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JUNE 2021

Iran Deploys Missiles In Iraq Sending Warning To Enemies

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Iran Deploys Missiles In Iraq Sending Warning To Enemies

A military exhibition displays the Shahab-3 missile under a picture of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Tehran, in 2008. (photo credit: AP/Hasan Sarbakhshian)

Iran has given ballistic missiles to its “Shi’ite proxies in Iraq and is developing the capacity to build more there to deter attacks on its interests in the Middle East and to give it the means to hit regional foes,” Reuters claimed on August 31 citing “Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources”.

In its article Reuters claimed that Iranian statements saying its ballistic missile program is defensive are untrue.

“According to three Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence sources and two Western intelligence sources, Iran has transferred short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq over the last few months. Five of the officials said it was helping those groups to start making their own.

“The logic was to have a backup plan if Iran was attacked,” one senior Iranian official told Reuters. “The number of missiles is not high, just a couple of dozen, but it can be increased if necessary.”

The Zelzal, Fateh-110 and Zolfaqar missiles in question have ranges of about 200 km to 700 km, putting Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh or the Israeli city of Tel Aviv within striking distance if the weapons were deployed in southern or western Iraq,” Reuters said in ints article.

According to the report, the Iraqi government and military have both declined to comment.

The Reuters article openly supports the main US narrative that Iran is actively expanding its missile program for some kind of agressive actions against the US key regional allies – Israel and Saudi Arabia. Previously, Washington has repeatedly accusing Iran of providing missiles to Yemen’s Houthis and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

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Vince Dhimos

Reality is evil and needs to be banned in the US.


So who are the two Iranian ‘officials’?! why should Iranian ‘officials’ make anonymous comments to Reuters?! And if Iran builds defences in Iraq, in the event of an attack on Iran, why is this not “defensive”? Why shouldn’t Iran do anything in its capacity to defend itself against an attack?!


Main Stream Propaganda.


The US and UK own politicians are not so much smart due to use of tobacco, cocaine and Alcohol. Their brains have gone. Their manipulation is very easy. That is why Israel play on them. The US and UK policies against whole world are made in Tel Aviv.

Zionism = EVIL

This is usual Zionist disinformation as the pressure on US and Zionist sponsored Wahhabi headchoppers increases. What Iran really needs to be doing is to saturate Syria with SAM systems and manpads. The Bavar 373 should be combat tested in Syria and Lebanon.


(..Iran Deploys Missiles In Iraq Sending Warning To Enemies..)

Great strategic, asymmetrical move by Iran! Iraq with its pro-Iranian, Shiite militia is indeed the soft underbelly of the EVIL empire’s colonial presence in the ME and Iran should double down on supporting, training and arming those Iraqi Shiite!


If this is true then Iran has done a great job because entire Middle East is under US, UK and French regimes and of their stooges attacks. Defend yourself and defend your neighbours. God bless Iran and Iraq both.


Smart move by the Iranians. Finally they start thinking in economic and military logic.

Peter Moy

Once again the war monger, paranoid freaks in the so-called West are soiling their diapers about this Iranian move. Who is this West? There are many countries in Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean but only a few murderous ones try to speak for all. Lets turn back the clock. Remember when the US had Pershing II missiles based in Turkey near the Soviet border? The US and its little NATO worms and vassals are pure shameless, condescending, hubris filled hypocrites. Their only tactics are continuous propaganda, provocation and coalition building – in others words, mob attacks. Iran would be wise to never trust the US and its NATO/Zionist co-murderers.

Faith Biete

Why transferred only a couple of dozens of ballistic missle? Should have transferred hundreds of them instead so that no one mess up with Iran again


The Reuters article also stated that the Iranians had restarted Iraq’s own ballistic missile building capacity. We know the US /western media are fishing for reasons to flood the ME with forces, but in this case I hope the article reflects reality.


It is more than that. The Iranians taught the militias how to make their own ballistic missiles ages ago.


fake news.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

If somebody is threatening war against you every move and measure is defensive.


Netanyahu’s sentiments exactly.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The difference being the Jews are the ones threatening war.


So….the Ayotollah and various iranian military leaders throughout history have never threatened to annihilate Israel and destroy it because of its illegitimacy? Come on. Both of these actors are threatening war and simultaneously playing the self defense card.

Zionism = EVIL

Is this the new hasbara softer line? as the BDS and global outrage at Zionist child killers grows.


The BDS is good in principle. But I’m not sure it’s enough to force Israel to cede the occupied territories.


When you invade and conquer land illegitimately, and are under attack because of it, you cannot just call that self defence. A thief robbing someone’s house and getting attacked cannot claim “self-defence”. A rapist that gets attacked can’t claim “self-defence”.

Hence the Israelis cannot claim self-defence, because the only reason they need to defend themselves is because they are under attack for a crime they have committed.


Just so we’re clear, you’re saying the crime they committed was becoming a country? The Jews didn’t invade anything. They were handed that land by others. That’s what you’re talking about, right? Or are you talking about all the other additional areas they’ve invaded since their creation?


“Throughout history”? Which history are you talking about?! Israel has only been in its illegitimate existance since 1948! Iran has never threatened to annihilate Israel, despite its ILLEGITIMACY.

“speaking to Teymoor Nabili of the network Al Jazeera, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor admitted Ahmadinejad had been misquoted.

Teymoor Nabili: “As we know, Ahmadinejad didn’t say that he plans to exterminate Israel, nor did he say that Iran policy is to exterminate Israel. Ahmadinejad’s position and Iran’s position always has been, and they’ve made this — they’ve said this as many times as Ahmadinejad has criticized Israel, he has said as many times that he has no plans to attack Israel. He simply said that if you hold a referendum in this part of the world with everybody who lives here, he will accept the outcome of that referendum.”

Dan Meridor: “Well, I have to disagree, with all due respect. You speak of Ahmadinejad. I speak of Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani, Shamkhani. I give the names of all these people. They all come, basically ideologically, religiously, with the statement that Israel is an unnatural creature, it will not survive. They didn’t say, ’We’ll wipe it out,’ you’re right. But ‘It will not survive, it is a cancerous tumor that should be removed,’ was said just two weeks ago again.”

Teymoor Nabili: “Well, I’m glad you’ve acknowledged that they didn’t say they will wipe it out.””



I appreciate the response. And I do remember when there was a big controversy regarding what Ahmadinejad actually said. Cant remember if anyone proved if he actually made those threats, but your video link seems to debunk that. If I have time later I can do some more research, but a quick search gave me the following quotes, compiled by a Jew of course. It’s a mixture of threats and hostility as you mentioned. Can all of these be wrong or fake? In my opinion its rhetoric, yes. But they’re veiled threats, and some are not so veiled.

Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi. “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause, and that is the full annihilation of Israel.”

Mohammad Khatami, the former president of Iran: “If we abide by real legal laws, we should mobilize the whole Islamic world for a sharp confrontation with the Zionist regime … if we abide by the Koran, all of us should mobilize to kill.” (2000)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” (2001)

Hassan Nasrallah, a leader of Hezbollah: “If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” (2002)

Nasrallah: “Israel is our enemy. This is an aggressive, illegal, and illegitimate entity, which has no future in our land. Its destiny is manifested in our motto: ‘Death to Israel.’” (2005)

Yahya Rahim Safavi, the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps: “With God’s help the time has come for the Zionist regime’s death sentence.” (2008)

Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, Khamenei’s representative to the Moustazafan Foundation: “We have manufactured missiles that allow us, when necessary to replace [sic] Israel in its entirety with a big holocaust.” (2010)

Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij paramilitary force: “We recommend them [the Zionists] to pack their furniture and return to their countries. And if they insist on staying, they should know that a time while arrive when they will not even have time to pack their suitcases.” (2011)

Khamenei: “The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed.” (2012)

Ahmad Alamolhoda, a member of the Assembly of Experts: “The destruction of Israel is the idea of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and is one of the pillars of the Iranian Islamic regime. We cannot claim that we have no intention of going to war with Israel.” (2013)

Nasrallah: “The elimination of Israel is not only a Palestinian interest. It is the interest of the entire Muslim world and the entire Arab world.” (2013)

Hojateleslam Alireza Panahian, the advisor to Office of the Supreme Leader in Universities: “The day will come when the Islamic people in the region will destroy Israel and save the world from this Zionist base.” (2013)

Hojatoleslam Ali Shirazi, Khamenei’s representative in the Revolutionary Guard: “The Zionist regime will soon be destroyed, and this generation will be witness to its destruction.” (2013)

Khamenei: “This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated.” (2014)

Hossein Salami, the deputy head of the Revolutionary Guard: “We will chase you [Israelis] house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine, and this is the beginning point of Islamic nations awakening for your defeat.” (2014)

Salami: “Today we are aware of how the Zionist regime is slowly being erased from the world, and indeed, soon, there will be no such thing as the Zionist regime on Planet Earth.” (2014)

Hossein Sheikholeslam, the secretary-general of the Committee for Support for the Palestinian Intifada: “The issue of Israel’s destruction is important, no matter the method. We will obviously implement the strategy of the Imam Khomeini and the Leader [Khamenei] on the issue of destroying the Zionists. The region will not be quiet so long as Israel exists in it …” (2014)

Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guard: “The Revolutionary Guards will fight to the end of the Zionist regime … We will not rest easy until this epitome of vice is totally deleted from the region’s geopolitics.” (2015)


I would not accept any of these quotes. They are ‘translations’ so to speak to statements made in Farsi and distorted. They should be assessed in the context of the whole speech, because any of these words, “annihilate”, “mobilise” and “erase” could be, and I believe, are mistranslation. Iran has NEVERA threatened to physically through war bring the Zionist regime to an end. In fact, Khamenei has said on many occasions that ‘We would never initiate an attack on ANY country, but if we are attacked we will not hesitate to fight ferociously” or something to the effect. Iran’s rhetorics are not the reason for Israel’s hostility towards Iran (though they provide the pretext); Israel’s hostility towards Iran is because it views Iran as a threat and an obstacle to its regional hegemonic ambitions. Iran is a large ancient resourceful independent country that poses a threat to Israel’s supremacy and expansionist ambitions in the region. Years ago, during Ariel Sharon’s premiership, the comment was made to the effect that ‘had iran been a democratic country (meaning not the hostile Islamic Republic) still it would have been too large for Israel’s comfort’. Oded Yinon’s plan to break up the Middle East into small vassal statelets is Israel’s idea of the region.


I disagree a bit. Even through translation the message is clear (to me) that Iran’s goal is the….elimination?…. of Israel. Hell, I’m not saying i don’t agree with Iran. My only comment was to the people saying Israel can’t use self defense as an excuse. My original comment is that both parties use threats (veiled or not) and play the self defense card at the same time. I still believe that. And though we may not agree I feel Your replies are respectful and intelligent and I can respect that. And I believe you’re right on nearly all points. Have a good day.


You are right in that, Israel uses and twists Iranian rhetorics to claim self-defence, as it does in every instance of aggression, such as repeated attacks on Gaza, or persecution and killing of Palestinians in the occupied territories, or acts of terrorism worldwide. I personally prefer Iran to tone down on rhetorics and build on material defence and the art of public relations.


So anything after 1948 is not history? I don’t understand your problem with me saying “history”. You can’t dent that Israel has existed there for 70 years. Your emphasis on the word illegitimate…I get it. That is a legitimate position. It’s a tough position though, because most of the major players on this planet do recognize Israel. I honestly think it will take WWIII to get rid of Israel. Borders get re-drawn after big wars.


When you refer to “history”, it implies that Iran has been threatening Israel historically, whereas not only has iran not threatened to attack Israel, its enmity with Israel is limited to since the Iranian Revolution. In relation to the issue of legitimacy, the fact that the major players recognise Israel does not alter the fact of its illegitimacy. Whether or not anything can be done to change the situation and address the issue of Palestinian rights, is anyone’s guess.


Dan Meridor, Israeli former Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy said in an interview to Al-Jazeera, that Iran never threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Enjoy:! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s06R011d6Ig

Zionism = EVIL

Not only threatening war, but stealing Arabs lands and committing real holocaust of the Palestinians.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis are Zionistic black propaganda of Islam.

Zionism = EVIL

However, Nutter Yahoo is on stolen Palestinian land and should be defending his native Poland ghettos from Nazis like himself.


No-one is threatening war against Israel. This is the mother of all lies and a pretex for Israeli aggression. The hostility (not threatening war!) on Israel is because Israel is an EXPANDING occupation with hegemonic ambitions of Greater Israel and total and unsurpassable economic and military superiority over the region.


The expansion and hegemonic ambitions for “Greater Israel” cannot be tolerated. I think the path to peace is somewhere along the lines of the BDS.


The BDS is undoubtedly very important but it is more a channel to publicise Israeli crimes and educate populations, rather than an effective economic boycott of Israel.


What ever the details, I prefer they came from Iran, a reputable source…not Reuters (or any other western lying rag sheet).


The Chinese and Russians should supply nuclear warheads to the Iranians to put on these missiles…
To stop the US/Saudi/Israeli Axis of Evil and constant aggression….


About 25 to 30 high quality nuclear missiles in Iran would bring peace to the Middle East.

John Whitehot

wonderfully said.


Peace will come when the US gets out of here & stops with its interventions & the behest of Israel


Israel more like!

hope springs eternal.

Iran already has some ICBM’s from the ex-Soviet Union break -up days. All concerned are aware.


disqus_v6U6m2ngv8 important

Tommy Jensen

This means that all what Nethanyahu has said about Iran having WMD is THE TRUTH!

Now Iran is threatening innocent American families on their own soil in Iraq, and will realize their plan to wipe Israel complete off the map with ICBM´s, plus steal all Saudi´s oilfields so Americans will have to pay $10/l gasoline and get their life in freedom ruined and thats not the only thing!

Bas news Reuter boy, bad news.




The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming… Or is it the Muslims?

Gregory Casey

$10 per litre? probably $35 per gallon? their life in freedom ruined? there’ll be nobody left in America ‘cos they will all either kill each other or (more likely) invite Revolutionary Guards & Hezbollah & Tiger Forces to come to America and take over the US Armed Forces with a rotating Presidency shared between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and finally !!!! BiBi & the Goat-jumper of Riyadh to share a cell together for life in Guantanamo :)


You are funny Tommy – innocent American families in Iraq! sure most americans couldnt find Iraq on a map


Bibi must have choked on his Gefilte fish balls when he was told this :)


To the commentator:

Contrary to what you said on mark 13:10 of your otherwise great video, majority of Christians in Lebanon don’t oppose Hezbollah but fully support it! Watch this clip, especially go to mark 5:29 please:



Also please watch the video clip below as Lebanese Christians and Shiites unite to praise Hezbollah’s victories in Lebanon:


Icarus Tanović

Not bad, good to see this happening.

Lena Jones

The loooooooong history of jewish terrorism: https://platosguns.com/2018/08/29/anti-gentilism-causes-antisemitism/

Gregory Casey

Considering the number of US Bases in Middle East stretching from Saudi Arabia to Turkey to Iraq & Kuwait to Qatar and now, Eastern Syria all supposedly in “Defence” …….. of who or of what? Saudis are 9th most powerful military force in the world and Emirates is 10th most powerful …….. who in hell do Americans & British & French think they are?

Promitheas Apollonious

so………. saudis are a powerful military force…….. any more jokes?

Gregory Casey

Hardly a powerful military force. The Yemeni Houthi have run rings around both Saudis & Emirati & Sudanese Forces in Yemen despite all the technology and weaponry in the hands of the Saudis/Emirati/Sudanese and all dancing to the tune of Uncle Sam for 24 hours each day ……… each and every missile strike guided and fired by English, American & French Military and yet, the sol-called primitive Houthi have run rings around them and will continue to do so.

S Melanson

This is a Mossad plant.

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