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Iran Claims U.S. “Shocked” By IRGC’s Swift Operation To “Rescue” Tanker, Washington Denies It Happened

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Iran Claims U.S. "Shocked" By IRGC's Swift Operation To "Rescue" Tanker, Washington Denies It Happened

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The United States was “shocked” by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) quick heliborne operation, according to a senior IRGC commander.

“The Americans, together with their agents, sought to steal [Iran’s] oil, prevent the oil’s sale, implement the sanctions project, and humiliate the Iranian people, but they were taken aback,” IRGC Deputy Commander for Political Affairs Brigadier General Yadollah Javani said.

According to Iran, recently the US carried out a “desperate attempt to seize an Iranian oil shipment in the strategic Sea of Oman.”

They were shocked, however, by the swift and adequate response by Iran’s elite military response.

Javani added that the IRGC Navy managed to “cleverly capture the oil tanker by carrying out a heliborne operation and steered the ship towards the Islamic Republic’s waters.”

The Americans then “threatened Iran and activated their military units and took an offensive position to prevent the ship from reaching the Iranian waters but their plan failed,” the IRGC commander said.

He emphasized that the failed act of piracy was “another defeat” for the US and “another honor” for the Iranian nation.

“The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic are powerful and mighty in defending the rights of the Iranian people and are fiercely determined to protect national interests,” Javani pointed out.

He further said the Iranian nation is resolute on fighting the arrogant powers and would not tolerate any act of aggression, adding, “We have the ability to respond to any threat.”

The Iranian nation has proved that it is not fearful of the enemy at all, the top IRGC commander emphasized.

The IRGC’s Navy released a video last week showing Iranian forces landing on the deck of a tanker that had seized an Iranian oil shipment in an “act of piracy”. They then navigated the vessel toward Iranian waters. The incident took place on October 25.

In a statement, the IRGC said that after the American forces had transferred the crude to the second vessel, “timely and powerful” action by the Guards’ servicemen “frustrated the operation by the terrorist US Army’s naval forces to steal the Islamic Republic of Iran’s oil in the Sea of Oman.”

US officials said the Iranian account was untrue and there had been no American attempt to seize a tanker. The officials said that in reality Iranian forces had seized a Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker last month and two US navy ships, backed by air support, had monitored the situation, but did not try to interdict the vessel. The tanker was named as Southys, and one of the US destroyers as USS The Sullivans.

The US said they watched Iranian forces “swarming, boarding and seizing the vessel and take it to Iranian waters.”

Meanwhile, Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani says the Islamic Republic has “a lot to say” on the battlefield and will definitely give a crushing response to any disrespectful behavior toward the nation.

Irani made the remarks on November 7th on the sidelines of the Iranian Army’s large-scale military exercises, codenamed Zolfaqar-1400, which kicked off earlier in the day with the participation of airborne units, special forces, and rapid reaction brigades.

“We convey this message to all that whenever Iranians are spoken to with respect, [they] will certainly respond respectfully as well,” the commander said, adding that the Iranian nation will give a decisive response otherwise.

Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, the spokesman for the Zolfaqar-1400joint drills, said troops serving in the Army’s infantry and armored units, mechanized regiments, air defense units, naval units, and Air Force have taken part in the main stage of the exercise.

The senior military figure highlighted that marine and commando units of the Iranian Army and its Navy carried out airborne, heliborne, and amphibious exercises, launched surprise attacks, and stroke predetermined mock enemy targets.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Irani pointed to the mission of the Iranian Navy’s various fleets in the fight against terrorism, piracy, and escorting merchant ships and oil tankers, saying the naval forces have “fully secured the country’s economic lifeline by escorting vessels and tankers as well as merchant ships.”


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Good job boys,you can bet the Iranians would have had shore based anti ship missiles with their sights on the US ships.


They were locked onto both Arleigh Burke’s…….Khaleej Fars Ashm’s. Both would have been destroyed in under 5 minutes had they intervened.


iran doesnt need to place missiles on the shores it has fire beyond sight and specially long enough range to fire from behind the shores or even behind hills and mountains at those destroyers the idea that iran would need to deploy on shore is absurd this is iran pretty much a master in rocket tech these days and certainly not some entity which as mediocre rocket tech like europeans zionists americans and co

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

I didn’t say they needed,i said they will have shore based missiles.


If uncle Sam wants they can destroy you in 24-hours. Stop bullshiting . You think Russia will come and help …..


Very good job boys let’s celebrate 💨💩🚀🪳📴🌦️🤼‍♀️😈😷🥶🤣🤡 stupid clown all of you


What happened in this drama was the US successfully turned the captain and crew of the original tanker promising them green cards and a reward. Following this the Vietnamese tanker showed up and unloaded all the oil from the first. Few hours later the IRGC showed up and fucked everyone in the ass and confiscated both the tankers and the two Arleigh Burke class destroyers couldn’t do diddly, or else Iran would’ve sunk them both on the spot!…….lol……In a nutshell, this is what happened……lol

Last edited 26 days ago by Ahson

If there was no footage (not a monochrome low-res low-framerate grainy one in which some grey blobs interact with some other grey blobs), the US military would deny the whole thing ever happened.
It’s interesting how different nations “observe” things differently. We do it using a drone or two from high above. Some countries observe using half a dozen vessels including two destroyers half a meter away, a few helicopters and release flares to see better in broad daylight!

Admiral Shahram Irani is a Kord… and Sunni by the way.
Not that it’s important… ;)


it isnt important so why you mention it he is iranian and muslim to correct you and again supposed difference of sect and ethnicity what you mentioned is truely irrelevant there is only one islam and it is the islam of hazrat e emam hussein pbuh and not that of the cursed yazid and true is the islam that promises the coming of hazrat e emam mahdi and of course there is only iranians in iran

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

Biden turned the hendi captain and crew of the first tanker with roshweh! A million dollars/ green cards and conveniently had the empty Vietnamese tanker hanging out nearby. This was well planned, but sepah was listening and watching all this😝

Last edited 26 days ago by Ahson

the americans never did think that iran could be as capable as analyse and act to the situation before the tanker docked in oman and usually americans are used to having the other side being utterly afraid to act in time but with iran america better gets used to being pushed around because america has no room left as soon as iran entered the room it will take even the breath out of americas lungs


The fact is the US are a paper tiger,this incident proved it,yes the US could have destroyed many of those Iranian boats but that destroyer would have been sunk,thats the difference the Iranians were willing to die to protect whats theirs,the Americans were not.

Lone Ranger

U.S. Navy should have painted that guided missile cruiser pink and rainbow colors.
They obviously lost because toxic masculinity…
Maybe next time with the USS Dildo, or USS Cum…


You know their military is fucked when their general has no faith in their men.

Peppe il Sicario

Well, when the US Rainbow Navy is christening new supply ships for Jewish sailor fags, what can you expect from these turds?

Lone Ranger

U.S. Semens are crying and raging 🤗


No shit they just christened one of the new navy ships USS Harvey Milk…..😝……don’t you think all them fags would now apply in droves to serve on board the USS Harvey Milk?😝……milk one another no?😝…..watch that Russian kingfish missile comin in Johnson……quit buttfuckin henry in da booty…..🤣 shit imagine takin a common shower on board…..lol

Last edited 26 days ago by Ahson
Christian J. Chuba

U.S. will keep attempting piracy farther and farther away from Iran’s shores to test IRGC.
Not what I want, just what I believe will happen.


How can Iran claim it foiled the enemy after saying that the imperialist terrorist pirates were still able to get away with the oil? :]
This could be a partial success, since they got their ship back at least.

Only Gays Dislike this Post

You must be retarded or just can’t read:

“frustrated the operation by the terrorist US Army’s naval forces to steal the Islamic Republic of Iran’s oil in the Sea of Oman.”

Iran took its oil back when they intervened and took over the second tanker, which the oil had been transferred onto :)

Moreover Iran got the original tanker back too… two for the price of one :D

Iran is not Russia. They don’t play kiss chase with zionists.


„The United States was “shocked” by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) quick heliborne operation” – Sure, yes lol ^^


Fakeass heroes may be shocked when watching REAL operation :D


US version: US ships were there purely by coincidence, exactly the same time, exactly the same place… because they somehow magically knew in advance that Iranians were going to swarm that tanker. If they didn’t know, then how their ships were there? They cannot just teleport there that very moment.

Yankees are obviously lying as always. When then fail – they just keep lying.


Like they lied about the trashing of Al Asad base,Trump said some had a headache,what they had was brain damage and ptsd. LOL!!


🤣🤣🤣🤣 US tried to steal oil for Israel, we’ll done Iran

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