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Iran denounces US intromission on their defense program

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A Commander of the Iranian Armed Forces has denounced the continuous aims of the Western nation to take part in the country’s missile program.

Iran denounces US intromission on their defense program

Mersad hawk shahin advanced air defense missile system

The Vice Commander of the Major State of the Armed Forces of Iran, Brigade Commander Seyyed Masud Jazayeri, denounced the intromissions of the US in the Islamic nation’s defensive program, reiterating that the missile power of Iran is non-negotiable and it’s considered as a red-line by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Jazayeri responded in this way to the declarations of the US Secretary of State John Kerry who, in a briefing with the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), talked about Washington’s disposition to collaborate with Iran to reach a new agreement about their ballistic missiles program.

The Iranian General emphasized that Teheran follows its defensive and dissuasive strategy with total independence from the arrogant powers’ pretensions, without allowing anyone to take part in their affairs.

He evoked the so-called super powers that, since 1979 –year of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution-, the Iranian people disarmed the US and halted their aim to assume the leadership in the Islamic nation’s fate.

In his opinion, Washington’s government is ignoring all the reasonable claims of the people by appealing to repression and intimidation at the moment of dealing with free and independent countries.

Jazayeri added that, despite the strong stance of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Aayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, and the irreversible demands of the Iranian people, the US keep making excessive demands in regards to the nuclear agreement, like trying to halt Iran’s defensive power and weakening the missile power of their Armed Forces.

Finally, the official asked the Iranian diplomacy to adopt a clear and overwhelming attitude towards foreign inherencies, especially from the US, in the national affairs of the country.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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