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Iran Denied Its Flag Over Tanker Targeted Off Syria’s Shores

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Iran Denied Its Flag Over Tanker Targeted Off Syria’s Shores

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The oil tanker attacked off Syria’s shores on April 24 was not owned by Iran, the Iranian Tasnim News Agency reported.

According to the agency, the targeted tanker, which was reportedly struck by a drone, was not one of the Iranian tankers currently present in Syria’s waters. Four Iranian tankers arrived earlier this month in Banias oil terminal, where the attack took place.

The attack on the tanker, identified by some as the Panama-flagged WISDOM, resulted in massive fire that was quickly put down by the crew.

While the Tasnim News Agency denied that the targeted tanker was Iranian, the Tehran-based al-Alam TV reported that it actually was owned by Iran.

Al-Alam later retracted the statement, which was likely based on a report by the France-Press Agency, AFP. The news channel, however, revealed that the tanker was hit by two projectiles. According to the channel, there were no human losses as a result of the attack.

Many observers speculated that Israel was behind the attack, which was seen as a response to the recent strike on the Israeli-owned Hyperion Ray vessel off the shores of the UAE.

The attack was not the first. On March 11, an explosion rocked the Iranian SHAHR E KORD ship as it was sailing a few kilometers away from Syria’s shores. The attack was reportedly a response by the Israel to an earlier attack on the Israeli-owned vessel MV HELIOS RAY in the Sea of Oman.


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Let me put it very clearly – Iran will stop attacking our ships in the Indian ocean and other places, or we will hit them anywhere and anytime we choose. There are always Israeli commando units standing by for orders, Iran doesn’t want us raiding their ships so it’s best for them to clam down. They stop it, we stop it too.

Rhodium 10

Also there are Iranian comando waiting for orders….so its better for Israel not to attack Iranian assets…

Ashok Varma

Iranians should never have been provoked or underestimated. The Zionists are digging g their own grave due to hubris. The US can not save them as China looms large.

Jens Holm

Iranians are not underetstimated by their enemies and non friends.

The main problem here is, You are believed they are bigger then they are. Iran is only a big local power for the world.

The only problems we have with them are some relative few of their refugees and emmigrants here are not able to integrate and assimilate. By that they unfortunatly is overrepresented in Our jails.

Very much is domestic violence against women and children, which seemes to be a build in for random execution by the Popes in Qaum, where Iran is in the top ten. Its very much as “we are so many thousens of spendables” only is good for food and unimplyment.

We not even dare to send unwanted Iranians back home.

Jens Holm

They dont care at all. You must learn to forget that. You seemes to be a slow learner. Yopurs dont decide for their enememies.

What You write abpout it is nonsense.

chris chuba

Iran responded after at least 10 attacks by Israel so stop pretending you are the victim of aggression. Had Iran never attacked an Israeli tanker exporting luxury cars to Indonesia, is there any reason to believe Israel would stop blocking fuel shipments to Syria?

Why are you doing that to the Syrians?

Arch Bungle

Iran is at fault here.

If they had made a proper example of 1 zionist ship, the message would have been clear.

Instead they fool around with pinprick attacks that can be patched up with duct tape.

Do the job properly, Iran – send a zionist ship to the moon.

Ashok Varma

Israel is a welfare dependency and now their military Hollywood myth has been torn asunder.

Jens Holm

IStrange kind of explanation. Of course Israel is a wellfare system. They are not “a dependency”. Its normal countries in my part of the world are able to produce and also consume much mopre.

The reasons are well descriebed. Its their choise.

NONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD would choose Your independency and any time wiil defend, what they have accompliched hard.

Ypur independency seemes more like slaves rights to decide nothing even punishing themself, if they doo.

Israel is not ASUNDER at all. YOUR proimitive ONE STRING systems would have been. You show You dont understand the strong westerns systems at all and dont understand its bad sides too.

You of course are forbidden to write and think about the wellfare and economy in Libanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Jens Holm

Is that a question.

After two wars the Syrians and for that matter Hesbollah dont understand, that even Israel is bad too in several things, they also are A FACT.

They 1946 anytime was a mistake. Just 2 years after it was signes(by UK +France) the Is rael try for a state was attacked b that terrain first class for attack.

Now it will remain first class for defence.


“They stop it, we stop it too.”

This isn’t the Israeli way. Israel will keep attacking. They are the scorpion in the famous parable. It is the only thing Israel knows how to do.

Jens Holm

He is right too. Any kind of solution was lodt, when Arafat insisted in Jerusalem and two Leaders from the Rewgion died.

I have no solution.

Ashok Varma

You wankers asked for it and your big mouth can’t back it up. These Persians are very canny and pioneering empire builders. Indians know how smarty they operate.

Emad Irani

try it

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If it is an Iranian owned ship most of this last month has seen it travelling between Russia, China, and Japan, and after it’s departure from a Japanese port back on the 27th of March, it’s made 2 unknown ports of call since, one on the 3rd of April and again on the 20th of April. On the 3rd of April the ship probably dropped off, and/or picked up cargo in China or somewhere else in the south China sea, and then started heading towards Iran So if the ship picked up Iranian oil it had to have done it somewhere in between the 3rd of April and the 20th of April, most likely a lot closer to the 20th April date. I don’t think it would take more than 4 days for the tanker to get to it’s destination in Syria if it’s last port of call was somewhere in Iran, so it is plausible the ship picked up oil in Iran between the 17th and 20th of April and then travelled to Syria during the next 4 days. These are the ships movements over the last month.

Fang Cheng Gang China, 2021-01-03 to 2021-01-07

Lianyungang China, 2021-01-14 to 2021-01-16

Nakhodka Russia, 2021-01-21 to 2021-01-23

Caofeidian China, 2021-01-30 to 2021-02-02

Lianyungang China, 2021-03-08 to 2021-03-10

Unknown port, 2021-03-11 to 2021-03-14

Unknown port, 2021-03-17 to 2021-03-19

Known waypoint, Nagoya Bay Japan, 2021-03-22

Unknown port, 2021-03-23 to 2021-03-27 [probably a Japanese port]

Known wayoint, Nagoya Bay Japan, 2021-03-27

Unknown port, 2021-04-02 to 2021-04-03

Unknown port, 2021-04-17 to 2021-04-20 [probably Iran if the Israelis are right]

And finally Syria.

Arch Bungle

The Jews are sowing the seeds of their own genocide.

I say “Jews”, not “Zionists”, because the global jewish community is complicit in their support of Zionists, Zionism, israel and the global cabal of Pharisees who govern their religious doctrines …

It is the Jews who will pay for the evil of Zionism and the simple folk are not wise enough to distinguish between the two.

Beware, Shoah 2.0.

Roy Sonman


A hidden fact: Krystallnacht was a result of the assassination in Paris of the German diplomat by the JEW, Herschel Grynszpan. The several times Krystallnacht came up in my indoctrination/education years, that fact was NEVER mentioned. As a matter of fact, I, we, were taught that the attack on the Jews that is called Krystallnacht was unprovoked by the Jews.

Also not taught I, we, was that the Jews were the FIRST nation to declare war in what became WW-II. They openly declared war on Germany in the Summer of 1933. Look it up.


Grynszpan sound ominously similar to Greenspan! WTH!

Also Herschel isn’t a jewish name?

As always, jewish clans making war with each other. As a russian general said: “jews start eating their own after they have done with the goyims”.


Unfortunately, this is true and here’s an anectdote to highlight. Back in the mid 80s, when I was at university in the US, I went to the second most Jewish-attended non religious college. One day in class, while speaking to a female Jewish classmate from Georgia, she just came out and stated: “if I were a non-Jew and saw how all these arrogant New York and Northeast Jews act, I’d be the biggest anti-semite immaginable.” She went on to specify however that Southern US Jews were way different. So, it’s also a cultural thing. They become most toxic when they form large communities of like-minde supremacist chosenites.

Ashok Varma

Their arrogance spelt their doom in a changed world. They underestimated Iranian resolve and capabilities.

Free man

Iran blaming welding on the deck for the blaze. No drone strike : https://twitter.com/HAbdolhossein/status/1386078266612649985

Jens Holm

Hah. I Iranians are trying to pretend they are advanced. If not, they have written matches. Fine match and with only one looser.

Roy Sonman

Another Urban Moving Systems event?!

Ashok Varma

Indian media has reported that Iranian Bavar 373 has entered Syria. Please google to confirm and don’t bother asking me for a million sources. Zionists are about to face a real army since their defeat at Hezbollah hands in 2006.

John Wallace

Hopefully so and hopefully a game changer against unhindered attacks.

Donald Moore

The Mossad must being foaming at the mouth, they hit the wrong tanker, it was a Beirut tanker they hit!

Jens Holm

Well, was it. It was with oil to the Baathist private property support wasnt it…

Donald Moore

Yea and it only means return fire is guaranteed!

Jens Holm

Thats biasing of the worst.

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