40 foreign nationals were arrested. Two of them are French, accused of inciting riots.”


Der größte Terrorist in Nahe Osten ist die Türkei. Punkt. Deine Lügen kannst Du deine Grauen Wölfe erzählen. Ihr bombadiert seit Jahren die Kinder in Syrien und Irak. Erzähle hier keine Lügen.


I’m guessing you can read English if not RMB then change to your language.

An “experienced conductor” is most likely behind the activation of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, namely the United States, said Lavrentiev, Special Representative of the Russian President for Syria.

According to him, the West considers the Syrian dossier as an additional front in the fight against Russia against the backdrop of Ukraine.

“And lately, this intensification of the activities of the Kurds against Iran and the Syrian Kurds against Turkey, probably, is happening for a reason, but some experienced conductor is probably behind this”

“It can be said here without any ambiguity that the United States is most likely behind this. Because the United States also supports the Iranian Kurds, inciting them to protest.”

It is not Turkey or Iran that is attacking Kurds, it is the US using Kurds to attack, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. SMH these Kurdish rtds here.


Wer wird denn nicht benutzt? Ihr seit doch in der Nato. Ihr werdet doch am Meisten benutzt. Machst Du hier Propaganda? Die Angriffe der Türkei und Iran sind eindeutig gegen UNO-Charta. Ich habe noch keine Angriffe gegen den Türkischen Staat oder Iran gesehen.

Was für eine Gefahr soll ein Land in Nord-Syrien für die Türkei sein? Denkst Du, die könnten die Türkei einnehmen? Denk doch mal logisch nach. Desto kleiner die Länder in der Umgebung, desto unwahrscheinlicher ist ein Angriff. Aber mit großem Syrien hättet Ihr ein Problem.

Ist euch ein großer Syrischer Staat lieber, oder in zwei geteiltes Syrien? Denk mal logisch nach. Ihr werdet so veräppelt. Ihr macht euch schon wieder schuldig. Ihr tötet seit Jahren in Nord-Syrien Kinder. Was ist hier los? Was ist mit euch los? Denk mal nach..


Maybe the Google Translator doesn’t work well, but I have noticed you calling me Turkish. You must be new here as I’m disliked by Turkish, Wahhabis, Zionists, Kurdish, and some EU frogs (Yanuqis goes wouldn’t saying). I have Asian background if you want to know where I’m from. So stop linking me to Turkey/Turkish people.

I dislike people who change the topic of what I was talking about, I wasn’t talking about Turkey vs Kurdish gangs. This report is not about that, why would you reply to my comment to say “but but… Turkey is bad”. Buddy, most of the people here came to get news from Syria (Syrian war), we all know the bad players in the Middle East and besides the Turkish people here no one is defending Turkey’s action/s in Syria and the Middle East.

Let me be clear, this report is not about Turkey nor was I talking about Turkey.

I can smell you are a Kurdish, like how Turkish people here defend their country’s actions you doing the same thing, I can understand that. But you are very foolish, there were videos of dead Kurdish terrorists in Iran that were trying to kill Iranian civilians and Kurdish gangs openly said they are supporting riots in Iran. Iran has every right to deal with the terrorists that are attacking them.

I know for fact no matter what I say it wouldn’t change your mind. Kurdish people are some of the rtds people I have talked to…You are more than welcome to say anything you want buddy, I couldn’t give a fuk.

Last edited 6 months ago by JJ345

Nord-Syrien ist immer noch Syrien. Da sind wir uns einig oder? Also hat die Türkei kein Recht dort einzumaschieren. Und der Iran hat auch kein Recht in Nord-Irak einzumaschieren.

Kommen Sie hören Sie auch hier ganze Zeit den Türkischen Staat oder Iran als den Heiligen zu machen. Das Kurdische Volk wird seit Jahrhunderten von diesen Völker bekriegt. Nein, ich sage sogar Jahrtausende. Die Kurden haben keine Lust mehr, von den Türken, Iraner, Araber bekriegt zu werden. Sie wissen gar nicht, was die Kurden in der Türkei oder Syrien schon vor dem Krieg alles erlebt haben. Hören Sie auf Ihre Turk-Asiatische Propaganda zu verbreiten.

Die Kurden werden seit Jahrtausenden bekriegt. Und warum dürfen Sie nicht ein Land haben? Damit der Frieden endlich kommt. Solange die Kurden kein Land bekommen, so lange werden Kurden regelrecht bekriegt. Ihr Türkische Propaganda ist eine Lüge. Der größte Terrorist im Nahe Osten ist die Türkei. PUNKT.

Last edited 6 months ago by Frieden

How old are you? Stop acting like a child and stop wording your sentences like that.

But you made a big mistake it is weekend here so I have time to **** your ass for the BS you are saying.

Turkey is trying to make Safe Zone in N-Syria, therefore they would need to station their troops there. That is not what Iran going to do (in the coming days), Iran is looking to disarm and kill Kurdish terrorists that are attacking Iran (for years). Iran is not going to occupy NE-Iraq or like Turkey make a Safe Zone.

Rules and laws, okay buddy who is going to stop them? Your fat ass?

Both Turkey and Iran have good reasons to disarm and make sure terrorists don’t attack them. Remember SDF (Kurdish gangs in Syria) aren’t working with the Syrian state, therefore they are occupying as well. Kurds own fuk all in N-Syria and that is why the US removing Kurdish gangs leaders and putting in Arabs Syrian in power for SDF (slowly).

Kurdish gangs in N-Iraq have an autonomous region – the central government of Iraq doesn’t have much power over them.

Now what’s is funny is the US made those areas like that (not really) but they own those areas.

Kiddo, in the past the weak would become food for the greater one, nothing have changed. Kurds are weak (they even using women as soldiers, I’m just saying) and are getting bully by the US, Wahhabis and Zionists. These terrorists attacks weren’t ordered by the Kurdish gang leaders but by the Zionists and the US.

There would never be a country/state called Kurdistan, like how they would never be a country called Taiwan.

I’m not going to reply to your stupid ass comments, this is the last thing I say to you, your kind made the deal with the devil (devils really) and now you are paying for it.

Last edited 6 months ago by JJ345

You know what I give you a chance, I will answer your stupid questions and if you reply with nonsense I will ignore you.

1. Who isn’t used? Independent countries, it is really easy to know which countries those are… most of them don’t just obey the US orders nor do they have US military bases in their country.

2. Are you doing propaganda here? If only you could read, I told you where you can go to see videos of Kurdish terrorists getting killed by IRGC and Artesh in Javanrud. I even post what Lavrentiev, Special Representative of the Russian President for Syria said about this event. Now, what do you have to prove me wrong?

3. “The attacks by Turkey and Iran are clearly against the UN Charter.” No, Iran also informed the UNSC about the terror attacks originating from Kurdish hold areas (they did it for years). BTW I really don’t like how you word that, as you know Kurdish-stan is not a country nor does it have a seat at UN. I can say more about this but I think it would be useless for you to know.

4. What kind of danger is a country in northern Syria supposed to be for Turkey? The country north of Syria is Turkey, there is no other country. There are two main terrorists’ group in N-Syria that both Turkey and Syria fighting (Kurdish terrorists and Wahhabis terrorists). Also, nice try clown, stop reading fuking Zionists propaganda.

5. There is no such thing as “big Syrian state”, there is ONE Syria. You sub-human don’t fuking attack Syria statehood.

Motherfuker is super rtded and says the stupidest shit and follow it by saying “think logically”.

This is what he said, “Do you prefer a big Syrian state, or Syria divided in two? Think logically.”

Hey, how much of sub-human are you (think logically)?

Last edited 6 months ago by JJ345

Du hast keine Ahnung von der Geschichte der Kurden.


You really can’t read. TBH I have talked to so many rtds like you, and I have learned my lesson, you are one the most useless thing in this world. Nothing good come out of you because mainly you cry like a child about thing you want to happen. Which most likely wouldn’t happen so you just fuking cry about it.

Learn this lesson kiddo, in this world nothing always goes how you want it to go. The US doesn’t give a fuk about Kurdish clowns because they are weak and useless and they are being used by the US to stay in Syria and Iraq, I’m sorry but that is the main reason.

“Oh why aren’t no one crying for my terrorist groups I’m supporting?” RTD.


Yes, I can also speak Nazi… I mean German, Leck mich am Arsch!.

Assad Defeated Zionists

Those Secessionist PKK-YPG-SDF Kurdish terrorists need to become hamburger.


Well, a couple of days ago we informed the UNSC about the terror attacks originating from the northern region of Iraq and inability of the Iraq’s national and unwillingness of the regional government to deal with terror groups. After years of Iran’s patience, Iraq had ten days to fix it. Now the things will go according to the UN charter.

The Iran-Iraq border will be cleaned one way or another and it will be Iraqi government that controls the border, not Barzani mafia. The operation will not be limited there, the Syria-Iraq border is also on the planning board…


Iran will be history right after Russia is gone.


but how? Who the fuck can make Russia history? You in Canada already paying over 40% of your income in taxes? Iran’s economy bigger than Canada and far more diversified. Stop joking man.


Both shitthole are so far doing a great job on there own of destroying themselves , we may help them along if need be EH.


I can’t see that TBO. Iran’s GDP eclipsed the $1.7 trillion mark this year. Oil sales are steadily rising and are now at pre-sanctions level. Russia is too big with unlimited resources. You can’t be serious if you think these big countries will just disappear because you wish that to be the case. In the next decade, Iran will be in the top 10 global economies.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ahson
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