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Iran Confirms Conducting Ballistic Missile Tests

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The Iranian Defense Minister has confirmed that Tehran had conducted a ballistic missile test.

Iran Confirms Conducting Ballistic Missile Tests

The Ghadr ballistic missile, a modified version of Shahab 3, being launched during an Iranian military drill on June 28, 2011 (Photo: AFP)

On Wednesday, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan confirmed that his country had conducted a ballistic missile test, the Tasnim news agency reported.

According to Dehghan, the test was conducted on January 28, in the framework of strengthening of the state’s defense power, and does not contradict the nuclear agreement and the resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council, according to which Iran is prohibited to be engaged in any activities related to ballistic missiles, capable to carry a nuclear warhead.

Dehgans said that the test is not relevant to nuclear weapons, as this type of weapons is not specified in the military doctrine of the state. The minister also stressed that Iran will not allow anyone to interfere in its defense activities.

“The recent test was in line with our plans and we will not allow foreigners to interfere in our defense affairs,” the news agency quoted his words. “The test did not violate the nuclear deal or the [UN] resolution 2231.”

The Iran’s Defense Minister made his statement on February 1, when the country celebrates the Day of Space Technology.

Earlier, on Monday, the Fox TV-channel reported, citing a representative of the Pentagon, that Iran conducted a test launch of a medium-range missile. Reportedly, the test took place at a site, located 225 kilometers to the east of Tehran. The missile flew about 630 miles (1,010 km). According to US experts, the missile could carry a warhead weighing 500 kg. As the representative of the US Defense Department noted, “this is the second time that Iran is violating the will of the international community.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif neither confirmed nor denied the report, but noted on Tuesday that Tehran would never use its ballistic missiles to attack another country.

Earlier, in his election campaign, current US President Donald Trump said that he would stop Iran’s missile program. In addition, the Iran’s ballistic missile tests comes at a precarious time, when Trump is looking for an occasion to break the deal with Iran that could potentially lead to reconstitution of the sanctions against Iran and halt of Iranian oil exports to global markets, taking away as much as 1 million barrels of daily supply.

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chris chuba

So let’s call every ballistic missile a nuclear missile. Iran is limiting their range to 2,000 km, enough for a retaliatory strike against Israel should they be attacked. This is within reason for conventional, defensive purpose and allowed in 2231.

Now it would be nice if Iran would allow itself to be put in a position where they could be attacked without being able to respond but no rational country would do that. I had to laugh when a yahoo article, probably quoting AP or Reuters lamented that their missiles could hit U.S. bases. Really? Oh so that mush mean it had a range of 200yds.

888mladen .

US Zionist entity, KSA and its western alliance does not represent the “the will of the international community”.

Brad Isherwood

Was reviewing the Wiki lists of UN,US and EU sanctions on Iran since the Hostage crisis.

Clearly. …someone….is Terrified of Iran, Gee….who could that be ? : )

Israel has Nuclear weapons. .. Refuses NPT accountability. Has Ballistic missiles and 4 stage rocket to insert Satellites in LEO.

Yet Iran is bound to not have weapons grade nuclear material, Bound to not have Ballistic missile which could carry nuclear warhead. Recently…the Zionist media said Iran cannot have Ballistic missiles.

Trump stated that He would stop Iran’s Ballistic Missile program.

The same Trump via Tillerson who says China cannot have its man made island’s And the US will stop them using as such.

Excerpt : However terrible this might seem, though, real-life history one-ups it. Centuries ago, having molten gold poured down your throat was actually the preferred means of death by molten metal.   

Marcus Lincinius Crassus, an astoundingly wealthy Roman general, is rumored to have died this way.

Crassus in Syria. ….then loose big time…. and drink molten gold : )

888mladen .

Good history lesson. Just wonder if anybody is paying attention. Most of the guys live exclusively in the present completely disconnected from the past thanks to the media. You can never understand the preset without thorough knowledge of the past.

Brad Isherwood

US /CIA goaded Iraq into attacking Iran. Iran has not invaded/attacked anyone since 1780…there abouts. The Jewish Nation angst over Iran is ancient and spiritual. The Jews were freed from Babylon after the Medo Persians sacked Babylon. One would surmise the Jews would be forever greatfull to Persia, ….. Not so… The Assyrians carted Israel off into slavery,…..The present Syria hatred is ALL that. Iraq being beaten down by Empire connects to When Babylon Seiged Jerusalem, And clobbered the Philistines. If memory serves….they went after Egypt and clobbered them to. These wrecking machines on the landscape are Spiritual for the dynamic.

Russia understands they are right near this ancient dynamic via support to Syria,Iran and Iraq….with renewed trade and Egypt.

My view is that this will cause the ancient spiritual dynamic to move …to Push them away. Call it spiritual dominion/Powers…in High Places. The rift between the Church Universal and the Orthodox. ..and also the Protestant is this …Dominion /Power in high places thing from of old.

888mladen .

It looks like the pattern is there.


Each country has right to strengthen their defences against hostile forces. Never a country should negotiate on their defences. It is like they give their country control to other hostile governments.

Pave Way IV

The debate about vehicle type (satellite/cargo rockets, ballistic missile, cruise missile, UAV, etc.), range and payload capacity is pointless. Israel and the U.S. ‘experts’ will ALWAYS claim an Iranian missile violates some technical aspect of the ban. Likewise, no matter what, Israel and the U.S. (via IAEA) will ALWAYS claim Iran is hiding some aspect of an atomic weapons program. After flinging unfounded accusations, Israel and the U.S. will – via the UN – demand intrusive inspections to the most sensitive military facilities in Iran. Note that similar such inspections would never be allowed in Israel, the GCC or the U.S. for any reason.

They did the exact same things to Iraq, Libya and Syria. They ramped up the rhetoric about ‘violations’ whenever it suited them and demanded inspections. In the end, it was ALWAYS used in whole or part as a reason to attack the targeted country.

The war with Iran will be started by the U.S. for Israel (and the Saudis/GCC) in a few months. I originally thought by the end of this February, but it looks like they need more time (or a better false-flag). What Iran does or does not do in relation to the nuclear agreement is immaterial – it’s a sideshow to U.S./GCC/Israeli plans to destroy Iran. If not the nuke agreement, then something else.

ANYTHING Iran tries to do to protect itself will cause howls of protest from the U.S. and cronies. Iran is scheduled to have all its infrastructure destroyed, its resources stolen and the country partitioned and permanently destabilized and weakened. The U.S. won’t even blink at Iranian civilian casualties of two million or so considering what they ‘accepted’ in Iraq and Syria.

You cannot appeal to U.S./Israeli leaders sense of morality or humanity – they are pure psychopaths and have absolutely no regard for human suffering. Iranians will die because they refuse to be controlled by Israel and the U.S. – that has ALWAYS been the reason. And U.S. soldiers will die for Israel because it has ALWAYS been that way. If you don’t understand this by now, then you have not been paying attention.


I agree on all accounts, but to isolate, destroy, invade and partition or destabilise Iran isn’t a an easy, short term undertaking. I’m probably looking at the ‘Iraq formula’ being used but whether it will work or not, will depend on many factors (which Iraq did not have in its favour.) The history of the Persians make them a willy foe to face.

Pave Way IV

Easy or not, it’s completely f’king immoral and unnecessary. Iran isn’t a threat to anybody. I would argue that a few cranky old Iranian clerics bitching about the ‘destruction of Israel and the U.S.’ is hardly the opinion of 78 million Iranians. I could easily find ten times the number of Israeli Likudnik psychopaths and U.S. leaders calling for the destruction of Iran.

To your point, though – you just know the U.S. will underestimate Iranian resolve. The U.S. ignorance of anything in the Middle East is mind-blowing.

In any case, I think the 78 million Iranians might have some company. The 1.35 billion Chinese might not like the U.S. kicking their new trading partner around. Indians need Iranian gas, too. Russia? Who knows. In any case, I think there are plenty of other countries willing to step up and punch the U.S. bully in the face with Iran if it comes to that. The psychopaths running my country don’ t get that. What they also fail to realize is that nobody is buying the fake news MSM bullshit about Iran any more. They may have a very hard time finding young people in the U.S. willing to join the military to kill Iranians just because Israel doesn’t like them.

The Persians may not have to do anything if the U.S. attacks them besides wait a few days. The U.S. will probably implode and U.S. troops will be needed to round up citizens here in the U.S. – I can only hope the Iranian Red Crescent is nice and sends me and my family some food aid in the U.S. after the collapse.


Trump team is making a lot of noise. Flynn stated in news conference that Iran is destabilizing region! :DDD Sad to say, but many Americans agree with fake news. There is a risk in confronting China and Iran.

888mladen .

Iran should find better ally in China than Russia, They are in the same boat. Trump is trying to charm Putin and his oligarchs by using sanctions and recognition of annexation of Crimea to drive a wedge between Russia on one side and China and Iran on another. My take the prostitutes will go for it. Too big temptation for them to resist.

Brad Isherwood

Trump may use the Terror/Threat leverage via media to take the Obama Iran Deal apart….and then place new sanctions on Iran. No war….everyone breaths sigh of relief. It sucks to be Iran……they just are not effective at countering the political. Hezbollah might be attacked as a concession to the Zionists. To do that. ..is to eat missiles for sure….Israel will take huge losses and Look weak in World opinion/image.

USN has problems with its new Gen warships…even the New Carrier. If they attacked Iran or China….they will loose Carriers ..with US Public in horror mode. Trump IMO. …is set upon building up the USN,…so….casting China as Troublemaker Gets the Congress and Public to build up a new Navy like Reagan did.

..and everyone breaths a sigh of relief.


Maybe its wishful thinking , but your scenario gets my vote , because to attack Iran is to ensure the destruction of Israel . Iran knows who is calling for its demise . Iranians are not Arabs but Caucasian , and probably were the first to develop asymmetrical warfare . If they go down , they will take Israel , without any doubt . But they are clueless , about how to win at media warfare , much too programed into telling the truth .

Brad Isherwood

War with Israel is fast turns….over in just weeks. Either Iran plays to attrition Israel,….or bloody them….as public in Israel Doubt** their military. They did after 2006 Lebanon war. Hezbollah was not cohesive on the communication side,…mostly squared off with What IDF showed up in their area. Hitting the INS Hanit with an Anti ship missile fired from shore was Epic punch. Israel is over confident on its technology, Which can be beaten by Simple numeric resolve. …like China and North Korea did to the US at Chosin Reservoir. Iran has the advantage of Yemen and to hit the USN coming up, Or via special opps strike with Anti ship missiles…and block the Suez Canal.

They could use an attack by Israel or US as reason to strike Saudi Arabia. Destroy the Saudi coastal desalination plants….crippling the water injection Of the Old King and Queen Fields. Saudi are doomed….the fields will collapse when the water injection stops. 5th column Shia workers at Saudi oil facility. ….say goodbye.

Iran can kick the living shit out of everyone….Question is, Do they have the balls?

Most of US military conquest in the mid east was decades of attrition, Buy off Generals. .. Create illusion of success…

Iran could tumble that… Yes…they will encur loss….yet they are capable, If they have the Will **

888mladen .

US government is going to fulfill its destiny and it’s not going to look pretty. However it will pull down with itself all those who are not paying attention. Those who have been are aware of metaphysical nature of the US government. Their bend to evil is of supernatural order of magnitude. And supernatural can be dealt only by supernatural.


The name of God before Islam came to Persia , was ” Ahura Mazda” , “God of Truth” ( the best thought) , and the evil one called “Angra Mainyu” “the Liar” (the worst thought) .

Hisham Saber

Iran wont be that easy to take down, unless nuclear weapons are used. Iran is not a small country , but a medium sized country in terms of population and army. Iran has options. If all hell breaks loose, Iran could target all the oil fields and refineries in the Gulf region with missiles and bam! there goes the petro-dollar. It would be a global collapse of gigantic proportions. They really don’t even need to strike at the U.S. militarily.

Iran has every meter/foot of Israel mapped out for target by ballistic missile, and the big problem for Israel is that they have effectively uprooted orchids, farms and the like and in place of these they have planted dense forests and brush(probably so the Ashkenazi’s would feel at home, i.e. Eastern Europe), thus, incendiary warheads would spark massive uncontrollable fires all across Israel.

Are the Israeli’s and U.S. elite ready for a disaster of biblical proportions, or are they going to go with the status quo? That’s the big question. If Iran get conquered as you stated, do you think the Chinese One-Road

Hisham Saber


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